Greenvale Cemetery / Union Cemetery

Greenvale township, Dakota county, Minnesota: section 1

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Southern Dakota County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This rural cemetery is located about seven miles south of Farmington, Minnesota or just west of the town of Castle Rock along 280th Street or Carver County Road 86. The cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. It appears that many of the older burial monuments may have been replaced. 

The Dakota county cemetery records compilation lists this cemetery as: Greenvale (Union) Cemetery, established 1873. 3 acres Section 1, NE 1/4 280th St. W. & Dunbar Avenue.

Rev. Edward D. Neill's book "The History of Dakota County and the city of Hastings" lists the Greenvale Cemetery as Union Cemetery (page 387). To my knowledge these are the same cemetery. Rev. Neill also writes: '...Union Cemetery is located on the north side of section 1. It contains about three acres and was surveyed in June 1873. The first grown person buried in it was Thomas Hodgson. It now contains quite a number of graves... The cemetery originated in Castle Rock Grange, then holding meetings in the Union School House in Eureka (page 387).'

This cemetery was transcribed during 1996.

Copyright © 1996 Debbie Boe


Geofrey N. Barsness

Robin M. Barsness

Bertha B. Batson

Edwin Batson (?)

H. Arthur Batson

Jane J. Batson

Joseph Batson

Josiah Batson (?)

Florence A. Berg

Minton L. Berg

Anna Berge

Erick L. Berge

Ernest A. Berge (?)

Laura G. Berge

Marion G. Berge (?)

Maria L. Berlin

J. Arthur Billey

John E. Billey

Lulu Rose (could be Nelson ? or Billey ?)

Stanley P. Billey

Verna F. Billey

Luella Roach Bingham

Jean Ann Blackwell

Roy E. Blackwell

Alice Bogue

Drusilla Bogue

Edgar L. Bogue

Ira S. Bogue

Gladys L. Bogue

Lyle G. Bogue

Mary Bogue (?)

Minerva J. Bogue (?)

Ralph E. Bogue

Richard Bogue

Robert Bogue

Roger L. Bogue

Ruth I. Bogue

Winifred A. Bogue

Zachariah Bogue (?)

Candace E. Bolin (?)

Effie M. Bolin (?)

George W. Bolin (?)

Percy A. Bolin (?)

Ardath Borchert

Charles R. Borchert

Inez L. Boyd

Oakley W. Boyd

Anna N. Brady

U. J. Brady

Travis Peter, son of Mr. & Mrs. Warren W. Brandon

Warren A. Brandon

William Joseph Brandon

M. Grace Brockway

Mattie H. McNeill, wife of Adam Brown

Denenda P. Burke

Charlie E., son of J.J. & M.J. Campbell

Laura Roach Chadwick

Henry, son of E. & M.L. Chapman (?)

John Arthur Chapman (?)

Sarah Ann Chapman (?)

Morris Chester

Phyllis Marie Chester

Alfred C. Clague

E.T. Clague

Isabella Clague, wife of William Clague

James Clague

Sophia VanSlyke, wife of James Clague

W. George Clague

William Clague

William P. Clague

Elizabeth Closson

Warren F. Closson

Ada Mae Cowell

Arthur H. Cowell

Augusta B. Cowell

Charles Cowell (?)

Charles L. Cowell

Ethelyn G. Cowell

Herbert Cowell (?)

John P. Cowell

Lawrence W. Cowell

Pearl E. Cowell

Richard J. Cowell

S.J. Cowell

T.W. Cowell

Donelda A. Damann (?)

Florence G. Damann

Gustav B. 'Bright' Damann

Kenneth E. Damann (?)

Mabel R. Degler (?)

Oscar A. Degler

Otto E. Degler (?)

Aletha E. Dilley

Amy Lace Dilley

Blanche E. Dilley, nee Eigenbrodt

Charlotte J. Dilley

Clara E. Dilley

Ephriam C. Dilley (?)

Gerald E. Dilley (?)

Gerald H. Dilley (?)

Gloa Dilley (?)

