St. Mary's Catholic Church Cemetery

city of New Trier, Hampton township, Dakota county, Minnesota: T113N-R18W, section 11

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Southern Dakota County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. The church and cemetery are located within the town of New Trier, Minnesota. The church is still in use and has a sign that states the church was placed on the register of historic places in 1980. This cemetery has several large iron burial crosses, but most of the burial crosses no longer have any discernable information to identify the burials. 

This cemetery has permanent directory of the cemetery burials. The directory lists the name, year of death, block, and lot numbers. There is also a map of the cemetery, dated May 1993. If you visit the cemetery I would recommend you use the permanent map and information as it was compiled from the original church records. I did not use their records to compile my information. 

The Dakota county cemetery records compilation does not list a description for this cemetery, but it does show it on their map. In the book, "History of Dakota County and the city of Hastings", by Rev. Edward D. Neill, in 1881, he writes: '... St. Mary's Catholic cemetery is situated near the church to which it belongs. (page 397 [lists this as] section 12). The first person buried here was Nicholas Riplinger Jr., who died 17 February 1857. The cemetery [in 1881] contains about four hundred graves (page 398).'

I transcribed this cemetery in 1996.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 1996

Johann Achatz

Mathias Aghatz

Michael R. Angel

Anna M. S. Arendt

Ann Bast?? (rest broken off)

Peter Basting, born in Bartringen (?),  Grossherzogthum, Luxemberg

Christof P. Bauer

John H. Bauer

Marie ?? Bauer (?)

Mary Bauer

Peter Bauer

Susan M. Bauer

Anna Maria Sayer, wife of Jolipius Bayer (?)

Johann Pius Bayer

Andreas Becker

Elisabeth Becker

Anna Beissel

Anna Beissel

Anna M. Beissel

Anna M. Beissel

Arthur M. Beissel

Arthur M. Beissel

Godfried Beissel

Helen Beissel

Johann Beissel

Johann J. Beissel

Johann M. Beissel

Joseph Beissel

Josephine Beissel

Nicholas Beissel

Peter Beissel

William G. Beissel

Catherine Beljong

Jacob Berg

Katherine Beissel, wife of Jacob Berg

Maria, daughter of C. & M. Bierscheid (?)

Sister M. Emilie Black

Clifford Blatz

Edward Blatz

Susanna Blatz

Amelia Braun

Michael Braun

Peter C. Braun

Peter Brochmann

Margaretha Bruck

Michael Bruck

Anna M. Buchmann

Johann Buchmann

Jakob Buchmann

Jakob Buchmann

Lorraine Buss

Appolonia Conzemius

Clara Conzemius

Clara Conzemius

Henry Conzemius, born in Luxemburg

J. P. Conzemius, born in Luxemburg

John P. Conzemius

Marcus Conzemius

Peter Conzemius

Nikolaus Cordel

J. P. Denn, born in Remagen, Rhein Preussen  Deutschland

Katharina Denn, wife of Peter Denn

Rudolph Deusterman, born in Vernich Bezirk Koln Rhein Provinz

Elisabeth, wife of A. Dietsch

Alois A. Doffing

Anna K. Doffing

Anton Doffing

Augustine C. Doffing (?)

Catherine Doffing

Catherine L. Doffing (?)

Elizabeth A. Doffing

Frederick Doffing

Henry A. Doffing

Henry B. Doffing (?)

Jacob Doffing

Johann P., son of Peter & Maria Doffing

John Doffing

John P. Doffing

Johnie (?) Doffing

Joseph, child of Mathias & Margaretha Doffing 

Magdalena Doffing

Margaretha Doffing, born Hansen

Maria Doffing

Marie O. Doffing

Marvin H. Doffing (?)

Mary S. Doffing

Mathias N. Doffing

Michael N. Doffing

Myron A. Doffing (?)

Nicolas Doffing

Nicolaus Doffing

Nikolaus Doffing

Paulus Doffing

Peter, child of Mathias & Margaretha Doffing 

Peter E. Doffing

Richard J. Doffing (?)

Rose Doffing

Rose C. Doffing

Stanley C. Doffing (?)

