Red Rose Cemetery

Waterford township, Dakota county, Minnesota: T112N - R19W, section 17

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Southern Dakota County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This rural cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. The cemetery is located one and one half miles west of Highway 3 along 300th Street West. Many of the burials rows do not line up very well. 

Some of these burials were likely transferred from the former Waterford Cemetery.

The Dakota county cemetery records compilation lists this cemetery as: Red Rose Cemetery. (Formerly called Rose Leaf). Land donated in 1856, 1 1/2 acres. In 1959 an additional 3/10th acre was purchased. Located NE 1/4 of Section 17. 1 mile east on Highway 3 on 300th St. West.

In Rev. Edward D. Neill's book, "History of Dakota County and the city of Hastings", he writes the following: Rose Leaf Cemetery is situated in the north-east quarter of section 17. It contains one and one-half acres of land, and was given to the town by Dr. Z.B. Nichols, in 1856. The first person buried there was George Swaile, who was browned in the Canon River (page 494).'

To the best of my knowledge Red Rose and Rose Leaf Cemetery are one and the same.

This cemetery was transcribed during 1996.

Copyright © 1996 Debbie Boe

Elizabeth Ackerson

David F. Ackerson

Andrew Ackerson (?)

John M. Ackerson

Judith E. Ackerson (?)

Rose L. Ackerson

Sophia E. Ackerson (?)

Florence C. Anderson

Jeffrey Paul Anhald

Harry F. Baker

Martha K. Baker

Donna L. Bakken

Adelin, wife of (?) H. Barber

Jason H. Bates

Mrs. Lydia Bates

Nettie Bates (?)

Roy Bates (?)

William W. Bates (?)

Phebe, wife of Dr. (?) ? Reuben Beaen (?)

Clara M. Beyer

Paul F. Beyer

Rosanna P. Beyer

Carlton E. Bill

Edwd. S. Bill, Co. F 8 Minnesota Inf.

Elizabeth, widow of Rufus Bill and W.S. Richards 

Margaret M. Bill

Russell L. Bill

Theressa A. Bill

Josie Laura Blood

?, son of J.W. & E. Boath

Clarence F. Bodger

Clarence J. Bodger

Earl Bodger

Elizabeth Bodger

Hattie Bodger

Herbert Bodger

Horace Bodger

Joseph H. Bodger

Mary E. Bodger

Mildred Hussey Boe

Eugene R. Bolin (?)

Helen M. Bolin

Marjorie A. Bolin (?)

Robert E. Bolin

Robert F. Bolin

Ada A. Bogue

Arthur L. Bogue

Rev. Arnold J. Borchardt

Hazel G. Borchardt

?, son of E.D. & M.S. Bowe

Bert D. Bowe

Leroy R. Bowe

Lorena R. Bowe

Lucius R. Bowe

Mary S. Bowe

Ethel C. Boyle

Francis J. Boyle

Harold E. Boyle

Sarah A. Boyle

Frank W. Briggs

James P. Briggs

Mary Briggs

Bethel Bussey

Wm. W. Campbell

Christiana, wife of Geo. C. Chamberlain

Geo. C. Chamberlain

Mark Chamberlain (?)

Willes N., son of G.C. & C.P. Chamberlin

Ruth Cheesman

William Cheesman

Eliza R. Child

Florence Child (?)

Henry E. Child

Herbert E., son of H.D. & E.R. Child

Temple A. Child

Franklin Church

Sarah A. Church

Alexander Clark

Chauncey Parker Clark

Hannah Clark

Jennie Clark

Jeremiah Clark

John Clark

William Clark

Gladys L. Conklin

Raymond E. Conklin

Albert A., child of T.T. & E. Cowell

Ann Cowell

Caroline E. Cowell

Charles T., child of T.T. & E. Cowell

Charles W. Cowell (?)

Cyril W. Cowell

Edward F. Cowell

'Father' Cowell (?)

'Father' Cowell (?)

Flroence Cowell (?)

G. Arthur Cowell (?)

Ida L., daughter of T.T. & E. Cowell

James E. Cowell

Lucy Cowell (?)

Minnie Cowell

'Mother' Cowell (?)

'Mother' Cowell (?)

Myrtle L. Cowell

Rexford D. Cowell (?)

Rose A. Cowell

Thos. Cowell

Celestia Daniels

George Daniels, member of Co. F Minnesota Mounted Rangers and Co. D Bracketts Battalion of Calvary

Frances, daughter of G.W. & E. Dilley

W.H. Dinson (?)

