Minneapolis Jewish Cemetery

7032 Penn Avenue South, Richfield, MN


 City of Richfield, Hennepin County, Minnesota:  T028N – R24W, Section 32

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Hennepin County, Minnesota – Edina and Richfield,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the www.lulu.com website. 

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The Minneapolis Jewish Cemetery is maintained on a regular basis and is in good shape.  The burials in this cemetery change directions near the mid point of the cemetery grounds.  The east entrance gate into the cemetery states “Minneapolis Jewish Cemetery – Founded 1890 – Main Entrance Gate – in memory of Charlotte Sadoff.”


The 2009 Hennepin County Property Map information splits the Minneapolis Jewish Cemetery into two additions, the Order Brith Abraham Cemetery and the Gemelus Chased Cemetery Association.  The Minneapolis Jewish Cemetery is part of a group of cemeteries located between Penn Avenue South and Upton Avenue South, between West 70 ½ Street and West 72nd Street.  The B’Nai Emet Cemetery borders the southern edge of the Minneapolis Jewish Cemetery.  The United Hebrew Cemetery borders the western edge of the Minneapolis Jewish Cemetery.  The Minneapolis Jewish Cemetery is gated and locked when not open.  Jewish cemeteries are not usually open on Saturday. 


This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2010.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2010







? (name in Hebrew ?)

?, Anna

?, Benjamin

?, Edith R.

?, Orin

Aaron, Bernadine

Aaronson, Irving

Abbey, Benjamin

Abbey, Minnie

Ablamunets, Aleksander

Abrahamson, Anne

Abrahamson, Boruch

Abrahamson, Francis M.

Abrahamson, Jennie

Abrahamson, Louis

Abrahamson, Minnie

Abramovitch, Alexander

Abramovitch, Susie

Abramovitz, Amelia

Abramovitz, Harry W.

Abramowitz, Fanny

Abramowitz, Gertrude

Abramowitz, Moses

Abramowitz, Sam H.

Abrams, Diane Faith

Abrams, Fern Locketz

Abrams, Jonas

Abrams, Manley

Abrams, Max

Abrams, Minnie

Abramson (?), Frank (?)

Abramson (?), Pesse

Abramson (?), Sophia

Abramson, ?

Abramson, Bernard

Abramson, Bess

Abramson, Esther

Abramson, Freda

Abramson, Morris

Abramson, Morris

Abramson, Rose

Abramson, Sonia

Abramson, William

Abrohams, Jean C.

Abromowitz, Mose

Abromowitz, Sarah

Abry, Murray G.

Abry, Ruth R.

Abzug, Bernhard

Abzug, Ruth

Ackerberg, Abraham

Ackerberg, Anna

Ackerberg, David

Ackerberg, Eva

Ackerberg, Norman James

Ackerberg, Sanders

Ackerman, Esther

Ackerman, Hyman

Ackerman, Isaac

Ackerman, Kay Davis

Ackerman, Max

Ackerman, Max M.

Ackerman, Minnie

Ackerman, Sam

Ackerman, Violet

Adelman, Paul Samuel

Adlin, Abraham D.

Adlin, Falk

Adlin, Hymen

Adlin, Mary

Adlin, Sophie

Affias, Ann

Affias, Charles

Affias, Pery

Agel, George L.

Agel, Shirley D.

Aland, Ester Gilel

Albert, Nell Silverman

Album, Abraham

Album, Marcia M.

Album, Nathan

Album, Sadie

Alch, Anna

Alch, Dora

Alch, Gary R.

Alch, Gertrude Martha

Alch, Harry B.

Alch, Solomon

Alch, Ted Brown

Aletky, Bernice Lillian

Aletky, George

Alperin, Jacob

Alperin, Sarah

Alperowitz, Samuel

Alter, Rebecca

Alter, William

Altrowitz, Abram

Altrowitz, Ida

Amdur, Bessie Ann

Amdur, Faye Gensler

Amdur, Gussie

Amdur, Louis

Amdur, Max

Ames, Sylvia Coulter

Amitin, Deborah

Amitin, Eliah

Amitin, Mary

Annexton, Bess

Annexton, Joseph

Ansel, Abraham I.

Ansel, Alan

Ansel, Annie

Ansel, Annie B.

Ansel, Bell

Ansel, Bessie Ann

Ansel, Emanuel

Ansel, Florence

Ansel, Harold Meyer

Ansel, Helen

Ansel, Louis

Ansel, Max

Ansel, Moses J.

Ansel, Sarah R.

Ansel, Sol B.

Applebaum, Hy

Applebaum, Janice

Appleman, Bertha

Appleman, Joseph

Aqua, Shirley M.

Arbetblat, Beracha

Arenson, ?

Arenson, ? Marker

Arenson, Aleck

Arenson, Fanny

Arenson, Jean

Arenson, Morrie Lou

Arenson, Sam

Arenson, Sonia

Arnold, Lee

Aronsohn, Herman

Aronsohn, Rae

Aronsohn, Samuel

Aronson, Alice

Aronson, Esther

Aronson, Jean B.

Aronson, Julius

Aronson, Louis

Aronson, Mollie

Aronson, Rosa

Aronson, Samuel H.

Atlas, Albert

Atlas, Ida G.

Atlas, Isadore

Atlas, Mary

Averback, Sam

Babchinitser, Mikhail

Bachmayer, Lillian

Badzin, Eva

Badzin, John

Baker, Abraham

Baker, Mary

Balk, Rose

Balkin, Isadore

Balkin, Lillian

Balman, Jessie

Balman, Koppel

Balman, Leah

Balman, Max

Balto, Carol Ann

Bank (?), Albert (?) M.

Bank, Agnas

Bank, Byela

Bank, Charles

Bank, David

Bank, Esther H.

Bank, Fannie

Bank, Fannie S.

Bank, Frank

Bank, Hannah

Bank, Hyme

Bank, Joseph

Bank, Lena

Bank, Moses A.

Bank, Nathan

Bank, Pessie N.

Bank, Rebecca

Bank, Rickley

Bank, Rose

Bank, Samuel A.

Bank, Sarah

Bank, Simon

Bank, Solomon

Banks, Ethel

Banks, Harry

Banks, Hyman

Banks, Louis

Banks, Louis

Banks, Peter

Banks, Sarah

Banwell, Abraham M.

Banwell, Edith

Banwell, Ray

Bardin, Anne

Bardin, Archie


Barnett, Eli

Barnett, Genevieve

Barnett, Hyman

Barnett, Jeanette Harris

Barnett, Morris

Barnett, Sarah R.

Baron, Elliot Milton

Baron, Rose Pearl

Barr, Arthur A.

Barr, Eva R.

Barr, Gertrude F.

Barr, Jack

Barr, Ruth

Barr, Samuel J.

Barr, William


Barron (?), ?

Barron, Abraham Solomon

Barron, Benjamin

Barron, Dora

Barron, Rose Helen

Barshteyn, Iosif

Barskey, Fanny

Barskey, Mike

Barsofsky, Alex

Bartnof, Victor

Basofin, Hinda

Bass, Gittel

Bass, Isadore

Bass, Leah

Bassin, Ann

Bassin, Carl

Bassin, Celia

Bassin, Fannie

Bassin, Joseph

Bassin, Samuel

Bassin, Sander

Bassin, Shirley

Bassin, Sidney

Batush, Edith

Batush, Jack

Bearman, Myer

Beck, Eunice Krelitz

Beck, Morris

Beck, Sophie

Becker (?), S.B.

Becker, Mrs. M.M.

Becker, Rebecca

Becker, Samuel

Becker, Zesil


Beckman, Louis

Beckman, Norman J.

Beckman, Sarah

Beers, Emil

Beers, Eve

Beers, Lena

Beers, Pacy

Beers, Rebecca

Beers, Samuel

Bender, Joseph

Bender, Mary

Bender, Rebecca

Benjamin, Abraham N.

Benjamin, Charles

Benjamin, Charles Saul

Benjamin, Ephrain Wolfe

Benjamin, Florence

Benjamin, Harold M.

Benjamin, Harvey

Benjamin, Ida L.

Benjamin, Jack

Benjamin, Marshall I.

Benjamin, Sarah

Benjamin, Sophia

Benjmain, Morris

Benjohar, Jacob

Benjohar, Messody

Benn?, ?Abrams

Bennett, Minetta Pauline

Benon, Hannah Rebecca

Benon, Hena Methe

Benon, William W.

Berco, Fred

Bercowitz, Fred B.

Bercowitz, Rachel

Bercowitz, Rose

Bercowitz, Simon

Berdass, Fred P.

Berdt, David

Berdt, Mona

Berenson, “Doc”

Berenson, Arthur A.

Berenson, Ben

Berenson, Henry

Berenson, Isaac B.

Berenson, Robert B.

Berenson, Rose

Berenson, Sarah

Berg, Daniel

Berg, Fannie

Bergazin, Doba

Bergazin, Rosita

Bergazin, Shymshon

Bergen, Shirley

Bergen, Warren

Berger, Amelia

Berger, Morris

Berger, Vivian R.

Bergman, Albert Sherman

Bergman, Celia

Bergman, Harry

Bergman, Jacob S.

Bergstein, Albert

Bergstein, Muriel Gilder

Bergstein, Rose

Bergstein, Sherman

Berkovitz, Vivian E.

Berkowitz, Celia

Berkowitz, Max

Berkowitz, Wolf

Berkuvitz, Louis

Berkuvitz, Marie

Berlat, Bess

Berlat, Harry


Berman, ?

Berman, Ada Rabinowitz

Berman, Albert

Berman, Alice

Berman, Anna

Berman, Anna Rubenstein

Berman, Aron Arthur

Berman, Arthur

Berman, Ben

Berman, Bernard

Berman, Bessie

Berman, David

Berman, David

Berman, Etta

Berman, Fannie

Berman, Gershon

Berman, harry

Berman, Holly Beth

Berman, Isaac M.

Berman, Israel H.

Berman, Jennie

Berman, Leb

Berman, Leonard J.

Berman, Louis

Berman, Mary

Berman, Meyer

Berman, Meyer

Berman, Mollie F.

Berman, Nathan M.

Berman, Philip J.

Berman, Rose

Berman, Sam

Berman, Sam

Berman, Samuel

Berman, Sarah

Berman, Sarah

Berman, Shanie Lea

Berman, Sophie R.

Berman, William

Berna, Dorothy L.

Berna, Vincent D.

Bernhard, Bertha

Bernhard, Max


Bernstein, Aaron

Bernstein, Berdina

Bernstein, David

Bernstein, Jennie

Bernstein, Julius

Bernstein, Mary

Bernstein, mother

Bernstein, Nehamah

Bernstein, Pincus

Berris, Max Ryan

Berstein, Fannie

Berstein, Larry B.

Berstein, Louis

Beskin, Anna

Beskin, Benjamin S.

Beskin, Florence Laverna

Beskin, Gertrude S.

Beskin, Morris

Beskin, Samuel

Bessler, Jonas H.

Bessler, Marjorie Katz

Beugen, Morris

Bial, Benjamin

Bikson, Elias

Bikson, Zelda

Bishoff, Simon

Bix, Max

Bix, May Freed

Blaine, Max Blatt

Blat, Charles

Blat, Leah

Blat, Rose

Blaustein, Sady

Blaustone, Arnold

Blaustone, Jennie

Blaustone, Louie

Blicker, Ben

Blicker, Harriet Rachel

Blicker, Jack

Blicker, Meyer

Blicker, Minnie

Blicker, Sarah

Blinder, Ben

Blinder, Bert


Blinderman, Anna

Blinderman, David

Blinderman, Myron B.

Blindman, Bruce

Bliss, George

Bliss, George

Bliss, Hanna

Bliss, Isadore

Bliss, Julius D.

Bliss, Marion Sabes

Bliss, Sarah Dora

Bliss, Simon W.

Bliss, Sophie L.

Bliss, William Robert

Bloch, Abe

Bloch, Rose

Block, Archie

Block, Barney B.

Block, Esther

Block, Freida Molly

Block, Israel

Block, Jennie

Block, Julius

Block, Milton

Block, Rachel

Block, Saul

Bloom, Abraham S.

Bloom, Benjamin

Bloom, Bonnie Jo

Bloom, Hannah

Bloom, Jacob M.

Bloom, Jennie

Bloom, Jennie Dworsky

Bloom, Kate

Bloom, Mary

Bloom, Maurice

Bloom, Max E.

Bloom, Morris

Bloom, Moses

Bloom, Olga Kaplan

Bloom, Simon H.

Bloomberg, Gertrude

Bloomberg, Gus

Bloomberg, Oscar

Bloomer, Lizzie

Bloomfield, Ban


Blum, Minnie

Blumberg, Amelia

Blumberg, Fanny

Blumberg, Lenah

Blumberg, Sam

Blumberg, Samuel H.