Theresia Doffing

Veronica Doffing

Jennifer Rose Dohmen

Susan Dondelinger

Emma, born Irrthum, wife of Jacob Donndelinger

Jacob Donndelinger

Jeanette E. Donndelinger

Johann Donndelinger

John S. Donndelinger

Magdalena Donndelinger

Maria M. Donndelinger

Jacob Donolinger Co. F 7th Minnesota Infantry

Clemens Durr

Franziska Eck

Margaretha Eck

Peter Eck

Theresia Eck

Anna M. Eischen

Johann Eischen

Peter J. Eischens

Susan M. Eischens

John Elsner

Anna Maria Elsen, wife of Paulus Endres

Christina Endres

Franziskus X., son of Georg & Christina Endres

Georg Endres

Leona C. Endres

Paulus Endres

Peter Endres

Franz Engel, born in Mensdorf, Grosserzogthum, Luxemburg 

John Engel

Margaretha Engel, born in Mensdorf, Luxemburg

Nicholas Engel

Peter Engel

Elisabeth Feidt

Elizabeth Feidt

Jerome C. Feidt

Johann Feidt

John Feidt

Joseph Feidt

Margaretha Huberty, wife of Johann Feidt

Maria Feidt (?)

Mary Rose Feidt

Michael Feidt

Michael Feidt

Anna Maria Feipel, born (?) in Trier, Germany 

Anton Feipel, born in Godbringen, Grossh., Luxemburg 

Helena Feipel, wife (?) of Johann Feipel

Johann Feipel, born (?) in Godbringen, Luxemburg 

Maria A. Feipel, born in Niederanven, Grossh., Luxemburg 

Alex Feller

John Felton

Clara L. Ficker

John Ficker

Magdalena Ficker

Maria Ficker

Mary Ficker

Mathias Ficker

Michael Ficker

Michael L. Ficker

Peter Ficker

Stanley J. Ficker

Theodore Ficker

Theodore J. Ficker

Theresa Ficker

Veronica Ficker

Catherine F. Fietz

Johanna Fietz

Marie Fietz (?)

Max Fietz (?)

just Fox

August N. Fox

'Father' Fox (?)

Ferdinand Fox

J. J. Fox

Joseph Fox

Katharina Fox

Margaret Fox

Mary Fox

Bernice Freiermuth

Brigitta Freiermuth, born Mies in Dolsndorf Preussen, Deutschland

Clarence Freiermuth

Clarence Freiermuth (?)

Columbus Freiermuth, born (?) in Grosrederiching,

Canton Rorbach Lotringen Frankreich

Columbus Freiermuth

George Freiermuth (?)

Goerge P. Freiermuth

Justine Freiermuth

Lillian Freiermuth

Margaret Freiermuth (?)

Mary Freiermuth

Nick B. Freiermuth

Roy E. Freiermuth

Viola Freiermuth

Walter J. Freiermuth

William C. Freiermuth

William C. Freiermuth

John Freilinger

Matt Freilinger

Joseph A., son of A. & M. A. Fuchs

Nicolas Fuchs

Casper J. Geering, born in Schweiz

Anna K., wife of Jacob Gergen

Arnold Gergen (?)

Bernard Gergen, married (?) Maria Schmitz

Catharina, child of J. & A. Gergen

Daniel J. Gergen (?)

Elizabeth Gergen (?)

Genevieve Jean Gergen (?)

Gerhard Gergen

Helen Gergen

Jacob Gergen

Jacob Gergen (?), child of B. & A. Gergen

Margaret Gergen (?)

Margaret Weber Gergen

Margaretha, child of J. & A. Gergen

Mary Gergen (?)

Marie Gergen (?)

Marie A. Gergen

Mathias Gergen (?)

Mathias Gergen

Mathias Gergen (?)

Maxine Gergen (?)

Nicholas Gergen (?)

Nicolaus Gergen, husband (?) of Anna Gergen

Peter Gergen (?), child of B. & A. Gergen

Peter, child of J. & A. Gergen

Peter P. Gergen

Raymond Gergen

Rosella Gergen (?)

Veronica Gergen (?)

Veronica Gergen

Viola Gergen

Wilhelm Gergen (?), child of B. & A. Gergen

'Father' Gerlach (?)

Hubert Gerlach (?)

Joseph Gerlach (?)

Katharina Gerlach

Magdalena Gerlach

Maria N. Gerlach

Martin Gerlach

Mary A. Gerlach (?)

William Gerlach (?)

Joseph Giefer

Theodor Gillen

Ulbert Glatzel

Anna Gonzemius

Cecilia Gonzemius

Franz Gonzemius, born in Medernach, Luxemburg 

Theresia Gonzemius, born in Keispelt, Luxemburg 

Leon H. Gooding

Marie D. Gooding

Nicolas Gotto, ?? Katharina Thein

Beverly Lois Gotz

Antonius M. Gores

Cecelia Gores (?)

