St. Mathias Catholic Cemetery

city of Hampton, Hampton township, Dakota county, Minnesota: T113N-R18W, section 8

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Southern Dakota County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. There is a great map and permanent burial directory located near the entrance of this cemetery. The burial lists are alphabetized and contain the  year of death, block, lot, and grave numbers. If you visit the cemetery I would definitely recommend that you use their information as it was copied from the original church records. I did not use their records to compile my list. The rows of burials seem to line up well. The only stone that was placed in an odd spot was the burial stone of B. Peters. This stone appeared to be all by itself in the NE corner. 

The Dakota county cemetery records compilation list this cemetery as: St. Mathias Catholic Cemetery, established October 1900. 2 acres. Located Section 8, NE 1/4. Highway 47 and 50.

This cemetery was transcribed in 1996.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 1996

Bernadett Bailey, daughter of Jacob & Helena

Anna Becker

Anna Becker

Barbara Becker

Emma Becker

Emma Rieger Becker

Johann Becker

Johan N. Becker

Johann P. Becker

John A. Becker

John P. Becker

Joseph L. Becker

Joseph S. Becker

Margaret S. Becker

Maria Becker, born Schmitt

Mary Anne Becker

Mary Schmid Becker

Nicholas P. Becker

Nicolaus Becker

Peter Becker

Peter Becker

Rose M. Becker

Susanna Elsen, wife of Johann Becker

William E. Becker

William Edward Becker

Bernice Beissel

Frank Beissel

John Beissel

Lena Beissel

Sophie O. Beissel

Anna Bennett

Bernard Bennett

James L. Bennett

John E. Bennett

Theresia M. Ber

Johan Berg

Joseph F. Bielen (?)

Noretta Bohart

William Bohart

Dean E. Bowe

Marie Bowe

Annie K. Burns

'Father' Burr (?)

'Mother' Burr (?)

Caroline M. Cain

Lyndle S. Cain

Susan Schaffer Campbell

Rose K. Carlson

Rose K. Carlson

Helen Casawski

Catherine Berg Classen

Anna Cysiewski

John V. Cysiewski

Marie M. Cysiewski

Nicholas Cysiewski

Thomas Cysiewski

Gertrud 'Peg' Dailey

Cornelius Daleiden

Emma Daleiden

Gertrude A. Daleiden

Katherine Daleiden

Alohfius (?) F/ (?) Daletsen (?)

John Delfeld

Maria Delfeld

Beverly R. Deutsch

John Dimmers

Anna Doffing

Cecelia Doffin (?)

Donald Doffing

Elizabeth A. Doffing

Fred R. Doffing

George A. Doffing

Gertrude Doffing

Harold J. Doffing

Helen M. Doffing

John P. Doffing

Lawrence Peter Doffing

Lillian C. Doffing (?)

Margaretha Doffing (?)

Maria Doffing

Mary M. Doffing

Mathias Doffing (?)

Mathilda Doffing

Nicholas Doffing (?)

Nicholas P. Doffing

Philip J. Doffing (?)

William A. Doffing

Michael, twin son of Mr. & Mrs. Gery Dohmen

Timothy, twin son of Mr. & Mrs. Gery Dohmen

Hallard Drake

Darold Gene Dunn

Marcella C. Dunn

Ralph (Gene) Dunn

Roger V. Dunn

John Eck

Loretta M. Eckes (Daleiden)

Raymond N. Eckes

Gerhard Eich, born in Germany

Elizabeth Eilen (?)

John Eilen (?)

Nicholas Eilen (?)

Alvin Endres

Ambrose Endres (?)

Anna Endres

Conrad, twin son of Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Endres

Duane Endres

Emma Endres (?)

Gertrude Endres

Helena Kranz, wife of Joseph Endres

Henry Endres

Joseph Endres

Joseph Endres

Joseph Endres

Julius Endres

Marie Theresa Endres

Mathias A. Endres

Nicholas Endres

Odelia Endres

Paul Endres (?)

