Church of the Assumption Catholic Cemetery

Behind the church at: 305 East 77th Street

Richfield, Hennepin County, Minnesota

T028N – R24W, Section 34



The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Hennepin County, Minnesota – Edina and Richfield,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 


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 This cemetery is located behind the Church of the Assumption, just north of the frontage road along Interstate 494, and between Nicollet and Portland Avenues.  The cemetery is well kept and in good shape.  The churches website states The Church of the Assumption in Richfield, Minnesota was founded in 1856 by German immigrants.  Later in 1876 a new church was built. In 1954 the current church and school building were built on the original site.


This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2009.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2009



 , (broken off stone)

 , Albert M.

 , Christian (no surname)

 , Lorraine

 , Winifred (no surname)

Adams, Sarah Jeanne

Addlmann, Marie A.

Adelman, Ablonia

AdelmannPflepsen, Lisa Marie

Adelmann (?), Adolph

Adelmann (?), Adolph J.

Adelmann (?), Anna

Adelmann (?), daughter

Adelmann (?), Fred W.

Adelmann (?), Helena M.

Adelmann (?), son

Adelmann (?), Wilhelmina

Adelmann, A.

Adelmann, A. Maria

Adelmann, Agnes M.

Adelmann, Anna M.

Adelmann, Audrey M. (Hoff)

Adelmann, Charles A.

Adelmann, Clarice L.

Adelmann, Doris

Adelmann, Elizabeth A.

Adelmann, Elizabeth L. (Betty Lou)

Adelmann, Florence L.

Adelmann, Francis M.

Adelmann, Frederick Christian

Adelmann, George

Adelmann, infant son

Adelmann, J. Philipp

Adelmann, Joh. Michael

Adelmann, Joseph

Adelmann, Karl H.

Adelmann, Karl J.

Adelmann, Lenard Wm.

Adelmann, Leonard W.

Adelmann, Lorraine M.

Adelmann, Lucille M.

Adelmann, Margaret

Adelmann, Mary T.

Adelmann, Ralph E.

Adelmann, Ralph F.

Adelmann, Regina M.

Adelmann, Robert F.

Adelmann, Rudolph P.

Adelmann, Theresia L.

Adelmann, Thomas F.

Adelmann, Thomas F.

Adelmann, Thomas T.

Adelmann, William R.

Albert, Margaret Anne

Alt, Elizabeth

Alt, John

Amell (?), Elmer

Amell (?), Mamie

Amell, Kenny

Amundson, Rose M. Posch

Ancel, baby boy

Ancel, Helen Fay

Anderson, Bridget Nicole

Anderson, Heidi

Andresen, Arthur

Artowicz, Stanley

Aulwes, Barbara Spillane

Aulwes, Frederick W.

Aulwes, Frederick William

Aust, John

Aust, Theresia

Bael, Agnes

Barry, Flora T.

Barry, William J.

Bartlett, Evonne

Baumgartner, John

Baumgartner, Theresia

Beane, Bill

Becker, Genevieve

Becker, Leonard M.

Beoser, Genevieve

Bernard, Jerry

Bernauer, Bernard J.

Bernauer, Phyllis

Bernier, Clarence O.

Bernier, Joyce M.

Bertrand, Alfred G.

Besch, Ida

Besch, Ray

Besness, Georgia I.

Besnett, Charles L.

Besser (?), Anthony B.

Besser (?), Ella M.

Besser (?), Father

Besser (?), Mother

Besser, Agnes F.

Besser, Albert A.

Besser, Douglas H.

Besser, Hannah R.

Besser, Henry M.

Besser, Marie N.

Besser, Paul M.

Bigger, Eryn

Bigger, Jesse

Bigger, Joseph

Billington, Mark L.

Bily, Serhey D.

Bily, Tatiana S.

Bingham, Adeline T.

Bingham, Lloyd J.

Bischof (?), Lena

Bischof (?), Luke W.

Bischof (?), Mary A.

Bischof (?). Erasmus

Bischof, Erasmus P.

Bischof, Franz P.

Bischof, Kathryn R.

Bischof, Maria A.

Blattner, Helen C.

Blatz, Albert B.

Blatz, Clara

Blatz, Jerome V.

Blatz, Mary “Kaye”

Blatz, Philip

Blatz, Roman T.

Blatz, Wilhelm

Blomquist, Alice Pahl

Blomquist, Clarence E.