Blumenberg, baby girl

Blumenberg, Faye Chazin

Blumenfeld, Herman

Blumenfeld, Leah

Blumenthal, Abe

Blumenthal, Molly

Blumenthal, Moses

Blumfield, Getzel

Blumstein, Rose

Blumstein, Samuel

Blumstein, Stanley Yale

Blustin, Abraham

Blustin, Frieda

Blustin, Ida

Blustin, Randi S.

Blustin, Sholly S.

Bolnek, male

Bolnick, Anna

Bolnick, Annie

Bolnick, B.

Bolnick, Lena

Bolnick, Melrose

Bolnick, Meyer

Bolnick, Nathan

Bolnick, Ruby

Borchardt, Richard

Borchovitz, Harry

Borechowitz, Abraham

Borenstein, Guita M.

Borenstein, Samuel

Borken, Jenna Lyn

Borken, Jesse Evan

Borklin, Abraham

Borklin, Sarah

Borkon, Benjamin H.

Borkon, Helena S.

Bornstein, Evelyn

Borovsky, Amalie

Borovsky, Bettie

Borovsky, Elizabeth

Borovsky, Etta

Borovsky, Harry

Borovsky, Hyman

Borovsky, Isadore

Borovsky, Lazer

Borovsky, Liebe R.

Borovsky, Louis

Borovsky, Marjorie

Borovsky, Martha

Borovsky, Max

Borovsky, Morris

Borovsly, Lazerus J.

Borowsky, Etta


Bourgin, Lillian Ellis

Braman, Ida G.

Bramson, Samuel

Bramson, Shirley

Brand, Nathan

Brandwein, Lena

Brandwein, Sam

Bratman, Mary H.

Bratman, Samuel

Braun, Sally Schochet

Braunstein, Alex A.

Braunstein, Frances H.

Braunstein, Max

Braunstein, Monroe Louis

Braunstein, Moses A.

Braunstein, Ossie L.

Braunstein, Rose Esther

Braverman, Hyman Solomon

Braverman, Pauline B.

Braverman, Samuel

Braverman, William I.

Bravornick, Jennie

Brazeman, Hy

Brazeman, Sheldon Saul

Brazman (?), ?

Brazman (?), ?

Brazman, ?

Brazman, Anna Ruth

Brazman, Archie

Brazman, Lillian

Brazman, Morton

Brazman, Paul

Brenner (?), ?as>

Brenner, Celia

Brenner, Donald William

Brenner, Hyme

Brenner, Rachel

Bresky, Alter

Bresky, Maurice A.

Bresky, Miril

Bresky, S.

Brin, Benjamin

Brin, Leah

Brin, Milton S.

Brin, Rachel

Brin, Samuel

Brin, Sigmund

Brochin, Anna

Brochin, Isadore

Brochin, Solomon

Brody (?), ?nne (?)

Brody (?), George (?) B.

Brody (?), Joseph (?) Jerome

Brody (?), Judith (?) Lea (?)

Brody, Benjamin

Brody, Celia

Brody, Gertrude

Brody, Herbert D.

Brody, Hyman

Brody, Morris

Brody, Robert Fryer

Brody, Ruth L.

Brody, Samuel

Brooks, Isaac

Broude, Ben

Broude, David

Broude, Ethel

Broude, Etta

Broude, Evelyn Tunick

Broude, Florence

Broude, Isaac

Broude, Israel H.

Broude, Jacob

Broude, John

Broude, Rose L.

Broude, Samuel J.

Brouillard, Lenure Kranitzky

Brown, Bertha

Brown, Celia May

Brown, Esther

Brown, Jennie

Brown, Leonard I.

Brown, Louis

Brown, Max

Brown, Myer

Brown, Rose

Brown, Rosse

Brown, Samuel

Brown, Sharron Helen

Brown, Sollie

Brudnoy, Esther

Brudnoy, Israel (?)

Brust, Anna

Brust, Lena Freed

Brust, Mary

Brust, Max P.

Brust, Zoltan

Bubis, Nathan E.

Bublick, Solomon

Buchman, Corey Evan

Buchman, Lois Jean

Buchmann, Abraham I.

Buchmann, Leah

Buckwald, Mollie

Bugenstein, Fanny

Bukstein, Dora Reznick

Bukstein, Edward J.

Bukstein, Morris

Bukstein, Sharon

Bunina, Faina

Burgin, Harry

Burin, Sarah

Burstein, Abraham

Burstein, Benjamin

Burstein, Celia

Burstein, Ellen

Burstein, Libby

Burstein, Marilyn

Burstein, Sadie

Burstein, Sara

Burstein, Sheldon W.

Bush, Arthur Edward

Bush, Edythe

Bush, Fannie

Bush, Gertrude

Bush, Ida Goldstein

Bush, Max E.

Bush, Meyer

Buzenka, Regina Ratze

Buzinka, Gayle

Buzinka, Naomie

Buzinka, Oskar


Cable, baby boy

Cable, baby girl

Cable, Frank L.

Cable, Regina

Cabot, Mary

Cabot, Oliver

Callander, M.

Caplan, Jordan Berton

Carp, David H.

Carp, Eudyce

Carp, Harry

Carp, Lizzie

Carver, L. Craig

Catcher, Harold

Catcher, Isadore

Catcher, Rachel

Cera, Michael

Cera, Pearl Rose

Chalkowitz, Isaac

Chalkowitz, Jennie

Chandler, David

Chandler, Vera

Chapman (Cohen), Ted

Chapman, Abraham

Chapman, Betty

Chapman, David

Chapman, Harry

Chapman, Louis M.

Chapman, Meyer

Chapman, Paul D.

Chapman, Ruth

Chapman, Sarah

Charap, Clara

Chares, Dora

Chares, Louis

Chargo, Morris

Chargo, Sophie

Charney, Dora

Charney, Gita

Charney, Helen M.

Charney, Maurice

Charney, Merton

Charney, Mordecai

Charney, Rudolph

Charney, Solomon

Charon, Albert

Charon, Rose

Charon, Sandra

Chauss, Margaret

Chauss, Morris

Chaves, Herzie

Chazankin, Bertha F.

Chazankin, Bessie

Chazankin, Jacob L.

Chazankin, Moses

Chazankin, Samuel M.

Chazin – Esterkin, Joan Carrol

Chazin, Norman

Chazin, Norman

Chedeck, Abraham J.

Chedeck, M. Esther

Cheit, Jennie Kliman

Chekler, Roza

Chemrinow, Bessie

Chemrinow, Mayer

Chemrinow, Myron marvin

Chemrinow, Nathan

Chemrinow, Sarah Leah

Chernichowsky, Sarah

Chervonk, Iser

Chervonka, Aron

Chervonka, Szejna

Chesler, Bessie G.

Chesler, Freda Leah

Chesler, Grayce

Chesler, Harry

Chesler, Helen

Chesler, Joseph

Chesler, Karl

Chesler, Merrill

Chesler, Morris

Chessen, Fannie

Chessen, Marvin

Chester, Abraham

Chester, Max A.

Chier, Della Glotter

Chodos, Abraham

Chodos, Dave

Chodos, Florence

Chodos, Hye T.

Chodos, Jacob B.

Chodos, Sarah E.

Chucker, Sidney

Chutter, Joseph

Chutter, Nettie

Clark, Mary Ruth

Clein, Joel Edwin

Cohan, Jack

Cohan, Lois B.

Cohen (?), Archibald

Cohen (?), Ida H.

Cohen (?), Joseph B.

Cohen (?), Lawrence Hope

Cohen (?), Lulu

Cohen (?), Tillie Cohn

Cohen (?), William

Cohen (Kovoshonsky), Louis

Cohen, Aaron

Cohen, Abraham

Cohen, Abraham

Cohen, Allan

Cohen, Allan R.

Cohen, Amelia

Cohen, Anna

Cohen, Anna

Cohen, Audrey

Cohen, Ben

Cohen, Benjamin

Cohen, Benjamin

Cohen, Benjamin

Cohen, Bertha

Cohen, Bessie

Cohen, Bessie

Cohen, Byron M.

Cohen, David

Cohen, David

Cohen, Dorothy

Cohen, Dorothy Cook

Cohen, Esther

Cohen, Esther I.

Cohen, Ethel

Cohen, Ethel R.

Cohen, father

Cohen, Flora

Cohen, Florence

Cohen, Gert Plitman

Cohen, Hanry I.

Cohen, Harold

Cohen, Harry

Cohen, Hyme

Cohen, I.W.

Cohen, Ida

Cohen, Ida

Cohen, Ida

Cohen, Irwin

Cohen, Isaac

Cohen, Isadore

Cohen, Israel

Cohen, Israel

Cohen, Israel Allan

Cohen, Jacob Z.

Cohen, Joseph

Cohen, Joseph I.

Cohen, Julius

Cohen, L. Gilbert

Cohen, L.G.

Cohen, Lena

Cohen, Lena

Cohen, Lena

Cohen, Louis M.

Cohen, Mandel

Cohen, Mary

Cohen, Mary

Cohen, Mary Barsofsky

Cohen, Max H.

Cohen, Mike

Cohen, Moosha

Cohen, Morris

Cohen, Moses

Cohen, mother

Cohen, Peter

Cohen, Rachel

Cohen, Rosa Fruma

Cohen, Rose

Cohen, Rose

Cohen, Rose Razel

Cohen, Ruth Naomi

Cohen, Sam

Cohen, Samuel

Cohen, Sarah Brin

Cohen, Selma

Cohen, Simon

Cohen, William

Cohn (?), Gertrude

Cohn (?), Joseph

Cohn, Annie Mary

Cohn, David

Cohn, Ester Chemrinow

Cohn, Fannie

Cohn, Gertie

Cohn, Jennie

Cohn, Loma Gayle

Cohn, Phillip

Cohn, Ted Harold

Cokoaobckar (?), Ahoba (?)

Confeld, Anna

Confeld, Bess

Confeld, David J.

Confeld, Herman

Confeld, Ida

Confeld, Jacob

Confeld, Joseph

Confeld, Mollie

Confeld, Morton

Confeld, Sherley

Cook, Charles M.

Cook, Elsie

Cook, Gitel

Cook, Israel Dov

Cook, Louis Y.

Cook, Ruth M.

Cook, Samuel

Cooper, Bessie

Cooper, Fanny

Cooper, Leah

Cooper, Max

Cooper, Melvin S.

Cooper, Richard Buzinka

Cooperman, Abe Edward

Cooperman, Clara

Cooperman, Isaac

Cooperman, Jacob M.

Cooperman, Nettie

Cooperman, Rose

Cooperstock, Irvin

Cooperstock, Rose

Copeland, David

Coplin, Harry

Coplin, Ira

Coplin, mary

Coplinsky, Abraham L.

Coplinsky, Etta

Coulter, Jack

Covin, baby girl

Cowl, Anne Haydnet

Cowl, Bessie

Cowl, Carl Banes

Cowl, Chana

Cowl, Ezekiel H.

Cowl, Helen

Cowl, Ida

Cowl, James H.

Cowl, Libby

Cowl, Samuel J.

Cram, Fanny

Cram, Marcella Arline

Cram, Mark Isaac

Cremin, Bessie

Croll, Diane

Cronick, Betty E.

Cronick, Joseph

Crovoy, Bessie

Crown, Joseph

Crown, Margolia

Cuda, Edith

Cuda, Michael

Culver, Arlene I.

Dachis, Timothy

Dalin, Albert A.

Dalkin, Anna Tumansky

Dalkin, Harry

Dalkin, Maurice

Dalkin, Rose

Dalkin, Sara

Daneshevsky, Jake

Daneshevsky, Tillie

Daniels, Abraham

Daniels, Eva G.

Daniels, Frank E.

Daniels, Sarah Riva

Danziger, Harry


Davidson, Stephen Jeffrey


Davis, Barney M.

Davis, David B.

Davis, David Bennett

Davis, Isadore

Davis, James A.

Davis, Louis F.

Davis, Mary

Davis, Max

Davis, Max W.

Davis, Molly

Davis, Rose

Davis, Sophia

Derman, Sam

Derman, Sarah C.

Diamond, Bessie

Diamond, Fivish

Diamond, Frank

Diamond, Hattie L.

Diamond, Jack

Diamond, Jessie R.

Diamond, Reid

Diamond, Ruth

Diker, Hyman

Diker, John

Diker, Pauline

Dinner, Delores

Dinzburg, Galina

Dloogatch, S.

Dobrin, Anna

Dobrin, Bertha S.

Dobrin, Sam

Dobrin, Tobias S.

Dockman, ?rah Leah

Dockman, Benjamin

Dockman, Bessie

Dockman, Charna

Dockman, Ray

Dockman, Thelma B.

