Castle Rock Township - Castle Rock Valley Cemetery

Castle Rock township, Dakota county, Minnesota: T113N - R19W section 21

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Southern Dakota County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This cemetery is maintained and in good shape. The cemetery sign reads: 'Castle Rock Valley Cemetery, founded 1863.' The central drive of this cemetery leads to a large caste iron life-sized soldier. The iron soldier is in memory of 'our soldier dead', dedicated 30 May 1913. 

In "History of Dakota County and the city of Hastings", by Rev. Edward D. Neill, written in 1881, he writes: '...At the annual town meeting held 7 April 1863, a committee was appointed to select a site for a public cemetery. ... The committee reported having selected six acres in the north-east corner of south-east quarter of section 21, which could be purchased for five dollars an acre. ... Upwards of a hundred internment's have been made. Previous to the establishment of the cemetery, the dead were buried in different parts of the town, on the farms of relatives on the deceased. A number of these bodies have been removed and placed in the public cemetery.' (page 334).

Neill also writes: 'He [Joseph Harris] settled in the town in the spring of 1855, made his claim in the south-west quarter of section 17, but lived with his son on the north-east quarter of section 20 until he died 30 September 1869, in his eightieth year of his age. He was buried in the cemetery belonging to the town on the east side of section 21.' (page 332).

The Dakota county cemetery records compilation lists this cemetery as: Castle Rock Valley Cemetery (formerly Rose Hill), established 1863. 6 acres. Located Section 21, NE 1/4 of SE 1/4. County Road 78.

This cemeteries burials were transcribed in 1996.

Copyright © 1996 Debbie Boe

Alonic Aldrich

Hannah B. Aldrich

Captain Edward Aldrich

Martha Aldrich

Willard E. Aldrich

Dorothy Rose Alexander

Frances Witt Alexander

Milo Robert Alexander

Agnes Allen

Jefford J. Allery

Florence E. Alton

Catherine Angstman

Peter Angstman

Emma S. Atz

Lloyd A. Atz

Frank B., son of P. & C. Ayotte (?)

Charles M. Badger

Charles M., son of J. & E. Badger

E.F. Badger

J. Badger

Carlton L. Ballard

John L. Ballard

Sarah A. Ballard

Verna P. Ballard

Ann R., wife of H.W. Barber

Chas. T. Barkuloo

Harmanus Barkuloo

Rebecca Ann, wife of H. Barkuloo, daughter of S. & H. Thorn

S.M. Barkuloo

Eli T. Barnum

Elizabeth, wife of E.T. Barnum

George W. Batson

Grace E. Batson

Harland L. Batson

Hattie A. Batson

Katie E. Batson

Leroy Harland Batson

Bessie, daughter of F.E. (?) & E.J. Bean 

Henry M. Bean

Horace Mann, son of H.M. & J.E. Bean

Horace M. Bean (?)

I.E. Bean

John L. Bean (?)

Jonnie L., son of H.M. & J.E. Bean

Dietrich Becker

Edna M. Becker

Edward F. Becker

George D. Becker

Helen Becker

Katherine Becker

Threasa M. Becker

Estelle M. Betzold

Milton S. Betzold

Mary A. Blodgett

Selina Brackin, wife of Thompson Best

Thompson Best

Jean T. Bondhus

Tom M. Bondhus

Binnie A. Boyd

Jessie A., wife of M.W. Boyd

Mark W. Boyd

Mary Jane Boyd

Teckla Brunner

H. Bush

Helen M. Bush

Hezekiah Bush

John A. Calaway

Gilbert R. Carlton, child of E.L. & C.L. Reed

Agnes Carmichael (?)

Agnes Orr Carmichael

Belle Carmichael (?)

Charles Carmichael (?)

Laura Carmichael (?)

Niel Carmichael (?)

Ruth Carmichael (?)

Ruth Carmichael

Robert Carmichael

Sarah Louise Carmichael

Walter Carmichael (?)

William Carmichael (?)

Garfield M. Casey

Kathryn J. Casey

Evelyn A. Challberg

Henrietta Challberg

William C. Challberg

Etta Hendryx Chandler

Anson Chapel

Clara E. Chapel (?)

Edwin J. Chapel (?)

Eli Chapel

Alan J. Childs

Bertha Bodger Childs

Cornelia M. Childs

Deforest J. Childs

Effie Fish Childs

Effie I. Fish, wife of D.J. Childs

Florence Childs

Marie H. Childs

Mira Childs

Ralph Childs

Richard D. Childs

Temple C. Childs

Olive D. Christenson

Otto J. Christenson

Jane Code

John Code

Krischelle Cassandra Coffing

Cecelia Cook

Irving Cook

Jurilla (?) C. Corman, daughter (?) of J.R. & S.M. Stevens (?) 

