Greenwood Cemetery / Vermillion Presbyterian Church

Eureka township, Dakota county, Minnesota: T113N - R20W, section 4

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Southern Dakota County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This rural cemetery is located south of Lakeville, Minnesota along 225th Street or County Road 74A. The cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. It appears that some time in the past year [1996] that someone cut back some of the overgrowth of trees and shrubs, as part of the north-east section of the cemetery had been overtaken by the forest. There may be several unmarked graves, as 'older' parts of the cemetery had very few burial monuments. 

Just east of the cemetery, outside the fence, is the lot where the Vermillion Presbyterian Church once stood. I believe this church is the same church that is on permanent exhibit at the Dakota County Fairgrounds. There is a sign that reads: Vermillion Presbyterian Church 1856-1977.

In "History of Dakota County and the city of Hastings", by Rev. Edward D. Neill, written in 1881, he lists: 'The Greenwood Cemetery Association was organized in May 1867, at the Vermillion Church ... Two acres of ground were purchased of Jacob VanDoren adjoining the Vermillion church on the west, and laid out and platted ... 3 June 1867. The object of the association is to furnish a burial place for the surrounding community without regard to sect, or religious denomination, and all the money received is expended in beautifying the grounds... A place is set aside for the burial of strangers and the poor. The first internment was that of Z.A. Bonham, age 79, a native of Virginia and a respected citizen of Lakeville. Quite a number of bodies have been removed from other locations and interned there. (page 379).'

The Dakota county cemetery records compilation lists this cemetery as: Vermillion Greenwood Cemetery, established 1867. 2 acres. Purchased 1867 and 2 more acres in 1876. (4 acres). Located Section 4, NW 1/4.  Other sources refer to this cemetery as the Eureka Cemetery.

This cemetery was transcribed during 1996.

Please note:  There are a couple of entries stating (added with information from official cemetery records).  This information was received as part of a request for information concerning a couple of selected burials and does not reflect all of the cemetery records for this cemetery. 

Copyright © 1996 Debbie Boe

Rachel Abel

Charles D. Allard

Cora E. Allard

E. G. Allard, died 16 July 1907, age 6 weeks (added with information from official cemetery records)

Janet Allard

Arthur Oswald Ash

C. Calista Ash

Ellen Mary Ash

Joseph Alwin Ash

Van John Ash

Emily Atwood

Emily, daughter of A. & H. Atwood

Nellie M., daughter of ? & ? Atwood

William W. Atwood

William, son of J. & M. Battin

Mahala C. Bean

Samuel Bean

Jedediah Bennet

Verdu A. Bennett

Donald B. Berkey

Etta L. Berkey

Oscar F. Berkey

Laura E. Bixby (Mallery)

Robert D. Bixby

Allen J. Bonham

Arthula A., wife of Allen J. Bonham

Cora Bonham

Cora S., child of E.W. & S.T. Bonham

Ellen L. Bonham

Eugene W. Bonham

Mabel Bonham

Mabel (?) H., child of E.W. & S.T. Bonham

Pearlie Bonham

Z.A. Bonham

Arthur G. Borgen

Marion K. Borgen

Abigal, wife of Nathaniel Brimhall

Nathaniel Brimhall

Mary, wife of (?) ?? Bristol (?)

Zekiah R. Bristol, died (?)

Erma Brown

Fannie E. Brown

Frances Brown

Magnus Brown

Thomas Brown

William Brown

David Burton

David Lewis Burton

Elmira E. Burton

Charlotte S. Bruce

W.C. Bruce

baby Case

Barney Case

Florence M. Case

Burrell Chase

Clement C. Chase

Clement G. Chase

Elizabeth J. Chase (?)

Emeline L. Chase (?)

George M. Chase (?)

Horace B. Chase (?)

John B. Chase

Lydia R. Chase

Margaret V. Chase

O.E. Chase

Sallie K. Chase

Vena Smith Chase

Albert Francie Cherry (?)

Catherine J., wife of James Cherry

James Cherry

Jeanette Cherry

Eugene, child of W.S. & S.E. Cobury (?)

Isaac L., child of W.D. & S.E. Cobury (?)

Aaron Collett (?)

Adnah Collett

D. (?) Collett

Emeline Collett (?)

Guy E. Collett

Mary G Collett (?)

Muriel Louise, wife of Guy E. Collett (?)

Sarah Collett

Susanna C. Collett

William Collett (?)

Emma G., daughter of W.H. & G.E. Crist

Ida Maud, daughter of ? & Alf (?) Crist

William H. Crist, died 24 January 1864 (?) 