Paul F. Endres

Philomena Endres

Regina Endres

Steven, twin son of Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Endres

Marcella Erickson

Francis Feipel

Franziskus Feipel

Henry Feipel

Joseph M. Feipel

Louis Feipel

Mary B. Feipel

George Foss

George Foss

Katherine Foss

Mary Foss

Mathias Foss

Stephan Foss

Theresa Foss

Arnold Fox

Rita Fox

Frank H. Furst

Lucy M. M. Furst

Mary M. Furst

Ralph H. Gergen

Teresa M. Gergen

Thomas A. Gergen

William M. Gergen

Dorothy E. Gerster

Edward A. Gerster

Adolph Giefer

Bernard Giefer

Bernard J. Giefer

Catherine Giefer (?)

Elizabeth Giefer (?)

Florence Giefer

Gertrud, wife of Ludwig Giefer, born in Rohr Kreis Schleiden

Reg. Bez. Aaghen

John G. Giefer (?)

John J. Giefer (?)

Leo P. Giefer

Ludwig Giefer, born in Freilingen Kreis Schleiden Reg. Bez.

Magdalene Giefer

Margaret Giefer

Nicholas Giefer (?)

Nicklous N. Giefer

Raphafl Wm. Giefer (?)

William Giefer

Frank Gitzen

Johann Peter Gitzen

Margaret Gitzen

Carl Gores

Leo F. Gores

Magdalena Gores

Margaret Gores (?)

Nicholas J. Gores (?)

Nicholas P. Gores

Pauline Mary Gores

Susan Gores

Albert M. Halfern

Michael Halfen

Emilie Hatzl

Frank P. Hatzl

Helena Lindenfelser Hauenstein

Anthony H. Heimann

Marcella A. Heimann

Erven Hennen

Lillian Hennen

Anna Maria Herschbach, born Fasbender

George W. Herschbach

Johann Herschbach

John Herschbach

Anna M. Hoffmann

Betty L. Hoffmann

Henry M. Hoffmann

Katherine Hoffmann

Peter M. Hoffmann

Bonita P. Hogfoss

Alice J. Horn

Barbara Horn

John J. Horn

Joseph F. Horn

Marie Horn

Christ Horsch

Chas. (Carl) Humphries

Mariem (Madge) Humphries

James Patrick, son of Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Irrthum

Emma Jensen

Regina Weber, wife of John Johnson

son of Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Johnson

Wilhelmz Johnson

baby girl, daughter of Kenneth A. Kasel

infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Kasel

Mary Kranz

Delores Kuhn

Edwin Kuhn

George Kuhn

Kenneth Kuhn

Philip Kuhn

Rose Kuhn

Susan Kuhn

Margaret Lange

Eva Langenfeld (?)

Siegfrid J. Letendre

Theresa C. Letendre

Alex Lindenfelser

Heinrich Lindenfelser

Joseph Lindenfelser

Katharina Lindenfelser

Susan Lindenfelser (?)

Benedict Louis

Benedict J. Louis

Helen Louis, nee Leahy

Adam May

Andrew May

Carl May

Caspar May

Catherine May

Elizabeth May, born Kuhn

Frances May

Franklin 'Bud' May

Henry F. May (?)

Joseph May

Leo B. 'Spike' May

Margaret May (?)

Nicholas May

Peter May

Peter May (?)

Sharon May

William May

T. Mitch Mathews

Eva M. Mayer

Eva Maria Mayer (?)

Heinrich Mayer

Reinhardt H. Meis (?)

Jacob Mertes

Maria Mies

Marie V. Mies

Nikolas Mies

William P. Mies

baby boy Millard

Catharine Millard

Frank Millard

Theresa L. May Moschkau

Glenn J. Mulvihill

Ann Marie Nicolai, daughter of Leo & Joyce

Appolonia Nicolai

Herbert Nicolai

Irene Nicolai

John C. Nicolai

John P. Nicolai

Katharina Nicolai, born Grode

Magdalena Nicolai (?)

Peter Nicolai

Sybilla Nicolai (?)

Anna Niebur

Clara M. Niebur

Clem A. Niebur

Earl Niebur

Flory Niebur

John Niebur

Stella Niebur

Dianne M. Odette

John Pash

Otillia Pash

Anna Peine

John Peine

B?? Peters

Ferdinand Peters

Rosa S. Peters

M. Phyllis (Mathews) Peterson

Pamela T. Peterson

Russell J. Peterson

Johann Putz

Susanna Putz

Rachel Marie Raway (?)