Christopher Gores

Elisabetha Gores (?)

Emilia Gores (?)

Gertrude Gores

Hubert Gores

Johann Gores, born in Schonecken, Rhein  Provenz

Johann J. Gores

Rev. John Nicholas Gores

Joseph J. Gores

Joseph J. Gores

Katharina Gores (?)

Katharina S. Gores

Katherine Gores

Margaretha M. Gores

Magdalen Gores, born Nicolai

Magdalena Gores (?)

Magdalena Gores

Maria K. Gores, born Gores

Martin Gores, born in Schoenecken, Rhein, Preussen 

Martin Gores (?)

Mary Gores (?)

Nikolaus Gores

Veronicka Gores, born Weiler in Willesecken 

Elisabeth Graus (?)

Anna Greten, wife of Peter Greten

Maria Greten

Peter Greten

Conrad Gretin

Barbra Gretz

Nickolaus Gretz

Elisabeth, wife of Theodor Haas, born in Ellelbruck (?), Luxemburg 

Theodor Haas

A. P. Hammes

Anna Pia (?) Hammes (?)

Daniel Hartung

Jean Hartung

Peter Heber, son of Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Heber

Amelia Heinlein

Andrew Heinlein

Catharine Heinlein (?)

Johann Heinlein

Magdalene Heinlein

Margaretha Heinlein, born Bayer in Giegkrottendorf, Oberfranken, Bayern

Philip Heinlein

Anna, wife of Michael Herber

Michael Herber

Margareth Hermes

Susanna Hermes

Anna Hoffman

Patricia Hoffman

Peter A. Hoffman

William Hoffman

Heinrich Hoffmann

Heinrich M. Hoffmann

Katharina Meyer, wife of Heinrich M. Hoffmann

Margaret G. Hoffmann (?)

Maria Hoffmann

Mathias Hoffmann (?)

Philip M., son of Heinrich & Franziska Hoffmann

Theresia Hoffmann

Veronica Hoffmann (?)

Wilhelm Holtgrewe

Catharina Thinnes, wife of Johann Holzemer

Katharina, daughter of Conrad & Susanna Holzemer 

Katherine Hommertgen (?)

John N. Hommertgen (?)

Nicholas Hommertgen (?)

Andrew J. Horn

Eva M. Horn

Jacob Horn

Christian Horsch

Monica Schabert Hunter

Bertha Huss

Joseph M. Huss

Lorraine P. Huss

Raymond J. Huss

E. M. Irrthem

Anna Irrthum

Claudius Irrthum

Claudius Irrthum

Emma Irrthum

Emma Irrthum

John Irrthum

Raymond M. Irrthum, son of John P. & Gertrude

Johanna E. Jamma

Wilhelmz Johnson

Katharine Kasel, born (?) in Medernach Luxemburg

Margaretha Kasel

Peter Kasel

Margaret Keiser

Carolina Keller

Lena Keller

Lorenz Keller

Maria Th. Keller

Phillip Keller

Maria Katherine Kerst, born Girden (?)

Louis K. Kieffer

Peter J. Kieffer

Aloysius Kimmes (?)

Anna M. Kimmes (?)

Frances Kimmes

Jacob Kimmes

John Kimmes (?)

Leander Kimmes

Marie Kimmes

Mary J. Kimmes

Mathias Kimmes (?)

Mathias T. Kimmes

Norbert P. Kimmes

Theresa Kimmes (?)

Eva K. Werner, wife of Peter J. Klasen

Peter J. Klasen

Anna Klein

Anna Klein

Jacob Klein

James P. Klein

John G. Klein

John P. Klein

Mathias Klein

Mathias Klein

Franz Kneifel

Joseph J. Kneifel

Peter J. Kneifel

Catherine Konsbruck

Jacob Konsbruck

Jacob Konzbruck, born (? in Waldbillig Grossh.  Luxemburg

Magdalena Konzbruck, born Broos in Waldbillig Grossh., Luxemburg

Lukac Koppel

Anna Margaretha, daughter of N. F. W. & A. M. Kranz 

Anna Margaretha, daughter of N. F. W. & A. M. Kranz 

Charles Kranz

John B. Kranz

Katharina Ebel, wife of Charles Kranz

Maggie Kranz

Mary A. Reinardy, wife of John B. Kranz

Nicolaus Kranz

Susanna, born Lutz, wife of Nicolaus Kranz

Georg Kuhn, born in (?) Leimersheim, Bayern

Katharina Kuhn, born in (?) Leimersheim, Bayern

Peter Kuhn

Susan E. Kranz, wife of Peter Kuhn

Anna M., daughter of Jacob & Katharina Kummer 

Adolph E. Landsberger

Agatha Landsberger

Albert J. Landsberger (?)