Blum, Steven J.

Blums, baby boy

Boeser (?), Catherine

Boeser (?), Dorothy C.

Boeser (?), LeRoy

Boeser (?), Mary

Boeser (?), William

Boeser (?), William J.

Boeser, Agatha M.

Boeser, baby

Boeser, Cecilia

Boeser, Christian

Boeser, Clara

Boeser, Clarence

Boeser, Clayton

Boeser, daughter

Boeser, Doris J.

Boeser, Dorothy

Boeser, Edna C.

Boeser, Edwin J.

Boeser, Emma M.

Boeser, Gottfried

Boeser, Hazel L.

Boeser, Herbert

Boeser, Ida C.

Boeser, John

Boeser, Leo W.

Boeser, Lucille B.

Boeser, Ludwig

Boeser, Marie S.

Boeser, Mathilda

Boeser, Melissa Monique Johnson

Boeser, Michael

Boeser, Michael R.

Boeser, Raymond

Boeser, Raymond C.

Boeser, Robert R.

Boeser, Shirley C.

Boeser, Thomas

Boeser, Vernon

Boll, Francis N.

Boll, Margaret A. Sullivan

Bosch, Johann

Bottiger, Eleanore V.

Boucher, James Oliver

Boucher, Kathryn M.

Boucher, Leo E.

Brant (?), Katie

Brant (?), Margaret

Brant (?), William

Brass, Bernard J.

Brass, Vivian E.

Braun (?), Anthony J.

Braun (?), Mary Antoinette

Braun, Adam

Braun, Jacob

Braun, Joan Haeg

Braun, Johann

Braun, John

Braun, Maria

Braun, Mary

Braun, Mary A.

Brening, baby girl

Brening, Christine M.

Brening, Clifford

Brening, George W.

Brinkhaus, baby

Brooks, Benjamin A.

Brooks, Margaret E.

Buck, George “Roy

Buck, Marvel B.

Buckingham, Carl J.

Bungert (?), Ferdinand

Bungert (?), Magdalena

Bungert, Albert J.

Bungert, Carol Ann

Bungert, Dorothy M.

Bungert, Ferdinand M.

Burg, Mary

Burg, Mathias

Burg, Susanna Weidert

Burg, Theobald

Burke (?), Amelia A.

Burke (?), John E.

Burke, John S.

Burke, Karen Ann

Burke, Mary

Burke, Mary Jane

Busch, Carl W.

Buttell, Anne V.

Buttell, Frederick

Buttell, Margaret

Buttell, Marjorie L.

Buttell, Robert F.

Buzicky, Alice Pauline

Carmichiel, Rose M.

Chavez, Manuel C.

Chmielewski, Hilda

Chmielewski, Robert

Christensen, Michael John

Christian (?), Charles

Christian (?), Frank J.

Christian (?), Henry J.

Christian (?), Mary G.

Christian (?), Mary G.

Christian (?), Neda M.

Christian (?), Theresia

Christian, Anna A.

Christian, Cecelia M.

Christian, Clarence H.

Christian, Dagmar M.

Christian, Doris E.

Christian, Edward H.

Christian, George H.

Christian, Joseph P.

Christian, Kunigunda

Christian, Lawrence A.

Christian, Lorraine C.

Christian, Olivia C.

Christian, Peter

Christian, Peter J.

Christian, Philomena

Christian, Reuben P.

Christian, Ruth L.

Christiansen, Amanda

Christiansen, Clarence

Christiansen, Peter

Cisewski, Jeffrey J.

Clark, James

Clasen, Nicholas

Clemen, Armella E.

Clemen, Richard L.

Colford, baby

Collins, Elizabeth

Collins, James

Colstrom, Craig C.

Colstrom, Frank A.

Colstrom, Margaret E.

Conaway, Dorothy L.

Cook, Loretta K.

Cook, Wallace T.

Coonrod, Richard C.

Cooper, Patricia M.

Crawford, Eric J.

Crow, Earl R.

Crow, Helen H.

Cummings, James L.

Cummings, Mildred C.

Dabrowski, Gladys Monica

Dahlin, Rose

Dahlmeier, Henry

Dahlmeier, Mary

Dattalo, Hildie M.

Dattalo, Thomas P.

Dau, Catherine

Deane, Marvin D.

Deegan, Florence T.