Harriet, wife of P.A. Dilley

Harvey A. Dilley (?)

James N. Dilley

Jehu B. Dilley

Jennie C. Dilley

John Perry Dilley

Lynn Waldo Dilley

Nora E. Dilley (?)

P.A. Dilley

Paul C. Dilley

Scott C. Dilley

Steven G. Dilley (?)

Theron Dilley (?)

W.P. Dilley

Elzora Doub (?)

Henry Doub (?)

Joseph Doub

**Lydia Ann Doub, wife of Samuel Doub, 1852-1919**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Lynn Ann Doub

Samuel Doub

Edmund F. Dunlap

Lucy Gill Dunlap

Richard T. Eldred

Shirley Ann Eldred

Anna E. Farrar

Herman F. Farrar

Alice O. Frame

baby Frame (?)

Betty Frame

Donald Frame

Elizabeth Frame

Gertrude Frame (?)

Howard Frame

James Frame

John Frame

Lulu Frame (?)

Margaret Frame

Margaret Helen Frame

Matt. Frame (?)

Matthew T. Frame

Robert F. Frame

Ross C. Frame

Thomas A.H. Frame

William Frame (?)

Wretha M. Frame

Emma Roach Gill

George W. Gill (?)

J. Nelson Gill (?)

Jane Gill (?)

John Gill (?)

Mary E. Gill (?)

Thomas Gill (?)

Thomas H. Gill (?)

Thomas L. Gill (?)

William J. Gill (?)

Clifford S. Gilomen (?)

Kay A. Gilomen (?)

Michael B. Gilomen

Vivian A. Gilomen (?)

Clifford Harmer

John C. Harmer (?)

Neva B. Harmer

Ralph H. Harmer (?)

Arthur Hodgson (?) or could be Hutchinson (?)

baby Hodgson

Charlotte Louise Hodgson

Charollet Hodgson

Drusilla S., wife of Wm. Hodgson

E.J. H. (could be Hodgson ?)

Edith Clare Hodgson

Effie Hodgson (?) or could be Hutchinson (?)

Hannah Hodgson

James Hodgson Sr.

James Hodgson Jr.

Lulu Hodgson

Olena Hodgson

Thomas Hodgson

Walter T., son of Thomas G. & Eliza Hodgson 

Margaret (Dilley) L. Hoeft

Ralph W. Holbrook

Hattie Howell

Jasper M. Howell

Mary L. Howell

Russell Howell

Kay I. Hughitt

M. Hunter

Arthur Hutchinson(?) or could be Hodgson (?)

Effie Hutchinson (?) or could be Hodgson (?)

Mary A. Hutchinson

John Johnson

Lillian Johnson

Wilhelmz Johnson

baby Julie Ann Kimber (?)

Doris M. Kimber

George N. Kimber

James P. Kirkham

James P. Kirkham, Civil War 61-65  Co. F Captain Co. Minnesota 1st Inf.  Co. H 5th Reg Minnesota Vol. Inf.  Co. H 11th Reg Minnesota Vol. Inf.

J. Harold Klemenhagen

Glenn A. Kuyper

Marcelle Kuyper

Annie J. Lace

Catherine L. Lace (?)

Edward N. Lace

Eliza J. Lace

Ellen S. Lace

Harry C. Lace

infant Lace (?)

Irving Charles lace (?)

Jane E. Lace

John Lace

Laura Lace

Owen Douglas Lace (?)

Philip Lace

William Lace

William T. Lace (?)

Alvin C., son of H. & M. Lundgren

Ida M., daughter of H. & M. Lundgren

infant son of H. & M. Lundgren

Anna C. McCallum

Florence McCallum (?)

John McCallum

Ann E. McGannon

Effie McKague

J. Win McKague

Jos. H. McKague

Mary V. McKague

Roy H. McKague




Missouri Masters

Richard H. Masters

Abby Mattison (?)

S.W. Mattison (?), Co. F 8 Minnesota

Maude D. Megarry

baby Miller (?)

Floa A. Miller (?)

