St. Joseph's Catholic Church Cemetery - Meisville, Minnesota

Douglas township, Dakota county, Minnesota: T113N - R17W, section 11

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This large cemetery is located a block or so west of the intersection of highways 91 and 61. The cemetery grounds are maintained on a regular basis and are in good shape. There is evidence of past vandalism, as some of the old slab headstones were broke. The vandalism appears to have been some time ago, as the broken edges are very worn. There is also evidence that someone has traced in the letter groves of some names with a black permanent marker. 

The Dakota county cemetery records compilation lists this cemetery as: St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery. First used in 1874. 3 acres. Located SE 1/4 of Section 11.

In Rev. Edward D. Neill's book, "History of Dakota County and the city of Hastings" he wrote the following about St. Joseph's Catholic Church: 'The cornerstone of this church was laid in May, 1872, and a church completed in the fall of 1873 ... is located on the south-east corner of section 11. The site, with ten acres of land for church and cemetery. ... The cemetery was first used in 1874. In 1876, C.B. Lowell surveyed and staked out three acres on the west end of the lot. This yard contains 357 lots and at the present (1881) only about twenty-five graves (page 344).'

The WPA records do not have any cemetery listing's for this township. In the book, "History of Dakota County and the city of Hastings", by Rev. Edward D. Neill, in 1881, he writes:' ... No village or platted town exists in the township. The nearest approach to a village is Meisville, so called, on the south-east corner of section 11, partly on sections 12 and 14. Here, is the St. Joseph Catholic Church and cemetery, with which ten acres of land is connected;...[there are also] three salons, hotels,... The first death in the town was that of Mrs. Benjamin Hare, August 1856, whose husband has been mentioned among the first settlers (page 341).'

These burial monuments were transcribed in 1996.

Copyright © 1996 Debbie Boe

Bernard J. Ahlers

Olive C. Ahlers

Johann Anton, born at Reuland (?), Luxemburg

Bernard Bartelmey

Christine Bartelmey

Elizabeth Bartelmey

John L. Bartelmey

Johnnie Bartelmey

Mary Bartelmey (?)

Peter Bartelmey(?)

Theodore Bartelmey

Theresa Bartelmey

Alois J. Bauer

Catherine Bauer

Harold Bauer

Irene Bauer

Mary Bauer

Mathias Bauer

Paul Bauer

Randal Bauer

Genevieve, wife of John Bihner 

Hannah J. Bihner(?)

John Bihner

John L. Bihner(?)

Louise C. Bihner

Maria Anna Bihner

Regina Schaffer Bihner

Jeanne Susan Birk

Marie Birk

Randy Birk

Ted Birk

Agnes N. Black

Daniel Boland (?)

'Father' Boland (?)

James F. Boland (?)

Jane Boland (?)

'Mother' Boland (?)

Carl, son of Dionis & Cecilia Boser

Dennis J. Boser

Frank A. Boser

George A. Boser

Johann Boser

Mary Boser

Catherine Brennen (?)

Florence E. Brennen

James Brennen (?)

Lillian Brennen

Mary Brennen (?)

Mayme S. Brennen (?)

Patrick Francis Brennen

Thomas Brennen

Thomas Brennen, husband of Agnes Black

Thomas Brennen

Winefred, wife of Thomas Brennen

Annella Bretschneider

George Bretschneider

Leland M. Bretschneider

Lorenz Burr

Theresa Burr

Blanche Caneff

Catherine Ryan Caneff

John J. Caneff, his wife Catherine Ryan

John V. Caneff

Edward E. Cleary

Emma O'K (O'Keefe ?) Cleary

Edward J. Cleary (?)

Gerald Edward Cleary

Harold F. Cleary

Mary Theresa Cleary (?)

Naomi S. Cleary

Cecelia M. Costello

Dorothy C. Costello

Frederick F. Costello

Rev. M.J. Duehr D.D., born at Ahn, Luxembourg, G.D.

Dorothea Eckart

Helen Eckart (?)

baby Henry Eckart (?) Jr.

Henry Eckart (?)

Johann U. Eckart

Joseph Eckert

baby Eilen (?)

George Eilen

George Eilen (?)

George Eilen

Margaret Eilen

James A. Elder (?)

John D. Elder (?)

Mary A. Elder (?)

Mary C. Elder (?)

Monica M. Elder (?)

William H. Elder (?)

