Lakeside Cemetery

Randolph township, Dakota county, Minnesota: T112N-R18W, section 8 & 9?

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This cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. The cemetery is located within one mile, to the east, of the town on Randolph, Minnesota and boarders the northwest shore of Lake Byllesby

The Dakota county cemetery records compilation lists this cemetery as: Lakeside Cemetery. Owned by lot owners. First burial in 1857. 3 acres. Located NE & NW 1/4 of Section 8 and 9. Run by a cemetery board.

In the book "History of Dakota County and the city of Hastings" by Rev. Edward D. Neill, written in 1881, he wrote the following about Randolph: 'The cemetery is the property of the town, and is under the control of the town board. It is situated in the north-east quarter of section 8, and the north-west quarter of section 9, and contains about three acres. The land was donated by D.H. Morrill and J.W. Pennimann. The first internment made in this ground, was that of a Miss Reinhardt, of Hampton; the second was Mrs. James Hassan, who died in December 1857, which was the first death within the limits of this town. This cemetery was for a time enclosed within the farm of Mr. Pennimann. In 1877, it was enclosed by a wire fence, and in 1879, was surrounded by shade trees. It contains about thirty graves (page 449).'

This cemetery was transcribed in 1996.

Copyright © 1996 Debbie Boe

Leona F. Aamodt

Anton Anderson

Pauline Anderson

Kenneth Alexander

Anne Fleming Banks

Ruth, wife of W.E. Bowen

Linda Boysen

Clarence Brown

Cora Brown

Dora Brown

Edmund C. Brown

Evelyn D. Brown

George Brown (?) (could be Gray (?))

Henry Brown

Lily Brown

Lydia Brown (?) (could be Gray(?))

Margaret Brown

Donald W. Bueling

Lois M. Bueling

Michael Bull


N. Edward F. Carpenter

N. Edward F. Carpenter (?)

Charlotte E. Church

William O. Church

Clara M. Cords

William C. Cords

Charlotte B. Dalaska

Harry E. Dalaska

Frieda C. Davisson (?)

Julia B. Davisson

Oscar E. Davisson (?)

Ann S. Day (?)

Beth I. Day (?)

Donald G. Day (?)

Dorothy M. Day (?)

George Day (?)

Leslie H. Day (?)

Mary E. Dibble

W.S. Dibble

Lorraine K. Distad

Brianna Marie Dockter

Laura C. Dreager

Vernon H. Draeger Sr.

Charles W. Ekstrom

Sylvester C. Ennis (?)

Helen Weinel - Erickson

Evelyn C. Errington

George E. Errington

Holly Ann Errington

Aurilla, wife of Franklin Erwin

Franklin Erwin

Albert Fay

Sarah Fay

Ella Felton

Elmer Felton

Olive H. Felton

William Felton

William Felton

Blanche H. Fleming (?)

Daniel A. Fleming

Helen M. Fleming

Jane Fleming

John A. 'Jack' Fleming

John B. Fleming (?)

Lillian M. Fleming

William C. Fleming

Mary E. Ferguson

Robert E. Ferguson

Abram Foster

Alice A. Foster (?)

baby daughter of J. & M. Foster

Carl W. (?), son of (?) Foster (?)

Charles R. Foster (?)

daughter of (?) & L. Foster (?)

E.N. Foster

George Foster

Hannah Foster

Henry Foster

Jane Foster

Roga (?) B., daughter of G. & A. Foster (?)

Septemoz (?) Foster

Septemas, son of A. & J. Foster

Peter J. Gerber

Theophil Emil Gieschen

Dorcas, wife of J. Gottenberg

(?), wife of W. L. Gouper

George Gray (?) (could be Brown (?))

Lydia Gray (?) (could be Brown (?))

Fred C. Guildner

Lizzie M. Guildner

Paul L. Guildner

Wayne P. Guildner


Dale F. Hand

Nancy K. Hannah

Amy, wife of James Hassan

Elizabeth Erwin Hassan

Nellie M. Helmbrecht

Oneva (Eiesland) Helgerson

Otto F. Helgerson

Gertrude A. Heren

Herman E. Heren

Cecelia Grace Hickman

Jeff Holm

Justin D. Hudak

W.H. James

F.M. Jenkins

Albert Johnson

Wilhelmz Johnson

Frank J. Klahr

Lena M. Klahr

Maude Kline (?)

Merritt Kline (?)

Jack Randall Knox

Jack R. Knox

Ruth A. Knox

Marilyn A. Kolstad

Vernon R. Kolstad

Vernon R. Kolstad

Chester Konzidka

Alice F., wife of Dr. O.A. Kuello (?)

Edward A. Lauer

Louise M. Lauer

Lydia (Redman) Law, preceded by husbands Archie Farnum & Willard Law

Lydia M. Law

Walter T. Law

Willard N. Law

Willard N. Law

Max Curwin Leir

Emma Lueben (?)

Nancy Lueben

Walter W. Lueben

William Lueben (?)

