Hampton Cemetery

Hampton township, Dakota county, Minnesota: T113N-R18W, section 4

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This cemetery has some regular care and is in poor shape. There is no name at the gate of this cemetery. Many of the burial monuments have been broken over the years and it was difficult to tell if the remaining burial monuments were actually over the correct graves. Other burial monuments were lying flat at ground level or surrounded by over grown lilacs. The fenced area which comprises the cemetery is much more expansive than the number of headstones. There were two obvious family sections in the cemetery, these were for the Bell family and Hopkins family. Each had a pipe style fence surrounding their families graves. Both were very weedy and had overgrown shrubs and small trees growing within the area. 

The Dakota county cemetery records compilation lists this cemetery as: Hampton Township Cemetery, established January 1875. 2 acres. Located Section 4, NW 1/4, Township 113, Range 18. 225th St. East. (Abandoned).

This cemetery may have been located in section 9 of Hampton township at one time. In "History of Dakota County and the city of Hastings" by Rev. Edward D. Neill, he wrote: '... Hampton cemetery was first situated on section 9, the first grave being that of Stephen D. and Amelia Bell. In 1876 the yard was removed to section 4, and contains about seventy-five graves, [in 1881] (page 398).'

The Andreas 1874 Atlas of Minnesota has a map of Dakota county which shows section 4 containing a school house.  This is where the cemetery is currently situated.

This cemetery was transcribed in 1996.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 1996

Bettie, Wife of Eli Ballard

Elias Ballard

Julia A. Ballard

Rebecca, wife of Elias Ballard

Susan A., daughter of Eli & Nettie Ballard

William M., son of Elias & Rebecca Ballard

Daniel Bartelt

Alice L., daughter of ? & ? Bell

infant, son of S.D. & M.P. Bell

Princis A., wife of S.D. Bell

S.D. Bell

?, son of B. & M. Burroughs (?)

W.H. Burroughs C 6 Minnesota Inf. (?)

Fanny Cain

George Cain

George W. Cain

Hazel M. Cain

Jennie B. Cain

Katie, wife of Tom Cain

Marion Beth Cain

Melissa A. Cain, wife of George Cain

Seth Cain

Seth B. Cain

Caroline N., wife of Jonas Carlson

Jonas P. Carlson

baby Clark

Ralph H. Clark

Annah, wife of J.J. Cropper (?)

?, wife of Madison Cropper (?)

Donald W. Duff

Emma J. Duff

James Duff

Joseph (?) P. (?), son of John & Mary Duff

Robert Duff

William Duff

James, son of Wm. & E. Dunkerley

Mary, daughter of W. & ? Dunkerley

Wm. Dunkerley

J.H. Ferris

P.B. Ferris

Sarah M. Ferris

William S. Greene

?, son of I.N. & N. Holden (?)

Edith Charity, child of G.J. & E.S. Hopkins

Florence J. Hopkins

George G. Hopkins

Gilbert J. Hopkins

Joseph L. Hopkins

Joseph W. Hopkins

Lilly E., child of G.J. & E.S. Hopkins

Linna M. Hopkins

Lizzie M. Hopkins

Sarahett Perrin, wife of J.W. Hopkins

William W. Hopkins

Mary J. Johnson

Wm. H. Johnson

Wilhelmz Johnson

Isaac W. Jones

Christina S., wife of Jos. A.A. Kirk (?)

Elmer A. Kirk

Achsah E. Klaus

Raymond, son of R.C. & A.E. Klaus

Robert C. Klaus

Mary Ann, wife of James Lee

Alexander McKay

Catherine, wife of Alexander McKay

Albert P., son of Nathaniel & Rhoda Martin 

baby Martin

Bernice Martin (?)

Lillie, daughter of (?) Martin (?)

Nathaniel Martin

Perry Martin (?)

Phoda (?) Perry, wife of Nathaniel Martin

?, son of J.S. & E.R. Paselton (?)

Nancy Perrin

?, son of ? Perrin

Wm. Perrin

Addie Belle Porter (?)

Ann Porter (?)

?, son of Wm. Porter

Wilhelmina, born Porter

Alexander Records

Nancy A., daughter of A. & S.A. Records

Francis L. Renslow

James Smart

'Father' Smithberger (?)

Levi Taft (?)

Susan F., wife of L. Taft

Rosie Wilson

There was one broken and badly worn stone - I could only make out 28 September and possibly son of ?

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