Oak Hill Cemetery

5901 Lyndale Avenue South

Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota

T028N – R24W, Section 22



The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Hennepin County, Minnesota – South Minneapolis and Bloomington,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the www.lulu.com website. 


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This cemetery is located at the intersection of 59th Street and Lyndale Avenue South in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  This cemetery is maintained and in good shape.  If you plan to visit this cemetery, please note that the cemetery is fenced and locked from some of the evening through the next day’s morning. 


This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2008.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2008



?, Adelyn

?, brother

?, Geraldine

?, Joanne Mari

?, Judy Ann

?, Leona

?, lists both Edward L. Walsh and Sidney C. McNeal

?, Tillie K.

?, William

?esterber, Marie

?oorman, ?ssell R.

A., EM

A., JS

Aaron, Betty Jo

Aase, Valtinsen

Abbott, David Lawrence

Abbott, Georgia

Abbott, Timothy James

Abington, Arthur J.

Abington, Gladys L.

Abner, Laverne B.

Abrams, Charles Wesley

Abrams, Marietta

Abrams, Mary D.

Acevedo, Reniel

Ackerblade, Alvilda

Ackland, Keith S.

Adams – Mann, Joann

Adams, Byron

Adams, Conrad J.

Adams, Edna A.

Adams, Lois B.

Adams, Walter

Addison, Nickey L.

Addison, Ruth E.

Adler, Ann

Adler, John

Admasu, Bethel

Adric?, Ruth Hoel

Aguiler, Elizabeth A.

Ahlbrecht, Hannah

Ahlgren, Aleck

Ahlgren, Sophia B.

Albeen, Anna M.

Albeen, Axel T.

Albeen, Herman

Alberty, Irene M.

Alberty, Joseph J.

Albrech, Fred J.

Albrecht (?), ?

Albrecht (?), ?

Albrecht (?), Arthur H.

Alden, Alfreida

Alden, Harriet Forbes

Alden, Harry M.

Alden, Herbert Claire

Alderson, Carrie M.

Alderson, Matilda A.

Alderson, Wm.

Alexander, Gloria D.

Alexander, Michelle A.

Alford, Theodore

Alger, Kenneth E.

Allen, ? (Posssmith ?)

Allen, Fredrick D.

Allen, Helen C.

Allen, John W.

Allen, Lorene

Allen, Martae J.

Allford, William Eugen

Allington, Ella W.

Almlie, Velma Davenport

Alstad, Carl G.

Alstad, Dagny B.

Alvord, Laila Day

Alwin, baby boy

Alwin, Barbara J.

Alwin, Cora A.

Alwin, Derick C.

Alwin, Lloyd E.

Alwin, Mardelle

Amidon, Lulu M.

Amidon, Perry N.

Amo, Theresa

Amundson, Ella O.

Anacker, Katherine H.

Andersen, Anker R.

Andersen, Bertha E.

Andersen, Christine

Andersen, Della

Andersen, Frode

Andersen, Ole

Anderso?, ?ctor F.

Anderson (?), ?

Anderson (?), Anders (?) G.

Anderson (?), Arthur R.

Anderson (?), James

Anderson (?), Jennie L.

Anderson (?), Marie

Anderson, ?rriam S.

Anderson, Abel G.

Anderson, Alan J.

Anderson, Albert (?)

Anderson, Alice C.

Anderson, Alice C.

Anderson, Allan O.

Anderson, Amelia

Anderson, Andrew

Anderson, Anna C.

Anderson, Anton

Anderson, Arnold L.

Anderson, C. Clifford

Anderson, Carl O.

Anderson, Carl O.

Anderson, Carol L.

Anderson, Carol Lynn

Anderson, Charles R.

Anderson, Coryl Ann

Anderson, Daniel O.

Anderson, Earl R.

Anderson, Einar W.

Anderson, Ella O.

Anderson, Florence

Anderson, Florence E.

Anderson, Genie J.

Anderson, Gladys G.

Anderson, Gladys M.

Anderson, Gordon L.

Anderson, Gudrun

Anderson, Gunborg

Anderson, Gust A.

Anderson, Harld V.

Anderson, Helen Marie

Anderson, Henner M.

Anderson, Ida

Anderson, Janette

Anderson, Jenevieve

Anderson, Jennie J.

Anderson, Jeremy Noah

Anderson, Johanna

Anderson, John E.

Anderson, John T.

Anderson, Joseph O.

Anderson, Julia

Anderson, Kenneth Leroy

Anderson, L. Justine

Anderson, Lawrence A.

Anderson, Lenore A.

Anderson, Lillian M.

Anderson, Lorraine G.

Anderson, Louisa I.

Anderson, Mae J.

Anderson, Margaret F.

Anderson, Marianne D.

Anderson, Mary

Anderson, Mary

Anderson, Mildred E.

Anderson, Minnie E.

Anderson, Mona E.

Anderson, Nils A.

Anderson, Ole A.

Anderson, Oscar I.

Anderson, Oscar W.

Anderson, Otto

Anderson, Otto J.

Anderson, Paul A.

Anderson, Peter

Anderson, Peter B.

Anderson, Ray

Anderson, Raymond

Anderson, Rebecca J.

Anderson, Reuben

Anderson, Rowena M.

Anderson, Roy L.

Anderson, Ruth B.

Andrada, Benigno U.

Andreasen, Barbara Jean

Andrews, Ernest

Andrews, Pluma B.

Andrews, William Roy

Andrusko, Michael R.

Angier, Winnifred

Angrimson, Agnes

Angrimson, Edna

Angrimson, Knut

Angrimson, Marvin

Anselmin, Daryn Lee

Antell, Donald W.

Antell, Frank J.

Appleby, Charles T.

Appleby, Rose C.

Archambault, Manuel

Archambault, Sheldon

Archibald, Myrtle (?) S.

Arenson, Luella C. Larson

Aris, Claire M.

Aris, Rutherford

Arkley (?), Stoney (?) J.

Arkley, Annie E.

Arklind, Rose Josephine

Armfiel (?), Luella S.

Armitage, Lenora A.

Armitage, Ruby J.

Armitage, Thompson S.

Armitage, Thompson S.

Armstrong, James M.

Arneson, Albert M.

Arneson, Jennie Amundson

Arriola, Benjamin G.

Arriola, Ofelia S.

Arthur, Anthony

Arthur, Emma

Ashcroft, Melissa D.

Ashford, Fred M.

Ashford, Lelia W.

Ashford, William H.

Ashland, Mary Viola

Ask, Orville H.

Astleford, Emma C.

Astleford, Emma C.

Astleford, Gerald W.

Astleford, Myrtle Lindahl

Astleford, Robert R.

Astleford, Robert R.

Astleford, Velma I.

Atkinson, Deloris B.

Atkinson, George A.

Atkinson, Hulda Lenora

Auga?, Elizabeth

Aupperle, Frederick A.

Aus, Irwin R.

Austin, David F.

Avary, Jimmie

Avenson, Luella

Avenson, Lyle

Avenson, Peter L.

Awes, Lavonne A.

Awes, Martin G.

Ayers, Leo O.

B?, Mathilde R.

Bachman, Arthur CH

Bachman, Arthur HJ

Bachman, Betsy D.

Bachman, Ellen C.

Bachman, Ernestine B.

Bachman, Frederick PW

Bachman, Helen A.

Bachman, Henry A.

Bachman, Henry CA

Bachman, Margit S.

Bachman, Marguerite C.

Bachman, Ralph W.

Bachmann, Marie E. Cornelius

Bachmann, Philipp

Backman, Alfred J.

Backman, Johanna

Bacon, Loraine M.

Bacon, Phillip S.

Bagley, Harriet M.

Bagley, Thomas

Bahar, Erol

Bailey, Ada M.

Bailey, Clara F.

Bailey, John A.

Bailey, John O.

Bailey, Louisa

Baillif (?), Carrie F.

Baillif (?), Charles

Baker, ? Day

Baker, Gertrude (?)

Baker, Helen D.

Baker, Laura Nelson

Baker, Sadie Helen

Baker, William RC

Bakkehaug, Inga

Bakkehaug, Oleiv

Baldw?, Irene

Ballentine, Doris E.

Bang, Christ

Bang, Gustav

Bankowski, Margaret Day

Barber, Odessia E.

Barber, Warren E.

Bares, Dorothy Louise

Barger, Evangeline Salzwedel

Barker, Barbara M.

Barker, Ezra A.

Barker, Helen M.

Barker, Robert A.

Barlow, Blanche E.

Barlow, Frank G.

Barnard, Judith Marie

Barnes, ?avis

Barnes, Anna H.

Barnes, Janet

Barnes, Joseph W>

Barnes, Phil S.

Barr, Alice

Barr, Charles

Barr, Grayce

Barr, Harry

Barrett, Everett A.

Barrett, Grace Levercom

Barrett, Lawrence E.

Barrett, Leola S.

Bartell, Albert F.

Bartell, Augusta C.

Bartell, Bueford D.

Bartholm, Ray

Bartholomew (?), Bennie P.

Bartholomew (?), father

Bartholomew (?), Frances E.

Bartholomew (?), mother

Bartholomew, B.

Bartholomew, Clara E.

Bartholomew, Clarence

Bartholomew, Edward P.

Bartholomew, Edward Phillip

Bartholomew, Ethel

Bartholomew, Fred

Bartholomew, Geo. W.

Bartholomew, John

Bartholomew, Katherine

Bartholomew, Marie M.

Bartholomew, Marion

Bartholomew, Mary

Bartholomew, Mary

Bartholomew, Mary

Bartholomew, Mattie B.

Bartholomew, Mattie Bell

Bartholomew, Riley L.

Bartholomew, Ross C.

Bartholomew, Selden

Bartholomew, Winfield

Bartholomew, Wm. H.

Bartlett, Helen S.

Bartley, Howard A.

Bartley, Vera V.

Bauer, Alb?

Bauer, Carl E.

Bauer, Edward J.

Bauer, Sarah Jane

Baumgartner, Florence

Baumgartner, Florence E.

Baumgartner, John

Baumgartner, Norman M.

Baumtrog, Cory Allan

Beach, Mary J.

Beaulieu, Louise

Beaver (?), ?nobel (?)

Beck, Elsie E.

Beckendorf, Elizabeth J.

Becker (?), Andrew

Becker (?), Anna M.

Becker (?), Eugeneia T.

Becker, Bertina

Becker, Michelle Renee

Becker, Wm. Lefty

Beckett, Will

Beers, Mollie A.

Behmer?, ?

Behnke, Elizabeth

Behnke, Fred W.