William T. Elder (?)

Zita E., daughter of J.S. & E. Elder

Cecelia Caneff Eldred

Ozro Warren Eldred

Patrick C. Fahey, born in county Galway, Ireland 

Ridget Fahey

Ruth Ann Nauer Ferraro

Dorothy T. Fischer, nee O'Shaughnessy

Julius A. Fischer

Madeline A. Fischer

Frank Ford

Agnes C. Fox (?)

Albert Fox

Alois Fox

Anne M. Fox

Annett Fox

August J. Fox (?)

Bessie Fox

Brian Fox

Carl Fox

Caroline M. Fox (?)

Charles Fox (?)

Ernestine M. Fox

baby Eugene Fox

Eugene Fox

Fay Ann Fox

George J. Fox

Gladys Fox

Gladys Fox

infant son Fox

John Fox, son of Alvis & Marian Fox

Kathryn E. Fox

Leo G. Fox

Leo M. Fox

Mary E. Fox

Myron J. Fox

Natalie Ann Fox

Raymond G. Fox

Robert Fox

Robert Fox

Rosella M. Fox

Stephen A. Fox

Alice M. Freier

Bernard W. Freier

Katherine A. Freier

Rynold C. Freier

Walwin H. Freier

Frances Freiermuth  'mother & child'

Helen Freiermuth

Robert Friesen

Alois Fuchs

David Fuchs

Johann, son of A. & M.A. Fuchs

Maria Anna Burr, wife of Alois Fuchs

Stephen J. Furlong

Anna Caneff Garman

Christine C. Gergen

Ernestine L. Gergen

Martin N. Gergen

Robert A. Gergen

Anna Gerlach

Anna Gerlach

Betty Lou Gerlach

Carl S. Gerlach

Charles Gerlach

Charles Gerlach

Frank Gerlach

G. Heinrich (?), son of ? & ? Gerlach (?)

George Gerlach

Gottfried Gerlach

Grace V. Gerlach

John J. Gerlach

Joseph Gerlach (?)

Kathryn Gerlach

Louise Gerlach (?)

Maria Gerlach

Matt Gerlach

Nicholas Gerlach

Theresia M. Gerlach

George Ginther (?)

Irene Ginther (?)

Joseph Ginther (?)

Margaret Ginther (?)

Bridget, wife of Michael Graney, Native of Parish of Crossboyle, county Mayo, Ireland

Michael Graney

Lawrence John Hammes

James Hart (?)

James Hart (?)

John Hart (?)

Michael Hart (?)

Thomas Hart (?)

Annie E. Henry

George A. Henry

Mary, wife of M. Henry

Mary Honora Henry (?)

Ellen Hicke

Jeannette M. Hickey

Stephen J. Hickey

Winifred Hickey

Winifred Hickey

Agatha M. Hoffman

Frank M. Hoffmann

Frank M. Hoffmann

Jane Almira Hogan

Michael C. Hogan

Barbara W., daughter of Peter & Barbara Husting 

Catherine Illa

Mary Illa

Michael Illa

Michael Illa

Michael Illa

Adam Ille

Steven H. Isaacson

Susanna, wife of Michael Iulen

Ase J. Johnson

Veronica K. Johnson

Wilhelmz Johnson

Gertrude Mainz Jones

Anna M. Karicher

Lambert Karicher, born in Bowingen Grossherzog thum  Luxemburg

Joseph, child of Julia & Joseph Kehlnhofer

May, child of Julia & Joseph Kehlnhofer

Edward Kelly

Hedwig Kelly

Anna Kieffer

Anna Kieffer (?)

Eliza Kieffer

Eliza Kieffer (?)

Elizabeth Kieffer

Frances Kieffer

Frank Kieffer

George Kieffer

George Kieffer (?)

Henry G. Kieffer

John W. Kieffer

Louis J. Kieffer

Louis K. Kieffer

Madeline L. Kieffer

Martin H. Kieffer

Mary Kieffer

Wilhelm F. Kieffer

Wm. Kieffer

Bernardine Kimmes

Catherine Kimmes

Catherine Kimmes

Edward Kimmes

George Kimmes

John Kimmes

Joseph Kimmes

Katherine Kimmes

Lena R. Kimmes

Maria L. Kimmes

Maria Kimmes

Mark E. Kimmes

Michael M. Kimmes

Nick J. Kimmes

Rosella Kimmes

Sylvester Kimmes

Theodore Kimmes

Catherine King

Clara C. King (?)