Allan F. Curry

Andrew F. Curry

Ann E. Curry (?)

Eleanor Curry (?)

Isaac C. Curry (?)

James Curry (?)

John Vandoren Curry

John W. Curry (?)

Leona G. Curry

Mary Curry

Nellie M. Curry

Sarah Ellen, daughter of John V. & Mary Curry

William H. Curry

Willie E. Curry (?)

Wm. Dewey

C.F. Donaldson

Eddie, son of R.S. & Eliz. Donaldson

Eliza, wife of R.S. Donaldson

infant son of Adis & Lucy Donaldson

Col. Robert S. Donaldson

Charles H. Dunn

David S. Dunn

'Father' Dunn (?)

Inga S. Dunn

James S. Dunn

Joseph H. Dunn

Mary S. Dunn

'Mother' Dunn (?)

W.J. Dunn

William Dunn

Arlene Ebeling 17 August 1918 – 16 October 2000 (added with information from official cemetery records)

Edwin A. Ebeling

Lewis F. Farmer

Martha A. Farmer

Anna Gebhardt

John Gebhardt

Charles W. Gleason

Eva May Gleason

Gwendolyn Gleason

Lyman Gleason

Bishop Gordon

Bishop Gordon

Esther Gordon

Esther B. Hamben, wife of Bishop Gordon

Walter W., son of Mr. & Mrs. Geo. R. Hart

James Hartland

D. Willis Hatfield

Maggie Annie Hatfield

Mrs. Pheobe Hatfield

Lawrence Allin Hill

Baby boy Holley – 4 May 1917 - (added with information from official cemetery records)

Baby girl Holley – 2 October 1915 - (added with information from official cemetery records)

baby Holley

baby Holley

Maggie ? Holley

Maggie Mae Holley 1897 – 23 May 1954 (added with information from official cemetery records)

Rodney F. Holloway (?)

Elizabeth Ann Houts

John Houts

little Orrill, son of R.B. (?) & J.R. (?) Houts

Arthur, son of G.W. & S. Hull

John E. Jelly (?)

Vemira Jelly (?)

R. Johnson (?)

Wilhelmz Johnson

Charles R., son of A.L. & Josse Jones (?)

Lorenz (?), child of C. & P. Jones

Philena, wife of (?) Cha. Jones

Minie (?) E., child of C. & P. Jones

A. Ralph Kelly

Edith M. Kelly (?)

Hannah M. Kelly

J.B. Kelly

Minnie C. Kelly

Myrtle E. Kelly

Vern A. Kelly

Ansel R. Kingsley

Cyrus M. Kingsley (?)

Della Kingsley

John Kingsley

Lilly A. Kingsley (?)

Maria J., wife of A.R. Kingsley

Rebecca A., wife of A.R. Kingsley

Susan J. Kingsley (?)

Frank A. Koch (?)

Ann E. Record, wife of Ira B. Lattin

Ira B. Lattin

Alice Elizabeth Livingston (?)

Ann M. Livingston

Ann McElrath Livingston

Ann Vemira Livingston (?)

Ellen Elizabeth Livingston (?)

little Harold Livingston (?)

Jennie Livingston (?)

Leander Livingston

Leander Livingston (?)

Luella P. Livingston

Luella Livingston (?)

Nellie Livingston (?)

Mary Livingston (?)

Samuel Livingston

Vernard Roy Livingston (?)

James Lockwood

George I., son of R.J. & E.M. Lomsden (?)

James McElrath

Mary McWilliam, wife of Archibald McElrath 

Alfred L. Mallery

baby of J.H. & H.E. Mallery

Dan Mallery (?)

Ellen Bean Mallery

Esther I. Mallery

Ethel E. Mallery

Francis A. Mallery

Garrick B. Mallery (?)

Garrick D. Mallery

John Wesley Mallery

Joseph Hinkle Mallery

Kitty Mallery (?)

Leigh A. Mallery

Lillian I. Mallery

Lyman Mallery

Ora B. Mallery

Samuel Minor Mallery

Sarah A. Mallery

Susana Mallery (?)