Behnke, Herman

Behnke, Martha E.

Behnke, Mary I.

Behnke, Olga V.

Behnke, William A.

Beissel, Bertram C.

Beissel, Edna E.

Beissel, Kenneth C.

Bell, Eva R.

Bell, Fred E.

Bell, Margaret A.

Bell, Nellie D.

Bell, William (?), D.

Belland, Leo

Bement, Myrtle Gladys

Bender, Raymond J.

Benedict, E. June

Benedict, Edythe

Benedict, George Robert

Benedict, Gerald E.

Benedict, Mary

Benedict, Mur

Bennett, Colette E.

Bennett, Susie AM

Benson (?), father

Benson (?), mother

Benson, ?

Benson, Anna C.

Benson, Barbara Lee

Benson, Bessie I.

Benson, Carl F.

Benson, Catherine

Benson, Fred C.

Benson, Leo N.

Benson, Mary

Benson, Oscar

Benson, Roy David

Benson, Tyre

Bentley, Heman V.

Bentley, Lydia Ann

Berg, Allen L.

Berg, Andrew

Berg, Arthur P.

Berg, Daniel

Berg, Gregory Paul

Berg, Lillian R.

Berg, Lloyd O.

Berg, Pearl

Berg, Ralph W.

Berg, Walter C.

Berg, Yvonne E.

Berg?, Ole E.

Berge, Lawrence

Berge, Lillian C.

Berge, Nellie J.

Berger, Mark Duane

Bergfalk, Ellen Frances

Berggen, ?lly C.

Berglund, ?

Berglund, Vernie

Bergman, Henry J.

Bergman, Olga E.

Bergquist, Alvina M.

Bergquist, Ida M.

Bergquist, Jennifer

Bergquist, Magnus A.

Bergquist, Miranda J.

Bergstrom (?), David J.

Bergwall, Jason M.

Berland, Helen E.

Berlin, Andrew

Berlin, Christin

Berndt, Bertha A.

Berndt, Emilie A.

Berndt, Gustav R.

Berndt, Helen I.

Bernstrom, infant son

Berray (?), Barbara

Berray (?), father

Berray (?), mother

Berray (?), William

Berray, Jimmy

Berray, Raymond John

Berrisford, Loretta Catherine

Berry, Maud M.

Berryman, Beatrice E.

Berryman, Z. Marie

Berthiaume, Mary L.

Berthilson, Daniel L.

Berthusen, Hjalmar

Berthusen, Karen

Beseman, Dervin D.

Beseman, Gertrude E.

Beseman, Otto C.

Besse, Harold

Betts, Harry E.

Betts, Jennie E.

Bettschart, Alphonse

Bey, Earl P.

Bible, Andrianna

Bible, John Thomas

Binder, Emily L.

Binder, Frank G.

Bingea, Marian L.

Bingea, Richard J.

Bingham, Alland B.

Birch, Kristi Ann Arneson

Bird, Alice Langton

Birdseye, Mortimer (?)

Bishir, Charles Timothy

Bishir, Dashawn Donta

Bishop, Thomas C.

Bjerke, Carlene K.

Bjerke, Lorraine A. (Motzko)

Bjerksett, Dorothy S.

Bjerksett, Herbert N.

Bjerksett, Norman

Bjerksett, Roger A.

Bjerksett, Ronald L.

Bjerksett, Sylvia E.

Bjork, Agnes B.

Bjork, Myrtle V.

Bjork, Otto A.

Bjorkman, Alva V.

Bjorkman, Carl E.

Bjorkman, Carol A.

Bjorkman, Edith V.

Black, Daniel

Black, Daniel

Black, Foster

Black, Jane

Black, John

Black, Julianna

Black, Mary E.

Blackbull, Bradford J.

Blaicher, Ivy G.

Blain, Anne M.

Blake – Rou?, Geneva L.

Blake, Elsie Irene

Blake, Guy Evan

Blanchard, Agnes L.

Blanchard, Clell D.

Blankholm, Harriet

Bleckner, Eileen B.

Blevins, Claud

Blida, Kosta

Bliss, Ann

Bliss, Henry

Bliss, William

Blom, Roy Miles

Blomberg, Harry A.

Blomberg, Linnea

Blomgren, Eldon D.

Blomgren, Helen N.

Blomgren, Leanard W.

Blomgren, Lillian G.

Blomquist, Anna C.

Blomquist, John

Blomquist, John L.

Bloo?, Fanny S.

Blood, Lucille F.

Blood, William

Bluford, Susan E.

Blum, Carl G.

Blum, Edith C.

Blum, Edward P.

Blum, Frances

Blum, Gladys E.

Blum, Glenice

Blum, Henry

Blum, Henry A.

Blum, Maria E.

Blum, Richard

Blum, William

Blumke, Leonard F.

Blumke, Malinda M.

Blumke, Marcia Ann

Bo?, Vernon J.

Bodeker, Marion L.

Bodeker, Richard L.

Bodene, Della W.

Boehm, Lina A.

Boehrnsen, Dora E.

Boehrnsen, Herman C.

Boeser, Gladys H.

Boeser, Harold C.

Bogren, Anna W.

Bogren, Esther

Bogren, Isaac M.

Bogren, Marguerite Rose

Bokovoy, Isabel

Boldt, Mary J.

Boldt, Robert W.

Bollier, Geo. F.

Bollier, Pauline

Bollier, Sara

Bolst?, ?andine

Bolstad, Oden A.

Bolstad, Selma

Bolstad, Tyman N.

Bonde, Mable

Bonde, Paul

Bonniwell, Erwin L.

Boone, Erica Lee

Boos, Fred L.

Booth, Katherine M.

Booth, Robert T.

Borer, Jackie W.

Borer?, ? W.

Borg, Erick

Borngesser (?), Leroy F.

Borseth, Michelle

Borsheid, Arnold

Borsheim, Bertha C.

Borsheim, David

Borsheim, John

Borsheim, Mons M.

Borsheim, Olga B.

Bostr?, ?vin John

Bostrom, Genevieve C.

Bostrom, John W.

Bostrom, Thela A.

Bostwick, Delores T.

Boswell, Royden W.

Boswell, William A.

Bots, Angeline

Bots, James M.

Bouchie, Cheryl Lynn

Boutelle, Linette E.

Bow, Dennis C.

Bow, Judson

Bow, Mildred

Bow, Viola Libby

Bow, Wm. Everett

Bowers, Helen Ohm

Bowie, Brett

Boyce (?), Pearl

Boyd, Rocky Lavelle

Boynt?, ?man O.

Boynton, Elizabeth M.

Boynton, Howard H.

Boynton, Jay C.

Boynton, Richard G.

Bozak, John

Br?, Daniel O.

Brace, C. Harold

Brace, Lydia B.

Bradbury, Albion

Bradbury, George A.

Bradbury, Joseph

Bradbury, Nellie H.

Brady, Elizabeth B.

Brambilla, Shareen ?

Bramhall, Allefare M.

Bramhall, Frank P.

Branco, Lola Margaret

Brand, Charles C.

Brant, Stella M.

Brecht, Richard Gilbert

Bredem?, Helen P.

Brehm, Anna Nusser

Brekken, Maybelle

Brendemo (?), Elroy H.

Brennan, Belle Ann

Brennan, Clifford J.

Brennan, Frances C.

Brenneman, Eileen E.

Brenneman, Larue P.

Brenner (?), Blanche J.

Brenner (?), John W.

Brett, Florence A.

Brett, G. Frederick

Brevig, Edner M.

Brewster, Rollin D.

Brewster, Ruth P.

Briant (?), ?rvey S.

Bridges, Ruth Lenz

Bright, Betty J.

Bright, James A.

Bright, Julia E.

Bright, William W.

Brinegar, Lynn Marie

Brink, Minnie A.

Brink, Ulysses S.

Broberg, Marie C.

Broderick, Ethel

Broderick, Lawrence (?)

Brokl, Joan Marie Swenty

Broms, Beverly Jane

Brooks, Mary

Brooks, Robert C.

Broom, Bertha Clarke

Brophy, Arthur R.

Brophy, Florence M.

Brouwer, Karen M.

Brown, ?

Brown, Amy Linea

Brown, Ann C.

Brown, Anna C.

Brown, Anne C.

Brown, Artavies Allen

Brown, Barbara L.

Brown, Bessie E.

Brown, Blanche McLarnan

Brown, Clement L.

Brown, Darryll Stuart

Brown, Doris

Brown, Frank A.

Brown, Fremont E.

Brown, George H.

Brown, Henry Ward

Brown, Kenneth D.

Brown, Leroy Burdette

Brown, Leroy M.

Brown, Lettie J.

Brown, Lucille S.

Brown, Mary M.

Brown, Merab A.

Brown, Perry K.

Brown, Selma Gravdahl

Brown, Valorus A.

Brown, Willie

Browne, John D.

Browne, Mary A.

Brubaken, Milton J.

Bruce, Margaret

Brumfield, James H.

Brumfield, Luella F.

Brunck, ?ward

Brunner, Willis

Brunstrom, Esther L.

Bryan, Patrick A.

Brzozowski, Robert Earl

Buck, Archie A.

Buck, Donald C.

Buck, Elva

Budahn, Theodore (?) E.

Bulger, Darlyne

Bull (?), Alvah J.

Bull (?), Amie L.

Bull (?), Blanche A.

Bull (?), Coates P.

Bull (?), James A.

Bull (?), Mary E.

Bull (?), Mary L.

Bull, Anna B.

Bull, Robert G.

Bulles, Amos R.

Bullhead, Edwin Earl

Bullis, Harry R.

Bullis, Nina Fiske

Bund, Sylvia J.

Burdick, Ida Mae

Burg, Axel E.

Burg, Ruth Nicholson

Burggraff, Scott Jerome

Burggraff, Shantell

Burk, John A.

Burk, Martha J.

Burke, Eva M.

Burke, Richard L.

Burke, Thomas C.

Burkhart, Edna F.

Burkhart, Jasper A.

Burnett, Bobbie Jean

Burnette, James

Burnip, Joanne M.

Burnip, Thomas R.

Burns, Edith L.

Burns, John F.

Burns, Kenneth W.

Burns, Lester A.

Burns, Timothy (?) M.

Burnyeal, Ronald W.

Burt, ?ice May

Burton, Arthie W.

Burwick, Theodore

Busch, Betty J.

Busch, Clarence J.

Busch, infant son

Busch, Karl

Busch, Theodore

Bushey, Ingrid B. Berg

Bushey, Roger W.

Buslee, Ethel Marie

Buslee, Lambert J.

Busse, Carl Raymo?