Dolejsi, Jan Locketz

Dolf, David

Dolgoff, Bessie

Dolgoff, Betty Ann

Dolgoff, Harry

Dolgoff, Ida

Dolgoff, Oscar M.

Dolgoff, Ruth C.

Dolgoff, Simon

Dolgoff, Steven S.

Dorfman, Anna

Dorfman, B.

Dorfman, Frances Lynn

Dorfman, Frieda

Douglas, Lois

Douglas, Meyer

Drehspul, Gladys

Drehspul, Joseph

Dreyer, Louis

Dryer, Aaron

Dryer, Fannie I.

Dryer, Harry M.

Dryer, Libbie Cowl

Dryer, Samuel Louis

Dubinsky, Ida

Dudick, Eva

Dunger, Roslyn

Dusansky, Jean

Dusansky, Phillip

Dusansky, Rose

Duzan, Lee P.

Dworsky, ?amuel

Dworsky, Aaron G.

Dworsky, Aaron William

Dworsky, Aaron Yosef

Dworsky, Abraham S.

Dworsky, Bernard R.

Dworsky, Bessie R.

Dworsky, Celia

Dworsky, David

Dworsky, Dena L.

Dworsky, Dora

Dworsky, Dorothy C.

Dworsky, Harry

Dworsky, Isaac

Dworsky, Leonard

Dworsky, Marion

Dworsky, Moses

Dworsky, Peter

Dworsky, Priscilla M.

Dworsky, Rachel Leah

Dworsky, Reva Leah

Dworsky, Robert B.

Dworsky, Samuel David

Dworsky, Sara

Dworsky, Sarah Leah

Dworsky, Thelma Z.

Dworsky, William

Ebin, Ida

Ebin, Isaac

Ebin, Jacob

Ebin, Louis

Ebin, Rebecca


Edelman, Anna

Edelman, Evelyn

Edelman, Harry H.

Edelman, Meyer I.

Edelman, Rose

Edelman, Wolf

Edelstein, Bernard

Edelstein, Fannie

Edelstein, Joseph S.

Edelston, Addie R.

Edelston, Donold W.

Edelston, Morris H.

Edgar, Ann

Efen, Fannie

Efron, Audrey

Eisenberg (?), Faye

Eisenberg (?), Meyer

Eisenberg, Abram

Eisenberg, Clara S.

Eisenberg, Elias

Eisenberg, Gustie

Eisenberg, Harriet Frances

Eisenberg, Irving

Eisenberg, Marie E.

Eisenberg, Mary

Eisenberg, Max L.

Eisenberg, Samuel Z.

Eisenberg, Tillie

Eisenberg, Zeesa L.

Eisenstadt, Bertha

Eisenstadt, Dora

Eisenstadt, Esther Gale

Eisenstadt, Florence

Eisenstadt, Isadore N.

Eisenstadt, Nathan

Eisenstadt, Paul Nathan

Eisenstadt, William

Eisenstadt, William Sawyer

Elias, Eliah

Elkenbaum, Samuel

Ellis, Racheal

Ellis, Samuel

Ellison, David E.

Ellison, Kate


Engal, Aron J.

Engal, Ethel

Engal, Simon D.

Engel, Celia

Engel, Linda Sharon

Engel, Michael

Engle (?), Sarah

Engle, Jerome

Engle, Samuel

Engler, Elaine S.

Engler, Harold J.

Engler, Maurice

Engler, Michael A.

Engler, Sarah

Enjbbypt (?), Anenk (?)

Eppie, Albert A.


Epstein, Alex

Epstein, Charles J.

Epstein, Charles M.

Epstein, Donna Lea

Epstein, Jacob

Epstein, Louis

Epstein, Max

Epstein, Minnie

Epstein, Morris J.

Epstein, Rose

Epstein, Samuel

Epstein, Simon

Eskerkin, Alexandra Rose

Estrin, Jacob

Estrin, Pearl

Estrin, Samuel Albert

Estrin, Sybil Kliman

Etches, Debbie

Ettenberg, Meyer

Ettenberg, Rachel

Eve, Bessie

Eve, Charles H.

Eve, Goldie N.

Eve, Ida

Eve, Louis

Ezkowitz, Scheine R.

Falk (?), Jacob (?)

Falk, Ida Sophie

Falk, Joseph

Falk, Ruth

Farber, Sarah

Farbstein, Anna (?)

Farkas, Alex

Farkas, Anna

Farkas, Esther

Farkas, Ethel

Farkas, Herman

Farkas, Joseph

Farkas, Martin

Fechtenbaum, Arthur

Fectzo, Fredia M.

Feder, Ida

Feder, Lena

Feder, Ph.

Feder, Philip

Feder, Robert A.

Fefercorn, Nathan

Feferkorn, Mendel

Feferkorn, Sarah F.

Feferman, Beverly

Feferman, Eugene

Feferman, Lawrence

Fefferman, Harry

Fefferman, Mandel

Fefferman, Samuel

Feinberg (?), Jacob

Feinberg (?), Rose S.

Feinberg, Albert A.

Feinberg, Arnold

Feinberg, Charles M.

Feinberg, Clara Jane

Feinberg, David

Feinberg, David I.

Feinberg, George

Feinberg, J.

Feinberg, Lena D.

Feinberg, Michael

Feinberg, Minna

Feinberg, Morton J.

Feinberg, Sachs

Feinberg, Samuel B.

Feinstein, Abraham

Feinstein, Mattie

Feinstein, Shirley

Feld, Max

Feld, Tilly

Felder, Henrietta Lawn

Felder, Mandel

Feldman, Albert

Feldman, Benjamin

Feldman, Goldie

Feldman, Norman

Feldman, Sarah B.

Feldstein, Anna

Feldstein, Edith

Feldstein, Harry

Feldstein, Kate

Feldstein, Pearl

Feldstein, Sam

Felhandler, Fanny

Felhandler, Morris

Fiekass (?), baby

Fields, John

Fiewles, Rose

Fiewles, Sarah B.

Fiewles, Simon H.

Fiewles, Woelva I.

Finck, Anne G.

Finck, Dorothy

Finck, Robert M.

Fine, Anna

Fine, Ida

Fine, Jeanette

Fine, Louis

Fine, Nathan

Fine, Rose

Fine, Samuel

Fineman, Abraham G.

Fineman, Chaye Sarah

Fineman, Florence

Fineman, Julius J.

Fineman, Mandel

Fingerhut, Bess

Fingerhut, Jack

Fingerman, David Louis

Finkelstein, Alexander

Finkelstein, Allan L.

Finkelstein, Benjamin A.

Finkelstein, Dorothy P.

Finkelstein, Eileen I.

Finkelstein, Esther

Finkelstein, Frances

Finkelstein, Hyme

Finkelstein, Israel

Finkelstein, Jennie

Finkelstein, Mary

Finkelstein, Mary

Finkelstein, Maurice J.

Finkelstein, Max

Finkelstein, Peter L.

Finkelstein, Phillip W.

Finkelstein, Rose Becky

Finkelstein, Ruth

Finkelstein, Samuel David

Finkelstein, Sidney H.

Fischbein, Dina Burgin

Fischbein, Fanny

Fischbein, Freda

Fischbein, Hymen H.

Fischbein, Jack

Fischbein, Lenore Levitch

Fischbein, Mary

Fischbein, Maurice

Fischbein, Sam

Fischbein, Sarah

Fischbein, Theodore J.

Fish, Joseph

Fish, Sarah

Fishbein, Isaac


Fisher, David

Fisher, Edith S.

Fisher, Esther Rivelle

Fisher, Florence

Fisher, Frank

Fisher, Melvin

Fisher, Minnie I.

Fisher, Toby

Fishhaut, Lester B.

Fishman, Edith Bergman

Fiterman, Bertha Phillips

Fiterman, Oscar R.

Fiterman, Phillip L.

Fiterman, Sarah L.

Flatt, Lena R.

Flatt, Philip

Flaum, Harry

Flaum, Sarah Jackson

Fleischman, David Louis

Fleisher, Benjamin T.

Fleisher, Bessie

Fleisher, Fanny

Fleisher, Gertrude

Fleisher, Louis

Fleisher, Max

Fleisher, Sam

Fleisher, Samuel

Fleisher, Sarah G.

Fleisher, Yetta

Fliegel, Zelda Gandell Berman

Fligelman, Shirley Lasken

Flum, Delores

Flum, Harry

Flum, Jeanette

Flum, Rose

Flum, Ted

Frailich, Deesa

Frailish, Harold W.

Frank, Benjamin L.

Frank, Fanny

Frank, Genevieve

Frank, Jack

Frank, Libby S.

Frank, Ralph

Frank, Rose

Frankel, Harry

Frankman, Harry

Frankman, Phyllis

Frederick, Burton L.

Fredrick, Samuel

Fredrick, Zlata


Freed, Freeda

Freed, Lawrence J.

Freed, Mendel

Freed, Rosabel

Freed, Samuel Morris

Freedland, Anna

Freedland, Jacob

Freedman, Charles

Freedman, Selig

Freidson, Allen

Freidson, Eileen D.

Freidson, Herman

Freidson, Irene Reichert

Freidson, Jennie

Freidson, Louis W.

Freidson, Miriam Deborah

Freidson, Ruth

Freier, Maccabee

Freilich, Ben

Freilich, Ida

Freinstein (?), Etta B. (?)

Fridlyand, Moisey

Fridlyand, Semyon

Friedemann, Elsa

Friedland, Arnold I.

Friedman (?), Ida B.

Friedman, Alice

Friedman, Alter

Friedman, Beatrice

Friedman, Benjamin

Friedman, Bessie

Friedman, Celia

Friedman, Edith

Friedman, Fanny

Friedman, George S.

Friedman, George Samuel

Friedman, Harriett

Friedman, Helen D.

Friedman, Hymie

Friedman, Ida F.

Friedman, Israel

Friedman, Jacob

Friedman, Jennie

Friedman, Kate

Friedman, Louis

Friedman, Louis B.

Friedman, Louis F.

Friedman, Mary

Friedman, Molly

Friedman, Peril

Friedman, Robert S.

Friedman, Rosa

Friedman, Samuel

Friedman, Zavel

Friend, Oscar J.

Friend, Ruby G.

Frindell, Adolph J.

Frindell, Alexander

Frindell, Dena

Frindell, Hyman


Frisch (?), ?

Frisch (?), ?

Frisch, Bess

Frisch, Irving M.

Frisch, J. Joseph

Frisch, Leonard

Frisch, Lillian J. “Billie”

Frisch, Louis S.

Frisch, Rosalind

Frisch, Sarah

Frisch, William T.

Frolichman, Dora B.

Frolichman, Max

Fruen, Leonard

Fruen, Morris D.

Fruen, Renee R.

Fruit, Abraham

Fruit, Clara (Alte)

Fryer, Harry E.

Fryer, Irene S.

Fryer, Irving

Fryer, Sarah

Frymet, Rachel

Fuhr, Alex Elias

Fuhr, Marjorie

Furbstein, ?

Gale, Leonard

Gale, Natalie R.

Galeyeva, Klara

Galeyeva, Ludmila

Galeyeva, Ludmila

Galinson, Abe

Galinson, Anna

Galinson, Harry

Galinson, Kay June

Galinson, Louis

Galinson, Louis David

Galinson, Molly Mabel

Galinson, Morris

Galkina, Liya

Gallob, Max

Gallob, Sarah R.

Gandel (?), Joseph (?)

Gandel (??, Rose

Gandel, Sarah

Garbe?, ?rotha A.

Garber, Celia

Garber, Daniel

Garber, Esther

Garber, Eva

Garber, Isaac

Garber, Jennie D.

Garber, Samuel

Garber, T.

Garden, Elizabeth Ann

Garden, Martin L.

Gardner, Deborah

Gardner, Nancy

Garetz, Molly

Garetz, Sarah

Garetz, Wolf

Garfinkle, Rose

Garvis, Marvin S.

Garvis, Sarah L.

Gavren, Ben

Gavren, Harry

Gavren, Yehudis B.

Gelb, Anna

Gelb, Ethel Raychil

Gelb, Julius

Gelb, Samuel

Gelbein, Bernard

Gelbein, Sophie

Gelfer, Benny

Geller, Jack N.

Geller, Joseph

Geller, Lillian D.

Gendler, Harry

Gendler, Sylvia

Gensler, Arthur H.

Gensler, Charlotte

Gensler, Elliott S.

Gensler, Harry

Gensler, Leib

Gensler, Mendel

Gensler, Oscar

Gensler, Reisel

Gensler, Ruthie

Gepner, Irving H.

Gerb, Bessie

Gerb, Julius

Gerb, Louis

German, Esther

Gerombe, Sam

Gerombe, Sarah

Gershenovitz, Fannie

Gershenovitz, Joseph

Gershin (?), Abraham I.