Anna Landsberger

Anna, wife of Frank Landsberger

baby Claude Landsberger (?)

Emilie Landsberger

Eva Landsberger, born (?) in Konig Reich Bayern 

Frank Landsberger

Genovefa E. Landsberger

Georg Landsberger, born (?) in Konigreich, Bayern

George Landsberger

George Landsberger

Johann Leo Landsberger

Leo G. Landsberger

Ludwig Landsberger

M. Franziska Landsberger, born in (?) Konigreich, Bayern 

M. Rosa, daughter of F. & A. Landsberger

Maria A. Landsberger

Mary Landsberger

Rosaline T. Landsberger

Rose Landsberger

Tony B. Landsberger

Wolfgang Landsberger

Gottfried Lansberger

Lena Landsburger

Margaret Langenfeld

Raymond G. Lather (?)

Anna M. Leifeld, born in (?) Brenken (?) Westtalen (?) 

Anton Leifeld

George Leifeld

Heinrich Franz Leifeld

Henry Leifeld (?)

Jacob Leifeld

Magdalena Leifeld (?)

Peter Leifeld

Jack P. Lenartz

Philip Lenartz

Susanna Lenartz

Heinrich Leven

Paulus Leven

Christian Linderfelser

Nicholas Lindenfelser

Barbara Lorentz

Charles Lorentz (?)

Gary Lorentz

Jacob M. Lorentz (?)

John Lorentz

Karl Lorentz

Kenneth Lorentz

Margaret Lorentz

Anna M. Lucius

Catharine Moes, wife of Michael Lucius

Dominic Lucius

Dorothy M. Lucius

Edward J. Lucius

Elizabeth Lucius

Emma Lucius

Henrietta M. Lucius

Jacob E. Lucius

Jerome J. Lucius

Joseph Lucius

Marie L. Lucius

Mary Lucius

Mary S. Lucius

Michael Lucius

Michael W. Lucius

Peter Lucius

Theodore Lucius

Theresa Lucius

Theresa Lucius

Anna Maria Ludwig

Henry Ludwig (?)

Susan Ludwig (?)

Anna Maria, daughter of John & Barbara Mamer

Arthur Mamer

Catherine Mamer

Heinrich, son of Theodor & Katherina Mamer

Heinrich L., son of T. & K. Mamer

Jacob, child of Theodor & Katharina Mamer

Johanna Mamer

Joseph Mamer

Julia A. Mamer (?)

Rosie K., child of Theodor & Katharina Mamer

Susanna, child of Theodor & Katharina Mamer

Theodor Mamer

Katharina Doffing, wife of Johann Mangan

Lambert Marjan

Anna, wife of Henry Marschal

Henry Marschal

John P. McCoy (?)

Robert J. McCoy

Rosella M. McCoy

Catherine Thein Meyers

Frank N. Meyers

George A. Meyers

Joseph Michalke

Margaretha Lucius, wife of Joseph Michalke

Michael Michalke

Casper Michels

Amalia Mies

Christine Mies

Heinrich Mies

Kasper Mies

Peter Mies (?)

Wilhelm Mies, born in Dollendorf, Rhein-Preussen, Deutschland 

John B. Miller

Rita H. Miller

Susan A. Miller

Catherine Moes

Catherine A. Moes

Dominik Moes

Dominikus Moes

Elisabetha Ellringer, wife of Dominik Moes 

Gilbert Moes

Johann Moes

John D. Moes

John J. Moes

Madeline Moes

Margaret M. Moes

Margaretha Moes

Peter Moes

Peter J. Moes

Raymond Moes

Regina Moes

Richard John, son of Peter J. Moes

Sophia, wife of Peter Mose

Willaim J. Moes

Arnold L. Molitor (?)

Fredrick Molitor (?)

Geo Molitor

Henry Molitor

Henry Molitor

John Molitor (?)

Kate Molitor

Katharine Molitor (?)