Busse, Ella E.

Bussey, Florence

Bussian, Cecil R.

Butler, Dale Edward

Butler, Ellen Marie

Butler, Susan E.

Butler, William

Butterfass, Donald H.

Butterfass, Gayle B.

Butterfield, Frank E.

Butterfield, Geraldine

Butterfield, Mary E.

Butterfield, William T.

Butterfield, Willis C.

Bye, Dorla M.

Bye, George H.

Byers, Fran?

Byers, Lena (?)

Byers, Marshall

Byrd, Arthur L.

Byrd, Elizabeth G.

Byrne?, Charlie (?)

Cagle ?, Anna Mae

Caldwell, Kenneth L.

Calvelage, Eleanore D.

Calvelage, Robert L.

Cambern, Claude M.

Cambern, Minnie H.

Cameron, Jeanette C.

Cameron, Rosa L.

Camp, Dolly

Camp, Lewis E.

Camp, marie

Camp, Roy E.

Camp, Swan August

Campbell, Edith L.

Campbell, Eugenia G.

Campbell, Maggie

Camper, Thomas J.

Canner, J. Leslie

Canner, Jean

Carch, William

Cardarelle, Genevieve M.

Cardarelle, John E.

Cardinal (?), Grace (?) A.

Cardinal (?), Joseph H.

Cardinal, Alice A.

Cardinal, Joseph V.

Cardinal, Marcella M.

Carlen, Anton (?) E.

Carleton, Edward A.

Carling, Esther E.

Carling, Sexton

Carlsen (?), Albine C.

Carlsen (?), Louis

Carlsen, Lillie

Carlsen, Magnus

Carlsen, Peter

Carlson, Albert

Carlson, Alice Marie

Carlson, Alvar B.

Carlson, Angela Marie

Carlson, Anne

Carlson, Astrid

Carlson, Augusta A.

Carlson, Carl Melvin

Carlson, Charles D.

Carlson, Clarence W.

Carlson, Donovan P.

Carlson, Dorothy L.

Carlson, Earl L.

Carlson, Edward J.

Carlson, Eleanor E.

Carlson, Elsa S.

Carlson, Erick

Carlson, Ernest

Carlson, Ernest P.

Carlson, Esther Larson

Carlson, Gladys V.

Carlson, Gunda A.

Carlson, Gust

Carlson, Gust A.

Carlson, Gustaf L.

Carlson, Hannah Larson

Carlson, Hulda M.

Carlson, Hulda S.

Carlson, Ida K.

Carlson, Kay W.

Carlson, Lavern A.

Carlson, Lee O.

Carlson, Lester A.

Carlson, Loren Matthew

Carlson, Mandor G.

Carlson, Marie E.

Carlson, Marie E.

Carlson, Noel D.

Carlson, Norma M.

Carlson, O. Theodore

Carlson, Paul L.

Carlson, Robert C.

Carlson, Robert D.

Carlson, Sarah

Carlson, Swan A.

Carlson, Sylvia F.

Carlson, Theo W.

Carlson, Theodore

Carlson, Thomas C.

Carlson, Tonetta L.

Carlson, Violet N.

Carlson, Walter T.

Carlson, Willard T.

Carlstrom, Joel

Carr (?), Agnes E.

Carr, Andrew

Carr, David R.

Carr, Donald A.

Carr, Jennie S.

Carr, Jerome Devon

Carr, Mary S.

Carr, William

Carr, Wm. H.

Carsen, Daniel J.

Carter, David L.

Carter, Donald R.

Carter, Elaine

Carter, Grace S.

Carter, Irene

Carter, Jessica Lynn

Carter, Joseph C.

Carter, Joseph D.

Carter, Luella H.

Carverl, Frank (?) E.

Case, Nellie J.

Cassidy, Fay E.

Cassidy, Harry T.

Castaneda, ?

Caswell, ?essie May

Caton, Irene Helen

Cecil, Meta E.

Cecka, Ricahrd M.

Cecka, Theresa M.

Cedergren, Eunice Judy

Chapman, Florence

Chapman, Ira Raymond

Chapman, Ula Dale

Chapman, Vera (?) M.

Chapman, Walter

Chapman, Walter

Charbonneau, Zella May

Charles, Maude A.

Chaudoin, Roger T.

Chazick, Jeffrey L.

Cheney, Doris M. Wells

Cheney, Elizabeth J.

Cheney, Viola E.

Cheney, Willis R.

Cherry, Hazel E.

Cherveny, Barbara A.

Cherveny, Blanche

Cherveny, Leola

Cherveny, Louis

Chi, Jon Namsun Tinseth

Chindbloo?, ?

Chornberg, Alua Joyce

Chris?, Marie E.

Christen?, Chris J.

Christense?, ?

Christensen, Christiane

Christensen, Christine

Christensen, Jens H.

Christensen, John A.

Christensen, Mary

Christensen, Symie M.

Christiansen, Catherine

Christiansen, Chris J.

Christiansen, Chris J.

Christiansen, Else

Christiansen, Hans

Christiansen, Jens

Christiansen, Johanna

Christiansen, Josefa R.

Christiansen, Lucille Luoma

Christiansen, Marie L.

Christiansen, Marinus

Christiansen, Walter G.

Christianson, Bess N.

Christianson, Elias B.

Christianson, Gordon

Christine, Minnie S.

Christofersen, James F.

Christoph?, Frances

Christopher, Goldie Jane

Chuc, Tu

Church (?), Charles F.

Church (?), Sarah A.

Claassen, Edith May Morton

Claassen, Leona M.

Claassen, Margaret L.

Claassen, Marion

Claassen, Robert H.

Clabo, Halfdan

Clabo, Johanna

Clark (?), ?

Clark (?), ?

Clark, Gabe

Clark, Gertrude C.

Clark, Martha

Clarke (?), ?O.

Clarke (?), AI HC

Clarke (?), Chas. HC

Clarke (?), Chas. HC

Clarke (?), Prudence

Clarke, Adelaide H.

Clarke, Arthur M.

Clarke, Frederick H.

Clarke, Joseph H.

Clarke, Julia N.

Clarke, Lilla W.

Clausen (?), ?

Clausen, Anna

Clausen, Frank J.

Clausen, Janice C.

Clausen, LC

Clausen, LR

Clausen, Otto

Clausen, Richard D.

Clausen, Sigrid E.

Clay, Burton M.

Clay, Edward M.

Clay, Homer

Clay, Joan Helen

Clay, Rebecca J.

Clay, Walter

Clayton, Blanche V.

Clayton, Helen P.

Clayton, W. Bovard

Clayton, Wm. Prentice

Clement, Estella E.

Clement, Lewis R.

Cloud, Ronald R.

Clut?, John Patrick

Cob?, Agnes Stiles

Cochran, Myrtle H.

Cockerham, J. Scott

Code, Blanche C.

Code, William E.

Coffelt, Carol Ann

Coffin, David James

Coffin, Kenneth

Colburn, Elmer E.

Colburn, Harriet L.

Colburn, Robert R.

Colburn, Sarah E.

Colby, Claude

Colby, Cora

Colby, Hubert

Colby, Jennie

Colby, Marie

Cole, Maude Mae

Cole, Ronald D.

Coleman (?), Althea

Coleman, Earl R.

Coleman, Lorna Rae

Coleman, Theresa

Coleman, VL

Collier, Ayesha Shanell

Collier, Grant E.

Collier, Ora W.

Collins, Glenn O.

Collins, Myra Lewis

Comeau, Agnes A.

Comeau, Frank J.

Compton, Demetrius

Condliffe, Julia Skjeie

Condon, Eleanor C.

Condon, Randy L.

Condon, Tommy D.

Conway, Bruce Donald

Conway, Clara H.

Conway, Evelyn L.

Conway, Patrick L.

Cook (?), Clara Gr?

Cook, Buelah May

Cook, Orville

Cooley, Gertie M.

Cooley, James L.

Coolidge (?), Ernest A.

Coolidge, Leo M.

Cooper, Helen M.

Cooper, Jennie

Cooper, Leonard M.

Cooper, Maud B.

Cooper, Wallace M.

Cooper, Willard P.

Cooper, Willard S.

Copeland, Louis F.

Copeland, Mae C.

Corbin, Jean (Koukal)

Corevo, Napoleon

Cornelius (?), ?

Cornelius, August K.

Cornelius, Catherine

Cornelius, Clara R.

Cornelius, Dagmar

Cornelius, Elise D.

Cornelius, Elizabeth M.

Cornelius, Frank A.

Cornelius, Henry A.

Cornelius, Henry G.

Cornelius, John Lee

Cornelius, Juanita A.

Cornelius, Martha

Cornelius, Mary

Cornelius, Wilhelm

Cornelius, William

Cornelius, William H.

Cornell (?), Gustaf

Cornell (?), Ida C.

Cornell, Cornelius D.

Cornell, Jessie P.

Cornell, Norman

Corrie (?), Frederick (?) J.

Corrie, Cora E.

Corrie, Dorothy A.

Cortez, Daniel T.

Costell (?), William

Costell, Louisa

Costella, Phil T.

Costello, Edward W.

Costello, Ivy R.

Costello, Maybelle Marie

Costello, Robert R.

Costello, Roy W.

Costello, Wilma H.

Couillard (?), Emma D.

Couillard (?), father

Couillard (?), mother

Couillard, Adelbert H.

Couillard, Allery A.

Couillard, Bertram H.

Couillard, Clarice

Couillard, Dollie B.

Couillard, Emily A.

Couillard, Frank A.

Couillard, Fred L.

Couillard, Jarvis D.

Couillard, Mary E.

Couillard, Priscilla T.

Couillard, Raymond

Couillard, Roy L.

Couillard, Sarah Ann

Couillard, Webster J.

Coutts, Callie M.

Covert, Evelyn Alton

Covert, Glenn Anton

Covert, Hulda Wilson

Covyeow, baby girl

Cox, Amanda

Cox, Clarence T.

Cox, Libbie

Cox, Robert A.

Cox, twins

Cra?, Gordon R.

Craig (?), Nellie C.

Craik, Esther F.

Craik, Mary A.

Craik, Robert P.

Craik, William C.

Creedon, Daniel

Creedon, Florence

Cressy, EW

Crevoy, Leroy B.

Crist, Carl E.

Cristman, Dorothy Florence

Crolius, Etta F.

Crolius, Ralph S.

Crombie, Mary F.

Crooks, Myrtle M.

Crooks, Stanley N.

Crosby, ?

Crosby, Adelaide (?)

Crosby, Elizabeth Marie

Crosby, Vernon E.

Crouse, Mae

Crowell, Anna L.