William H., son of G.A. & D.A. Dinson

A.E. Dixson

A.L. Dixson

Adam L. Dixson

D.A. Dixson

G.A. Dixson

Lawrence, infant son of Parentha (?) & I.L. Dixson Jr.

Margaret A., wife of A.L. Dixson

Parentha Eckles Dixson

Samantha Dixson

W.H. Dixson

Clarence L. Dodds (?)

Dr. Robert M. Dodds

Roscoe Dodds

Sophia S. Dodds

baby Drentlaw

Dan Dunlap

John R. Dunlap

Sybil M. Dunlap

Edwin P. Ebeling

Eleanor W. Ebeling

Lawrence, son of William & Mary Eckles

Mary A. Eckles, wife of Capt. W.H. Eckles

Hazel B. Elliott

Elizabeth Ewing

Mary E. Ford

Edward W. Fort

Evalena, child of W.H. & M.C. Freeman

Geo. E., child of W.H. & M.C. Freeman

Mary Ann Freeman

Mary C. Freeman

? Gibson (?)

baby Beverly Ann Gibson (?)

Bessia Gibson (?)

Glennys F. Gibson (?)

Harold F. Gibson (?)

J. Murray Gibson (?)

Ina Gray (?)

W.A. Gray, O.D. 194 Reg. N.Y.V.I. G.A.R.

A.B. Hale

E.L.B. Hale

Amanda W. Hammond

Eleda L. Hand

Frank M. Hand

Mary M. Hansen

Matt H. Hansen

Frank Harknes

James R. Harknes

Sarah E. Harknes

Barbara E. Harkness

Edwin J. Harkness

John M. Harkness

May E. Harkness (?)

Mayvis A. Harkness

Mildred A. Harkness

R. Francis Harkness (?)

William L. Harkness (?)

Evelyn Simpson Harmer

George E. Harmer

Myrtle A. Harmer

William H. Harmer

John W. Hatten, child of R. & S.A. Hatten

Ralph Hatten

Ruth O., child of R. & S.A. Hatten

Sarah A., wife of R. Hatten

Arnold V. Henderson

Clarice E. Henderson

Beatrice Hill (?)

Hilma S. Hill (?)

Jessie O., wife of G.D. Holmes

Fannie E. Holt

Bertha A. Hovland

Daniel J. Hovland

Florence L. Hovland

Helen G. Hovland

James Hovland

Ruben G. Hovland

Shirley M. Hovland

Abbie M. Howland

Adella M., wife of Jessie J. Howland, mother of infant sons James F. and Fredrick J.

Alice D. Howland (?)

Almon F. Howland

Clinton J. Howland (?)

Elmer E. Howland (?)

Frank B. Howland

Fred W. Howland (?)

infant Howland (?)

infant Howland (?)

James W. Howland

Jesse J. Howland (?)

John F. Howland (?)

Lucia Howland

Mary E. Howland

Mary E. Howland

Phebe S. Howland (?)

R. Blanche Howland (?)

Rosetta P. Howland

Russell H. Howland

Sarah S. Howland (?)

Warren A. Howland

Pernella Howell

Simeon C. Howell

Dorsey 'Doc' Hussey

?, daughter of W. & E. Ingham (?)

Albert Ingham (?)

Edwin Ingham (?)

Elmira Ingham

Florence Ingham

Hugh Ingham (?)

Jestus Ingham

Mary Ingham (?)

William F. Ingham

A. Isabel

Louis C. Issel

Lucille M. Issell

Elizabeth Laura Johnson

Jerome Leonard Johnson

Merton Jerome Johnson

Wilhelmz Johnson

Betty Jorgensen (?)

Rasmus Jorgensen (?)

Pauline A. (Triche) Jorgenson

Daniel B. Kelsey

Elizabeth Withers Kelsey

Jessie I. Kelsey (?)