Gershin (?), Chia Ethel

Gershin (?), Joseph

Gershin (?), Mollie

Gershin, Emma Samet

Gershin, Jeanette

Gershin, Louis A.

Gershin, Milton

Gershon, Libby H.


Gerstein, Joseph

Gertz, Yvette R.

Gess, Charles

Gess, Rose

Getzkin, Clara

Getzkin, David

Getzkin, Leon

Geyfman, Gitel

Geyfman, Mikhail

Gilbert, Abraham B.

Gilbert, Dorothy Lee

Gilbert, Ethel

Gilbert, Ida S.

Gilbert, Irving

Gilbert, Libbie

Gilbert, Maurice

Gilbert, Samuel (?) H.

Gilbert, Sophie (Sura) Hodroff

Gilfix, Matthew E.

Gill, Danuel

Gill, Fannie

Gill, Harriet C.

Gill, Irving

Gill, Lazarus

Gill, Rose

Gill, Samuel

Gill, Sarah

Gill, Udel

Gill, Udell J.

Giller, Anna

Giller, Ephriam S.

Giller, Helen

Giller, Jacob

Giller, Morris

Gillman, Celia

Gillman, Max

Gilman, Alice F.

Gilman, Ida G.

Ginsber, Marion

Ginsberg, Adolph A.

Ginsberg, Benjamin

Ginsberg, Esther B.

Ginsberg, Flora

Ginsberg, Ika

Ginsberg, Jake

Ginsberg, Louis

Ginsberg, Meyer

Ginsberg, Pearl

Ginsberg, Sarah

Ginsburg, Abraham H.

Ginsburg, Edith Jane

Girsch, Benjamin

Gisovski, Malke

Gitelis, Delores E.

Gitelis, Jack H.

Gitis, Adolph

Gitis, Goldie

Gitis, Pincus

Gitlin, Abraham

Gitlin, Sara

Gittelson, Isaac A.

Gittelson, Max

Gittelson, Morris (Moe)

Gittelson, Rebecca

Gittelson, Richard James

Gittlewitch, Hyman

Gittlewitch, Rose Marie

Glance, Ralph David

Glasser, Miriam

Glasser, Shirley

Glick, Jeannette B. Gould

Glotter, Herman

Glotter, Joseph

Glotter, Sidney

Gold, Lillian Lea

Gold, Ormie

Gold, Phillip

Gold, Sadie

Gold, Vicki R.



Goldberg, ?

Goldberg, Abraham

Goldberg, Abraham

Goldberg, Adelle

Goldberg, Albert A.

Goldberg, Anna

Goldberg, Anna

Goldberg, Anna

Goldberg, Ben

Goldberg, Bertha

Goldberg, Daniel

Goldberg, Dora

Goldberg, Dorothy “Dora”

Goldberg, Esther

Goldberg, Etta (?) Hinda

Goldberg, Frieda

Goldberg, Goldie

Goldberg, Henry N.

Goldberg, Ida

Goldberg, Israel

Goldberg, Jacob

Goldberg, Jacob

Goldberg, Jacob L.

Goldberg, Julius Joe

Goldberg, Leah E.

Goldberg, Liba

Goldberg, Loraine

Goldberg, Marion O.

Goldberg, Maurice

Goldberg, Max

Goldberg, Max W.

Goldberg, Melvin B.

Goldberg, Meyer

Goldberg, Minnie

Goldberg, Moses L.

Goldberg, Nathan

Goldberg, Nathaniel

Goldberg, Rachel E.

Goldberg, Raleigh Zane

Goldberg, Rebecca

Goldberg, Rebecca

Goldberg, Sam

Goldberg, Sarah

Goldberg, Saul

Goldberg, Selda

Goldberg, Shirley Sarah

Goldberg, Simon

Goldberg, Sophia

Goldblum, Anna B.

Goldblum, David K.

Goldblum, Hanna

Goldblum, Jacob

Goldblum, Kivy

Golden, Abraham

Golden, Arnold

Golden, David

Golden, Edwin

Golden, Hesse

Golden, Lou D.

Golden, Mary

Golden, Maurice

Golden, Michael

Golden, Minnie Esther

Golden, Sam

Goldfarb, Claire Latts

Goldfarb, Clara

Goldfield, Jean

Goldfus, Alex B.

Goldfus, Anna

Goldfus, Donald

Goldfus, Harry

Goldfus, Joseph

Goldfus, Sam

Goldfus, Sarah

Goldhammer, Esther

Goldhammer, Joseph

Goldhammer, Sarah

Goldhirsch, Ralph S.

Goldie (?), ? Shapiro

Goldie (?), ?ry S.

Goldie, Ann L.

Goldie, John A.

Goldie, Louis E.

Goldie, Michael R.

Goldie, Reba

Goldman (?), Morris

Goldman, Abe

Goldman, Albert

Goldman, Ann R.

Goldman, Anna Dalin

Goldman, Betty

Goldman, Celia

Goldman, Celia

Goldman, Edith

Goldman, Eleanor

Goldman, Florence

Goldman, Gizella

Goldman, Nathan

Goldman, Rose Barzon

Goldman, Samuel

Goldman, Samuel

Goldman, Stanley S.

Goldman, William

Goldsman, Sarah

Goldson, Eleanor

Goldson, Goldie

Goldson, Philip

Goldstein (?), Harry

Goldstein, Anna

Goldstein, Annie

Goldstein, Belle Caplan

Goldstein, Ben

Goldstein, Bernard I.

Goldstein, Bess S.

Goldstein, Cecille T.

Goldstein, Celia

Goldstein, Elsie B.

Goldstein, Erwin Mitch

Goldstein, Irene Meyerson

Goldstein, James Stephen

Goldstein, Joseph

Goldstein, Julius S.

Goldstein, Lena

Goldstein, Louis

Goldstein, Louis

Goldstein, Melvin

Goldstein, Mitchell W.

Goldstein, Nathan A.

Goldstein, Pauline

Goldstein, Rachel

Goldstein, Rebecca

Goldstein, Samuel

Goldstein, Sarah

Goldstein, Sigmund

Goldstein, William

Goodman, Addie

Goodman, Anna

Goodman, Archie L.

Goodman, Bertha

Goodman, Dora

Goodman, Esther

Goodman, Florine S.

Goodman, Gladys

Goodman, Harry

Goodman, Harry

Goodman, Jacob

Goodman, Jean Beverly

Goodman, Jehuda Louis

Goodman, Joseph C.

Goodman, Liby

Goodman, Louis

Goodman, Louis

Goodman, Mandel

Goodman, Michael

Goodman, Minnie

Goodman, Morris

Goodman, Peter

Goodman, Rivan

Goodman, Sheldon Paul

Gootman, Charles

Gootman, Dora

Gordon, Abraham

Gordon, Abraham S.

Gordon, Albert I.

Gordon, Belle

Gordon, Ben

Gordon, David

Gordon, David T.

Gordon, Dorothy D.

Gordon, Etta M.

Gordon, Hymen S.

Gordon, Ida

Gordon, Ida

Gordon, Lee

Gordon, Lena

Gordon, Marion

Gordon, Marvin

Gordon, Maurice

Gordon, Moses

Gordon, Sam

Gordon, Selma

Gordon, Sylvia

Gordon, Theresa

Gorelik, Iosif

Goren, Abraham I.

Goren, Bessie

Goren, Julius

Goren, Lues

Goren, Zatta (Schwartz)

Gorssman, Abraham

Goss, Abe

Goss, Jerahmiel

Goss, Tube

Gottstein, Ida

Gottstein, Leland E.

Gottstein, Mary Berg

Gottstein, Nathan

Gottstein, Rose

Gottstein, Sarah Yocheved

Gottstein, Sol

Gould Esther Gensler

Gould, Jacob

Gould, Joseph Goerge

Gould, Rosa

Gouterman, Moses

Grabscheid, Henry

Graf, Ada

Graf, Saul

Grais, Arthur

Grais, Fanny

Grais, Joseph

Grais, Molly

Grais, Mordecai

Grais, Morris

Gram, Eva

Gram, Herman



Green, Chas. S.

Green, Frank

Green, Harry H.

Green, Mark H.

Green, Sol

Greenberg (?), Ben

Greenberg, Arnold

Greenberg, Bella

Greenberg, Celia

Greenberg, David

Greenberg, Fannie

Greenberg, Harold L.

Greenberg, Herman

Greenberg, Jacob C.

Greenberg, Jennie

Greenberg, June F.

Greenberg, Leah

Greenberg, Louis

Greenberg, Manuel A.

Greenberg, Matthew F.

Greenberg, Mattis

Greenberg, Rebecca

Greenberg, Rebecca

Greenberg, Ruth B.

Greenberg, Solomon D.

Greenberg, Tillie

Greenberg, William

Greenfield, Irving S.

Greenfield, Yale Michael

Greenstein, Howard

Greenstein, Joseph S.

Greenstein, Rosabell

Greenstein, Samuel Hershel

Greenstein, Sarah Fanny

Greenwald, Gisella

Greenwald, Martis S.

Grinspan, David

Grinspan, Etta Frada


Grodnic, Nesse Rebecka

Grodnick, Albert

Grodnick, Anna

Grodnick, Esther

Grodnick, Etta

Grodnick, George

Grodnick, Henrietta

Grodnick, Max

Grodnick, Mayer

Grodnick, Michael S.

Grodnick, Mikesem

Grodnick, Molly

Grodnick, Sylvan

Grodnik, Charles

Grodnik, Jacob

Grodnik, Lillian (?) Muier


Groll, Rachel

Groll, Sirach

Gronick, Bernard D.

Gronick, Ethel N.

Gross, Charles L.

Gross, Israel

Gross, Jay

Gross, Mary

Gross, Morris L.

Gross, Shifro

Gross, Toby

Grossman, Anita D.

Grossman, Anna

Grossman, Anna E.

Grossman, Charles

Grossman, Ernest

Grossman, Gussie

Grossman, Harry

Grossman, Harry J.

Grossman, Lena Dworsky

Grossman, Luba

Grossman, Michael

Grossman, Phyllis G.

Grossman, Seymour

Grosz, Ana

Grosz, Miklos

Grouse, ?

Grouse, Aleck

Grouse, Goldie

Grouse, Joseph

Grouse, Lorraine

Grouse, Louis

Grouse, Saul

Groza, John

Gruenberg, Helen

Gruesner, Gladys

Gruesner, Ida

Gruesner, Jacob

Gruesner, Marcella B.

Gruesner, Paul A.


Gurevich, Arkadiy

Gurstel, Carol Sue Finkelstein

Gustafson, Rochelle G.

Haas, ?nie

Haas, David

Hallfin, Eva

Hallfin, Joe

Hallfin, Marshall M.

Halperin, Harry

Halpern, Hyman

Halpern, Ida

Halter, Rose Marie

Hamburger, Manny C.

Handler, Morris

Hanna, Stella Grodnick

Harer, Amy Ann

Haroonian, Solyman


Harris (?), mother

Harris, Aaron L.

Harris, Abe

Harris, Arthur

Harris, Assna

Harris, Charles E.

Harris, Dora Betty

Harris, Edith

Harris, Ella Coplin

Harris, Ellis

Harris, father

Harris, Frances

Harris, Hannah

Harris, Herman P.

Harris, Ida S.

Harris, Jacob

Harris, Jennie

Harris, Louis S.

Harris, Marks

Harris, Max

Harris, Max A.

Harris, Mollie

Harris, Norman

Harris, Robert William

Harris, Robert William

Harris, Sadabelle

Harris, Samuel

Harris, Samuel H.

Harris, Sarah

Harris, Sarah Ethel

Harris, Sarah G.

Harris, Sarah M.

Harris, Sidney L.

Harris, Stanley

Harris, William

Harshbarger, Ayrev Davis

Hartman, Celia

Hartman, Harold D.

Hartman, Harold D.

Hartman, Sarah L.

Haskell, Abraham I.

Haskell, Harry B.

Haskell, Jacob Max

Haskell, Louis

Haskell, Moses

Haskell, Nathan

Haskell, Samuel R.

Haskell, Sara

Haskell, Sarah

Haskell, Sophie M.

Haspel, Jacob

Haspel, Lea

Haspel, Philip

Haveson, Bernice Ida

Haveson, Hannah G.

Haveson, Harry

Haveson, Joseph

Haveson, Samuel

Haveson, Sophia

Haydnet, Ceila

Haydnet, Morris

Hecht, Ethel P.

Hecht, Eva

Hecht, Jack

Hecht, Leone

Hecht, Louis

Hecht, Samuel

Heiligman, Froimy


Heims, Hyman

Heims, Rosalind

Held, Orel

Held, Regina Haspel

Held, Samuel

Held, Saul Z.

Held, Simon


Heller, Aneta

Heller, Anna

Heller, Elick

Heller, Emma Naomi

Heller, Gisela H.