Crumble, Raymond Earl

Crumble, William Earl

Cughan, H. Samantha

Cughan, R. Henry

Cull, Anna

Cull, Betty

Cull, James

Cull, James

Cull, Jenny

Cull, Samuel

Cullen, Paul T.

Cummings (?), Emma O.

Cummings (?), father

Cummings (?), John M.

Cummings (?), mother

Cummings (?), Nellie

Cummings (?), Sarah S.

Cummings (?), Theresia

Cummings, ?

Cummings, Alice E.

Cummings, Blanche

Cummings, Edward H.

Cummings, Effie B.

Cummings, Ellen H.

Cummings, Ethel W.

Cummings, Fred

Cummings, G. Henry

Cummings, G. Murle

Cummings, Geo. W.

Cummings, Henry W.

Cummings, Ida H.

Cummings, infant son

Cummings, Levi M.

Cummings, Mable G.

Cummings, Pauline L.

Cummings, Saidee A.

Cunningham, Christine and her son Markuss

Cunningham, Grant O.

Cunningham, Kathleen Ann

Currier, Daisy M.

Curtis, Frank H.

Curtis, Helen Louise

Curtis, Howard

Curtis, Jennie E.

Curtis, Judith

Custer (?), Gladys Mae

Custer, Charles H.

Custer, Edna H.

Custer, Edyth L. Cline

Custer, Kenneth L.

Custer, Ora V.

Cypher, Eugene

Cypherd, Ruth May


Da?, Dennis D.

Dahl, Ada A.

Dahl, Claire Christine

Dahl, Clarence O.

Dahl, Florence M.

Dahl, Freda L.

Dahl, Harry (?) J.

Dahl, Helen H.

Dahl, Jacob

Dahl, Johanna

Dahl, Julia

Dahl, Lois E.

Dahl, Marvin O.

Dahl, Ruth E.

Dahl, Vernon C.

Dahlst?, John ?

Dahlst?, Louise

Dale, Carol Ann

Dalen, James Patrick

Dalpee, John W.

Dalrymple, Chester F.

Dalrymple, Meryl V.

Dalton, Lee V.

Dalton, Shirley

Dam, Vern M.

Damerell, Glenn Leroy

Damerell, Mary Lucille

Danielson (?), ?lda K.

Danielson, ?

Danielson, Clarence

Danielson, Edward

Danielson, Elizabeth M.

Danielson, Sophia

Danielson, Victor E.

Danks, Rebecca J.

Danner, Elizabeth

Darling, Dora

Darling, Joseph D.

Darsow, Clara M.

Darsow, Robert C.

Davenport (?), ?orge R.

Davenport (?), Shirley May

Davenport, Edgar (?) L.

Davenport, Eva A.

Davenport, Frederic A.

Davenport, Fredric D.

Davenport, Rosa A.

Davenport, Stella E.

Davenport, Stuart L.

David, Minnie

Davidson, ? W/

Davidson, Charles R.

Davis (?), ?aude E.

Davis (?), Joseph (?) W.

Davis (?), Marguerite C.

Davis (?), Martin W.

Davis (?), Mary (?) C.

Davis (?), Sophie R.

Davis, ?

Davis, Abbie

Davis, Anna B.

Davis, Dorothy Jane

Davis, Edd Lee

Davis, Edith B.

Davis, Emma J.

Davis, Ethel M.

Davis, Fannie

Davis, Ivy W.

Davis, Jenny

Davis, John

Davis, John E.

Davis, John W.

Davis, Kee’ana Ciara Naecia

Davis, Kenneth A.

Davis, Lorraine M.

Davis, Louise H.

Davis, Marjorie B.

Davis, Richard F.

Davis, Sadie E.

Davis, Sarah

Davis, Sarah A.

Davis, Thomas James

Davis, Virginia W.

Davis, W. Wildey

Davis, Walter Lee

Davis, Wilbert

Davis, William

Davis, William

Davison, Jessie R.

Davith, Tuon

Davitt, Dencie M.

Dawson, Suzanne M.

Day (?), baby Bernard

Day (?), Emma

Day (?), Keham (?) B.

Day (?), Walter M.

Day, Cassius M.

Day, Donald H.

Day, Elvera C.

Day, Esther L.

Day, Everett

Day, Fairfax W.

Day, Gerald W.

Day, Harold O.

Day, Hattie FB

Day, Horatio

Day, James William

Day, Marion R.

Day, Mary Annette

Day, Mary L.

Day, Oscar E.

Day, Tillie J.

Day, Wm.

Day, Wm.

Dayton, Jamie Lee

Deckas (?), James (?)

Decker, John H.

Decker, Kenneth W.

Decker, Lewis A.

Decker, Lois H.

Decker, Ruth H.

Decourcy, Frank L.

Decourcy, Genevieve M.

Deega(?), Warren T.

Deenanath, Parbatee

Defield, Charlotte E.

Defield, Esther S.

Defield, Jack F.

Defield, Richard C.

Defield, Richard C.

Defries, Susan Louise

Degryse, Louis M.

Dehaven, Joseph N.

Dehaven, Lydia

Delaney (?), Leroy E.

Delaney (?), Mary A.

Delaney (?), Michael A.

Delaney (?), Ruby H.

Delaney, Carole M.

Delaney, Donald E.

Delaney, Maryann

Delaney, Richard M.

Dellago, Charles Serrafino

Dellago, Violet M.

Delude, Eileen P.

Deluna, Maria Theresa

Dennis, Earl G.

Dennis, Myra I.

Deongeson, Walter (?) father

Derby, Bessie M.

Derby, Charles W.

Derby, Vernon E.

DeSale (?), Iver Manio?

Deshong, Rodney William

Deskas (?), Catherine P.

Detra, Louise M.

Detra, Willard

Deutchman, Stephanie R.

Dhaemers, Ann

Dhaemers, August

Dick (?), Clarence M.

Dick, Irma I.

Dickey, Emily G.

Dieckman (?), ?

Dieckman, Henry

Dietrich (?), William C.

Dietrich, Caroline

Dietrich, Ernest

Dietrich, Lena

Dietrieh, Emma

Dietz, Lois C.

Dietz, Stanley J.

Digaloff, Agnes H.

Digaloff, Stoyan L.

Dimitrak, George

Dion, Robert J.

Dire, Henrietta

Dischinger, Peter M.

Dishington, Albara

Dishington, Job

Divers (?), Thomas Roy

Divers, Dorothy M.

Divers, Florence A.

Divers, Maud M.

Divers, Roy

Dobbins, Brent E.

Dobbs, Doris V.

Dobbs, William L.

Dobyne, Dreshawn Otis Boston

Doerr?, Maud M.

Doig, Thomas R.

Dolson, Eugene

Dolson, Hattie

Domres (?), Frank E.

Domres, Clarice I.

Donley, baby girl

Donley, Martin H.

Donley, Ruth W.

Dooley, Harry W.

Doolin, baby boy

Dorek (?), Margaret L.

Dorek, John M.

Doremus, Hannah A.

Doremus, Henry J.

Doremus, John Ben

Doremus, Minnie E.

Doring, Mary Ann

Dorn (?), Albert C.

Dorn (?), Evelyn

Dotson, Antonio L.

Doty, Marjorie Alice

Doty, Walter Herbert

Douglass, Joseph C.

Dowland, Ella E.

Downs, Carrie A.

Downs, Catharine Farnuam

Downs, Eldra L.

Downs, Geo. M.

Downs, Zelotes

Dowthwaite, George

Dowthwaite, Mary A.

Dowthwaite, Rhoda A.

Doyle, Aila T.

Doyle, Dennis

Doyle, Paul V.

Dressel, Elsie L.

Dressel, Fred O.

Drexler, Edith M.

Drinkwine, Mary Jane

Drongeson, Laura O.

Drongeson, Louis (?) mother

Drown, Clinton L.

Drown, Della I.

Drury, Clarence D.

Drury, Clarence E.

Drury, Luella E.

Duggan (?), Allen Robert

Duggan, Catherine

Duggan, Owen L.

Dunbar, Florence E.

Dunbar, James

Dunbar, Lydia A.

Dunbar, Owen R.

Duncan, Jennie

Dunkle, Ellen Mae

Dunkle, Lloyd D.

Dunkle, Norman R.

Dunkley, Joseph L.

Dunleavy, John M.

Dunn, Cora C.

Dunn, Elmer J.

Dunn, Janet L.

Dunne, Grant C.

Dunsmoor (?), Lydia Naomi

Dunsmoor, Lydia A.

Dunsmoor, Lydia N.

Dunsmoor, Sylvester

Dunsmoor, Thomas R.

Dunsmoor, Wm.

Dunstone, Sheryl

Duvick, Elsie M.

Duvick, William M.

Dvorak, Gunnard B.

Dvorak, Josephine B.

Dvorak, Kenneth V.

Dyson, John B.

Eastling, Archie C.

Eastling, Florence F.

Eastling, Modest V.

Eastling, Robert C.

Eastman, Fred L.

Eastman, Helen M.

Eastman, Lavern Fred

Eastman, Lydia G.

Eastman, Martha

Ebhard, Klara

Ecklund, Roy O.

Edberg, Jeanine K.

Edlefsen, Bertha

Edlefsen, John N.

Edmond, Constance

Edmond, James W.

Edmond, Margaret R.

Edson, Augusta P.

Edson, Samuel L.

Edwards, Devona Vernette

Edwards, Shawn C.

Eeg, Borghild

Eeg, Helen Marie

Eeg, Stean

Egsgaard, Gertrude

Egsgaard, Jens P.

Ehler (?), Adeline (?) M.

Ehrendriech, ?

Ehrendriech, Martha D.

Eisele (?), Baldie

Eisele (?), Carrie E.

Eisele (?), Christian

Eisele (?), Clara Ann

Eisele (?), Clarence H.

Eisele (?), Helen A.

Eisele (?), Johanna

Eisele (?), John G.

Eisele, Donna L.

Eisele, Harold C.

Eisele, Margot M.

Eisele, Pete

Eisele, Phyllis

Ekblad (?), Hazel (?) C.

Ekblad, Emil

Ekblad, Minnie

Eklund, Eric R.

Ekstrand, Arthur J.

Ekstrand, Arthur W.

Ekstrand, Marion E.

Ekstrum (?), Marvin A.

Ekstrum, Anna C.

Ekstrum, Gordon R.

Ekstum, Randy M.

Elander, Donald F.

Elander, Norma F.

Elftmann, Eleanore M.

Elftmann, Elizabeth C.

Elftmann, Walter P.

Elftmann, William E.