Adolph Reinardy

Gary F. Reinardy

Helena M. Reinardy

Jacob M. Reinardy

Lorraine Reinardy

Melvin Jon, son of Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Reinardy

?? Rischette

Nikolaus (?) Rischette

Robert (?) Rischette

Bernard J. Rother

Carl W. Rother

Catherine Rother

Cecelia C. Rother

Charles Rother (?)

Clara M. Rother

David Rother

Edward Rother

Helena Rother

Joseph Rother

Katherine Rother (?)

Louise C. Rother

Margaret Rother

Michael Rother

Mike Rother

Mildred M. Rother

Robert A. Rother

Robert V. Rother

Vincent Rother

John B. Schaack (?)

Joseph P. Schaack

Mary A. Schaack (?)

Henry Schaffer

Mary A. Schaffer

Jacob Scharpf

Adam Schiller

Christine H. Schiller

John Schiller

Margaretha Schiller

Mathias Schiller

Peter Schiller (?)

Susan Schiller

Theresa Schiller (?)

Pius Schmid, born in Bozen Tirol Am

'Father' Schmitz (?)

'Mother' Schmitz (?)

Charles Schweich

Charles Schweich

Frances Schweich

**Frances Schweich 17 January 1885 - 19 June 1960**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Gertrude Schweich

John P. Schweich

Marcella Schweich

Peter M. Schweich

Cheryl Marie, daughter of Randy & Jackie Serres

Frances Serres

Gerald Serres

Mary E. Serres

Ronald M. Serres, son of Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Serres

Justine E. Schultz

Raymond J. Schultz

Mary Sieben (?)

William Sieben (?)

Lucille A. Siebenaler

Paul N. Siebenaler

Christina Simon

Eva Simon

Gregory P. Simon, Minnesota Cpl. Co. C 23 Infantry Regt. 

Julius Simon

Julius P. Simon

Mary Simon

Rose Weiler Smeltzer

Daniel J. Smith

James A. Smith

Jeffrey Smith, son of Charles & Linda

Patrick James Smith, son of James & Mari

Nicole Taarud

Nicole Taarud

John Tate

John A. Tate

Julia A. Tate

John Theis

Mary Theis

Nicholas Theis

Bradley Thurmes, son of Bud & Peggy

Henry Thurmes

Henry Thurmes

John M. Thurmes

John M. Thurmes

John M., son of Mr. & Mrs. Harold A. Thurmes

Kathryn Thurmes

Lena Thurmes

Math Thurmes

Melvin J. Thurmes

Scott Anthony, son of Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Thurmes

Susan Thurmes

Anna Tix

Anna Tix

Anna K. Tix

Anna M. Tix

Bernard Tix

Cecelia Tix

Dorothy E. Tix

Edward Tix

Florence M. Tix

Heinie A. Tix

John J. Tix

John M. Tix

John N. Tix

Joseph A. Tix

Joseph N. Tix

Katharina Tix

Katherine Tix

Katie Tix

Leo J. Tix

Marie C. Tix

Marlene Tix

Martha Tix

Mary Tix

Mathias Tix

Mathias Tix

Mathias J. Tix

Nick B. Tix

Nikolaus Tix

Peter P. Tix

Philip Tix

Rose M. Tix

Stephen John, son of Mr. & Mrs. Leo Tix

Adolph C. Turek

Adolph C. Turek

David A. Turek

Maria A. Turek

Rudolph C. Turek

Thomas J. Turek

Wilhelmina Turek

Leone J. VanGuilder

Marie G. VanGuilder (?)

Louis Weber (?)

Adam Weiler

Anna Weiler (?)

Anna M. Weiler

Bernard Weiler

Catherine Weiler (?)

Christ H. Weiler

Christoph Weiler

Frank Weiler (?)

Frank W. Weiler

Gertrude M. Weiler

Lorene Weiler

'Mother' Weiler (?)

Nicholas P. Weiler

Rose E. Weiler

Theresa Weiler

William B. Weiler

William H. Weiler

William M. Weiler (?)

Gertrude Wertzler

Johann Wertzler

Alexious Winter

Mildred Winter

Frank A. Wollmering (?)

Madeline Wollmering (?)

John Zeien

'Mother' Zeien (?), nee Anna Sieben

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