Deegan, George J.

Dejoras, Eliseo Padilla

Desenmaier, Dorothy Marie

Dill, Aloysius J.

Dill, Elizabeth

Dill, Francis A.

Dill, Howard Jerome

Dill, Johannes H.

Dill, John Joseph

Doerfler (?), Frances S.

Doerfler (?), Julius P.

Doerfler (?), Katherine

Doerfler (?), Louis

Doerfler (?), Margaret G.

Doerfler, Adam M.

Doerfler, Alta J.

Doerfler, Andrew J.

Doerfler, Clara M.

Doerfler, Gail A.

Doerfler, George A.

Doerfler, Henry J.

Doerfler, Ida M.

Doerfler, Julius A.

Doerfler, Mary M.

Doerfler, Phillip L.

Doerfler, Sophia

Donnelly, Delilah A.

Donnelly, Robert F.

Donovan, Gertrude J.

Donovan, William E.

Dorfner, Gerard J.

Dowd, Margaret D.

Doyle, Theresa

Drongeson, Elizabeth

Duell, Benediktus

Duffy, Carola Marilyn

Duffy, Janet Mary

Duffy, John William

Dunn, Susan Elizabeth

Duren, Albert G.

Elsen, Barbara

Elsen, Beatrice M.

Elsen, Betty J.

Elsen, Donald E.

Elsen, Eugene

Elsen, Gerald A.

Elsen, Jeffrey A.

Elsen, Johanna A.

Elsen, John

Elsen, Margaret

Elsen, Richard P.

Elsen, Rosa A.

Elsen, Rosemary L.

Enos, Elmer L.

Enos, Lucille A.

Enos, Ronald R.

Escher, Mary

Faber (?), baby boy

Faber (?), baby girl

Faber (?), Dorothy O.

Faber (?), Nicholas W.

Faber (?), Nicholas W.

Farmer, Ethel

Farmer, Virgil E.

Feddema, Lisa Marie

Feist, Lucy

Feist, Mike

Fleetham, Jan M.

Fleischhacker, Lois K.

Floody, Marie Gertrude

Flores, Ayden Pliego

Fossen, Jerry M.

Fossen, Marcella F.

Frank, Sandra Jean

Fraser, Patricia G.

Fraser, Stanley A.

Frederick, Robert Joseph

Freundschuh (?), Adolp

Freundschuh (?), Alice C.

Freundschuh (?), Edward J.

Freundschuh (?), Thresa

Freundschuh (?), William

Freundschuh, Bernice

Freundschuh, Kristine

Freundschuh, Thomas W.

Friendschuh, Louisa

Friendschuh, William

Friendshuh (?), Elizabeth

Friendshuh (?), Joseph A.

Friendshuh, Ansel M.

Friendshuh, Anthony A.

Friendshuh, Arnold

Friendshuh, Charles A.

Friendshuh, George J.

Friendshuh, Gerald R.

Friendshuh, Irene G.

Friendshuh, Jean Elizabeth Pahl

Friendshuh, Louis

Friendshuh, Margaret

Friendshuh, Regina B.

Friendshuh, Willard R.

Fritz, Bernard F.

Fritz, Elizabeth A.

Fruendschuh, Robert

Gangelhoff, Clarence W.

Gangelhoff, Eileen M.

Garin, Florence M.

Garin, George S.

Gau, Joseph

Gaudian, Anita I.

Gaudian, Robert E.

Geiger, Robert A.

Gleason, Paul Timothy

Gmeiner, John

Gnerer (?), Barbara C.

Gnerer (?), Clarence

Gnerer (?), George

Gnerer (?), John A.

Gnerer (?), Michael G.

Gnerer, Barbara

Gnerer, Catherine

Gnerer, Elizabeth B.

Gnerer, Everetta C.

Gnerer, John

Gnerer, Joseph

Gnerer, Joseph

Gnerer, Joseph M.

Gnerer, Nicholas

Goman, Alma

Goman, Ralph

Goman, Raymond

Gorman, Lester Joseph

Gorman, Lorayne P.

Gorman, Milnor F.

Gorman, Roy E.

Gorman, Roy E.

Gottas, Elvie

Gottas, Thomas J.

Gottas, Thomas J.

Gravelle, Helen C.

Gravelle, Russell D.

Gray, Kevin M.

Green, David W.