Elingson, John B.

Ellenson, Vicki L.

Elless, Marian A.

Elless, Robert C.

Ellingson, ?race A.

Ellingson, Gena

Ellingson, Jacob E.

Ellis, Arthur E.

Ellis, Edgar

Ellis, James V.

Ellis, Ruth

Elmer, Reuben Edmund

Elton, Kimberly Ann

Elvenda (?), Edward (?)

Elvendahl, Astrid

Elvendahl, Ben

Elzea, Charles B.

Elzea, Hazel May

Elzea, Mayme

Eng, Christine M.

Eng, Erling A.

Engebritsen, Oggie

Engedal, Gunder

Engedal, Olga C.

Engel, Alfred M.

Engell, Leah J.

Engen, Adolph O.

Engen, Anne J.

Engen, Ernest B.

Engen, Mabel E.

Engle, Bernard L.

Engle, Betty R.

Englund, Ida C.

Engman, Dorothy A.

Engstrom, Anne

Engstrom, John

Engstrom, John B.

Enius, Arnold

Enius, K. Margaret

Enius, Mary

Eno, Edna Kelly

Enstad, Doris M.

Enstad, Jennie M.

Enstad, Mark Allen

Enstad, Richard M.

Enstad, S. Alfred

Erick?, Elise

Erickson (?), Marguerite ?

Erickson, ?

Erickson, Allen E.

Erickson, Carolyn E.

Erickson, Clara R.

Erickson, Elmer

Erickson, Erick G.

Erickson, Fingal E.

Erickson, Hans T.

Erickson, Ingeborg

Erickson, John W.

Erickson, Jons

Erickson, Margaret

Erickson, Mariam

Erickson, Mary

Erickson, Mathilda

Erickson, Myrtle S.

Erickson, Ole

Erickson, Oscar W.

Erickson, Peter

Erickson, Roy

Erickson, Sharon L.

Erickson, Tina

Erickson, Veikko Wm.

Erickson, Verner S.

Erickson. Esther (?)

Ericson, Amanda A.

Ericson, August E.

Ericson, Florence R.

Ericson, George C.

Ericson, Mildred Jeanette

Ericson, Peter N.

Erland, Olga H.

Ernewein, Ellen W.

Ernst, Cheryl Lee

Ertzos, John H.

Escobar, Christian Ronaldo

Eskuri, Jean E.

Eskuri, Mark R.

Espensen, Carl A.

Espensen, Mable Petersen

Espeseth, Olive C.

Espeseth, Peter I.

Esslinger, Joann

Estabrooks (?), Byron D.

Estabrooks (?), Caroline S.

Estabrooks, Clyde F.

Estabrooks, Cora A.

Estabrooks, Lillian L.

Estes, George Downs

Estes, Livingston (?) L.

Estes, Mary D.

Estes, Mona Kaye

Estes, Vivian C.

Etter, Hattie J.

Evans (?), Edward (?)

Evans (?), Martha (?)

Evans, Angeline

Evans, Jane

Evans, Ray

Everett, Chas. W.

Everett, Esther A.

Everts, Ferne K.

Everts, Lyle V.

Ewers, Archie L.

Ewers, Leona L.

Fabion, Betty Ann

Fahlstrom, Frank O.

Fahlstrom, Marion R.

Fairbanks, Mary I.

Fan, Hey Lan

Fan, Yik Ting

Fargo, Helen A.

Farlin, Eliza A.

Farnsworth, Howard

Farr, Cecil D.

Farrar, Beaula D.

Farrar, Lloyd C.

Farrell, Steven Jon

Fassler, Mary

Fassmann, Caroline

Fautch, Esther Brown

Fawcett, Estella

Fay, Edyth N.

Fay, William

Feck, Marjorie Code

Federli, Frank (?)

Fehling, Bruce E.

Fehling, Bruce E.

Fehling, Helen M.

Fehling, Patricia M. Long

Fehling, Vivian

Fehling, William

Fehr, ?arle G.

Fehr, Casper

Fehr, Minnie E.

Feld?, Margie (?) Marie

Feldhacker, Emma

Felle?, ?thur P.

Fellner (?), ?seth Jo

Fels, Marie Sophie

Felth, Bruce A.

Fenlason (?), Annie F.

Fenlason (?), Ella

Fenlason (?), Elvie

Fenlason (?), Leroy S.

Fenlason (?), Stephen P.

Fenske, Ema W.

Ferguson, Arlene M.

Ferguson, Gertrude E.

Ferguson, Joseph O.

Ferguson, Magen M.

Ferguson, Zedric

Fernando, Regina

Fiege, Roy L.

Fiege, Ruth L.

Fillmore, Worthy J.

Finch (?), Cyrenius

Finch (?), Minerva

Findorff, Amelia C.

Findorff, Gustav W.

Finke, Edward

Finke, Helen B.

Finney, Lucille Lone

Fish, Anna L.

Fish, Seth H.

Fisk, Francis W.

Fisk, Mary (?) Jane

Fitch (?), Harriet

Fitch, Charles H.

Fitch, Duporthal S.

Fitch, Florence

Fitch, Hayden S.

Fitts, Eustace A.

Fitts, Maggie

Fitzgerald, Clara E.

Fitzgerald, James W.

Fitzner, Florence M.

Fladmoe, C. Christian

Fladwood, Delores

Fleck, Dorothy E.

Fledderman, Irene

Fletcher (?), F. Wayland

Fletcher (?), John (?)

Fletcher, Charles C.

Fletcher, Eddy E.

Fletcher, Edith A.

Fletcher, Flora

Fletcher, George (?) E.

Fletcher, Hannah M.

Fletcher, May E.

Fletcher, Priscilla M.

Fletcher, Susan

Fletcher, Wm. W.

Flick, Berndt

Flint, George S.

Flores, Ronald Mark

Flott, Evelyn H.

Flott, Leo Clifford

Flott, Vera Irene

Flyberg, Emil

Flyberg, Eva E.

Fo?, Dale B.

Fogal, Thos. W.

Fogg, Cora

Fogg, Eugene

Fogg, Fred G.

Fogg, Gertrude

Fogg, Joseph M.

Fogg, Lucina E.

Fogg, Will

Folden, Elna M.

Folden, Henry S.

Foltz, ?eona W.

Foltz, Robert L.

Forbes, Larry

Formo, Florence A.

Formo, Marvin W.

Forsberg, Caroline

Forsberg, Erik S.

Forschner, Elizabeth K.

Forte, Arthur

Forte, Mary M.

Forystek, Anne E.

Forystek, Martin T.

Fosket (?), William (?)

Foss, Esten

Foss, Mary A.

Foss, Nellie

Foss, Sharon Marie

Foster, Connie

Foster, Lena

Foth, Richard Lee

Fox, Jerome C.

Fox, Martha I.

Fox, Roy H.

Frakes, Dorothy F.

Frakes, Ellen V.

Frakes, Richard Vern

Frakes, Walter R.

Franch, Bennie H.

Frane, Lois

Frank, Bert W.

Frank, James (?) E.

Franklin, Alonzo B.

Franklin, Hettie Jean

Franklin, Loren V.

Franklin, Lydia

Franklin, Mabel L.

Franklin, Robert Edward

Franzen, Tonia Joy

Fraser, Charles A.

Fraser, Ella M.

Fredhom, Herman TK

Fredhom, Marie J.

Fredrichsen, Lillian A.

Fredricksen, John A.

Fredrickson (?), Hakon A.

Fredrickson, Adelia A.

Fredrickson, Charles W.

Fredrickson, Gunner

Fredrickson, Lauraine

Fredrickson, Linda L.

Fredrickson, Ronald D.

Freese, Georgene A.

Freiberg, Amanda P.

Freiberg, Leo A.

Freich?, Charles A.

Freishe?, Nora

Freishei?, Charles (?) L.

Fremming, Alvina L.

French, Eleanore M.

French, Mollie

French, Tillie J.

Fretag, ?nannie M.

Fretag, August

Frettem, Kathrine E.

Freudenthal, Fredrich W.

Freudenthal, Henry W.

Freudenthal, Lelia L.

Freudenthal, Mathilda C.

Frey, Arthur

Friberg, Jennie

Fricke, Kelly Annrose

Friedell, Anna M.

Frisch, Ella

Froehner, Elsa F.

Froid, George

Froid, Margaret

Frost, Aaron H.

Frost, Fay D.

Fuhrmann, Baiba Irena

Fuller, Laurene M.

Fuller, Sena

Funk, Viola Bow

Fur?, John

Fure, Beatrice E.

Fure, Johannes L.

Fure, John

Fure, Olga

Furman, Bessie Logan

Furman, Lea B.

G., Soledad Pizano

Gaarder, Arvid Lee

Gaarder, Carole Anne

Gackle, Florence D.

Gackle, George H.

Gaecelon, Fred K.

Gal, Steven I.

Gallagher, Marlyn M.

Galley, Eileen

Gamelgard, Arthur

Gamelgard, Blanch

Gamelgard, Catherine E.

Gamelgard, Emma Marie

Gamelgard, Hans S.

Gamelgard, Horace

Gamelgard, Minnie

Gamelgard, Ruby

Gamelgard, Walter

Gamer, Hattie P.

Gamer, Herman E.

Gamer, Mabel E.

Gamer, Russell E.

Gammelgard, Orphie C.

Gangloff, Fred G.

Gangloff, Leona R.

Ganpat, Cassandra Victoria

Gao, Ser-Ling

Garbett, Benjamin

Garbett, Esther H.

Garcia, Jose Eliazar

Gardner (?), ?

Gardner, Welcome E.

Garner, Nancy J.

Garrison, Frank L.

Garrison, Geraldine J.

Garrison, Ida Thom?

Garrison, John G.

Garrison, Nora E.

Garter, Peyton

Gartner, Agnes V.

Gartner, Arthur O.

Garven, Ernest H.

Garven, Mabel F.

Garven, Thomas P.

Garvey (?), ?ellie G.

Garvey (?), Arthur W.

Garvey (?), Blanche W.

Garvey (?), Elizabeth

Garvey (?), Florence (?)

Garvey (?), James

Garvey (?), John (?) C.

Garvey (?), Laura

Garvey (?), Margaret

Garvey (?), William (?)

Garvey, Charles H.

Garvey, Christopher C.

Garvey, Frank E.

Garvey, Harry F.

Garvey, Helen M.

Garvey, Jesseie (?) Neff

Garvey, Lewis M.

Garvey, Lois Ann

Garvey, Lydia Ann

Garvey, Lydia Lo?

Garvey, Maude E.

Garvin (?), Thomas (?)