Heller, Henia Beila

Heller, I.

Hellman, Helen

Hellman, Joseph

Hellman, Martin J.

Hendler, Rebecca

Herman, Abraham B.

Herman, Alene “Winky”

Herman, George C.

Herman, Kotchy

Herman, Lauri Ann

Herman, Lena Lee

Herman, Mendal

Herman, Minnie F.

Herman, Moses

Herman, Rebecca

Herman, Rose S.

Herman, Sarah R.

Herman, Ziff

Hersch, Golda

Hersch, Ida

Hersch, Louis

Hersch, Samuel

Herscovitz, Rachel

Hersk, Edward W.

Hersk, Gertrude

Herskovitz, Gizella

Herskovitz, Sophia

Herskvitz, Abraham I.

Herskvitz, Devorah Leah

Herstein, David

Herstein, Morton S.

Herstein, Sophie

Hervitz, Joseph

Herwitz (?), Louise

Herwitz, Harry

Herwitz, Irving

Herwitz, Sophie

Hesselson, J.P.

Hestrin, Boris (?)

Hestrin, Dorothy

Hestrin, Felix

Hestrin, Paul H.

Hill (?), ?

Hill (?), Caen

Hillman (?), ?

Hillman, Abel

Hillman, baby

Hillman, Ben

Hillman, David

Hillman, David Steven

Hillman, Esther

Hillman, Joseph

Hillman, Marie Lillian

Hillman, Mary

Hillman, Morris S.

Hillman, Rae

Hillman, Sarah

Hillman, Sidney S.

Hillman, Sylvia B.

Himmelstein, ?

Himmelstein, Ethel

Hinitz – Jungman, Eva

Hinitz, Abraham J.

Hinitz, Bessie

Hinitz, Gerald J.

Hinitz, Nathan A.

Hintz, David

Hirsch, Abraham J.

Hirsch, Ida E.


Hirschfield, ?

Hirschfield, Anna

Hixon, Anna Rocher

Hobocejeukar (?), Xaba

Hodroff, Abe A.

Hodroff, Anna

Hodroff, Anna

Hodroff, Bertha

Hodroff, Joel

Hodroff, Lena

Hodroff, Louis

Hodroff, Nathan

Hodroff, William

Hodroff, William A.

Hoffman, Benjamin

Hoffman, Celia

Hoffman, Dena D.

Hoffman, Elliott B.

Hoffman, Fannie (?)

Hoffman, Fanny

Hoffman, Gertrude

Hoffman, Harriet L.

Hoffman, Harry

Hoffman, Isaac

Hoffman, Isadore Max

Hoffman, Joseph

Hoffman, M.D.

Hoffman, Meyer

Hoffman, Ruth

Hoffman, Sam S.

Hoffman, Sophia

Hoffman, Ussie

Holfeltz, Goldie

Holland, Minnie Bee

Holman, Benjamin

Holman, Hattie B.

Honig, Dolly

Honig, Joseph

Honig, William

Hontz, Anna

Hontz, Joseph

Hork, Betty

Hork, Dorothy

Hork, Ettamay

Hork, Ischai M.

Hork, Leonard S.

Hork, Marvin

Hork, Moe

Hork, Molly Fleisher

Hork, Phillip

Hork, Reeva

Hork, Rivka

Hork, Rose

Horkan, Ida Chapman

Horne (?), Elizabeth

Horne (?), Max

Horne, Ethel

Horowitz, Mary L.

Horowitz, Reisel

Horwitz, Bess R.

Horwitz, Edith

Horwitz, Harry S.

Horwitz, Henry

Horwitz, Janice D.

Horwitz, Morris L.

Horwitz, Rose

Horwitz, Sam

Hunter, Alec Israel

Hunter, Esther

Hurwitz, Hyman

Hurwitz, Rebecca


Hyatt, Ben

Hyatt, Charles

Hyatt, Julia

Hyatt, Mary

Hyatt, Maurice

Hyatt, Mollye

Hyatt, Sheldon

Hyman, Anna

Hyman, Louis

Hyman, Max S.

Hyman, Sidney

Hymanson, David

Hymanson, Jacob

Hymanson, Rebecca

Idelkope, Lillian

Idelkope, Maurice G.

Idelkope, Nathan Ted

Idelkope, Sam

Idelkope, Sarah

Ingber, Himie “Hy”

Ioffe, Abraham

Isaacs, Abraham

Isaacs, Blume R.

Isaacs, Etta

Isaacs, Harry

Isaacs, Marcia

Isaacs, Rosey

Isaacs, Sadie

Isaacson, Gary G.

Isenberg, Marian P.

Isenberg, Monroe M.

Iskowitz, Hyman

Itzkowitz, Nathan

Jackson, Jennie B.

Jackson, Max

Jackson, Rosa

Jackson, Rose Z.


Jacobs, Anna

Jacobs, Arthur N.

Jacobs, David

Jacobs, Emilia

Jacobs, Florence G.

Jacobs, Ida

Jacobs, Morris

Jacobs, Phillip

Jacobs, Tillie

Jacobson, Anna M.

Jacobson, Jacob

Jacobson, Jennie

Janovitz, Harry

Janovitz, Pearl

Jasselowitz, Louis

Jasselowitz, Toba Basa

Johnson, Dorothy Rose

Johnson, Fritzie Hodroff

Johnson, Kenneth N.

Johnson, Peggy

Johnson, Rose Resnick

Johnson, Sheldon S.

Jonas, Herbert

Jones, Bella

Jones, Bernard

Joselwitz, Moses

Joselwitz, Sarah

Joseph, Susie

Josephson, Clara

Josewich, Anna

Josewitch, Esther Georgia

Josewitch, Joseph

Josewitch, Pauline

Josewitch, Tina

Joss, Louis M.

Joss, Sadye K.

Judelowitz, Gertrude

Judelowitz, Jacob

Judelowitz, Robert

Judelowitz, Sarah

Juhl, Eva

Juhl, Henry O.

Juhl, Jacob

Juhl, Leo H.

Juhl, Sarah

Juran, Gertrude

Juran, Jacob

Juran, Nathan H.

Jurek, Marcella

Jurow, Lena

Kadesky, Anna G.

Kadesky, Annie S.

Kadesky, Harry A.

Kadesky, Joseph W.

Kadesky, Martin G.

Kadesky, Myer

Kafitz, Elizabeth

Kafitz, Morris

Kagin, Eva

Kagin, Gerald M.

Kagin, Samuel S.

Kagonoff, Esther

Kagonoff, Morris

Kahm, Sidney

Kahn, Abe

Kahn, baby

Kahn, Ben

Kahn, Bessie Idell

Kahn, Frank M.

Kahn, Gertrude

Kahn, Harry

Kahn, Ida Mary

Kahn, Mary Louise

Kahn, Max

Kahn, Samuel

Kahn, Samuel

Kalimian, H.

Kalmanson, Jacob

Kamenir, Ida

Kamenir, Moisey

Kamenir, Riva

Kamens, I. Edward

Kamens, Sally

Kaminsky, Felix

Kaminsky, Regina

Kanner, Celia

Kanter, Alex

Kanter, Brana

Kanter, Elias

Kanter, Emma

Kanter, Fania

Kanter, Hirsh

Kanter, Leonard

Kanter, Mary

Kanter, Meyer

Kanter, Minnie

Kanter, Wolf

Kantor, Robert

Kapelovitz, Ethel Rose

Kapelovitz, Ignace


Kaplan, Abraham Abbe

Kaplan, Abraham Jacob

Kaplan, Alex

Kaplan, Anna

Kaplan, Anne W.

Kaplan, Annie I.

Kaplan, Barney

Kaplan, Ben

Kaplan, Bessie

Kaplan, Bessie

Kaplan, Blanche G.

Kaplan, Charles H.

Kaplan, David

Kaplan, David Hyman

Kaplan, Dora

Kaplan, Dora

Kaplan, Dorothy Evelyn

Kaplan, Esther

Kaplan, Esther

Kaplan, Esther Broude

Kaplan, Etta

Kaplan, Eva

Kaplan, Eva Cherna

Kaplan, Florence

Kaplan, Goldie R.

Kaplan, Hannah

Kaplan, Harold

Kaplan, Harriet B.

Kaplan, Harry

Kaplan, Harry G.

Kaplan, Hattie

Kaplan, Henry

Kaplan, Henry H.

Kaplan, Hyme

Kaplan, Ida

Kaplan, Irving

Kaplan, Isaac

Kaplan, Isadore

Kaplan, J. Jacob

Kaplan, Jacob M.

Kaplan, Jacob S.

Kaplan, Jacob Samuel

Kaplan, Joseph

Kaplan, Judith

Kaplan, Lazarus

Kaplan, Leon

Kaplan, Leon L.

Kaplan, Lillian G.

Kaplan, Louis M.

Kaplan, Mary

Kaplan, Max

Kaplan, Max

Kaplan, Max J.

Kaplan, Meyer

Kaplan, Minnie

Kaplan, Moses

Kaplan, Moses J.

Kaplan, Naomi

Kaplan, Rachel

Kaplan, Rebecca Victoria

Kaplan, Rose

Kaplan, Rose

Kaplan, Rose

Kaplan, Rose

Kaplan, Rose B.

Kaplan, Ruth

Kaplan, Sada

Kaplan, Salig

Kaplan, Sam

Kaplan, Samuel

Kaplan, Samuel I.

Kaplan, Sarah

Kaplan, Seeman

Kaplan, Sophie K.

Kaplan, Thomas M.

Kaplan, Thomas Samuel

Kaplan, Toby

Kaplan, Yetta

Kapustyanskiy, Isaak

Karatz, Celia

Karatz, Max

Karch, Charlotte I.

Karch, Milton

Karlen, Aaron

Karlen, Charlotte H.

Karlen, Ida

Karlien, Irene J.

Karlinsky, Jacob A.

Karlinsky, Lillian

Karon, Eva H.

Karon, Isadore E.

Karon, James

Karon, Maurice

Karon, Melvin L.

Karon, Sherman

Karon, Sophie

Karp, Hannah

Karp, Morris

Karpel, Ida

Karsner, Becky M.

Karsner, Ruth

Kase, Benjamin K.

Kassler, David

Kassler, Harry P.

Kassler, Sarah C.

Kastenbaum, Abraham

Kastenbaum, Nomi Berman

Kaswen, Nathan

Kaswen, Rose

Katz, Abe

Katz, Abraham

Katz, Alec

Katz, Ann

Katz, Anna Levinson

Katz, Benjamin

Katz, Bessie

Katz, Bessie

Katz, Burnie

Katz, David

Katz, Dora

Katz, Harry G.

Katz, Harry M.

Katz, Herman

Katz, Hyman

Katz, Hyman

Katz, Hyman B.

Katz, Ida

Katz, Ida

Katz, Ida

Katz, Ida

Katz, Jacob

Katz, Jacob Arye

Katz, Jesse R.

Katz, Julius R.

Katz, Leah

Katz, Lena

Katz, Max

Katz, Phillip

Katz, Sam

Katz, Sam E.

Katz, Sharon

Katz, Solomon

Katz, Sophie R.

Katz, Tillie

Katz, Timothy A.

Katzman, Joseph

Katzman, Molly

Katzman, Morris

Katzman, Sarah


Kaufman, ?

Kaufman, Arthur E.

Kaufman, Avner

Kaufman, Bessie

Kaufman, Clara

Kaufman, David H.

Kaufman, Eva

Kaufman, Fanny

Kaufman, Jack J.

Kaufman, Jennie

Kaufman, Joseph

Kaufman, Mayer I.

Kaufman, Moses

Kaufman, Rose M.

Kaufman, Sarah L.

Kay, Ida S.

Kay, Samuel

Kayser, Pearl

Kelber, Gitil

Kelbert, Rose

Kelm, Estelle D.

Kelman, Dorothy Fay

Kelman, Sidney

Kelner, Dora

Kelner, Lucille Shirley

Kelner, Mark Scott

Kelner, Philip J.

Kelner, Robert

Kelner, Samuel

Kennis, Charles L.

Kennis, David E.

Kennis, Norma

Kennis, Sophie

Kern, Esther

Kerner, Joseph

Keswin, Dora

Keswin, Jacob

Keswin, Joyce

Keswin, Maurice

Keswin, Minnie

Khaves, Chaie H.

Khazankin, David

Khesin, David

Khesin, Lubov

Kibort, Hinda

Kibort, Kalman

Kibort, Leo

Kibort, Sara P.

Kieffer (?), ? Feinberg

Kieffer (?), Charles (?) O.