Joseph J. Kielen

Marion J. Kielen

Amy, wife of Wm. L. Kinyon

Wm. L. Kinyon

Charlotte, wife of L.S. Lake

Nellie B. Lamphea

Abel Lanphear

Althear L., wife of John Lanphear

Edgar C. Lanphear

Eva Lanphear, wife of L.A. Lanphear

Georgia Lanphear, daughter of L.A. Lanphear

Hannah, wife of Abel Lanphear

John Lanphear

L.A. Lanphear

Esther E. Legare

Eloise M. Legare

Joseph J. Legare

Leo O. Legare

Elizabeth M. Lemmon

Anna T., infant daughter of E. & S. Lincoln

Sara, wife of E. Lincoln

Henry Loop

Margaret Loop

Edward J. Lundquist

Laura L. Lundquist

Ida McLouth

Esther Mackay

Sandy Mackay

Nancy A., wife of R.C. Masters

Arthur L., son O. & E.C. Mattison

George Dizson, son of H.A. & S.D. Monser

C.A. Muckey

Charles A. Muckey

David Muckey

Elizabeth F., wife of David Muckey

Euretta D. Muckey

Harold A. Muckey

Jean L. Muckey

Verna G. Muckey

Alice K. Nease

William R. Nease

Andrew Nelson

Amelia Nelson

Arvid Nelson

Harriet Nelson

Effie A. Nichols

Lucy A., wife of A.M. Nichols

Newell S. Nichols

Catherine J. Oakins

J.W. Oakins

Charles H. Ozmun

Dora A. Ozmun

Rosella P. Ozmun

Adaline, wife of E.A. Page

Eli A. Page

Cyrus F. Parker (?)

Dora E. Parker (?)

Grace (Drentlaw) Weicht Parker

Roy D. Parker

Bessie M. Partch

Francis W. Partch

Herbert O. Partch

Helen Pickett

Martha (?) A. Sneil, wife of Moses Porter

Moses Porter (?)

David E. Radgliffe

R.F. Randolph

Jorgen Rasmusen

Fred Rathke

Mary Rathke

Lucius H. Raymond (?)

Mary J. Raymond (?)

Elizabeth Record

John B. Record

Walter Record

Linda M. Reineke

Ira Rice

Elizabeth, widow of Rufus Bill and W.S. Richards 

Betsy C. Riddle

Hiram Riddle

Mattie G. Dakins, wife of J.E. Rige

Janice Robinson

Kathleen Ann Rollins

Mary E. Rollins

Melville W. Rollins

Archie W. Rosengren

Verle I. Rosengren

Chancey B., son of J. & J.E. Sackett

G.W. Sackett

baby Sawatzky

Albert Schade

Anna Schade

Helen Schade

Irene Schade

Cora J. Schultz

T. Elmer Schultz

Gretchen Widder Schwartz

Howard Schwartz

Lillian Schwartz

David Scofield

Ruth Parker Lanphear Sellers

Vashtia, daughter of G. & C.E. Siers

Fannie Sleeth

Grant M. Sleeth

Ida M. Sleeth

Lucious R. Sleeth

Samuel Sleeth

Allen D. Simpson

Charles A. Simpson

E. Kathryn Simpson

Frank A. Simpson

George C. Simpson

Ida M. Simpson

James P. Simpson

James P. Simpson (?)

Jennie J. Simpson

John Simpson

John E. Simpson

Lawrance E., son of Mr. & Mrs. E.W. Simpson

Martha Alice, daughter of J. & S.P. Simpson

Mary E. Simpson

Randi B. Simpson

Robert J. Simpson

Russell J. Simpson

Sarah S. Porter, wife of John Simpson

Warren W. Simpson

Dale R. Skluzacek

E.B. Slocum

Eddie E., child of B.C. & M.C. Slocum

Eleazer Slocum Sr.

Emma E. Slocum

Ida M., child of B.C. & M.C. Slocum

J.M. Slocum

Jessie B., child of B.C. & M.C. Slocum

John C. Slocum

Lucretia S. Slocum

William Edward, only son of Mr. & Mrs. J.M. Slocum 

Willie J., child of B.C. & M.C. Slocum

Zella Slocum

Edna C. Sommers

Fred S. Sommers

Libbie Spaulding

Phebe Spaulding

Drew Stephens (?)

Florence R. Stephens (?)

William L. Stephens (?)

William R. Stephens

J.T. Stocking

Jane Chambers Stocking

Arthur A. Thibodeau

C. Fred Trichie

Eldo A. Trichie (?)

Ann Tripp

Carl D. Tripp (?)

Caroline Tripp (?)

George Tripp

Mary G. Tripp (?)

Ray, son of E.W. & J.A. Tripp

Agnes P. Turner (?)

Florence I. Turner

Florence H. Turner

George E. Turner (?)

George W. Turner

Harry D. Turner

infant daughter of C.W. & F.I. Turner

George Ueberlee

Dimple (?) M. VanGuilder

Henry W. VanGuilder

Maria VanGuilder

Walter VanGuilder

Charles E. Wales

George S. Wales

Mabel F. Wales

Pearl V. Wales

Stanley L. Wales

Julia A. Wallace

Joseph Pierce Warner

Anna L. Waters, child of C.L. & Hellin Waters

Robert John Waters, child of C.L. & Hellin Waters

Emma L., wife of L.N. Wilson

?, son of A.T. & L.D. Withers

Albert T. Withers (?)

Lola C. Withers (?)

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