Green, Mary Alyce

Green, Susan M.

Green, Thomas J.

Gribbon, Mary Lou

Gromek, George

Gromek, Stella

Grossman, LeVida E.

Gruber, baby boy

Gruber, baby boy

Gruber, John Thos.

Grundy, Bridget

Grundy, James

Guinn, Patrick Shawn

Gunderson, John P.

Gunderson, John P.

Gunderson, Patricia

Haagensen, Duane B.

Haagensen, Francis J.

Haagensen, Marcia

Haeg (?), ‘Mother’

Haeg (?), Albertina M.

Haeg (?), Angelina

Haeg (?), Charles J.

Haeg (?), Charles W.

Haeg (?), David F.

Haeg (?), David J.

Haeg (?), Edmund F.

Haeg (?), Edward J.

Haeg (?), Fred

Haeg (?), Henry G.

Haeg (?), Howard A.

Haeg (?), Jacob V.

Haeg (?), Johanna E.

Haeg (?), Mabel A.

Haeg (?), Mabel R.

Haeg (?), Mary A.

Haeg (?), Odilia T.

Haeg (?), Rose A.

Haeg (?), Valentine

Haeg, Anna B.

Haeg, baby boy

Haeg, baby boy

Haeg, baby girl

Haeg, Benjamin E.

Haeg, Caroline M.

Haeg, Charles F.

Haeg, Charles Joseph

Haeg, Charles W.

Haeg, Clara

Haeg, Elmer F.

Haeg, Elsie A.

Haeg, Emma Albertina

Haeg, Esther C.

Haeg, Esther C. and infant son

Haeg, George John

Haeg, Helen

Haeg, Herman P.

Haeg, Isabel

Haeg, Johanna

Haeg, John F.

Haeg, John V.

Haeg, Joseph C.

Haeg, Lori Ann

Haeg, Louisa M.

Haeg, Louise I.

Haeg, Marcine

Haeg, Margaret C.

Haeg, Marie C.

Haeg, Mary Ann

Haeg, Philamena M.

Haeg, Ralph H.

Haeg, Robert F.

Haeg, Steven P.

Haeg, Todd A.

Haeg, Wallace J.

Halpin, Michael Patrick

Hanson, Martha

Hauser, Johann B.

Hauser, Josapha

Hausler (?), Adam

Hausler (?), Clara

Hausler (?), Mary

Hausler (?), Rose K.

Haverinen, James E.

Haverinen, Mary C.

Haverinen, William M.

Hayden, Gladys E.

Hayden, Ratmond L.

Hazel, Alice

Hazel, Christian

Hazel, Gary Leon

Hazel, Joseph

Hazel, Joseph

Hazel, Leon F.

Hazel, Leona

Hazel, Margaret

Hazel, Mary M.

Hazel, Raymond J.

Hazel, Raymond John

Healy, Jennifer Ann

Heiden (?), Agnes

Heisler, Adam C.

Heisler, Amelia

Heisler, E.M.

Heisler, Henry J.

Heisler, Katherine

Heisler, Michael

Heisler, Valentine

Heisler, Wilhelmine

Heiss, Carl

Heiss, Franz D.

Heiss, Wilhelm

Heitzman, Anton D.

Heitzman, Clara M.

Heitzman, Heather Marie

Heitzman, Lloyd J.

Hennessy, John T.

Hennessy, Marcella L.

Herlitz, Helen

Herlitz, Nick

Herll, Arthur M.

Herll, Gertrude J.

Hessburg, Florence C.

Hinnenkamp, Bruce A.

Hirt, Henry Valentine

Hoesl, Anton

Hoesl, Barbara

Hoesl, Johann

Hoesl, Johann

Hoesl, Katharine

Hoesl, Ludwig Antonius

Hoey, Rose Ann P.

Hoff, Edith E.

Hoff, Edward S.

Holden, Jerome R.

Hollerbach, Carolina

Hollerbach, Ernstina

Hollerbach, Katharina

Hollerbach, Leo

Hollick, Joan M.

Hollick, William J.

Hollopeter, Merle Glen

Holme, Joseph C.

Holme, Nelda L.

Holzhaeuser, Carl D.

Holzhaeuser, Dora M.

Honan, Anna C.

Hoover, Gary

Hoover, Mary Ellen

Huber, Agnes

Huber, Henry

Huber, Janelle

Huber, Joseph G.