Kiperstin, Frank

Kiperstin, Rosalie

Kipperman, Jake

Kiressh, S. Meyer

Kirschbaum, Abraham Joseph

Kirschbaum, Benjamin

Kirschbaum, Elizabeth

Kirschbaum, Ether

Kirschbaum, Harry

Kirschbaum, Louis

Kirschbaum, Pauline

Kirschbaum, Pauline “Polly”

Kirschner, Ann

Kirschner, Dora

Kirschner, Hyman

Kirschner, Mary

Kirschner, Milton M.

Kirschner, Norman B.

Kirschner, Raphael H.

Kirshbaum, H.W.

Kirshbaum, Jacob

Kirshbaum, Minnie

Kitsis, Bessie

Kitsis, Faye

Kitsis, Florence Sara

Kitsis, Louis

Kitsis, Maurice N.

Kitsis, Nathan

Kitsis, Sam

Kitsis, Sonia

Kitsis, Sophia

Kitsis, William M.

Kitzler, Rosa

Klassel, Hattie

Klassel, Joseph D.

Kleiman, Abraham M.

Klein, Hannelore Nora

Klein, Herbert

Klein, Jeffrey B.

Klein, Manfred Heinz

Klein, Ruth

Kleinbaum, Anna

Kleinbaum, Dina

Kleinbaum, Elaine

Kleinbaum, Harry

Kleinbaum, Leo

Kleinbaum, Maurice

Kleineman, Edythe Ginsberg

Kleineman, Ethel Sills

Kliffer, Julius

Kliffer, Susie

Kliman, Abraham

Kliman, Sarah

Klugman, Agnes B.

Klugman, Doris

Klugman, Dorothy

Klugman, Fannie D.

Klugman, Herman

Klugman, Hinda

Klugman, Ida

Klugman, Joseph M,

Klugman, Louis M.

Klugman, Matilda

Klugman, Maurice

Klugman, Mollie

Klugman, Sam

Knight, Mollie

Kohen, baby boy

Kohen, baby girl

Kohler, Ida

Kohler, Oscar

Kohn (?), Helen

Kohn, Max

Kolewsky, Bessie

Kolewsky, Hillel

Kollins, Ann

Kollins, Lorelei Joye

Kollins, Saul

Kool, Frieda

Kool, Leonard

Kopansky, Ida

Kopansky, Lillian

Kopansky, Sam

Kopelman, Philip

Kopman (?), Louis

Kopman, Annie (?)

Korenberg, Zesal

Korengold, Ida

Korengold, Isaac

Korengold, Libby

Korengold, Morris

Korengold, Stanley Burton

Korengold, Theodore

Koretsky, Hudil

Kossof, Anna

Kotz, James J.

Kotz, Sybil P.

Koval, Ben “Banes”

Koval, Lena

Koval, Libby I.

Koval, Sam

Koval, Steven H.


Kovensky, Max

Kozberg, Lena

Kozberg, Max A.

Kraft, Sarah

Kramer, Rose

Krane, Bessie

Krane, David I.

Krane, Harry A.

Krane, Rhea B.

Krane, Rose B.


Kranitsky, Frank

Kranitsky, Mary Eva

Kranitsky, Max

Kranitzk, David

Kranitzky, David

Kranitzky, Louis

Kranitzky, Sarah

Krasnik, Josef

Krasnik, Rosa

Krass, Jacob


Kreger, Ida

Kreger, Sam

Kreiman, Jennie S.

Krelitz, Benjamin H.

Krelitz, Cecil A.

Krelitz, Pearl G.

Krelitz, Philip James

Krelitz, Rae M.

Krichevsky, Moses J.

Krichevsky, Naphtoley Hertz Ban Judah

Krichevsky, Shifrah Bas Benuman

Krishef, Rose

Krishef, Sally L.

Krishef, Solomon

Kritchevsky, Abraham

Kroll, Janet Frisch

Kroll, Victor T.

Kronengold, Henry

Kronengold, Joseph

Kronengold, Molly

Kronengold, Rebecca (Betty)

Kronengold, Rose

Kronfeld, Sarah

Kronfeld, Theodore

Kronic, Esther F.

Kronick, Dorothy

Kronick, Hyman

Kronick, Leo Mandel

Kronick, Revalene Wilensky

Kronick, Samuel H.

Kropman, Louis

Kropman, Shula Bupsie

Krugman, Vilyan

Krukinsky, Julius

Krupp, Faye N.

Krupp, Orry E.

Krutzkopf, Samuel

Kudysh, Yefim

Kulikofsky, William

Kuller, Benjamin

Kuller, Rebecca

Kunowsky, Louis

Kushmarak, Abe

Kushner, Genia

Label, Esther R.

Labelle, Charles

Labelle, Mollie

Labovich, Harriet Sarah

Labovich, William Morris

Labovitz, Ben

Labovitz, David

Labovitz, Esther

Labovitz, Esther H.

Labovitz, Nessie

Labovitz, Samuel

Labovitz, Sarah

Labovitz, Sarah

Labovitz, Simon Harry

Lamperd, Sam

Landman, David Joseph

Landy, David H.

Landy, Donald (Dudy)

Landy, Esther

Landy, Florence

Lane, Elizabeth Anne

Lane, Isadore

Lane, Robert S.

Lane, Sarah R.

Lang, Rose

Lange, Ethel Schochet

Lapetnikova, Alla

Laserowitz, Simon

Laserwitz, Baila

Lasken, May

Lasky, Arnold

Lasky, Elayne

Lasky, Jennie

Lasky, Lillian

Lasky, Lipshie

Lasky, Samuel

Latts, Elliot M.

Latz, Ella

Latz, Hyman

Latz, Jacob

Latz, Jennie

Latz, Simon

Lavine, Louis

Lavine, Louis

Lavine, Mollie

Lavintman, Myrl Warschauer

Lawn, Harold J.

Lawn, Ida

Lawn, Israel M.

Lawn, Louis

Lawton, Leona Beck

Lawton, Robert L.

Lazar, Belle

Lazar, Hessie

Lazar, Liba

Lazar, Nathan

Lazar, Simon

Lazarus, Maurice I.

Lazarus, Rose

Lazer, Nathan Harry

Lazer, Rachel Molly

Lazerine, baby boy

Lazerine, Beulah

Lazerine, Elsie

Lazerine, Hyman

Lazerine, Ida F.

Lazerine, Marvin

Lazerine, Morris F.

Lazerine, Nathan J.

Lazerine, Richard H.

Lazerowitz, Ben

Lazerowitz, Meyer

Lazerowitz, Minnie

Lazerowitz, Rae R.

Lazerowitz, Sam H.

Leader, Jack

Leader, Jessie

Leader, Rebecca

Leader, Solomon

Lebow, Estelle B.

Lebow, Harry H.

Lebowitz, Abraham

Lebowitz, Morris

Lebowske, Aaron

Lebowske, Fanny

Lebowske, Florence

Lebowske, Joseph Arthur

Lebowsky, Joseph

Lebowsky, Katherine

Lebowsky, Olga

Lebrecht, Regina

Lederfine, Beverly H.

Lee, Bernard D.

Leiderman, Annie

Leiderman, Jennie

Leiderman, Maurice M.

Leiderman, Reuben “Ruby”

Leiderman, Rose

Leiderman, Walter

Leiderman, Wolf

Lemish, Jacob

Lemish, Sarah

Len?, Merrian

Lent, Rosella Mae

Leonard, Anna G.

Leonard, Samuel

Levant, Esther

Levee, Edward

Levee, Irving

Levee, Joseph

Levee, Olga

Levens, Harry Benjamin

Levens, Ida Judith

Levens, Leo L.

Levenson, Erwin

Levenson, Erwin

Levenson, Esther

Levenson, Isaac

Levenson, Jay D.

Levenson, Sharon C.


Levin (?), ?

Levin, A.

Levin, Abraham

Levin, Albert

Levin, Alex

Levin, Bessie

Levin, Bette

Levin, David

Levin, David S.

Levin, Edward I.

Levin, Fannie

Levin, Fannie

Levin, Frances A.

Levin, H.

Levin, Harlai R.

Levin, Harry

Levin, Isaac

Levin, Isaac

Levin, Israel

Levin, Jenny

Levin, Julius

Levin, Lazerus B.

Levin, Leo L.

Levin, Louis

Levin, M. Sarah Reva

Levin, Mae

Levin, Margaret Dorothy

Levin, Max

Levin, Max

Levin, Max

Levin, Meyer

Levin, Mollie

Levin, Rose

Levin, Sam

Levin, Samuel

Levin, Samuel David

Levin, Sarah

Levin, Sarah

Levin, Sarah

Levin, Sidney

Levin, Solomon I.

Levin, Tennie B.

Levin, Zalman

Levin, Zippeh

Levine, Abraham

Levine, Abraham Jacob

Levine, Daubert Joseph

Levine, Harry

Levinsky, David

Levinsky, Masah


Levinson, Ada Borklin

Levinson, Bessie

Levinson, Charles P.

Levinson, Esther

Levinson, Golde

Levinson, Harry L.

Levinson, Jessie

Levinson, Nathan

Levinson, Rochel G.

Levinson, Simon

Levinson, Sylvia

Levitan, Benjamin M.

Levitan, David

Levitan, Ethel

Levitan, Mayer

Levitan, Rachel H.

Levitan, Sylvan

Levitch (?), Louis (?) H.

Levitch, Harry

Levitch, Sarah

Leviton, Bernard

Leviton, Bertha

Leviton, Harry

Leviton, Joseph

Leviton, Max S.

Leviton, Nettie G.

Leviton, Reesa

Leviton, Yacha E.

Levitt, Abraham

Levitt, Celia

Levitt, Lola

Levitt, Morris

Levitt, Robert

Levitt, Rose

Levy (?), Abraham R.

Levy (?), Bailey Betty

Levy (?), Rose S.

Levy (?), Sam

Levy, Anna

Levy, Hannah R.

Levy, Ida

Levy, Louis

Levy, Mary

Levy, Meyer B.

Levy, Morris

Levy, Philip

Levy, Rebecca

Levy, Samuel

Levy, Szekiel M.

Lewis, baby girl

Lewis, Jack

Lewis, Julia

Lewis, Sophie

Lewis, Temma Rebecca

Libo, Bessy

Libo, Nathan

Libson, Anita

Libson, David Ira

Libson, Isadore J.

Libson, Lillian

Libson, Lilly

Libson, Mary E.

Libson, Oren

Libson, Sam

Lichtblau, Roberta Lynn

Lieberman, Albert

Lieberman, Dave H.

Lieberman, Dorothy

Lieberman, Dudley Monroe

Lieberman, E. Harvey

Lieberman, Henry L.

Lieberman, Ida

Lieberman, Myron

Lieberman, Sandra J.

Lieberman-Hardin, Helen Rhea

Liebgot, Florence

Liebgot, John

Lifshin, Bertha

Lifshitz, Eva

Lifshitz, Gruna

Lifshitz, Jack

Lifshitz, Zundel

Lifshutz, Rachel

Lifson, Anna

Lifson, Benjamin

Lifson, Dorothy

Lifson, Gretchen Z.

Lifson, Harry

Lifson, Jennie

Lifson, Joseph

Lifson, Lena

LIfson, Louis

Lifson, Max

LIfson, Morris

Lifson, Myear

Lifson, Nathan

Lifson, Oscar

Lifson, Rita

Lifson, Russell R.

Lifson, Ruth

Lifson, Sam L.

Lifson, Sophie

Lifson, Sophie

Lifton, Minnie

Lightstone, Fern R.

Lightstone, Harlan L.

Lightstone, Israel G.

Lightstone, Jeanette

Lightstone, Sam

LIghtstone, Sarah

Lipkin, Edith

Lipkin, Meyer A.

Lipman, M.B.

Lipman, Phillip

Lipman, Sarah

Lippa, Cecilie

Lippa, Harvey

Lippa, Melanie

Lippa, Walter

Lippman, ?

Lippman, Aria Shalit

Lippman, Henry

Lippman, Katie Shalit

Lippman, Laby Shalit

Lippman, Milton James

Lippman, Moshe M.

Lippman, Rose

Lippman, Sidney Shalii

Lisovsky, Henrietta

Lisovsky, Mary

Lisovsky, William

Liss, Isaac

Liss, Jacob

Liss, Mamie

Liss, Mary

Liss, Sadie

Liszt, Esther

Liszt, Lawrence “Papa Label”

Liszt, Maxine “Googie”

Liszt, Melvin Sherman

Liszt, Morris


Litowitz, Ellis

Litowitz, Ida

Litowsky, Louis

Lobofsky, Allen

Locker, Regina

Locketz, Bessie

Locketz, Charlotte M.

Locketz, Ethyl

Locketz, Eva

Locketz, Harry B.

Locketz, Jacob S.

Locketz, Jacob S.

Locketz, Joel

Locketz, Joseph D.

Locketz, Louis

Locketz, Morris

Locketz, Nellie K.