Garvin, Adam

Garvin, Amy M.

Garvin, George H.

Gates, ?sse C.

Gates, John Q.

Gates, Kathryn

Gatlin, Juwan

Gaylord, John

Gaylord, Marie Joy

Geary, Irene A.

Gebregziabher, Askale Mariam

Geiger, Dorothy A.

Geisel, Paul F.

George, Anna E.

George, August

George, Harry C.

George, Hazel B.

George, Phoebe

George, William F.

Georgia, Elbert S.

Georgia, Louise

Gerhardt, Alfred Ludwig

Gerhardt, Verna E. Smith

Germond, Myra F.

Germond, Rex C.

Gibbons, Margaret G.

Gibbons, William T.

Gibbs, Nettie A.

Gibson, Andrew B.

Gilbertson (?), ?ton L.

Gilbertson, Mattie

Gilchrist, Lydia (?)

Giles, Rose A.

Giles, William H.

Gilman, David

Gilman, Irene

Gilmore, ?arah H.

Gilmore, Eleanor P.

Gilmore, Ella C.

Gilmore, Emma M.

Gilmore, Harry L.

Gilmore, Lola K.

Gilmore, Oscar A.

Gilmore, Perry P.

Gilmore, Walter C.

Gilsrud, Alvin K.

Gilsrud, Hattie L.

Gilsrud, Leyole A.

Gilsrud, Ole C.

Gimmestad, Russell O.

Gisvold, Martin

Gisvold, Pauline

Gisvold, Priscilla

Givens, Fannie C.

Givens, William Paul

Gjerdness, Donald

Glasner, Edward M.

Glasner, Leone A. Petersen

Glaub, Beverly M.

Gleason, Charles C.

Gleason, Juliet

Gliem, Christian

Gliem, Herman

Gliem, Martha A.

Gohn, Helen L.

Gohn, Thomas (?)

Goines, Sadie Maud Lewis

Goltra, Roy J.

Goltra, Selma M.

Gomez, Benjamin

Gonzales, Alberto Saurez

Goodell, Sarah Ann Nason

Goodl?, ?ethelyn J.

Goodlund, Alice

Goodm?, Laverne F.

Goodmanson, Edwin S.

Goodmanson, Johannah A.

Goodmanson, Todd A.

Goodoien, Irene A.

Goodoien, J. Herbert

Goodoien, William R.

Goodsell, Florence

Goodsell, George

Goodspeed, Alton G.

Goodspeed, Gersha A.

Goodspeed, Gladys

Goodspeed, Helen L.

Goodspeed, J. Graham

Goodspeed, John B.

Goodspeed, Leslie E.

Goodspeed, Maggie M.

Goodspeed, Mary

Goodspeed, Parker

Goodspeen (?), Alice (?)

Goplin (?), Robert C.

Goplin (?), Robert C.

Gorra, Agnes

Gorra, Helen L.

Gorra, Joseph

Gorra, Michael

Gorra, Selma E.

Gosch, Volker C.

Gosselin, Beverly E.

Gosselin, David John

Gosselin, Maurice P.

Gottry, Vicki R.

Goudie, John

Gough, Dan L.

Gould, HG

Gould, Maud

Gould, Maud L.

Gould, SA

Gould, Sarah A.

Gould, Viola M.

Gould, Willis B.

Gould, Wm. H.

Goulett, Harlan M.

Goulett, Harlan M.

Grace, John W.

Grace, Margaret C.

Gracie, Esther M.

Graham (?), Albert E.

Graham, Albert W.

Graham, Edmund C.

Graham, Edward G.

Graham, Elizabeth McClellan

Graham, Gilbert

Graham, Kathryn

Graham, Letitia J.

Gram, Louisa

Gram, Martin (?)

Grams (?), Oscar (?) G.

Grams, Pearl L.

Grams?, August

Grams?, Hulda

Grandlund, Lorimer V.

Grandlund, Selma L.

Granet, Florence L.

Granowski, John S. ‘Jack’

Granowski, Mitchell W.

Grant, Astrid K.

Grant, Clarence W.

Granzow, Margaret M.

Gravatt, Mary C.

Gravdal, Peter John

Graveley, Mildred E.

Graveley, William J.

Graves, Charles D.

Graves, Frances E.

Gray, Frank L.

Gray, Gloria Mae

Gray, Jo Alice

Gray, Kenneth E.

Gray, Mary Ellen

Gray, Methodius Kenneth

Grebe, Louis

Green – Spiller, Valerie

Green, Charles H.

Green, Clarence N.

Green, Erick A.

Green, I. Newton

Green, Larry A.

Green, Lena Barbara

Green, Patrick B.

Green, Stella R.

Greenough, Arthur Wilhelm (George)

Greenough, Ruth Violet Hussman Baker Peterson Sable

Greer, Helen C.

Gregg (?), Donald Neal

Gregg (?), Mary Jane

Greiner, Howard J.

Grenier, Olive L.

Grest, Theodore R.

Grietens, Zanis

Griffin, ?orence M.

Griffin, Ima Onalie

Griffin, Margaret E.

Griffin, Mark Wayne

Griffin, Paul Weyman

Griffin, Paul Weyman

Griffin, Richard Patrick

Grigsby, Carl A.

Grigsby, Lil R.

Grimli, Alice

Grimli, Lloyd

Grimme, Ralph H.

Grimme, Viola M.

Grok?, Anna S.

Groner, Beatrice

Grose, Edward

Grose, Elizabeth

Grose, Flora A.

Grose, Marjorie E.

Grose, Wm. H.

Grover, Nathaniel S.

Grover, Rhoda S.

Gruss, Albert C.

Gruss, Earl Carlton

Gruss, G. Douglas

Gruss, Rosemary June

Guderjohn, Lowell G.

Gul?, Gale C.

Gulbrandsen, Charlotte

Gull, Emil J.

Gulland, Theresa Ann

Gunderson, Emma R.

Gunderson, Freeman ?

Gunderson, Tamara Ann

Gunn (?), George A.

Gunn (?), Marton W.

Gurley, John A.

Gurley, Mabel C.

Gurnell, Elsie A.

Gurry, John L.

Gust, Billy

Gustafson, Esther C.

Gustafson, Sandra Cherly

Gustafson, Victor A.

Gustavson, Julia A.

Gustavson, Tillie

Guthrie, William

Gutting?, ?amel

Gutting?, ?essie A.

Haack, Anna Dora

Haack, Gavyn Rose

Haas, Rosella M.

Haase, Liddy J.

Habeck (?), Vernon Dale

Habecker, Cyndee

Haben, Louise M.

Haben, Wendel F.

Haeg, Albert

Haeg, Arthur

Haeg, Donald H.

Haeg, Grace

Haeg, Henry W.

Haeg, Olga M.

Haeg, Thelma

Hagen, Adolph O.

Hagen, Bertha

Hagen, Ellend H.

Hagen, Floyd

Hagen, Geneva M.

Hagen, Harry F.

Hagen, Helen

Hagen, Mae H.

Hagenbuch, Ardele A.

Hagenbuch, Wayne S.

Haglund, Oscar

Haich, Yoneko Takagi

Haig, Walter

Haigh, Viola A.

Haight, Alfred D.

Haigler, William E.

Halaire, Eugene

Halaire, Margaret

Hale, Robert Otto

Haley, Mary E.

Hall, Edward S.

Hall, Edwin T.

Hall, Helen M.

Hall, Mabel E.

Hall, Mercie A.

Hallaway, A. Baldwin

Hallaway, Aldora

Halleen, Nettie Thompson

Hallquist, H. Mae

Hallquist, Michael

Hallstrom (?), Godfrey E.

Hallstrom, Julia T.

Halverson, Shannon T.

Halvorson, Florence M.

Halvorson, Henry

Halvorson, Peter James

Halvorson, Rachel I.

Halvorson, Win J.

Hamerschmidt, Clara

Hamilton, Joshua R.

Hamilton, Neil

Hamlet, Sarah P.

Hamlet, William R.

Hammer, Irene M.

Hammers, ?

Hammond, Lizzie

Hammond, Malcolm S.

Hancer, Kevin B.

Haney, Lloyd

Haney, Lola T.

Hanicker, Nellie

Hankey, Carol J.

Hankey, Robert E.

Hankins, Marie E.

Hanks, Ethel Fern

Hanna, Lou

Hannes, Halvor M.

Hannes, Marie B.

Hanscom (?), Noel (?)

Hanscom, Addie R.

Hanscom, Eben S.

Hanscom, Eugene

Hanscom, Fanny D.

Hanscom, John B.

Hansen (?), J. Ted

Hansen, ?

Hansen, Agatha

Hansen, Alice

Hansen, Andrew

Hansen, Christ K.

Hansen, Christian G.

Hansen, Conrad J.

Hansen, Earl V.

Hansen, Einar

Hansen, Einer R.

Hansen, Elise Marie

Hansen, Ellen

Hansen, Elvira M.

Hansen, Emma Ann

Hansen, Ethel A.

Hansen, Frances A.

Hansen, George

Hansen, Gladys M.

Hansen, H. August

Hansen, Henry

Hansen, Henry H.

Hansen, Hilda

Hansen, HP

Hansen, Jack M.

Hansen, Jennie

Hansen, Kirstine (?)

Hansen, Kristence

Hansen, Laura M.

Hansen, Leslie

Hansen, Leslie G.

Hansen, Loretta M.

Hansen, Mabel G.

Hansen, Maren

Hansen, Margaret L.

Hansen, Mary Helen

Hansen, Maurine Mills Cason

Hansen, Nels

Hansen, Niels Christian

Hansen, Ole

Hansen, Oliver E.

Hansen, Raymond O.

Hansen, Sophie Haug

Hansen, Virginia W.

Hanson (?), Gladys M.

Hanson (?), Rachella

Hanson (?), Thomas L.

Hanson, A. Fredrickson

Hanson, Alma

Hanson, Arthur H.

Hanson, Augusta S.

Hanson, Charlotte

Hanson, Edith L.

Hanson, F. Gladys Rideout

Hanson, Gust T.

Hanson, Hans

Hanson, Harlow G.

Hanson, Harriet P.

Hanson, Henry C.

Hanson, Hilda A.

Hanson, Kristine R.

Hanson, Lawrence J.

Hanson, Leo N.

Hanson, Lydia M.

Hanson, Marius J.

Hanson, Minnie S.

Hanson, Morris

Hanson, Morris

Hanson, Ole

Hanson, Ole A.

Hanson, Olena

Hanson, Oliver K.

Hanson, Robert W.

Hanson, Sidsel

Hanson, Violet M.