Huber, Joseph P.

Huber, Katherina

Huber, Kunigunda

Huber, Marian G.

Huber, Peter

Huell, Joseph

Hulbert, Bertha

Humting, Stephen

Huseby, Marilyn T.

Husome, Isabel E.

Husome, Milton H.

Igel, Eva M.

Igel, John H.

Iversen, baby

Jarvis, Evelyn

Jensen, Amelia M.

Jensen, Bernard

Jensen, Einar B.

Jensen, Kathleen M.

Jetzer, Barbara

Jetzer, Heinrich

Johnson, Alfred Edwin

Johnson, Anthony L.

Johnson, Catherine

Johnson, Daisie Margaret Palmer

Johnson, Darrel L.

Johnson, Dianne Barbara

Johnson, Geneice Marie

Johnson, Ramona M.

Johnston, Virgil A.

Jorgensen, Regina B.

Jorgensen, Robert C.

Justen (?), Benedict F.

Justen (?), Charles F.

Justen (?), Clara

Justen (?), Edward

Justen (?), Emma J.

Justen (?), Mary Haggart

Justen (?), Sarah

Justen, Alphonse

Justen, Bernard M.

Justen, Caroline M.

Justen, Gerard H.

Justen, Hilary C.

Justen, Ida A.

Justen, Joseph

Justen, Josephine

Justen, LaVonne Marie

Justen, Mary Louise

Justen, Mary T.

Justen, Melinda K.

Justen, Theodore E.

Justen, William J.

Justen, Winifred C.

Justin, Joshua D.

Kamleiter (?), Albertina L.

Kamleiter (?), Leonard G.

Kamleiter, Anna M.

Kamleiter, Edward J.

Kamleiter, Franz

Kamleiter, George

Kamleiter, Harriet

Kamleiter, Richard George

Kamleiter, Robert Edward

Kamleiter, William Eugene

Kargel, Arthur A.

Kargel, Myrtle C.

Kargel, Rose Marie

Kargel, Thresa

Kartes, Clarence

Kartes, Lucy

Katke, David John

Kaye, Jacqueline M.

Kaye, James E.

Kell, Alvina

Kell, Alvina (Blatz)

Kell, Lyman R.

Kell, Lyman R.

Kelly, Daniel P.

Kelly, Emmelinda C.

Kilian, baby girl

Kilian, David J.

Kimm, Herbert J.

Kimm, Susan E.

Kinnane, Ann Marie

Kinnane, James M.

Knapp (?), Mary E.

Knapp (?), Mathias T.

Knapp, Frank

Knapp, George F.

Knapp, Mildred A.

Koehnen (?), Elizabeth

Koehnen (?), Josephine M.

Koehnen (?), Leonard

Koehnen, John M.

Koehnen, Paul E.

Koehnen, Philomine M.

Koehnen, Sharon Rae

Koehner, Anna Gert

Koep, Margaret C.

Koep, Nick M.

Koloski, Christopher John

Kolstad, Charles James

Korkowski, Eileen M.

Korkowski, Vincent J.

Kovalik, Andrew

Kovalik, Grace

Kraemer, baby boy

Kramer, Albert

Kramer, Andrew A.

Kramer, Anthony

Kramer, Anthony W.

Kramer, Arthur

Kramer, Carolina

Kramer, Cecilia M.

Kramer, Elizabeth

Kramer, Fred

Kramer, Gertrude

Kramer, Helen A.

Kramer, Henry

Kramer, Laura C.

Kramer, Margaret A.

Kramer, Margaret E.

Kramer, Marie M.

Kramer, Mathilda

Kramer, Mathilda A.

Kramer, Rose E.

Kramer, Teresa

Kramer, William H.

Kramps, Elizabeth

Kranz, Anita Rosen

Kroeten, Barbara A.

Kroeten, Ralph M.

Kroeten, Roger J.

Krueger, Joan S.

Kvaal, Winnifred M.

Lahr, Herbert J.

Lahr, Margaret L.

LaMothe, Alice

LaMothe, Janella Ann

LaMothe, Raymond

LaMothe, Suzanne Marie

Landry, Mark S.

Lang, Cunigunda B.

Lang, Lyell E.

Lange, Elaine

Larson, Andrew James

Lawrence, James Paul

Lawrence, Mary Victoria

Lawrence, Wayne Paul

Lawson, Helen

Leffler, Dorothy J.