Locketz, Rebecca Lee

Lomkin, Minnie

Lomkin, Samuel

London, ?chel

London, Adolph

London, Anna

London, Benjamin L.

London, Chaia

London, Charles

London, Gertruce

London, Gus

London, Helen

London, Herman

London, Maurice

London, Rebecca

London, Sam

London, Sam

London, Samuel J.

London, Sarah

London, Susan Wolfenson

Londy, Ben

Londy, Bertha

Long, Harry J.

Loria, Albert

Loss, Dena Ada

Loss, Lena

Loss, Saul Aaron

Lott, Clarice

Lott, Isadore S.

Lott, Leha

Lott, Max Joseph

Lowenthal, Archie

Lowenthal, Ethel Rose

Lowenthal, Ida

Lowenthal, Moses

Lowenthal, Nathan

Lowenthal, Nechame Gittel

Lubet, Max

Lubetsky, Philip

Lubov, Harvey Allen

Lubov, Shirley Harris

Lucasen, Jeanne Ida

Lumel, Harriet

Lumel, William

Lumelsky, Anna F.

Lumelsky, Bernard

Lumelsky, Rose

Lumelsky, Samuel

Lunche, Hymen

Lunche, Jack T.

Lunche, Sarah

Lunche, Simon H.

Lundy, David

Lundy, Goldie

Lundy, Philip

Lurie, Celia

Lurie, Joseph

Lurie, Joseph

Lurie, Leon

Lurie, Mary

Lutsky, Bella

Lutsky, Sarah

Lutsky, Simon

Lynder, Arnold

Lyons, Bernard

Mabel, Rose

Machov, Bessie

Machov, David

Madigan, Charlotte

Mahov, Keiva

Maisel, Marian

Maisel, Nathan

Maisel, Sarah R.

Malin, Gitl

Malinskaya, Roza

Malkin, Sarah R.

Mandal, Jacob

Mandel, Abraham H.

Mandel, Eta

Mandel, Ida

Mandel, J. Meyer

Mandel, Minnie

Mandelstam, Ida

Mandelstam, Jennie

Mandelstam, Max

Mandelstam, Ted

Manes, Goldie

Manes, Victor

Manhein, Bessie

Mankoff, Bertram

Mankoff, David

Mankoff, Melvin

Mankoff, Rose

Mankoff, Serene

Mann, Benjamin

Mann, Margaret

Mann, Marvin

Maranc, Mary Katz

Marcovitz, Bertha

Marcovitz, Howard

Marcovitz, William L.


Marcus, ?

Marcus, Abraham

Marcus, Anna

Marcus, Anna (?)

Marcus, Bessie

Marcus, Della

Marcus, Edith

Marcus, Edith R.

Marcus, Etta

Marcus, Eunice

Marcus, Jacob

Marcus, Jennie

Marcus, Julius

Marcus, Louis

Marcus, Louis E.

Marcus, Max

Marcus, Mendel

Marcus, Rose Dworsky

Marcus, Samuel A.

Marcus, Sarah

Marcus, Sidney H.

Marcus, Sophie B.

Marcus, Sylvia

Margolis, Berka

Margolis, Harry

Margolis, Ida

Margolis, Jacob

Margolis, Lena

Margolis, Lena

Margolis, Rose

Margolis, Rose Kolinsky

Margolis, Sam

Margulies, Eva

Margulies, Marco

Margulies, Russell A.


Mark, Annette

Mark, Chaian Inbe

Mark, Charles

Mark, Gale M.

Mark, Samuel L.

Mark, Sarah

Mark, Sylvia

Marker (?), father

Marker (?), three burials

Marker, ?

Marker, Harry

Marker, Max

Marks, Sadie

Markus, Harry

Markus, Joseph

Markus, Lilyan

Markus, Molly H.

Markus, Peter H.

Markus, Zally

Masler, Betty

Masler, Rose

Maslon, Ida

Maslon, Joseph

Maslon, Libby Krane

Mattison, Janice Finkelstein

Maurice, Philip A.

May, Abraham

May, Rose

May, Saul

Mayer, Sally Blatt

Maynard, Sophia Barnett

Mazur, Abraham

Mazur, Harry H.

Mazur, Joseph

Mazur, Lippman

Mazur, Louis B.

Mazur, Maxwell

Mazur, Sarah

McKnight, Jack

Meirovitz, Abraham David

Meirovitz, Hyme

Meirovitz, Leah

Meirovitz, Sadie

Mell, Herman

Mell, Jennie E.

Meltzer, Celia F.

Meltzer, Israel

Meltzer, Louis E.

Mendelson, Jennie

Mendelson, Sarah B.

Mersky, Clara Lato

Mersky, Dave

Mersky, Fanny

Mersky, Louis

Mersky, mother (?)

Mersky, William S.

Meyer, Ira C.

Meyers, Anna

Meyers, Barnard

Meyers, Bernard L. “Bob”

Meyers, Carl H.

Meyers, Carla

Meyers, Harold

Meyers, Idell Warner

Meyers, Jonas

Meyers, Margaret Harris

Meyers, Meyer Louis

Meyers, Sophie Libby

Meyerson, Meyer G.

Meyerson, Rose

Michael, Alex

Michel, Anna

Michel, Henrieta

Michel, Samuel David

Michinsky, Dora


Micklin, Harvey

Micklin, Joseph

Micklin, Shirley

Miles, Gerald

Milkes, Francis G.

Miller (?), ?

Miller (?), Jennie (?)

Miller, ?

Miller, Abraham (?) A.

Miller, Adith

Miller, Annie

Miller, Barnett

Miller, Benjamin

Miller, Charles W.

Miller, Edith

Miller, Eleanore

Miller, Esther F.

Miller, Fanny

Miller, Gertrude

Miller, Gladys Davis

Miller, Harry H.

Miller, Hyman S.

Miller, Hyme H.

Miller, Israel

Miller, Joann Rochelle

Miller, Joseph

Miller, Larry G.

Miller, Lillian Ravich

Miller, Linda

Miller, Mary Fefferman

Miller, Mollie

Miller, Morris M.

Miller, Robert B.

Miller, Roszika

Miller, Rudolph W.

Miller, Sam

Miller, Samuel G.

Miller, Samuel S.

Miller, Sarah

Miller, Stanley Philip

Milsk, Frieda A.

Mindlin, Jack

Mindlin, Rose

Mindlin, Sam

Mindlin, Samuel L.

Mindlin, Sarah

Minsker, Lena

Minsker, Max

Minsky, David

Minsky, Eva

Minsky, Jennie

Minsky, Samuel J.

Miriam, Minnie

Mogol, Edythe Peyser

Molochnaya, Dina

Moore, Bella Dworsky



Moorvitch, Hyam

Moorvitch, Max

Moorvitch, Shana

Moorvitz, Rose

Moorvitz, Yale

Morhaim, Jenni M.

Morris, Bertha

Morris, Betty

Morris, Julia

Morris, Leah

Morris, Louis D.

Morris, Ruth

Morris, Samuel M.

Morris, Solomon

Moscowitz, Etta

Moscowitz, Mendel


Moses, ? E.

Moses, Anne

Moses, Ben

Moses, Leonard Wilk

Moses, Max J.

Moses, Meyer

Moses, Philip F.

Moses, Sarah

Moskovitz, Lena

Moskovitz, Morris

Moskowitz, Anna

Moskowitz, Benjamin

Moss, Anna

Moss, Bernard

Moss, Gladys

Moss, Harold G.

Moss, Joe G.

Moss, Leo A.

Moss, Max

Moss, Nathan M.

Moss, Samuel

Moss, Theresa

Moss, Winifred Sholkoff


Mowschowitz, Hedwig

Mozofsky, Edith

Mozofsky, Maurice

Muller, Malca

Muller, Meyer

Murphy, Sally L.

Muscoplat, Leonard

Muscoplat, Martin

Muscoplat, Sam

Muscoplat, Sarah

Myers, Burton Ira

Myers, David

Myers, Edith L.

Myers, Fannie

Myers, Harry

Myers, Leah

Myers, Saul M.

Myers, William

Myers, Zola

Nadler, Bernard

Nadler, Shirley Mae

Naftalin, Bertha Davis

Naftalin, Esther

Naftalin, Harold H.

Naftalin, Marian C.

Naftalin, Max M.

Naftalin, Tobias

Nahamkin, Bess

Nahamkin, Joseph

Nash, Joseph

Nathanson (?), Benjamin

Nathanson, Benjamin L.

Nathanson, Cauley T.

Nathanson, Clarice R.

Nathanson, Donald Paul

Nathanson, Evelyn

Nathanson, Florence

Nathanson, Frances L.

Nathanson, Harold

Nathanson, Hilda

Nathanson, Ida J.

Nathanson, Joseph

Nathanson, Louis

Nathanson, Milton

Nathanson, Moe Z.

Nathanson, Paul B.

Nathanson, Rose

Nathenson (?), ?hryn

Nathenson, Perry Jack

Nathenson, Rose Aliber

Neiman, Lillian

Neimark, Celia B.

Neimark, Helman I.

Nerenberg, Sidney

Neumann, Henry

Newberg, baby

Newberg, Charna

Newberg, David G.

Newberg, Dorothy H.

Newberg, Harold Baer

Newberg, Isaac

Newberg, Jeannette

Newberg, Pearl D.

Newman, Gertrude German

Newman, Lena Charlotte

Newman, Max Johannes

Newman, Morris Aaron

Ney, Maurice


Noodleman, Rose “Ovie”

Noosinow, Max

Novitz, Hinde Sack

Nowling, Anita Ann

Nowling, Barbara Arnold

Nowling, Jacob

Nowling, Rebecca

Nurik, Rebeca

Nyman, H.

Odessky, Rose

Oleisky, Jennie

Olenick, Max

Olesky, Abe S.

Olesky, Bailey

Olesky, Benjamin N.

Olesky, Charles

Olesky, Dana L.

Olesky, Danielle M.

Olesky, Jack

Olesky, Max H.

Olesky, Rose

Olesky, Rymal

Olesky, Sarah

Olshanezky, J.M.

Olson, baby girl

Olstein, David W.

Orman, Albert

Orman, Jamie Blane

Orman, son

Ormyan, Abraham

Ormyan, Israel

Ormyan, Lena

Ormyan, Marion

Orr, Florence B.

Osren, Myer

Osrin, Ida

Osrin, Sifra

Ossery, Isadore

Ossery, Sophie

Ostrin, Albert

Ostrin, Bernice

Ostrin, Clayton

Ostrin, Ella

Ostrin, Lily Livon

Ostrin, Lloyd

Ostrin, Mary

Ostrin, Richard

Ostrow, Allan

Ostrow, David

Ostrow, Elizabeth

Ostrow, Ida

Overbach, Bessie

Overbach, Louis J.

Overbach, Mildred G.

Overbach, Rose

Overbach, Samuel

Oxman, Emily

Oxman, Fred

Oxman, Laura

Oxman, Leo

Oxman, Ruth Gilbert

Pa?, Louis

Paleyov, Matla

Papermaster, Marjorie

Papermaster, Ralph

Parcker, Mollie

Parker, Morris

Parker, Rose

Paskoff, Edward R.

Pateck, Joseph

Patterson, Etta B.

Patterson, Eva

Patterson, Rachel

Paul, Alice

Paul, Ann

Paul, Ann M.

Paul, Barney A.

Paul, Edith C.

Paul, Hymie (Hi)

Paykov, Isaak

Pearl, Ida

Pearl, T.

Pellman, Blanche Berman

Perel, Israel

Perelman, Polina

Perelman, Yakov

Perling, Mary Barry



Perlman, Meyer

Perlman, Samuel

Permut, Herman G.

Permut, Sally

Persten, Annette

Persten, Jack

Peskina, Yevgenya

Peters, Abram L.

Peters, Gertrude K.

Peyser, Estelle

Peyser, Hyman

Peyser, Sarah

Phillips, Ann

Phillips, Anne L.

Phillips, Benjamin

Phillips, Bessie

Phillips, Dora

Phillips, Edward

Phillips, Ethel

Phillips, father

Phillips, Florence

Phillips, Frederick Irving

Phillips, Goldie

Phillips, Harry

Phillips, Hubert H.

Phillips, Ida Rose

Phillips, Jake

Phillips, Jay

Phillips, Joe

Phillips, John

Phillips, Louis

Phillips, Mollie

Phillips, Rose

Phillips, Rose

Phillips, Rose

Phillips, Rose Ebin

Phillips, Sam

Phillips, Sam

Phillips, Sol

Picker, Solomon

Picus, Eva

Pieser, Richard I.

Pieser, Sara

Pikovsky, Esther Bella

Pikovsky, Eugene

Pikovsky, Hyman

Pikovsky, Lucille T.

Pink, Anna

Pink, Mark Randall

Pink, Max

Pink, Scott I.