John L. King

John M. King

Marie C., daughter of Mrs. & Mr. J.M. King 

Martin A. King

Mary King

Mary Ann King

Mathew M., son of Mr. & Mrs. J.L. King

Raymond F. King

Sarah L. King

Thomas E. King (?)

Henry Klein

son Klemens

Joseph C. Klien

Mary Knoblauch

Susan Knoblauch

Florence M. Kocur

Joseph A. Kocur

Joseph A. Kocur

Emily J. Kramer

Eugene J. Kramer

baby Allen Kruse

Alvina Kruse

Anton Kruse

Augusta Kruse

Frank J. Kruse

Joseph Kruse

Joseph C. Kruse

Karl (?), son of Anton & Katharina Kruse

Marie M. Kruse

'Mother' A. Kruse (?)

Valentin (?), son of Anton & Katharine Kruse

Alfred Kuhn

Catherine Kuhn

George Kuhn

George E. Kuhn

Helen Kuhn

John Kuhn

Leo Kuhn

Louis Kuhn

James F. Kuhns

Arthur Kummer

Arthur L. Kummer

Lena M. Kummer

Phyllis, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Kummer

Franz, son of M. & V. Kump

John Ladwig (?)

Mary Ladwig (?)

Henry Lang

Francis Lang

John C. Lang

Katherine Lang

Mary Lang

Franz Lange

Lillian G. Langenfeld

Raymond J. Langenfeld

Christine Riegert, wife of Jacob Lano

Elizabeth M. Larson, nee Foley

Anthony Francis Leifeld, son of Robert & Caroline

August B. Leifeld

baby Leifeld

Marie C. Leifeld

Robert A. Leifeld, son of Robert & Caroline

Mathew B. Ley

Emma Engel, wife of Peter Lorentz

Peter Lorentz

Charles Lucius

Mary T. Lucius

Eileen M. Ludwig

Gilbert N. Ludwig

Nicholas Ludwig

Ann McDermoth

Michael McDermoth

Patrick McDermoth

James McDermott

John McDermott

Teresa McDermott

Winifred McDermott

Kevin M. McDonald

Ethel Mainz

John S. Mainz

Mathilda Mainz

Simon Mainz

Jacob T., son of Chn. & Barbara Mamer

Peter J. Marschall

Theresa F. Marschall

Ann Meisch

Catherine Bertrance, wife of Philip Meisch

Clara Meisch

Evelyn Meisch

Jerome P. Meisch

John P. Meisch

Joseph Meisch

Madeline A. Meisch

Peter Meisch (?)

Philip Meisch

Philip Meisch

Philip Meisch

Raymond J. Meisch (?)

William I. Meisch

Franky Miller, son of Peter & Caroline

Theresa M. Molitor

Lucy M. Moravec 

Rosa Moravec

Mason Murch Jr.

Arnold J. Nauer

Francine M. Nauer

Catherine Kuhn, beloved wife of John Nicola, born in Miesville, Dakota County, Minnesota

Agatha A. Niebur

Carrol Niebur

Ethel Niebur

Vernon O. Niebur

Verona Niebur

Catherine A. Nilan (?)

Edward Nilan, Native of Parish of Kilkarton (?) county Galway, Ireland

Edward P. Nilan, born in Pittsburg, Pa.

Hanorah R. Nilan

Jane Almira Nilan (?)

John M. Nilan (?)

Katie F., daughter of Michael T & Jane A. Nilan 

Lena M. Nilan

Madeline M. Nilan

Mary Jane Nilan (?)

Owen S. Nilan

Patrick Nilan, Native of Kiltarton (?) Parish county Galway, Ireland

Patrick, son of John & Mary Jane Nilan 

Patrick H. Nilan (?)

Patrick J. Nilan

Patrick R. Nilan

Sarah Nilan, wife of Patrick, native of Crossboyle Parish  county Mayo, Ireland

Sarah A. Nilan

Sarah J. Nilan

Thomas F. Nilan

Thomas J. Nilan (?)

William J. Nilan

Leonora B. Oberg

Wilbur Oberg

Ann, wife of Wm. O'Connell, born at Williamsport, Pa.

Ann O'Connell (?)

Eliza L., daughter of Wm. & A. O'Connell

Elizabeth L. O'Connell (?)

