Zion Cemetery

Hampton township, Dakota county, Minnesota: T113N - R18W, section 23

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Southern Dakota County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the www.lulu.com website. 

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This rural cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. A couple of monuments have disappeared into some over grown lilacs and a couple other monuments were broken off and lying flat at ground level. There are indications that some of the old monuments have been replaced. There is no longer a church at this location. The gate states ' Zion Cemetery 1859-1963'. 

The Dakota county cemetery records compilation lists this cemetery as: Zion Evangelical Association Cemetery, established 1860. 2+ acres. Located Section 23, NE 1/4. Hogan Avenue between 250th St. and Highway 50.

In "History of Dakota County and the city of Hastings", by Rev. Edward D. Neill he wrote: '...The Evangelical Association cemetery is situated by the church whose name it bears (page 397 [lists as] section 23). The first person buried here was Mrs. Mary Ista, some time in 1860 (page 398).'

This cemetery was transcribed in 1996.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 1996

Christoph Baguhn, born in Brenz, Mechlenburg, Schwirin 

Fredericka D. Baguhn, born in Postlin, Preussen 

Anna D. Becker, born in Bebera (?) Kr. Rothenburg (?), Kurhessen (?) 

Annie E. Becker (?)

Ella M. Becker

George W. Becker

Harry David Becker (?)

John H.G. Becker (?)

Johann Becker, born in Bebera Kr. (?) Rolhenburg (?), Kurhessen (?) 

Maria, daughter of J. & A.D. Becker

William C. Becker (?)

Conrad Braun

Katherine E. Braun

? Bunse (?)

Etta (?) Bunse

Velma E. Christie

Alvina (?) L. Draeger

August Draeger

Wilhelmine Draeger, wife of August Draeger

Annie L. Drager

Frank K.H. Drager

Fredrick Drager

Carl Dierke

Clarence E. Dierke

Fredericka Dierke

Gordon, son of Mr. & Mrs. J. Dierke

Harris C. Dierke

Hazel B. Dierke

Mangil W. Dierke

Minnie E. Dierke

Wolwin C. Dierke

Bertha A. Freier (?)

Louis A. Freier (?)

Mary (?) Freier (?)

Ralph C. Freier

Roy W. Freier

William Freier (?)

Anna M. Gleim

Dorothy M. Gleim

infant Gleim

John H. Gleim

Katherine L. Gleim

Mary A. Gleim

Laura D. Gruber

Louis M. Gruber

Sarah H. Gruber

Britta Anna Alfreda Gustafson

Otto Alfred Gustafson

August Haverland

Elizabeth Haverland

Susanna E. Haverland

Friedrich W. Hermuth

Wilhelm Hermuth

Wilhelmine, wife of W. Hermuth

Aron (?) J. Ista

Augusta L. Ista

Bertha Ista

Charles G. Ista

Dorothea, wife of Georg Ista, born in Postlin, Preussen

Dorothea J. M. Ista

Ferdinand G. Ista

Ferdinand T. Ista

George Ista

George Ista, born Postlin, Preussen

J. Joachim Ista

Jacob Ista

Johann Ista

Johann Ista

Maria Ista, born Preusen (?)

Mary L. Ista (?)

Sarah H. Ista

Wilhelmz Johnson

Elizabeth Kauffman

Heinrich Kauffman

Katharina Kauffman, born Becker

John Kauffmann

Susanna Kauffmann

Helena Knoblauch

Xavier Knoblauch

Karl, son of Heinrich & Kath. Elisabeth Kurth

baby Lockwood

Jeannie Lockwood

Albert G. Michael

Augusta Osman

Henry Osman

Otto Osman

Richard J. E. Osman

Willie Osman

little Willie, son of ? & C. Otte

Anna M. Rech

Arthur R. Rettinger

Chester R. Rettinger

Emanuel Rettinger

Esther Rettinger

John Rettinger

Emphfrosine Seegert

Wilhelm Frederick Seegert

G.F. Schomacher

Charlotte, wife of G. Schumacher

baby Gustave Schwen

Lena Schwen

Freiedrich G. Tank

Henriette, wife of F.G. Tank

Caroline, daughter of Julius & Mary Wille

'Father' Wille (?)

Julius F. Wille

Mary Wille

'Mother' Wille (?)

Hermann, son of K. & Kath. Witthams

Catherine Witthans

Charles Witthans

Friedrich, son of Karl & K. Witthans

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