Leffler, Jack A.

Leffler, Sandra Jane

Lemke, Eunice K.

Lemke, John Dennis

Lezama, Diana Ariana

Linke, Theresa

Loeffen, Andrew

Loesch, Joan Marie

Loesch, Mary Jean

Loney, Denise

Lopac, Dolores M.

Lopac, Emil G.

Luppke, Brigitte L.

Lynch, Arthur F.

Lynch, Lillian A.

Mackey, Francis F.

Mackey, Teresa M.

Madigan, J. Gladys

Madigan, Timothy I.

Maffett, Michael William

Mahoney, Ann

Mahoney, Jeremiah

Malcolm, Sadie Ann

Marchessault, Armand L.

Marchessault, Irene M.

Marchessault, Lois J.

Marchessault, Paul A.

Marchessault, Sofia Ann

Marx, Anthony V.

Matko, Edward P.

Matko, Edward P.

Mayerhofer, Hannah L.

Mayerhofer, Jacob J.

McCoy, Arthur R.

McCoy, Ruth E.

McCullen, baby boy

McDonald, Pearl

McGee, Florence

McKenna, James J.

McLinn, Arthur J.

McLinn, Bernice M.

McNamara, Elaine M.

McNamara, Michael J.

McNamee, Raymond C.

McNamee, Rosemary

Mellby, baby girl

Mellby, Marilyn Pahl

Menth, Richard

Meskan, Jerome L.

Meskan, Verna F.

Metcalf, Memory R.

Meyers (?), Rose S.

Meyers (?), William P.

Meyers, Evelyn G.

Meyers, John A.

Mikulan, Daryl John

Mills, Edward A.

Mills, Evelyn M.

Moffatt, Stuart F.

Mohs, David P.

Montreuil, Frances P.

Montreuil, Lawrence R.

Morales, Giovany Campuzano

Mork, Caroline M.

Moynihan, Francis V.

Muglich, Edwart

Mundahl, James A.

Mundahl, Mary R.

Munson, Carol L.

Murdock, Clara C.

Murdock, Edward H.

Murphy, Bernard M.

Murphy, Ethel M.

Nehotte, Pearl L.

Nehotte, Stephen J.

Nelson, Beryl H.

Nelson, Falira Hernandez

Nelson, Herbert C.

Nordquist, Christopher Danie

Norling, Anna V.

Norling, John A.

O’Connell, Patrick Kevin

O’Connor, William F.

O’Neill, Francis J.

O’Neill, Irene L.

O’Neill, Mayme G.

Ocborough, twin boy

Od, Deng

Olejnicak, John E.

Osterman, Valerie M.

Osterman, Wilfred L.

Ostertag (?), Helen M.

Ostertag (?), John

Ostertag (?), Mary

Ostertag (?), Otto F.

Oxborough (?), Agnes

Oxborough (?), Ernest

Oxborough (?), Irma Mary

Oxborough (?), Laurence A.

Oxborough (?), Mary P.

Oxborough, Dorothy A.

Oxborough, Elden E.

Oxborough, Elizabeth D.

Oxborough, Lucille M.

Oxborough, Madonna Jean

Oxborough, Maud O.

Oxborough, Rolland R.

Oxborough, twin girl

Pahl (?), Andrew J.

Pahl (?), Angela M.

Pahl (?), Anthony W.

Pahl (?), Caroline M.

Pahl (?), Cathrine (?)

Pahl (?), Edward S.

Pahl (?), Father

Pahl (?), Frank J.

Pahl (?), Frank W.

Pahl (?), Henry

Pahl (?), Louisa M.

Pahl (?), Margaret

Pahl (?), Mary

Pahl (?), Mother

Pahl (?), Peter T.

Pahl, Amy J.

Pahl, Anthony L.

Pahl, B.J.

Pahl, Benjamin P.

Pahl, Charels E.

Pahl, Clarence G.

Pahl, Cresencia

Pahl, Edward A.

Pahl, Emma R.

Pahl, Franz J.

Pahl, Helen M.

Pahl, Henry T.

Pahl, Henry W.

Pahl, Herbert H.

Pahl, Herbert H.

Pahl, John

Pahl, John

Pahl, John F.

Pahl, Joseph

Pahl, Kenneth P.

Pahl, Lawrence J.