Arthur G. Moore

Christina Moore

Ella B. Moore

Emma Moore

Everett R. Moore

Freddie E., son of R. & J.A. Moore

Freemont Moore

Hazel Moore (?)

J. Penfield Moore

Joseph P., son of R. & J. A. Moore

Julia Ann, wife of Robert Moore

Laurine, son of R. & J.A. Moore

Robert Moore

Robert K. Moore

Synola B. Moore

Thomas E. Moore

Thomas L. Moore

Thomas L. Moore

Violet E. Moore

Wm. Moore

Bert E. Morgan

Eva L. Morgan

Clyde E. Morris

Julia Morris

Walter J. Morris

Jeffrey Nelsen

Agnes A. Nelson

baby Nelson (?)

Casper Nelson

Eva Nelson (?)

Glen A. Nelson

Harlan H. Nelson (?)

Hazel I. Nelson

Ida M. Nelson (?)

Lulu Rose Nelson (?) or could be Billey (?)

Oscar L. Nelson

Ray W. Nelson

Catherine Olinger

Catherine C. Olinger

Dora Olinger

Earl M. Olinger

Ezra L. Olinger

Guy O. Olinger

John A. Olinger

Lillian Olinger

Lois Jean Olinger (?)

Loyd H. Olinger

Stacy A. Page

baby Phare (?)

James M. Phare

Louise A. Phare

Myrtle S. Phare (?)

D.W. Phillips

Elizabeth S. Phillips

Hattie L. Phillips (?)

Mary Phillips

R.E. Phillips

Robert W. Phillips

Alexander Pryor

Ann Pryor

Elizabeth Pryor

Genevieve E. Pryor

'Father' Pryor (?)

Frederick C. Pryor

Henry Pryor

Henry Levern Pryor

Henry Levern Pryor

Mary Pryor

'Mother' Pryor (?)

Nellie B. Pryor

Robert K. Pryor

George C. Quilliam (?)

Josiah W. Quilliam (?)

Mary I. Quilliam (?)

Verne Riddle

Abram Woodward Roach

Altie Pratt Roach

Byron Roach

Byron Roach

Joanna Roach

Laura Roach

Lydia Ardell Roach

Phineas Roach

Janie B. Smith, wife of Joseph Roberts

Clark A. Robinson

Elmer C. Robinson Sr.

Evelyn Hatt Robinson

Harold B. Robinson

Harry W. Ruff

Isabel S. Ruff

Dorothy Roach Sanford

Clark Shellenbarger (?)

Elizabeth Shellenbarger (?)

Esther Shellenbarger (?)

Florence Shellenbarger (?)

Frank R. Shellenbarger

Freer Shellenbarger (?)

John Shellenbarger (?)

Lena G. Shellenbarger

Minnie, daughter of P. & M. Shepherd

Pet (?), son of ?? -next to Shepherd

Aaron Shideler

Ella M. Shumway

Oscar D. Shumway

Dorothy F. Simpson

Florence H. Simpson (?)

Willis A. Simpson (?)

Ed Sommers

Ora Sommers

Arthur J. Steadman

Bonnie G. Steadman

Loretta H. Steele

Alvin D. Strachan

Joyce L. Strachan

Esther E. Switzer

Troy D. Switzer

William R. Switzer

William R. Switzer

Kathryn T. Torbenson (?)

Robert L. Torbenson

Nicholas VanSlyke

Ackley C. Wager

Annette Wager (?)

Cornelius H. Wager (?)

Ervin L. Wager

Jennie L. Wager (?)

Lillian L. Wager (?)

William Wager (?)

baby White

Arthur C. Wood

Curtiss L. Wood

Dean O. Wood

Edwin H. Wood

Elliot D. Wood

George H. Wood

Mabel E. Wood

Mary Ellen Wood

Nellie E. Wood

Stanley G. Wood

Susan A. Wood

Wallace M. Wood (?)

Walter R. Wood

I was no able to determine a surname for the following.

Carrie Alice  -close to Mattison (?)

Henry Burt  -close to Mattison (?)

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