Pius, Evelyn

Pius, Hattie

Pius, Louis

Pius, Milton Phillip

Platnick, Kate L.

Platnick, Leo

Platnick, Ruth Pearl

Platnick, Stanley L.

Pliam, Bette

Pliam, Harry G.

Pliam, Michael B.

Pliam, Sonia

Plitman, Florine Hurwitz

Plotnick, Albert (Obbie)

Plotnick, Bella

Plotnick, Francine May

Plotnick, Louis

Plotnick, Raleigh

Plotnick, Rose

Plotnick, Sadie

Plotnick, Samuel

Pocher, Esther

Polikoff, Julius James

Polikoff, June Udyce

Polikoff, Marc David

Politinsky, Dorothy

Politinsky, Harry

Politinsky, Henry

Politinsky, Ida

Politinsky, Louis

Politinsky, Max

Politinsky, Rebecca

Pollack, David

Pollack, Fannie E.

Pollack, Harry

Polotnikov, Ruth L.

Polson, Milton Irving

Polson, Nathan

Polson, Susie

Polyak, Aron

Polyak, Maria

Polyakova, Gisya

Pomeranc, Isaac

Pomish, Carl

Pomish, Shirley


Potek, David M.

Potek, Irving

Potek, Yenta

Potek-Zeff, Lillian

Poziski, Clarles

Prass, David

Prass, Honey Ann

Prass, Joseph

Prass, Miriam

Prass, Myron

Prass, William

Prell, Jacob

Prell, Sarah

Premack, Abraham

Premack, Albert M.

Premack, Anna

Premack, Bess

Premack, Fan

Premack, Ida

Premack, Jacob D.

Premack, Jean D.

Premack, Jennie R.

Premack, Leonard B.

Premack, Sophie

Premack, Udell

Prenski, Meyer

Press, Louis

Press, Rose Lee

Pressman, Bertha

Pressman, Estelle

Pressman, Joan

Pressmen, Morris

Preston, Anna

Preston, George

Price, Nettie Strimling

Priesman, Mollie Z.

Priesman, Solomon

Prisman, Molly

Prisman, Pauline

Proman, Tybie

Rabinovitz, Rachel

Rabinowit, Sprinze

Rabinowitz, David

Rabinowitz, Gersohn

Rabinowitz, Hannah

Rabinowitz, Ida

Rabinowitz, Jacob

Rabinowitz, Mendal

Rabinowitz, Michla

Rabinowitz, Mille

Rabutnik, Henry

Rabutnik, Jessie

Rachel, Fannie

Rackner, Ada

Rackner, Benjamin A.

Rackner, Beverly

Rackner, Beverly Jean

Rackner, Freda

Rackner, Isaac

Rackner, Leah B.

Rackner, Morris

Radin, Harry

Radin, Ida

Radin, Jacob

Radinowitz, Moses

Radomyselskaya, Mariya

Raigh, M.M.

Rakov, Anne E.

Rakov, Max L.

Rank, Ida Kirschbaum

Rapaport, Harry

Rapoport, Abraham

Rapoport, Ben H.

Rapoport, Felix

Rapoport, Fradel

Rapoport, Harris A.

Rapoport, Harry

Rapoport, Ida

Rapoport, Lena

Rapoport, Molly Rose

Rapoport, Mrs. J.F.

Rapoport, Nathan

Rapoport, Nathan Y.

Rapoport, Pearl

Rapoport, Rose

Rapoport, Sam

Rapoport, Sam

Rappaport, S.M.

Rappoport, Charlotte

Rappoport, Harry L.

Rappoport, Stanley J.

Ravine, Jeannette

Reich, Beatrice

Reich, David J.

Reich, Ned

Reichert, Anna

Reichert, Bessie

Reichert, Harry

Reichert, Hymen

Reichert, Maurice

Reichstein, Eduard

Rein, Edward

Rein, Esther

Rein, Irvin D.

Rein, Lewis S.

Rein, Moses

Rein, Selma

Rein, Zelda

Remer, Gertrude

Remer, Samuel H.

Remer, Sarah Rachel

Resnick, Anna

Resnick, Barnet

Resnick, Phillip Stanley

Ressen (?), ?es

Ressen, Harry

Ressen, Helene

Ressen, Mary

Ressen, Morris

Ressen, Sarah

Ribnick, ?

Ribnick, Gertrude`

Ribnick, Helen

Ribnick, Julius

Ribnick, Moses A.

Rice, Louis

Rice, Wilma

Rich, Fanny

Rich, Harry

Rich, Helen

Rich, Maurice


Richman, Ida Sarah

Richman, Max

Richman, Morris

Richman, Sam

Richman, Sarah

Richter, Fannie F.

Richter, Florence

Richter, George Lewis

Richter, Harold H.

Richter, Harriet Esther

Richter, Lawrence A.

Richter, Mary

Richter, Mollie

Richter, Murray

Richter, Pearl S.

Richter, Sam

Richter, Samuel

Richter, William

Rifkin, Lena

Rifkin, Louis

Rifkin, Mary Frindell

Ring, Edythe S.

Ring, Victor L.

Ripstein Family, Harriet

Ritt, Maxine Charlotte

Ritt, Michael


Rivkin, Ann F.

Rivkin, Avis Larraine

Rivkin, Benjamin

Rivkin, Bertha

Rivkin, Ethel

Rivkin, Harry

Rivkin, Harry

Rivkin, Harry B.

Rivkin, Hiah S.

Rivkin, Hymen

Rivkin, Isaac Simon

Rivkin, Jacob

Rivkin, Julius

Rivkin, Lena

Rivkin, Lena

Rivkin, Mary

Rivkin, Max

Rivkin, Nathan

Rivkin, Pearl S.

Rivkin, Rebecca

Rivkin, Reva

Rivkin, Sidney

Rivkin, Sophia L.

Robbins, Abraham G.

Robbins, Max

Robbins, Mollie

Roberts, Bessie

Roberts, Clara

Roberts, Hillel

Roberts, Joseph

Roberts, Sidney H.

Roberts, Tiba

Robinow, Celia

Robinow, Eli

Robinson, Benjamin M.

Robinson, Ida

Rodich, Anna

Rodich, Clarles

Rogin, Dina

Rogin, Harry G.

Roloff, Cory

Rose (?), Beatrice

Rose, Abraham David

Rose, Arnold H.

Rose, Ben

Rose, David

Rose, Esther

Rose, Evelyn A.

Rose, Harry L.

Rose, Ida Fay

Rose, Ione Goodman

Rose, Jack

Rose, Joseph S.

Rose, Lois Aileen

Rose, Lois B.

Rose, Maurice

Rose, Max M.

Rose, Muriel F.

Rose, Sam

Rose, Samuel

Rose, Samuel C.

Rose, Solly W.

Rose, Sylvia

Rose, Taube

Roseman, Lillian

Roseman, Louis Nathan

Roseman, Max

Roseman, Rose

Rosen, Abraham

Rosen, Anna L.

Rosen, Bertha

Rosen, Bessie R.

Rosen, Clara

Rosen, Earl

Rosen, Ella

Rosen, Esther London

Rosen, Faith L.

Rosen, Goldie

Rosen, Hyman

Rosen, Ida R.

Rosen, Jacob

Rosen, Jacob (John)

Rosen, Jacob J.

Rosen, Lena

Rosen, Louis

Rosen, Marion

Rosen, Minnie

Rosen, Samuel

Rosen, Sheree Mae

Rosen, William

Rosenbaum, Abe

Rosenbaum, Annie

Rosenbaum, Hy A.

Rosenbaum, Louis

Rosenbaum, Rose

Rosenbaum, Sam



Rosenberg, Anna

Rosenberg, Arthur

Rosenberg, Benjamin

Rosenberg, Chaim

Rosenberg, Etta

Rosenberg, Gertrude

Rosenberg, Harris

Rosenberg, Hy

Rosenberg, Isaac

Rosenberg, Jacob

Rosenberg, Jacob

Rosenberg, Jacob

Rosenberg, Jean

Rosenberg, Joseph B.

Rosenberg, Louis A.

Rosenberg, Mollie

Rosenberg, Rose

Rosenberg, Sarah Kaner

Rosenberg, Selia Dora

Rosenberg, Sophia

Rosenberg, William

Rosenblatt, Hyme

Rosenblatt, Ida

Rosenblatt, Ruth

Rosenblatt, Sarah Eidla

Rosenbloom, Dora

Rosenbloom, Jacob

Rosenbluth, Harry

Rosenfeld, Ilona

Rosenfeld, Jacob

Rosenfeld, Mendel

Rosenfield, Arnold

Rosenfield, Bertha

Rosenfield, Charles

Rosenfield, Jacob

Rosenfield, Mollie

Rosenthal, Joseph H.

Rosenthal, Marie B.

Rosenthal, Regina

Rosenthal, Sam

Rosenzweig, Paul

Rosin, Bertha F.

Rosin, William

Rosoff, Golda L.

Rosoff, Harold S.

Rosoff, Hattie

Rosoff, Isabelle P.

Rosoff, Rose

Rosoff, Samuel J.

Ross, Mrs. D.

Rossman, Abe

Rossman, Esther

Rossman, Harold Milton

Roston, Barbara Ann

Roston, Ruth E.

Roth, Leo

Rothenberg, Edythe J.

Rothenberg, Elias

Rothenberg, Rebecca

Rothstein, ?

Rothstein, ?ordecai Joseph

Rothstein, baby boy

Rothstein, Goldie

Rovell, Tillie Saeks

Rovelsky, Leon

Rovner, Anatoliy

Royce, Lily

Royce, Sam

Rozen, Sonya

Rubenstein, Charles

Rubenstein, David

Rubenstein, Fannie

Rubenstein, Ida

Rubenstein, Isadore

Rubenstein, Louis

Rubenstein, Sarah

Rubenstein, Seeman

Rubenstein, Sheldon B.

Rubin, Arthur B.

Rubin, Minnie

Rubin, Rosalie

Rubinowitz, Bennie

Rubinowitz, Fanny

Rubinsteiun, Roman

Rublinetskiy, Yakov

Rude, Jean

Rudnick, Rebekah

Rudolph, Alexander T.

Rudolph, Isadore

Rudolph, Jennie

Rudolph, Jerome Howard

Runge, Margret M.

Rutleder, Anna Deborah

Rutman, Burton

Sa?, T.

Sabes, Al

Sabes, Dolly

Sabes, Fritzie

Sabes, Hank

Sabes, Jack

Sabes, Libbie

Sabes, Rose


Sabesewitz, Abraham

Sabesewitz, Anna Rochel

Sabesewitz, Charles

Sabesewitz, Eva

Sabesewitz, Natha

Sabesewitz, Rose

Sabesewitz, Tillie

Sabesewitz, William

Sabeswitz, Ethel

Sabeswitz, Ida

Sabeswitz, Irving

Sabeswitz, Meyer

Sachs, Bessie

Sachs, Herman

Sachs, Jacob L.

Sackter, Sam

Sadoff, Charlotte M.

Sadoff, Irvin N.

Saeks, Charles

Safro, George

Safro, Joseph

Safro, Sophia

Sagel, Etta R.

Sagel, Harry

Sagel, Reuben L.

Sagel, Samuel

Sakalovich, Faina

Sakalovich, Mikhail

Saldoff, Louis N.

Saldoff, Sarah D.

Saldofski, father

Saldofski, mother

Salinsky, Ben

Saliterman, Max

Saliterman, Sylvia

Salloway, William N.

Samsky, Abraham

Samsky, Bessie C.

Samsky, Dorothy

Samsky, Esther A.

Samsky, Joseph

Samsky, Morton

Samsky, Samuel B.

Samsky, Vivian

Samuel, Rasalie

Sandek, Max

Sanders, Sam

Sanel, Sadie

Sannel, Hinde

Sannel, Joseph

Sannel, Nellie

Sannell, Jacob

Sapero, Joseph I.

Sapero, Lillian M.

Sapoznikova, Riva

Satre, Elsie Strimling

Savidusky, Tillie

Savidusky, William

Savin, Celia

Savrin, Gordon

Savrin, Sarah

Saxe, Isaac

Saxe, Mary

Saxe, Sara R.

Sayer, Pal Clara

Schaffer, baby girl

Schaffer, Hattie

Schanfeld, Isadore

Schanfield, Rose

Schear, Dennis

Schear, Jack H.

Schear, Sylvia

Scheekman, Sarah

Scheffman, Anna

Scheffman, Benjamin

Scheffman, Morris

Schiff, Eudice

Schiff, Isadore

Schiff, Katherin

Schiff, Morris

Schiff, Nachim S.

Schiftan, Adolf

Schiftzn, Paula

Schlacter, Hessel

Schlacter, Rachel M.

Schlasinger, Cory David

Schlasinger, Larry S.