Pahl, Leo T.

Pahl, Lisa M.

Pahl, Lorraine

Pahl, Mabel A.

Pahl, Magdalin M.

Pahl, Marcella A.

Pahl, Margaret E.

Pahl, Maria B.

Pahl, Marie Ann

Pahl, Martin J.

Pahl, Mary E.

Pahl, Mavis K.

Pahl, Myrtle G.

Pahl, Nicholas

Pahl, Nicholas W.

Pahl, Peter T.

Pahl, Richard J.

Pahl, Susan

Pahl, Theodore R.

Pahl, Tobias

Pahl, Warren E.

Palmen, Joseph

Pearl, Shaun D.

Pepin, Ida

Perez, Cynthia

Perovitz, Violet Dillon

Perrizo, Irene

Perrizo, Lester J.

Perrizo, Lester Joseph

Peschke, Lewis R.

Peterson, Kari Elizabeth

Peterson, Mary M.

Phillips, Clara

Phillips, LeRoy L.

Pieper, Frank H.

Pieper, Leone B.

Poehling, Holley Jo

Ponting, Eleanor J.

Ponting, John A.

Popehn, Wynette Ann

Poquette, Donald H.

Poquette, Veronica A.

Posch (?), Frank J.

Posch (?), Mary

Posch (?), Rosalia

Posch, Johann

Posch, Rosalia

Povroznik, Theodore H.

Price, Lucille Lynn

Ptaszek, Bernard B.

Pulkrabek, baby girl

Ramaker, Elmer W.

Ramaker, Gertrude M.

Ramaker, John Charles

Ramaker, Robert C.

Ramirez – Rodriguez, Ana Maria

Ranft, Albert A.

Ranft, Catherine E.

Ranft, Dorraine C.

Ranft, Henry A.

Ranft, Joseph H.

Ranft, Magdalena

Ranft, Marie A.

Ranft, Mary T.

Ranft, Peter

Ranft, Peter Alan

Reed, Marjorie J.

Reimer, Helen C.

Reimer, Herbert B.

Reimer, Roger R.

Reinhart, Henry

Reinhart, Margaret

Rem, Phy

Renwald, Aloysius

Renwald, Lucille F.

Resler, Ernie

Reuter, Gladys

Reuter, William

Revak, Belva Jane

Riley, Maureen Gerard

Riott (?), Emma K. (?)

Riott, Josephine

Rivers, Ellen Ann

Robertson, Shirley A.

Robinet, Anthony P.

Rock, Billy

Rock, Gertrude

Rock, W.E. “Bud”

Roith, Frances E.

Roith, Joseph F.

Roling, Marlene D.

Roling, William J.

Roskowinski, Bernard M.

Rueger, Charles J.

Rueger, Lillian M.

Ruhme, Joseph Peter

Russ, Diana M.

Russ, John David

Russ, John David

Russ, Lawrence R.

Rutherford, Allen J.

Ryan, Elizabeth P.

Salden (?), Edward A.

Salden, baby

Salden, Helen B.

Salden, John J.

Salden, John T.

Salden, Julia J.

Salden, L.A.

Salden, Lawrence N.

Salden, Marie

Salden, Regina

Salden, Todd L.

Salden, Walter J.

Sanchez, Jose L. “Pepe

Sandin, Gilbert

Sandin, Marietta

Sauter, Anthony J.

Sauter, Harold

Sauter, Margery E.

Schaefer, Gertrude Scholz

Schanen (?), Father

Schanen (?), Mother

Schanen, Irene

Schanen, John

Schanen, Joseph A.

Schanen, Leonard

Schanen, Phyllis C.

Schanen, Rose

Schatzlein, two infant daughters

Schield, Lynn Marie

Schmidt, Joseph

Schmidt, Pearl Louise

Schmidt, Walburga

Scholz (?), Anna

Scholz (?), Victoria

Scholz (?), William

Scholz, Alexander

Scholz, Bertha

Scholz, Donald A.

Scholz, Heinrich (?) A.

Scholz, Helen E.

Scholz, John A.

Scholz, Mary E.

Scholz, Peter

Scholz, Susan

Scholz, William A.

Schuhwerck (?), Adolph J.

Schuhwerck (?), Annie

Schuhwerck (?), Emelia

Schuhwerck (?), Theodore

Schuhwerk, Benedickt

Schuler, John

Shaw, baby boy

Siedlecki, Anna

Simon, Curtis G.