Hanson, William Duane

Hanzlik, Alice M.

Hanzlik, Frank P.

Har?, ?es

Haram, Marie Rindal

Hare, Arthic R.

Hare, Delores L.

Hare, Lila M.

Hargrove, Frank L.

Hargrove, Jane Vansant

Harlan, Randi

Harmer, Blanche

Harmer, Denny

Harmer, Hal F.

Harmer, Richard (?) D.

Harmon, Caroline

Harmon, George W.

Harmon, Henry

Harmon, Martha H.

Harms, Randell G.

Harold, Irene M.

Harper (?), Mattie M.

Harra?, Ella O.

Harrell, Mabel

Harrington, Horace A.

Harrington, Lorraine Pearl

Harris, Edward W.

Harris, Mary I.

Harris, Merlin C.

Harris, Pearl M.

Harris, Peter F.

Harroun, Almira R.

Harroun, Frances E.

Harry, J

Harry, Lillian W.

Hartman, Anna S.

Hartman, Kermit Iver

Hartung, Cecil H.

Hartung, Harriette O.

Harvey (?), J. ?

Harvey, Clementena

Harvey, Thelma L.

Harvey, Vernon A>

Harwart, Lydia

Harwell, Eleanor M.

Haseltin, Helen E.

Haseltine, Catherine

Haseltine, Marvin E.

Haseltine, Wilmot C.

Hasenzahl, father

Hasenzahl, mother

Hass, Paul H.

Hasseltine, Lauretta B.

Hasseltine, Levi O.

Hasseltine, Marion C.

Hatlem, Anna

Hatley, Rickey Morgan

Hatzung, Marvin G.

Hatzung, Maxine A.

Hau, De Luong

Hauge, Cornel A.

Haugen (?), Alma C.

Haugen (?), Erick

Haugen, Dorothy A.

Haugen, Jessie B.

Haugen, Shirl Lea

Haugen, Sigvard D.

Haugsrud, Leroy B.

Haugsrud, Marjorie Wilson

Hauser, Roger D.

Havre, Christinus

Hawes, Leona M.

Hawes, Lloyd F.

Hawke, Ralph T.

Hay, James (?)

Hay, Lois A.

Hayden, Nelly Jane

Hayes, Fred

Hayes, Fred (?) W.

Hayes, Margaret

Hayes, Margaret C.

Hayes, Nicholas William

Hayes, Ollie L.

Haynes, Mary W.

Heal, ?bert W.

Heal, Lottie E.

Healy (?), Rachel W.

Heath, Albert J.

Heath, Ann M.

Heath, Hattie L.

Heath, Leslie J.

Heath, Sophia

Heaton, Arda Louise

Heaton, Arthur A.

Heaton, Patrick Kelley

Hed, Axel O.

Hed, Esther

Hedberg, Robert E.

Hedlund, David A.

Hedstrom, Carl O.

Hedstrom, Mildred I.

Heenan, Joseph F.

Heenan, Katheryn B.

Heftman, Frances M.

Heiberg, Beulah W.

Heidelberger, Bernadette E.

Heidelberger, Ronald A.

Heike, Alfred J.

Heike, Louisa

Heine, Myron A.

Heinecke,  Patricia R.

Heinecke, Lyle H.

Heinz, Herman

Heinz, Ida

Heiss (?), ?

Heiss, ?ary Magdalene

Heiss, FJ

Hektner, Christine

Hektner, Elenore

Helland, Arne

Helland, E. Clarence

Helland, Kathleen M.

Helland, Norman

Helland, Ole

Helland, Thea M.

Hellerstedt, Axel E.

Hellerstedt, George H.

Helmbrecht, Estella M.

Helmbrecht, Thomas W.

Helmeke, Robert E.

Helmuth, CA

Helmuth, Charles W.

Helmuth, Etta

Helmuth, HH

Helmuth, June L.

Helmuth, Marie

Helmuth, William D.

Helmuth, Wm. Omer

Helwig, Ethel C.

Hemperly, Charles W.

Hemperly, Michael H.

Hemri (?), Inga L.

Hemri (?), Norman A.

Hemry, John Norman and Julianne Marlys – twins

Hemstreet, Alice L.

Hemstreet, Frank V.

Henderson, Alfred L.

Hendrickson, Anders Stefan

Hendrickson, Arllene F.

Hendrickson, Caroline

Hendrickson, George

Henjum, Betsey S.

Henke, Florence

Henok, Lete F.

Henry, Dean

Henshel, Joseph

Henson, Alfa J.

Herald, Muriel E.

Herman (?), Catherine

Herman (?), Ethel B.

Herman (?), Ole

Herman (?), William N.

Herman, Lil E.

Herman, Mel A.

Herman, Sandra Sue

Herrmann, Marla Jean

Herrmann, Wallace E.

Herron, Barbara J.

Herslett, Harold Niel

Herstad, Olaf

Hes?, VM

Hestbeck, ? L.

Hestbeck, HC

Hestbeck, KV

Hestbeck, OK

Hibbs, Neva E.

Higbee, Willis L.

Higdem, David A.

High?, Jacob Grant

Highstrom, Ferdinand E.

Highstrom, Floyd E.

Highstrom, Mildred V.

Hijo, Ivan Pacheco

Hildah, Sophia T.

Hilde, Ethel V.

Hilde, Samuel A.

Hill (?), ?

Hill, Abigail S.

Hill, Clara R.

Hill, Florence

Hill, Gloria A.

Hill, Gordon

Hill, Ida M.

Hill, John H.

Hill, Louis R.

Hill, Louise C.

Hill, Roland L.

Hillebrand, Nicholas (?) E.

Hillerns, Genevieve

Hing, Kheng

Hintsala, Bernice Elma

Hirt, Gilbert J.

Hirt, Manuel J.

Hiscoe, Maude Holman

Hjulberg, Gertrude E.

Hjulberg, J. Ellsworth

Hoag (?), Ann IH

Hoag, Charles

Hoag, Grace G.

Hoag, Hilda C.

Hocum, Lilly J.

Hocum, Miles D.

Hoel, Sterling W.

Hoff, Abigail M.

Hoff, Adolph

Hoff, Anna

Hoff, Joseph M.

Hoff, Louise

Hoffman, Lois J.

Hoffman, Ruth E.

Hoffman, Walter R.

Hogle, Jay E.

Hogle, Mark W.

Hogle, William E.

Hoglund, Kerry Susan

Hogy, Lora Louise

Hohac, Herman E.

Hohag (?), Gus

Hohag (?), Laura

Hohag, Anna

Hohag, Anna C.

Hohag, Arthur

Hohag, Charles A.

Hohag, Claria

Hohag, Doris M.

Hohag, Earl H.

Hohag, Emily

Hohag, Herbert H.

Hohag, Inez L.

Hohag, John M.

Hohag, Margaret

Hohag, Robert J.

Hokkanen, Rayno W.

Hokkanen, Sophie M.

Holcomb, Agnes L.

Holcomb, Anton G.

Hollehback (?), mother

Hollenback (?), father

Hollenback (?), George

Hollenback, Charles

Hollenback, Charles E.

Hollenback, Elsie

Hollenback, Evelyn L.

Hollenback, Gladys

Hollenback, Harvey

Hollenback, John

Hollenback, Ralph

Holm, Betsy

Holm, Knut T.

Holman, Albert M.

Holman, Charles H.

Holman, Clara E.

Holman, Clara J.

Holman, Elma L.

Holman, Eureka L.

Holman, George F.

Holman, George F.

Holman, Harry Jerome

Holman, Jane Eliz

Holman, Laura

Holman, Levi

Holman, Levi

Holman, Ruth I.

Holman, William Judson

Holmes, Dan R.

Holmes, Dean

Holmes, Jeryl

Holmes, Smiley Ray

Holmes, Tim J.

Holmlund, Bernice L.

Holmlund, Paul R.

Holt, Stacy L.

Holtzman (?), Mildred

Holtzman, C Weldon

Holtzman, Star Odgers

Homan, baby girl

Hommerstad, Magnus

Hommerstad, Olga

Hondor, Frank Percy

Hondorf, John

Hondorf, Martha

Hook (?), Zetta

Hook, Frank E.

Hooper, Fred G.

Hopkins (?), Dorothy (?) B.

Hopkins (?), William H.

Hopkins, Lewis R.

Hopp, Esther

Hoppe (?), Charles (?)

Hopper, Grace A.

Hopper, Searle E.

Horn, Roy C.

Horn, Vera V.

Horner, Edith C.

Horner, Etta Mae

Horner, Mabel A.

Horner, William B.

Horning, Anna Lee

Horsmann, Angelina Mae

Horstmann, Richard H.

Horton, Michael G.

Hoskins, George W.

Hoskins, Louisa

Hotvedt, Howard L.

Hotvedt, Ronald Leroy

Houchin, James M.

Houck, Kenneth

Houg, Gary

Houg, Gerhard M.

Houg, Margaret S.

Hough, Bel C.

Hough, Della T.

Hough, Duane F.

Hough, Elizabeth E.

Hough, George H.

Hough, John J.

Hough, John W.

Hough, Lloyd George

Hough, Marie C.

Hough, Winfield E.

House, Edward B.

House, Helen M.

Hovik, Gina D.

Hovik, Nils J.

Hovland, Effie

Hovland, Iva O.

Hovland, Palmer G.

Hovland, Swan

Howard, Joseph M.

Howard, Malfried O.

Howell, Hattie M.

Howell, Rae B.

Hoyt, Florence

Hoyt, Leroy M.

Hrabe, Kimberly K. (Palmer)

Huber, Andrew

Huber, Emma S.

Hubin, Clara

Hubin, Rudolph

Huds?, Ernest W.

Hudson, Goodwin I.

Hudson, Jeffrey D.

Hudson, Virginia E.

Huebner, Ella M.

Huebner, Frank

Hugh (?), ? W

Hughes, Gary A.

Hughes, William

Hugos, ?

Huls, Mayme E.

Hunn, Laura M. Kellner

Hunt, Kate S.

Hunt, Lizzie PL

Hunt, Oscar H.

Hunt, PJ

Hunt, Susan

Hunter, George Ashman

Hunter, Henrietta Ashman

Hutching?, Clara

Hutchinson, Altie Lund

Hutchinson, Harry F.

Huttner (?), Leonard C.

Huttner, Ada B.

Huttner, Raymond L.

Huttner, Warren W.

Hyde, Florence A.

Hyde, Louise E.

Hymes, Blance Emelee

Hymes, Herbert

Hyndman, Bonnie K.

Hyndman, Darrell K.

Hyndman, Hilma M.