Willie, son of G.B. & S. Mallery

Bernhard Johannes Meeg - Andersen

Johannes Meeg - Andersen

Lela Meeg - Andersen

Mary A., daughter of P. (?) & E. Miller

Peter G. Miller

Henry J. Morris

Frank A. Morton

Harriet A. Morton

Phinehas Morton

Sarah E., wife of Phinehas Morton

Walfred Nelson

Charles L. Newcomb

Mary A. Newcomb

A.C. Roy Niskern

Ada C. Niskern

Nelson Niskern

Nicholas Niskern

Peter Niskern

Petern Niskern

Cora E. O'Connor

Cora E. O'Connor

Daniel O'Connnor

Ruth O'Connor

Anna M., daughter of ? & E. Ohlen (?)

Samuel Osborn

Mary C. Parry

William A. Parry, Pvt. 4 Minnesota Regt. Civil War 

William A. Parry

Claryce J. Petrash

Joseph V. Petrash

Oscar L., son of C. & S. Phelps

Eliza Ann, wife of Alfred Phillips

Helen, daughter of A.J. & N. (?) Phillips

Joseph Phillips

Joseph D., son of A. & E. Phillips

Lucretia (?) Phillips

Walter, son of A.J. & N. Phillips

baby Pool, son of James & Clara

baby Pool, son of James & Clara

Emma Pool

Emeline, wife of Jeremiah Pool

Ethel P. Pool

Frank Pool

Harold F. Pool

Hazel J. Pool

Helen Rae Pool

James, son of Wm. & M. (?) Pool

Jean A. Pool

John Pool

John W. Pool

Laura E. Pool

Mary Pool

Mary G., daughter of Wm. & M. Pool

Nancy Pool

Robert Pool

Sarah, wife of John Pool

Wm. O. Pool

William Pool

Addie Belle, daughter of D. & E.E. Burton, wife of J.A. Post 

Lilly Pychon

Allan B. Rayburn

Willetta B. Rayburn

Alphonso Record

Barahninar (?), daughter of ? & ? Record

Bertha J. Record

Charles E. Record

Edwin Record

George Anson Record

Ira L., son of J.C. & E. Record

L.S. Record

Sarah Record

Thomas Record

Ann, wife of John Ryding

John Ryding (?)

Albert L. Sayers

Gordon Lea Sayers, son of Albert L. & Tune Gordon Sayers 

Sylvia Alton Sayers, wife of Gordon Lea Sayers daughter of Patrick & Florence Lundberg Alton

Tune Sayers

Eliza, wife of James Sayre

Fannie Louesa, wife of I.V. Sayre

Isaac V. Sayre

James R. Sayre, born in N.J.

Mary Alice, daughter of I.V. & E.L. Sayre 

Vera E. Schachtel

baby Scofield, child of J.J. & P.M. Scofield

baby Scofield, child of J.J. & P.M. Scofield

Eliza, wife of S.C. Scofield

Elizabeth J., wife of S.C. Scofield

Huldah Marie Scofield (?)

J. Jesse Scofield

John E. Scofield (?)

John Raymond Scofield (?)

Mary J. Scofield (?)

Percy M., wife of J.J. Scofield

Ralph C., son of J.J. & P.M. Scofield

Silas G. Scofield

Theodore R. Scofield (?)

Thomas M. (?) Scofield (?)

William W. Scofield (?)

Adam Seals

Adam Seals – father of George Seals (added with information from official cemetery records)

Mary Seals, died 14 September 1906, age 66 years, from Ohio (added with information from official cemetery records)

Mrs. Sam Seals, died 13 May 1906, age 24 years (added with information from official cemetery records)

Sam Seals, baby, died 18 June 1903 (added with information from official cemetery records)

Sam Seals, baby, born and died July 1905 (added with information from official cemetery records)

Gracie, daughter of H. & M.A. Shadinger

Isaac, child of H. & M.A. Shadinger

William D., child of H. & M.A. Shadinger

M. Evalina, daughter of H.J. & M.G. Shaffanr (?)

Sarah E. Smiley

Mary Curry Solseth

Andrew Stouffer

Roger B. Studenski

Sumner C. Thurston, Sergeant of Co. C 4 Beg't Minnesota Vol's 

Rhoda Tomson

little Abe, son of J.E. & Mary Turney

Joel E. Turney

Amy L. VanDoren

Archie T. VanDoren

Clara E. VanDoren

Isaac VanDoren

Clara C. Vining

Vivian Wade

Velzora F., wife of J.R. Weaver

Albert W. Wild

James J. Wild

William G. Wild

Anna Wilde

David W. Wilde

Elizabeth Wilde

Elizabeth Wilde

George Wilde

George Wilde

George Wilde Jr.

George Wilde Jr.

W.H. Wilde

W.H. Wilde

Nancy J. Wilson, nee Mallery

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