Simon, Florence Walch

Simon, James C.

Simoneau, Arsene

Simoneau, Mary

Sims, Helen J.

Skogh, Carl G.

Smith, Mary M.

Smith, Richard L.

Smock, Colleen Rose

Socash (?), Anna T.

Socash (?), John M.

Socash (?), Marie

Socash (?), Susan

Soucek, Michael

Spillane, John J.

Spillane, John J.

Spillane, Vernette Ward

St. Martin (?), Ernest J.

St. Martin (?), Marie A.

St. Martin, Arthur B.

St. Martin, baby boy

St. Martin, Erenie E.

St. Martin, Francis F.

St. Martin, Gertrude

St. Martin, Helen V.

St. Pierre, Cyril R.

Stadsvold, Florence G.

Stark, Dorothy F.

Stark, Ray L.

Stark, Raymond A.

Steg, Mary

Steg, Peter

Steger, Margaret L.

Steger, William R.

Stelter, Aloysius L.

Stelter, Augustina

Stepniewski, Caroline L.

Stepniewski, Meredith E.

Strobel, Anna T.

Strobel, Clara E.

Strobel, Fred A.

Strobel, John N.

Studeman, Michael W.

Sullivan, baby

Sullivan, Joyce L. (Christian)

Swanson, Christopher Bruce

Swedlund, Lois J.

Swedlund, Robert W.

Taft, Jane C.

Taft, Robert E.

Taillefer, Homer J.

Tessier, Donna Marie

Theis, Anna

Theis, Chas. P.

Theis, Linda Lee

Toeung, Heang Kim

Tolentino, Joel Jayran Galicia

Tompkins, Evelyn L. (?)

Tompkins, Thomas E.

Tori, John

Tressel, George J.

Tressel, George J.

Tressel, Loretta M.

Tully, Walter R.

Turgeon, Bernice M.

Turgeon, David A.

Turner, Helen Marie

Turner, Nora Lynn

Udelmann, Johanna J.

Ulrich, Gertrude Willems

Ulrich, Jerome Charles

VanLiew, Genevieve Joyce

Veiht, Anloph

Vojtesek, Amelia M.

Vojtisek, Adolph C.

Vojtisek, Donna Mae

Waldherr, Mildred

Waldherr, Norbert B.

Waldorf, Emma A.

Waldorf, John F.

Waldorf, Ralph M.

Walter, Emily S.

Walton, Ida E.

Walton, James H.

Warmka, Gary P.

Webber, John M.

Weimelt, James H.

Weimelt, Mary K.

Weiss, Ronald L.

Weisz, Claude J.

Weisz, Leona M.

Welter, James J.

Welter, Mary Ann

Welter, Vincent

Wenner, David J.

Wetsch, George

Wetsch, Mathilda

Wettstein, Alan M.

Wilhelm, Charles J.

Wilhelm, Marie E.

Wilson, Agnes C.

Wilson, Arthur C.

Wilson, Grant C.

Winchester, baby girl

Winskowski, Cecilia

Winskowski, Theodore

Wise, Ann M. Kamleiter

Wise, Leon O.

Woida, James Leonard

Wojtisek, baby boy

Wolf, Phyllis L

Wolf, Ralph N.

Wotrang, Eleanor R.

Wren, Lathryn L.

Wren, Lawrence C.

Wren, Thomas Peter

Wuerzberger (?), Emma A.

Wuerzberger, Charlie

Wyman, Irene A. Justen

Yaret, Estrella

Yetzer (?), Edward

Yetzer (?), Edward J.

Yetzer (?), Elizabeth

Yetzer (?), Lucille E.

Yetzer, Alfred C.

Yetzer, Bernard E.

Yetzer, Bruno

Yetzer, Bruno H.

Yetzer, Clarence

Yetzer, Edward L.

Yetzer, Eleanor

Yetzer, Howard E.

Yetzer, Ida M.

Yetzer, Karl B.

Yetzer, Laura V.

Yetzer, Margaret A.

Yetzer, Maria

Yetzer, Peter B.

Yetzer, Roberta Lee

Yetzer, William J.

Zentgraf, Genevieve

Zentgraf, Joseph

Zentgraf, Richard J.

Zentgraf, Thomas J.

Zilka, Thomas Joseph


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