Mathew L. Craig

Vera Emily Craig

Andrew G. Damann

Ernest M. Damann

Ruth H. Damann

Sylvia Damann

William A. Damann

Jesse C. Davis

M. Davis

Pearl A. Davis

Alfred Day

Alfred A. Day (?)

Allen J., son of Ditus & C.H. Day

Clarrissa H., wife of Ditus Day

Delton D. Day

Ditus Day

Ellen M. Day

Flora L. Day

Levi E. Day

Lydia, wife of Alfred Day

M. Louisa Day (?)

Mary E. Day

Nellie E. Day

Pearl M. Day

Adolph W. Demann

August Demann

August B. Demann

Emil R. Demann

Sophie Demann

Barbara Dircks

boy Dircks

Diane Dircks

Thomas Dircks

Kenneth E. Doebler

Emma Drucke

Clarence G. Dubbels

Esther A. Dubbels

George E. Dubey (?)

Hannah, wife of Nicholas Dubey (?)

Nicholas Dubey

Rose Belle Dubey (?)

Amy, wife of Isaac Edick

Isaac Edick

Aaron H. Ehlers

Albert C. Ehlers (?)

Caroline Ehlers (?)

Christ Ehlers (?)

Christina A. Ehlers

Dora A. Ehlers

Effie Orr Ehlers

Elwyn Lewis Ehlers

Esther M. Ehlers

Evelyn M. Ehlers

Frederick G. Ehlers (?)

Geo. Ehlers

Geo A. Ehlers

Gladys E. Ehlers

Harris K. Ehlers

Henry C. Ehlers

Henry J. Ehlers

Jessie R. Ehlers

John H. Ehlers

June M. Ehlers

Lavina L. Ehlers

Leslie H. Ehlers

Louise Ehlers (?)

Lydia A.M. Ehlers (?)

Lydia C. Ehlers

Mary A. Ehlers

Maude S. Ehlers

Mildred E. Ehlers

Milton C. Ehlers

Paul A. Ehlers

Ralph H. Ehlers

Shirley Mae Ehlers

Sophia Ehlers (?)

Walter K. Ehlers

William H. Ehlers

Karl Ellinger

Katherine Ellinger

John D. Ersfeld

Steven C. Ersfeld

Alice Falls

Alice D. Falls

Charles L. Falls

Imogene, wife of Wm. Falls

Lana A. Falls

William Falls

Amanda Fort

Sybrent Fort

John Franklin

William M. Fredricksen

Beverly J. Gnos

Paul Joseph Gnos

William H. Granger (?)

'Father' Grove (?)

Jerome Grove

'Mother' Grove (?)

Glenn Guildner

Glenn Guildner

Marlys M. Guildner

Carrie Haider, nee Sanders

Fred Hamann

Goldie H. Hamann (?)

Henry Hamann

Mary Hamann

infant Georgie Hamm

Robert W. Hardman

Roma Lee Hardman

Arthur P. Harnden

Esther Harnden (?)

Lucy (?), wife of Sam Harnden

Sam (?) Harnden (?)

Caroline M., daughter of D.A. & J. Harris

Clarissa, wife of Joseph Harris

Elizabeth, daughter of D.A. & J. Harris

Heodosha, wife of A. Harris

Joseph Harris

Mary A., wife of T. Hastings

Anna Heichert (?)

David Heichert (?)

Essie Myrtle, daughter of John E. Heichert (?)

John E. Heichert (?)

Mary Heichert (?)

Arodyne M., daughter of ? & ? Hendryx

Lucia Day Hendryx

S.V.R. Hendryx

Imogene B. Hertz

Jakob Hertz

Jenny C. Hertz

Albert Hinz (?)

Cecelia C. Hinz (?)

Jurgen Hinz (?)

Rosa Hinz (?)

Adeline M. Hoff

Benjiman S. Hoff

Ellis W. Hoff

Lillian A. Hoff

George M. Holmberg

Sally B. Holmberg

Emma L. Anderson Holmes

Frank J. Hutton

Karen A. Hutton

Ruth E. Hutton

George E. Johnson

Morris A. Johnson

Russell A. Johnson

Wilhelmz Johnson

Charles H. Kamery

Dolly J. Kamery

Lizzie G. Kamery

Mary E., wife of P.J. Kamery

Owen J. Kamery

P.J. Kamery

Ellen Damann Keilen

Calvin Kimber

Johanna F. Kimber

William J. Kimber

Abraham Kraft

Alvina Kraft

Amanda Kraft

Catherine Kraft

Clara Kraft

Clarence B. Kraft

Conrad Kraft

Edward Kraft

Emily Kraft

Emma Kraft

Henry Kraft

John Kraft

Margaret Kraft

Mary Kraft

Matthias, son of V. & M. Kraft

Nicolaus Kraft

Susan Senftn (?) Kraft (?)

