Hillcrest Cemetery

Hampton township, Dakota county, Minnesota: T113N-R18W, section 20

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This rural cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. The cemetery burial rows are long, but not in a straight line and the eastern most rows have sort of a curve from the northeast to the southwest. The far south end does not appear to have any burials. There is not a church at this location. 

The Dakota county cemetery records compilation lists this cemetery as Hillcrest German Baptist Cemetery, established 1857. 2 acres. Located Section 20, NE 1/4. Lewiston Blvd.

In "History of Dakota County and the city of Hastings" by Rev. Edward D. Neill, he wrote: '... The German Baptist cemetery is located on section 20, on land owned by the Otte brothers. August Otte, who died in 1857, was the first person buried here.'

This cemetery was transcribed in 1996.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 1996

August F. Abendroth (?)

August L. Abendroth (?)

Bertha L. Abendroth (?)

Charlie Abendroth

Esther Abendroth (?)

Laura Abendroth (?)

Martha K. Abendroth

Caroline, wife of Conrad Becker 

Conrad Becker

George T. Becker

Sophie Becker

Arthur E. Dahms

Ella Ruth Dahms

baby, child of J. & E.W. Dickman

Clara Dickman

Ellie Weste, wife of John Dickman

John Dickman

Geraldine M. Drewry

Stanley E. Drewry

Stanley E. Drewry

A. George Engler

Ada, wife of Henry (?) Engler

Alvin Engler (?)

Anna D. Engler (?)

Anne H. Engler

Arlene M. Engler

baby child of Jacob Engler

Barbara Engler

Benjamin F. Engler (?)

Bernhard, son of Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Engler

Bertha Engler

Catherine Engler

Charles Engler

Charles E. Enler

Curtis G. Engler

Della M. Engler

Dina Engler (?)

Emily G. Engler (?)

Galles (?) Engler

Henry Engler

Jacob Engler

Jane Engler

Johannes Engler

John Engler (?)

Karl, son of J. & D. Engler

Leonard, son of J. & D. Engler

Lizzie, wife of Jacob Engler

Lizzie Engler

Lydia (no last name is close) Engler (?) or Legler (?)

Margaret Engler

Margaret Engler (?)

Ruth Engler

Thomas Lee Engler (?)

Walter J. Engler

Wesley C. Engler

Jean S. Estes

Leonard W. Estes

Bernice P. Fraley

Donald R. Fraley

Donald R. Fraley

Augusta Fortenz (?) or could be Papenfus (?)

August Fortenz (?) or could be Papenfus (?)

Henry Fortenz (?) or could be Papenfus (?)

Clementie (?) Greip (?)

Effie Louise Hagan

Eldon L. Hagan

Eldon McCune Hagan

Augusta Hedtke

Lydia Legler Hedtke

Selma Lydia Hedtke

Anna M. Helmbrecht (?)

Charley Helmbrecht (?)

Henry W. Helmbrecht (?)

Mary D. Helmbrecht (?)

Rose E. Helmbrecht (?)

Amanda M. Heringer, nee Engler

Dorothy M. Hjelter

Elizabeth M. Hjelter

Glen E. Hjelter

Glen Edward Hjelter

Arthur J. Hoffmann

Auguste Hoffman

Heinrich Hoffman 'Ehegatt Von Auguste Hoffman' (?)

Herman Hoffman

Cora Emma, daughter (?) of C. & R. (?) Hollins (?) 

Wilhelmz Johnson

Casper A. Koch

Cathrine Otte Koch

Friedrich G. Koch

Sophia E. Koch

?ry Legler (?)

Amanda Legler

John Legler (?)

Karl L. Legler

Leila E. Legler (?)

Luella V. Legler (?)

Lydia (no last name nearby) Legler (?) or Engler (?)

Martha Legler (?)

Meta R. Legler (?)

Miriam, daughter of Henry & Amanda Legler 

Rene F. Legler

Sue Anita, daughter of D.R. & E.M. Legler

Catherine Lueben

Arden V. Lufi

Arnold B. Lufi

baby boy Lufi (?)

baby girl Lufi (?)

Edna L. Lufi

Gladys R. Lufi

Lydia L. Lufi

Marie K. Lufi

Nathan M. Lufi

Oswald C. Lufi

Sarah Malmquist

Alvin M. Miller

Anna Dorothy, wife of Arthur Miller

Antonetta Miller

Arthur Miller

daughter of A.N. & M. Miller

Henrietta Miller

Henry Miller

Johanna Miller

Kate Miller (?)

Lillie Miller (?)

Peter Miller

Rosa M. Miller

Ruth C.A. Miller

William Miller (?)

Karl, son of I.F. (?) & ? M. Muller

Albert C. Otte

Alberta M. Otte

Anna C. Otte

Anna S. Otte

August F. Otte

August O. Otte

August Otte

Bertha Otte, daughter of W. & K. Otte

Caroline Peter, wife of Wm. Otte

Earl L. Otte

Edna C. Otte

Emma H. Otte

Floyd C. Otte

Gerald C. Otte

Helen L. Otte

infant of J. & M. (?) Otte (?)

Johnie, ?? of W. & ? Otte (?)

Johnny, son of W. & C. Otte (?)

Lucille C. Otte

Mabel G. Otte

Mary Otte, daughter of I. & M. Otte

Mary A. Otte

Mary E. Otte

Mary Weber, wife of Wm. Otte

Minnie Otte, daughter of W. & K. Otte

Ruth B. Otte

Walter J. Otte

William Otte

William W. Otte

Willie, infant son of W. & L. Otte (?)

August Papenfus (?) or could be Fortenz (?)

Augusta Papenfus (?) or could be Fortenz (?)

Henry Papenfus (?) or could be Fortenz (?)

Orval F. Parish, husband of Marguerite Legler

David Paul

Anna M. Peter

Caroline Peter

Clifford L. Peter

Florence L. Peter

Jacob Peter

John P. Peter (?)

John P. Peter

Marvin L. Peter

Mary Engler, wife of Jacob Peter

Ruth A. Peter

William P. Peter

Marguerite Powers

Arthur E. Rich

Helen M. Rich

David J. Schwendig

David J. Schwendig Jr.

Mabel E. Schwendig

Rebecca J. 'Becky' Smith

Emma, wife of James Thompson

Ernestine Vacque

August H. Wille

baby Willie (?)

Edward A. Wille

Gertrude V. Wille

Pearl A. Wille

Herman C. Witte (?)

Margrete Witte (?)

Carrie, daughter of F. & C.K. (?)

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