Maria, wife of Geo Molitor

'Mutter' (?) Molitor (?)

Nic Molitor

Rosy Molitor

Ruth K. Molitor

Valentine Molitor

Anna Muller

Anna Maria Muller, born Reinardy

Johann N. Muller

Caspar Nahl, born in Schomehen (?) Rhein Preuszen (?) 

Angela Nappin

Sharon Nappin

Todd Nappin

Anna Maria Ruys, wife of Hubert Nicolai, born in Bouchout, Belgen 

Hubert Nicolai, born in Schoenecken, Deutschland 

Marla Magdalen Nicolai

Agnes Niedere

Heinrich Niedere

Elizabeth Olsen

John Olsen

Marie M. Olson

Robert J. O'Rourke

Elizabeth Otto

Jonathan C. Otto

John Jerry Otto

Nicholas Otto

Raymond Otto (?)

Raymond M. Otto

William J. Otto

William Joseph Otto

Peter Palm

Raphael J. Palm

Anna Pasch

Anna K. Pasch, child of Johann & Katharina Pasch 

Catherine Pasch (?)

Gregory Pasch

Henry Pasch

John Pasch

Louis Pasch, child of Johann & Katharina Pasch

Maria Pasch, child of Johann & Katharina Pasch

Mary Pasch

Nick Pasch

Barbara Peiffer

Nicholas F. Peiffer

Alfonse Peine

baby Peine

Brian Joseph Peine, son of David & Joann

Catherine Peine

Charles E. Peine

Clarence P. Peine

Dolores T. Peine

Elizabeth Peine

Ernest J. Peine

Henry C. Peine

Lawrence F. Peine

Lawrence J. Peine

Karl W. Peine

Margaret Peine

Veronica Peine

Anton Pichooto

Mary Bauer Polansky

Anna Rech

Anna Maria Rech, daughter of Nicolas & Maria Rech

John Rech

John M. Rech, child of Nicolas & Maria Rech 

Josephine Rech

Leonard Rech, child of Nicolas & Maria Rech

Mary Rech

Max Rech

Nicholas Rech

Anna Reding (?)

Johann Reding

Maria Reding, born Giefer

Agnes Reinardy

Anna Reinardy

Barbara Reinardy

Domonic Reinardy

Emma Reinardy

Gertrude Reinardy

Herbert M. Reinardy

Jacob Reinardy

Jake Reinardy

Jakob Reinardy

John Reinardy

Joseph J. Reinardy

Kathleen Reinardy

Magdalena Reinardy

Margaret Reinardy

Maria Anna Reinardy

Mary Reinardy

Mary E. Reinardy

Math Reinardy

Michael Reinardy

Michael Reinardy

Nicholas Reinardy

John Wm. Resemius

Mary A. Resemius

Wilhelm L. Resemius

Elisabeth Rischette, nee Zeien (?)

Wilhelm Rischette

Mathias Robert

Michael M. Robert

Susanna, born Hiltgen, wife of Mathias Robert

Anna Rohr

Peter Rohr

Theresa Rohr

Donald Edward Rother

Eduard, son of Frank & Gertrude Rother

Franz Rother

Hedwig, daughter of Eduard & Helena Rother

Katharina, wife of Franz Rother

J. B. Sablohner, born Ulm

Anna Schaack

Charles Schaack

Johann Schaack

Magdlena Schaack

Mary Schaack

Nickolaus Schaack

Dorothy Schabert

Edward J. Schabert

Eugene Schabert (?)

George Schabert

**Gregory Schabert, 1912 – 1958, Mayor of New Trier when he died.**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Hildegard K. Schabert, nee Lucius

John Schabert (?)

Kevin E. Schabert, busband of Becky

Rita Schabert, daughter of Greg & Monica

Roger N. Schabert

Sophia Schabert (?)

Anna Maria, daughter of Adam & Elisabeth Schaefer

Mary A. Schaefer

N. George, son of N. & M. A. Schaefer

Nicolaus Schaefer

Adam Schaffer

Cynthia R. Schaffer

Elizabeth Schaffer

George Schaffer

J. Adam Schaffer

John F. Schaffer

John P. Schaffer (?)

Katharina Schaffer

Marie A. Schaffer (?)