Valentine Kraft

Donna J. Kuhn

John Lamb

Anna Lamp

Jorgen Lamp

Cora J. Woodworth, wife of L.N. Larson

Esther M. Lau

Fred C. Lau

Mary J. Lichtsinn

Martha A. Lieske

Eileen Lindsay

Elizabeth Lindsay

? G. Livingston

A.L. Livingston

Amos L. Livingston

baby Livingston (?)

C.A. Livingston

Calista A.M. Livingston

Charles Livingston

E.L. Livingston

Ernest L. Livingston

H.E. Livingston

Herbert E. Livingston

L.E. Livingston

Laura E. Livingston

Charles Lundberg (?)

Charlotte Lundberg (?)

John Albin Lundberg (?)

Andrew Markman Sr.

Andrew F. Markman Jr.

Augusta Markman

Emelia Lentz Markman

Ernest A. Markman

Mollie D. Markman

Joseph C. Markman

Adelaide Marsh

Annie M. Marsh

Helen D. Marshall

John F. Marshall

Mary E. Marshall

Vern C. Marshall

Frank E., son of J.N. & R.A. Martin

Mindy May

Anna G. Michel (?)

Conrad Michel, born in Rheinpfalz, Germany

Dorothea Michel (?)

Elizabeth Michel (?)

George Michel

Henry Michel (?)

Valentine Michel (?)

Lydia Moes, nee Sanders

Lizzie E., daughter of Wm. & M.J. More

Mary J., wife of Wm. More

Edith C. Morrill

Myra Stapf Muth

Jane Neasey

Thomas Neasey

Franklyn Neeb

Clarice G. Nordvall

Charles B. Odell (?)

Sarah J. Odell (?)

Simeon G. Odell (?)

Caroline, wife of Henry Otte

Caroline Otte

Carrie H. Otte

Charles Otte (?)

Charlie Otte

Clarence W. Otte (?)

Essie Ruth Otte

'Father' Otte (?)

Henry A. Otte

Herman G. Otte

Jeannie M. Heichert Otte

John C. Otte

Lila M. Otte (?)

Louisa Otte (?)

'Mother' Otte (?)

William E. Otte

Evelyn C. Ozmun

Harvey R. Ozmun

Thomas R. Ozmun

Edmund J. Pariseau

Alice G. Parker (?)

Jonathan Parker

William L. Parker (?)

baby girl Perry

Charles Perry

Elizabeth Perry

Francis Perry

Geo. S. Perry

George W. Perry

George William Perry

Jeffery B. Perry

baby Ione Grace Perry

Mary E., wife of G.S. Perry

Myrtle M. Perry

Nellie Perry

Orville F. Perry

Otis S. Perry

Phoebe Ann Perry

Ruth A. Perry

Alice J. Pettit

Johnny W. Pettit

Simon S. Pettit

** Simon S. Pettit, Jr., 28 July 1935 – 25 April 2002**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Adam Pflaum (?)

Albertina Pflaum (?)

Donald W. Pflaum

Edith H.E. Pflaum

Emma Pflaum (?)

Frank Pflaum (?)

Henry Pflaum

Herbert Pflaum (?)

Howard D. Pflaum

Linde Pflaum (?)

Lize Pflaum (?)

Luella L. Pflaum

Mary Pflaum

Mary A. Pflaum

Mildred A. Pflaum

Minnie Pflaum (?)

Myra Pflaum (?)

Peter Pflaum

Peter Pflaum

Russell Pflaum

Sarah Pflaum

Wil Pflaum (?)

Donovan D. Pietsch

Sibyl Childs, wife of Joseph Pike

John Pilcher

Lucille Pilcher

Albert W. Radman

Anna Radman

Clara A. Radman

Clarence Albert Radman

George Radman

Gustave Radman

Caroline Radmann

Christ Radmann

Caroline L., wife of Forest L. Reed

Forest L. Reed

Mary Alis Reed, child of E.L. & C.L. Reed 

Mertie, child of E.L. & C.L. Reed

Minnie, child of E.L. & C.L. Reed

Lillian Pearl Rhone, nee Trout

Anna D. Richel

Ben F. Richel

Caroline M., wife of Jesse Rice

Carrie M. (?), daughter of J. & C.M. Rice

Ella B., daughter of J. & C.M. Rice

Frank H., son of J. & C.M. Rice

James H., son of J. & C.M. Rice

Luther Rice (?)