Martin Lieske

Wilhelminne Lieske

Betty Ann McEathron

Carol I. McEathron

Clifford R. McEathron

Genevieve S. McEathron

Genevive S. McEathron

George S. McEathron

Gerald McEathron

Gerald George McEathron

Leonard O. McEathron

Leslie W. McEathron

Mary E. McEathron

Walter McEathron

Walter L. McEathron

Ambrose A. McElrath

Daisy H., wife of W.L. McElrath

Foster B. McElrath

Helen I. McElrath

Lillie McElrath

Maria E. McElrath

Percy L. McElrath

baby Vernon Richard McElrath

William McElrath

J.H. McKane

Dorothy Martin, beloved daughter of W.H. & E.J. Martin 

Eller Martin

Hazel A. Martin

M. Leroy Martin

Felix Mauer

Florence Millard (?)

Lillas L. Millard

Mabel Millard

Peter Millard

William B. Millard

Alice Miller

Amanda Miller (?)

baby Miller (?)

Clarence F. Miller

Elmer J. Miller (?)

John J. Miller (?)

Lavina B. Miller

Louis R. Miller (?)

Martha Miller (?)

Raymond Miller (?)

Sarah E. Miller (?)

Arianna M. Morrill

Charles L. Morrill

D.H. Morrill

Glen F. Morrill

Hattie J., daughter of (?) R.C. & S.J. Morrill

Helen E. Morrill

Ida M. Morrill

John O., son of R. & M. J. Morrill

Leona Morrill

little boy (?), son of D.H. & R.M. Morrill

Lynn Morrill

Mary J. Morrill

Minnie, wife of Charles L. Morrill

R.B. Morrill

Richard Morrill

Rosetta M. Morrill

Sarah J. Morrill

(?) son of D.H. & R.M. Morrill

William D. Morrill

William H. Morrill

Anna Murray

Luke Murray

Reuben Carmen Murray

Ingrid Nelson

Nels A. Nelson

Richard Nelson

Victor A. Norstad

Abert George Oberdorf

Catherine Oberdorf

John Thomas Oberdorf

Bradley George Ohs

Caroline M. Ohs (?)

Charles W. Ohs (?)

Dorothy M. Ohs

Emma E. Ohs (?)

Frank A. Ohs (?)

George R. Ohs

Christina E. Olson (?)

Gustave Olson (?)

John G. Olson (?)

Clinton B. Otte (?)

Dorothy M. Otte

Edwin Henry Otte (?)

Emma Ohde Otte (?)

Kenneth A. Otte

Milton C. Otte

Bunny (?), son of (?) P.F. & C.I. Pennimann

Elizabeth Gouper (?), wife (?) of Jesse Penniman

Harry (?) Penniman

baby Hettie (?) Penniman

Jesse W. Penniman

Marion S., daughter of P.F. & C.I. Penniman

Merton E., son of Charlie & Ida Penniman

Edward Peter

Elaine G. Peter

Hulda E. Peter

Loyd P. Peter

Margaret L. Peter (?)

Olga F. Peter

Walter J. Peter (?)

Dennis Podritz (?)

Clifford A. Popp

Eleanor P. Popp

Randy C. Popp

Keith E. Porter

Archie R. Pressnall

Archie R. Pressnall

Charlotte L. Pressnall

Marion R. Pressnall

Minnie M. Pressnall

Ray M. Pressnall

Mary L. Rambo (?)

Roy C. Rambo (?)

E.J. Tonlinson, wife of J. Richmond

Rob. B. Richmond

Sophia M. Ritzenthaler (?)

Emma Schulz

B.F. Scofield

E.M. Scofield

Edward Roy Scofield (?)

I.H. Scofield

J.L. Scofield

Orlin S. Scofield

R.I. Scofield

S.E. Scofield

Eva M. Scott (?)

Leroy H. Scott

LeRoy H. Scott

Myrl E. Scott

Hattie C., wife of Henry O. Senn

Henry O. Senn

Edward I. Shue

John James Siless (?)

Mary Helen Siless (?)

Gladys M. Skaar

Iroll S. Skaar

Janice A. Skaar

Harry W. Slininger

Hazel A. Slininger

Myrl C. Slininger

Myrl C. Slininger

Ola Jane 'Casey' (?) Slininger

C. Audrey Smith

Elwood C. Smith

Georgina Spillmann (?)

Henry Spillmann (?)

Julius A. Spillmann (?)

Martha Spillmann (?)

Caroline E. Spillmann (?)

Alma J. Spooner

Bernard M. Spooner

Martin L. Spooner

Gerald L. Stafford

Jessie L. Stafford

Julie May Stafford

Walter H. Stafford

F.A. Steele

F.V. Steele

L.P. Steele

Sophia T., wife of L.P. Steele

Elaine Taylor

Norma L. Taylor

Robert W. Taylor

Warren A. Taylor

Estella M. Truair

Harold F. Truair

Marvin G. Truair

Alice Eva Trichie

LeNora M. Tyner

Lorena Tyner

John Tyner

Fred L. Watkins

John R. Watkins

Margaret M. Watkins

Daniel Weinel

Gladys W. Weinel

John Wesley Weinel

Kathy 'Shorty' Wichser

Allie R., wife of C.E. Wilson (?)

Elmer, son of C.E. (?) & A.R. (?) Wilson (?)

Emma Witthans

Joseph Witthans

Arnold M. 'Red' Ziemer

Danny Ziemer

Josiah Daniel Ziemer

Mert M. Ziemer

baby Shandy Ziemer (?)

Shawn (?) Ziemer (?)

Fred L. Ziervogel

The following names did not list a surname nor were they near another surname.

Inez May

Hattie M.

Mary R.

Mercy A.

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