Patricia Schaffer

Theresa Schaffer

Anna Scharfenberg

Anna M. Schiller

Antonius Schiller

Katherine H. Schiller

baby Zezia Schiller

Conrad, son of John & Margaret Schiltgen

Schmalen family

Johann Schmitz

Katharina Schmitz

Michael Schroeder, born (?) Luxemburg

Ferdinand W. Schwartz

Frank, son of N. F. Schwartz

G. Margaretha, daughter of Nicholas & Barbara Schwartz 

Gertrude, daughter of Nicholas & Barbara Schwartz 

Bartholomaus, child of Johann & Katharina Schweich 

Cecelia Schweich, child of J. P. & C. Schweich

F. N. W. Schweich

Gervase Schweich

John, child of Johann & Katharina Schweich

John, child of Johann & Katharina Schweich

Maria Schweich, born Siebenaler

Peter Schweich, child of J. P. & C. Schweich

Peter P. Schweich

Philipp, child of Johann & Katharina Schweich

Susan M. Schweich

Anna Serres

Clara M. Serres

Lambertus, child of M. & A. Serres

Markus Serres

Markus Serres, born (?) in Schlindermanderscheid, Grossherzogthum, Luxemburg

Michael, child of M. & A. Serres

Michael Serres

Peter, child of M. & A. Serres

Veronica Serres

William F. Serres

George A., child of George & Theresia Shaffer

Katie, child of George & Theresia Shaffer

Peter, child of George & Theresia Shaffer

Rosie, child of George & Theresia Shaffer

Frances A. Shannon

William J. Shannon

Emma M. Sieben

Georg Sieben

John J. Sieben

Anton Siebenaler

Katherine Siebenaler

Katherine Siebenaler

Margaret Siebenaler

Maria Siebenaler, born Klasen

Mathias Siebenaler

Nicholas Siebenaler

Anna M. Simmer

Johann Simmer

Magdalena Simmer

Alpheus E. Smithberger

Arthur J. Smithberger

Elizabeth Smithberger

Magdalena Ebel, wife of B. Smithberger

William C. Smithberger

Martha M. (Hoffman) Snyder

Christeen Staneart

John A. Staneart

Anna K. Stein

Johann Stein

Magdalena Stein

Maria Molitor, wife of Nicholas Stein

Mary M. Stein

Mathias Stein

Nicholas Stein

Philipp Stein

Barbara Stodola

Wilhelm Strassburger

Axel Stromquist

Lucy Stromquist

Elizabeth Stumf, born Lohr

Anna M. Stumpf

Joseph Stumpf

Elizabeth Thein Suttor

Marie Margaret Wienand Tague

Gertrude C. Taube

Henry A. Taube

Catherine A. Teuber

Katherina Teuber

Theresia Teuber

Vincent A. Teuber

Anna Catharina Thein

Anna Maria Thein

Eugene Thein

John Thein

Josephine Thein

Katharina Thein

Maria Thein, born Gonzemius

Peter Thein

Peter Thein

Katharena Theis

Margaret Theis

Nicholas Theis

Nicholas S. Theis

Maria Weimann, wife of Johann Therres

Catharina Tix

Julius Tix

Marie Tix

Mathias Tix

Maria VanBeeck

B. W. Walker, born in Selma, Alabama

Anna Maria, wife of F. J. Wallerius, born in Schoenecken, Rheinpreuszen

Franz Joseph Wallerius, born in Scheinnlan (?), Rheinpreuszin

Bernard Weber, born in Rippich (?) Canlon (?) Echlernach  Luxemberg

Katharina Gretz, wife of B. Weber

Katherine Weber

Mathias Weber

Wilhelm Weber

Anna Weiland

Delores M. Weiland

Johann Weiland

Katherine Weiland (?)

Margaretha Weiland

Mathew Weiland (?)

Nicholas P. Weiland

Adam Weiler

Anna Weiler

Elisabeth, wife of Adam Weiler

Katharina Weiler

Nikolaus J. Weiler

Wilhelm Weiler

Jospeh B. Weinand

Louisa Weinand

Peter Weinand

Andreas Wiesen

Susanna Wiesen

Elizabeth Westbruck, nee Fipel, born in Luxemburg 

Margaret Wick

Mary M. Williams

Maria Wilmes, wife of Nicolas Wilmes, born in Keispell, Grosserzogthum,  Luxemburg

Nicolas Wilmes, born in Keispell, Grosserzogthum, Luxemburg 

Mary, wife of Frances I. Wise, born in Abbottsden (?), Adam County,  Pennsylvania

Mary Woodwick

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