Mary, wife of Luther Rice (?)

Minnie A., daughter of J. & C.M. Rice

Charles E.B. Rowell

Chase B. Rowell

Edna Mae Rowell (?)

Lester V. Rowell

Loren B.C. Rowell (?)

Sibyl Childs Rowell

Charlotte Rozelle

Raymond Rozelle

Hazel B. Sachs

**Hazel B. Sachs, married Julius 20 May 1937, 1912 – 21 February 1999.**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Juluis W. Sachs

Barbara, wife of Henry E. Sanders

Gustave H. Sanders

Henry E. Sanders

Louis A. Sanders

Patricia Ann Sanders

Petra Sanders

Richard C. Sanders

Augusta Schram

baby Schram

Gustave Schram

Ira Schram

Agnes P. Schultz

Edward E. Schultz

Pearl W. Schultz

Robert J. Schultz

Robert Schuman

J. Urban Sheffield

Marian T. Sheffield

Marion T. Sheffield

Berton Forest Shellenbarger (?)

Claude B. Shellenbarger

Harold E. Shellenbarger

Lois M. Shellenbarger

Margaret K. Shellenbarger

Ralph W. Shellenbarger

Stella May Shellenbarger (?)

?, son of H.W. (?) & L.F. (?) Shumway

Earl W. Shumway

Edward Shumway

Elbert C. Shumway

Gertrude Shumway

Henry Shumway

Jane E. Shumway

Walter B. Shumway

Warren Shumway

Warren H. Shumway

Albert Sievers

Anna Sievers

Christine Sievers

Floyd E. Sievers

Jacob Sievers

Lucia Sievers (?)

Marlys M. Sievers

Sarah Sievers

Clarence, son of S.M. & C.A. Slaight

Cornelia A., wife of S.M. Slaight

S.M. Slaight

Alice Smith

Catharine, wife of Thos. Smith

Dale Smith

Harvey Smith

Mildred Smith

Hildegard Becker Stanger

Emma Stapf

George Stapf

Harold L. Stapf

Allen Stevens (?)

Anna Stevens

Barney Stevens

C. F Minnesota Vol's

Emerishous Stevens

Flora Stevens (?)

Frances Stevens (?)

George B., son of B. & M. Stevens

George R. Stevens (?)

Gladys M. Stevens (?)

Helen Stevens (?)

James B. Stevens

James B. Stevens

Louis Stevens (?)

M.L. Stevens

Mattie E., daughter of B. & M. Stevens

Minnie Marie Stevens

Ralph Stevens (?)

Ruth Stevens

Sally M., wife of J.B. Stevens

Verne Doyle Stevens

Virginia Stevens (?)

Wayne Stevens

William Stevens

Christine H. Strzyzewski, born Pohl

Frank H. Taylor

Lora M. Taylor

Ruth Taylor

Annis Teachout (?)

baby Teachout

Cordelia Teachout

Ella C. Teachout (?)

Freda Teachout

George H. Teachout (?)

John Teachout

Morris C. Teachout

Myrtle L. Teachout

Orena Teachout (?)

Retta M. Teachout (?)

'Father' Towler (?)

Gertrude L. Towler (?)

Johanna M. Towler (?)

Joseph T. Towler (?)

'Mother' Towler (?)

Rosamond A. Towler (?)

Samuel T. Towler (?)

Albert H. Trout

Alberta Trout

Alice R. Trout

Amelia Trout

Carrie N., wife of C.H. Trout

Charles H. Trout

Edna M. Trout

Gene L. Trout

Henry Trout

Henry Trout (?)

Johanna Trout

Julia Trout

Lawrence A. Trout

Maude R. Trout

Stella Trout

William Trout (?)

Winnie V. Tussey

Ann VanNess

William VanNess

Cyrus D. VanVliet

Emily M. VanVliet

Harlow VanVliet

Minerva VanVliet

baby Walker (?)

Emily Ward

John L. Ward

Wm. H. Ward

Anne C. Whittier (?)

Henry P. Whittier (?)

Mabel G. Whittier (?)

Marie S. Whittier (?)

Philip P. Whittier Co. K Ohio Inf.

Stanley P. Whittier (?)

?, wife of R. Willard

Esther Day Willard

Calista A. Winsor

Ella M., daughter of G. & ? Woodworth

I was not able top determine a surname for the following:

Amelia H., daughter of ??

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