Jane M. O'Connell, born at Willmore, Pa. 

John C. O'Connell, born at Willmore, Pa. 

John G. O'Connell (?)

Thomas B. O'Connell, born at Willmore, Pa. 

Thomas Bernard O'Connell, born at Ebensburg, Pa. 

William O'Connell (?)

Jerome O'Connor, infant of Tom & Katie

Alice O'Keefe

Amelia O'Keefe

Daniel A. O'Keefe

Rev. Dennis F. O'Keefe, son of Jeremiah & Mary O'Keefe

Grace M. O'Keefe

Helen Maher O'Keefe

Jeremiah O'Keefe

Jeremiah Vincent, son of Jeremiah & Mary O'Keefe 

Joseph M. O'Keefe

Mary Ryan O'Keefe

Nellie O'Keefe

P.H. O'Keefe

Mrs. P.H. O'Keefe

Leth A. Olin

Alvin Olson

Caroline Olson

Conrad August, son of Alvin & ? Olson

Mary 'Mamie' Ellen Olson

S. August 'Gus' Olson

Alice Fallon O'Rourke

Bernice Riley O'Rourke

Edward O'Rourke

Edward F. O'Rourke

Emma O'Rourke

Helen Hanley O'Rourke

Hannah O'Rourke

James O'Rourke

John O'Rourke

John, son of M. & H. O'Rourke

Katherine H. O'Rourke

Lucy A. O'Shaughnessy, wife of James O'Rourke

Margaret O'Rourke

Margret O'Rourke, born in Kings county Ireland

Michael O'Rourke

Michael O'Rourke, born in county Galway, Ireland 

Michael P. O'Rourke

Patrick O'Rourke, born in county West Meath, Ireland

Thomas, son of M. & H. O'Rourke

Thomas O'Rourke

Thomas L. O'Rourke

Reverend Frederick A. Ortner, born Oberaudorf, Germany

Eliza O'S.

Martin O'S. -

Eliza J., daughter of Thomas & Eliza O' Shaughness 

Michael, son of Thomas & Eliza O'Shaughness 

William T, O'Shaughness

Agnes M. O'Shaughnessy

Eliza O'Shaughnessy

Helen O'Shaughnessy

John O'Shaughnessy

John, son of E. & E. O'Shaughnessy 

Louise T. O'Shaughnessy

Martin L. O'Shaughnessy

Martin, son of E. & E. O'Shaughnessy

Michael R. O'Shaughnessy

Olivia O'Shaughnessy

Regina O'Shaughnessy

Theresa O'Shaughnessy

Theresa O'Shaughnessy

Thomas O'Shaughnessy. A Native of Parish of Kiltarton, county Galway, Ireland

Thomas O'Shaughnessy

Venita M. O'Shaughnessy

William O'Shaughnessy

William O'Shaughnessy Sr.

Martin, son of P. & M. Otting (?) 

Richard G. Otto

Richard N. Otto

Viola E. Otto

Anna Peine

Christine Peine

Margaret Peine

Monica Peine

Peter Peine

Theodore C. Peine

Mary Cleary Peland

George A. Pelant

Aloysius Raway, son of Louis & Barbara

Barbara Raway

Ben J. Raway

Florence Raway

Francis Raway

Kenneth M. Raway (?)

Louis Raway

Lyle Raway

Martha T. Raway

Mary Ann O'Connell, wife of John Riley

Mary Ann, daughter of Wm. & A. O'Connell, wife of John Riley 

Margaret Robert

Martin M. Robert

Mathias Robert

Mathias, son of Nicholas & Magaretha Robert

Matthew Robert

Michael Robert

Elizabeth Roberts

Margaretha Roberts

Mathias Roberts

Adam Rohr

Conrad Rohr (?)

Conrad Rohr

Elizabeth Rohr

Henry Rohr (?)

Joseph A. Rohr

Leonard P. Rohr

Louise Rohr

Margaret Rohr (?)

Mathias P. Rohr

Peter Rohr

Teresa Grace Rohr

Agnes M. Ruhr (?)

Bernard Ruhr

Eduard, son of F.N. & Th. Ruhr

Ferdinand F. Ruhr

Frank Ruhr

Frank J. Ruhr

Frank N. Ruhr

Gordon Ruhr

John T. Ruhr

Joseph Ruhr

Kenneth Ruhr

Lisetta M. Ruhr

Maria Ruhr

Mary A. Ruhr

Susanna K. Ruhr

Theresa Kranz Boser Ruhr

Theresa C. Ruhr

Theresia Lubbesmeier, wife of F.N. Ruhr

William A. Ruhr (?)

