Castle Rock Township - Emmanuel Cemetery

Castle Rock township, Dakota County, Minnesota T113N - R19W section 2

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Southern Dakota County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This cemetery is maintained and in good shape. The rows line up very well. There is a sign that reads: 'Emmanuel Church 1864-1957. Site of the first Session Minnesota Conference Evangelical Church -24 April 1868-. ... Here in 1864 they founded 'Eine Evangelische Gemeinde' - a Christian fellowship. ... and built upon this knoll in 1867 Emmanuel Church. ... in 1957 formed Faith Church.' There is no longer a church at this location. 

The Dakota county cemetery records compilation lists this cemetery as: Emmanuel German Evangelical Cemetery, established 1866. 3 acres. Located Section 2, NE 1/4. Blaine Ave.

This cemetery was transcribed in 1996.

Copyright © 1996 Debbie Boe

Sophia S. Baney

E. Bartel

Alexander L.S. Becker (?)

Alvina A. Becker

Astrid T. Becker

baby Becker

Barbara Becker

Bertha L. Becker

Frances K. Becker

Harry M. Becker

Henry M. Becker

Jacob J. Becker

Jacob J. Becker

John G. Becker

Lewis A. Becker

Mary Becker

Mary A. Becker

Russell L. Becker

Susanna Becker

Viola O. Becker

Virgil J. Becker, son of Russell Becker

Wesley C. Becker

Charles Betzold (?)

Christian Betzold

Edwin R. Betzold (?)

Emily Betzold (?)

Henrietta Betzold, wife of Michael Betzold

Henry B. Betzold (?)

Jacob Betzold

Lilian Betzold (?)

Michael Betzold

Miriam Betzold (?)

Regina (?) Mathilda (?), daughter of (?) ? & ? Betzold (?) 

Ruben A. Betzold (?)

William Betzold (?)

Ora S. Black

Russell S. Black

'Father' Bracht

Anna Marie Bromley

Lucile M. Bromley

Nelson R. Bromley

Raymond N. Bromley

Nicholos Croft

Adlai S. Duff

Barbara M. Duff

Bertha R. Duff (?)

Dale A. Duff

Elizabeth Duff

Fred M. Duff (?)

James M. Duff (?)

Susanna M. Duff

Cheri L. Ervasti

Alice E. Falls (?)

Arthur B. Falls (?)

Beverly J. (Spavin) Findorff

A. Fischer

Maria, wife of Martin Gagstetter

Cleo G. Green

Arthur N. Green

Raymond W. Griebenow

Violet M. Haverland

Maria Stapf, child of Emanuel & Maria, wife of Heinerich Herr

Ariana Elizabeth Hoffman, daughter of Paul & Julie

Clifford Hoffman

Emelia Hoffman

Laura A. Hoffman

John Hoffman

Nina Hoffman

Delsia J. Jacobson

Milton J. Jacobson

Wilhelmz Johnson

Caroline Juenke (?)

Crystal Lee Juenke

Fred W. Juenke

Grace H. Juenke

Heinrich C. Juenke

Henriette L. Juenke

baby (?) Pearl L. Juenke

William Juenke (?)

Wm. C. Kadel

Marcella R. Kauffman

Edna (Stapf) Keene

Christian Klaus

Christian L. Klaus (?)

Fredericka Klaus (?)

Fredrick Klaus

Karolina, wife of Christ Klaus

Louisa M. Klaus

Marl (?) Klaus

Rosa Klaus

Virginia M. Krier

William E. Krier

William E. Krier

Dora I. (Spavin) Krueger

Charles Luedke

Clarence Luedke

Harvey C. Luedke

Julia Luedke

R. Luedke

Ruth N. Luedke

Anna M. Manke

Laurence L. Manke

Louis W. Manke

Hanna M., daughter of ? & ? Miller

J.L.M. Miller

Edna Oldenburg

Anna Otte

Adolph Overby

Margaret Overby

Helen Betzold Parsons

Hattie Peters

J. Henry Peters

Lena Peters

Caroline W. Pfenning (?)

Josephine Pfenning (?)

Bertha L. Poole

Forest E. Poole

Anna E. Schuler

George C. Schuler

Henry Schuler

Henry Albert Schuler

John Schuler

Susanna Schuller

Lena Miller Scott

Anna Miller Severin

Arthur E. Spavin

Albert M. Stapf

Albert S. Stapf

Ann M.R. Stapf

Anna Maria Stapf

Anna Mary Stapf (?)

Anna W. Stapf

baby Stapf (?)

Catharina, wife of Jacob Stapf

Christian D. Stapf

Clara M. Stapf

Edythe M. Stapf

Emanuel Stapf

Gottlieb F. Stapf

Harvey L. Stapf

Jacob Stapf

Jacob F. Stapf

Jacob F. Stapf

Jessie A. Stapf

John Stapf

John Stapf (?)

Katherine Stapf (?)

Larry Stapf

Leroy E. Stapf

Lillie M. Stapf

Lydia Stapf

Lydia S. Stapf

Mannie Stapf

Martin T. Stapf

Maynard Stapf

Ronald Marvin Stapf

Seybert S. Stapf (?)

Tillie Stapf

Vera F. Stapf (?)

Walter Stapf

Walter L. Stapf

Mina Steidle

Lizzie, wife of William Stiff

Louis R. Teske

Beatrice Susan Williams

Roy E. Williams

J. Olive Worcester

L. Henry Worcester

Mary Worcester

W. Dean Worcester

I was not able to determine a surname for the following:

David A. ?

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