Charles Saam

Elizabeth Saam

George A. Saam

Gertrude Saam

Kasper Saam

Louis J. Saam

Maria Saam

Theresa C. Saam

James P. Salkowicz

A. Beatina, daughter of George & Catherine Schaefer 

A. Irene Schaffer

Adam J. Schaffer

Agnes Schaffer

Ambrose Joseph, son of George & Lucy Schaffer

Anna Schaffer (?)

Anna Maria, daughter of Conrad & Anna Schaffer

August Schaffer

Augusta M. Schaffer

baby Schaffer

baby Schaffer

baby Schaffer

Catherine Schaffer

Clara Schaffer

Conrad Schaffer (?)

Elizabeth Schaffer

Ernestina A. Schaffer

Frances Schaffer

Frank X. Schaffer

Gertrude Schaffer

Gerve Schaffer

Georg P. Schaffer

George G. Schaffer (?)

Harold Schaffer

Henry Schaffer

Henry Schaffer

Herbert Schaffer

Hilarion N. Schaffer

Jean Schaffer

Joseph M. Schaffer

Kathryn Schaffer

Kathryn Schaffer

Louis G. Schaffer

Lucy Ann Schaffer (?)

Margaret Schaffer (?)

Paul Schaffer

Raphael Frances, son of August & Clara Schaffer 

Regina T. Schaffer

William Schaffer

William C. Schaffer

Lawrence Schauer

Leona Schauer

baby Schiller

Joseph Schiller

Odelia Schiller

Catherine Schmitz

Peter Schweich

Liborius S. Schweitzer, son of Wilhelm & Mathilde Schweitzer 

Catherine Sherry (?)

Elizabeth A. Sherry

Elizabeth A. Sherry

Ellen Sherry (?)

James Sherry (?)

James Sherry (?)

Jane Sherry

John Sherry (?)

Mary Sherry

Mary Caneff Sherry

Steve Sherry (?)

Thomas A. Sherry

Thomas A. Sherry

Del A. Shoemaker

Loretta M. Shoemaker

Gerald Smiley

Patrick Smiley

Agnes O'K. (O'Keefe ?) Spencer

Albert E. Spencer

Joseph Stoffel

Martha Stoffel

Catherine Toner (?)

Frank Toner (?)

John Toner (?)

Rose I. Toner (?)

John Tully, Native of county Galway, Ireland

Mary, wife of John Tully

Native of county Galway, Ireland

Irene J. Voelker

Joseph J. Voelker

baby Wagner

Joseph J. Wagner

George H. Wallace

Charles Waters (?)

John Waters (?)

Ida M. Waters (?)

Thomas Waters

Anna Weber (?)

Barbara Weber (?)

Bernard Weber (?)

David Charles, son of Mr. & Mrs. John N. Weber Jr.

Edward M. Weber

Jeanette Weber

John Weber

John N. Weber, PVT. United States Army

Mary Weber

Nick Weber (?)

Phyllis Weiss

E. (?) Weibehold

T. Weiberhold

Clara (?) Wiederhold

John T. Wiederhold

Karl Wiederhold

Michael Wiederhold

Michael Wiederhold

Catherine Wiederholt (?)

Catherine Wiederholt

Charles B. Wiederholt

Charles E. Wiederholt (?)

Clara Wiederholt

'Father' F. Wiederholt (?)

Gary S. Wiederholt, son of Sylvester & Harriet

George Wiederholt

George E. Wiederholt, son of Mr. & Mrs. Sylvester Wiederholt

Harriet Wiederholt

Margaret Wiederholt

'Mother' F. Wiederholt(?)

Raymond C. Wiederholt (?)

Sylvester Wiederholt

Sylvester F. Wiederholt

William J. Wiederholt

Frank A. Wellman

Gertrude Wellman

Dolores M. Witzke

Merrill E. Witzke

Catherine Zimmerman (?)

Gerald H. Zimmerman (?)

John Zimmerman (?)

The following stones were very worn and hard to read. I was not able to determine a surname:

Dorfine (?)

Goreine (?)

John & Helen (?) - unable to read the rest.

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