Hynes, Rodney M.

Idler, Henry F.

Idler, Wilhelmine

Idler, William

Idler, Winifred B.

Imm, Richard Donald

Ingalls (?), Frank H.

Ingalls, Agnes E. ? Frank H.

Ingalls, Chas. O.

Ingalls, Harold N.

Ingold, Estelle

Insixiengmay, Chanhom

Insixiengmay, Chom

Insixiengmay, Ny

Irwin (?), Everett

Irwin, Bertha

Irwin, George H.

Irwin, George W.

Irwin, George Willson

Irwin, Martha B.

Irwin, Meribah L.

Irwin, Ray L.

Irwin, Ursula M.

Isaacson, Marvin S.

Isaacson, Pearl A.

Istad, Arla B.

Istad, Stella O.

Ittner, Elizabeth E.

Iverberg, Janet R.

Ivers (?), Hannah

Ivers (?), Thomas

Iversen (?), Georgia L.

Iversen (?), Milton R.

Iversen, Anne

Iversen, Marius

Iverson, Hilmer A.

Iverson, Pauline Ann

Jackm?, Tyler Lee

Jackson, Betty J.

Jackson, Carol H.

Jackson, Clara Mae

Jackson, David Lee

Jackson, Harvey E.

Jackson, Lillian

Jackson, LV

Jacobs, George R.

Jacobs, Hattie M.

Jacobs, Joan

Jacobs, Rosa Pratt

Jacobsen, Agnes B.

Jacobsen, Cecelia

Jacobsen, Christian

Jacobsen, Ernest

Jacobsen, Joe

Jacobsen, Maren

Jacobsen, Marie

Jacobsen, Niels

Jacobsen, Paul Ernest

Jacobson, Agnes

Jacobson, Harriet D.

Jacobson, Mary C.

Jacoby, ?bert

Jaeger, Anna Louise

Jaeger, August J.

Jaeger, Gloria M.

Jaeger, Mattie

Jaeger, Ole Jentoft K.

Jaffa, Adeline Helen

Jahn, David A.

Jahn, Frances N.

Jahn, Nona C.

Jahr, Esther

Jamar, ?

James, John W.

James, Lois Ellen

James, Otilia

James, Pearl Powers

Jamesgaard, Janis Ann

Janeck, Sharon Ruth

Jannetto, Nicholas

Jay, Nellie L.

Jaycox, Emma I.

Jefferson (?), Emma C.

Jefferson (?), Fannie

Jefferson (?), Grace A.

Jefferson, Clarence Clyde

Jeffries, Marvin Binder

Jenkins, Bernice P.

Jenkins, Sidney Harold

Jenness, Adeline

Jennings (?), Augusta L.

Jennings (?), David Royalston (?)

Jennings (?), Evelyn Smeby

Jennings (?), Frank N.

Jennings (?), Lenora M.

Jennings (?), Louise Lenora

Jennings (?), Rodolphus

Jennings (?), Royalston Frank

Jensen (?), Emma

Jensen (?), Johnnie

Jensen (?), Mae

Jensen, Albert G.

Jensen, Alfred J.

Jensen, Alma C.

Jensen, Andrew

Jensen, Andrew M.

Jensen, Axel F.

Jensen, Dora

Jensen, Eleanor M.

Jensen, Erick J.

Jensen, Gladys H.

Jensen, Hans C.

Jensen, Hilda K.

Jensen, Hildegarde D.

Jensen, Ingaborg M.

Jensen, Irene B.

Jensen, James O.

Jensen, Joe T.

Jensen, Johanna

Jensen, Kristine

Jensen, Mathilde M.

Jensen, Maude

Jensen, Pamela Jeanne

Jensen, Rasmus C.

Jensvold, Carol Lee

Jensvold, Nancy M.

Jepsen, Lemuel

Jepson, Anna C.

Jepson, Betty J.

Jepson, Cerelia

Jepson, Frank H.

Jepson, Richard H.

Jersey, Hary

Jewell, Charles FM

Jewell, Fridina Pratt

Johanson, Gunnar

Johanson, Violet L. Clausen

Johnsen, Hjalmar

Johnsen, Ruth Louise

Johnson – Donaldson, Cheyenne Star

Johnson (?), Anders F.

Johnson (?), Ernie N.

Johnson (?), Hans CW

Johnson (?), Johanna Marie

Johnson (?), Katherine

Johnson (?), Minnie C.

Johnson (?), Sorine W.

Johnson (?), Thena J.

Johnson (?), Wilson F.

Johnson, ?

Johnson, ?lter K.

Johnson, ?ovie J.

Johnson, Aimee M.

Johnson, Alfred

Johnson, Alice P.

Johnson, Alvin B.

Johnson, Amy Joanne

Johnson, Andrew M.

Johnson, Anna Helen

Johnson, Anna M.

Johnson, Anna O.

Johnson, Arnold J.

Johnson, Axel

Johnson, Ben C.

Johnson, Bernice A.

Johnson, Bertel L.

Johnson, Bertha W.

Johnson, Betty I.

Johnson, Betty V.

Johnson, Burdell K.

Johnson, Carl A.

Johnson, Carol

Johnson, Carol E.

Johnson, Carol L.

Johnson, Caroline

Johnson, Charles A.

Johnson, Charles H.

Johnson, Chester K.

Johnson, Clara

Johnson, Clarence B.

Johnson, Claus E.

Johnson, Curtis L.

Johnson, Cyril B.

Johnson, Derek N.

Johnson, Devante O.

Johnson, Doris A.

Johnson, Edna A.

Johnson, Edna Bertha

Johnson, Edward A.

Johnson, Emma C.

Johnson, Emma G.

Johnson, Ernest H.

Johnson, Esther

Johnson, Frank O.

Johnson, Fred

Johnson, Fritz

Johnson, George L.

Johnson, Grace N.

Johnson, Gustave A.

Johnson, Harold F.

Johnson, Harriet

Johnson, Harrison J.

Johnson, Harrison Kent

Johnson, Helen M.

Johnson, Henry E.

Johnson, Henry G.

Johnson, Herbert E.

Johnson, Hilda S.

Johnson, Hilma

Johnson, Ida J.

Johnson, Ida K.

Johnson, Inez R.

Johnson, Inga L.

Johnson, Ira G.

Johnson, Iver S.

Johnson, J. Arthur

Johnson, Jacqueline M.

Johnson, Jacqueline M.

Johnson, James H.

Johnson, Jennie A.

Johnson, Johanna C.

Johnson, Johanna M.

Johnson, John

Johnson, John

Johnson, John H.

Johnson, John H.

Johnson, John Wm.

Johnson, Leroy O.

Johnson, Lillian

Johnson, Loren L.

Johnson, Louis J.

Johnson, Luella L.

Johnson, Lydia A.

Johnson, Mabel L.

Johnson, Maggie C.

Johnson, Marcella E.

Johnson, Margaret C.

Johnson, Margaret F.

Johnson, Maria

Johnson, Mark Stewart

Johnson, Martin P.

Johnson, Marva I.

Johnson, Marvin Lloyd

Johnson, Mary

Johnson, Mary

Johnson, Mary

Johnson, Mary C.

Johnson, Mary Jane

Johnson, Mary L.

Johnson, Mathilda A.

Johnson, Merritt W.

Johnson, Millie T.

Johnson, Mons

Johnson, Myrtle Verrell

Johnson, Nanny C.

Johnson, Nellie C.

Johnson, Nellie E.

Johnson, Olaf K.

Johnson, Ole B.

Johnson, Peter A.

Johnson, Rachel T.

Johnson, Ray

Johnson, Reidar N.

Johnson, Richard

Johnson, Robert E.

Johnson, Rose H.

Johnson, Roy

Johnson, Roy

Johnson, Roy R.

Johnson, Ruth E.

Johnson, Ruth E.

Johnson, Ruth M.

Johnson, Ruth S.

Johnson, Shirley M.

Johnson, Signe Ockerman

Johnson, Stephen S.

Johnson, Ulani E.

Johnson, Valborg

Johnson, Vera

Johnson, Vernon C.

Johnson, Viola E.

Johnson, William L.

Johnson, Wilma J.

Johnston, Catherine L.

Joki, ?osta

Joki, Mary

Jolliff, Patty M.

Jones – Bell, Anthony Michael

Jones, Alice E.

Jones, Cecil T.

Jones, Cecil T.

Jones, Fred S.

Jones, George W.

Jones, Gerald John

Jones, Gloria Belle

Jones, Grace

Jones, Harold T.

Jones, Helen Ann (Mlejnek)

Jones, John Henry

Jones, John M.

Jones, Lula Moyer

Jones, Lulabell Missouri

Jones, Marion Belight

Jones, Percy Ray

Jones, Rose E.

Jones, William Loyd

Jordan, Alice

Jordan, Harry C>

Jordan, Lillian E.

Jorgensen, Bernard W.

Jorgensen, Esther M.

Jorgensen, Hansine P.

Jorgensen, Jennie E.

Jorgensen, Rasmus J.

Jorgensen, Walter

Josling (?), Corine (?)

Joy, Emma

Joy, father

Joy, mother

Joy, Robert

Joyce (?), Jacob H.

Joyce, Bert C.

Joyce, Jesse L.

Joyce, Katherine

Judge, Cheryl Lee

Juell, Anthony Allen

Juell, Dorothy Irma

Julson, Barbara Ann

Julson, Beverly A.

Julson, Blanche

Julson, Clarence A.

Julson, Constance Ann

Junger, Leonard W.

Junger, Mary Ann

Justice, Donald K.

Jutting, Diederike H.

Jutting, George

Jutting, George F.

Kahl, Tommy

Kaiser, Harvey EW

Kaiser, Helen G.

Kalanqui?, Ernesti?

Kalanqui?, Jessie P.

Kallenbach, ?

Kallenbach, Lillie B.

Kallstrom, Brenda

Kallstrom, C Elmer

Kallstrom, David W.

Kallstrom, Douglas

Kallstrom, John C.

Kallstrom, Lottie

Kallstrom, Rose A.

Kantola, Joyce M.

Kantola, Roy R.

Kapsch, Dorothy

Karasek, Lee A.

Karner (?), ? Kaljo

Karner (?), Nora

Kasell, David L.

Katzma?, Joseph

Kawulak, Walter S.

Kearns, Rigmor M.

Kearns, Winnifred

Keator, Porter Scott

Keefe, Agnes E.

Keefe, Ella E.

Keefe, Frank F.

Keefe, Fred J.

Keefe, George E.

Keefe, Maude C.

Kelar, Gladys

Kelar, Joseph

Kelar, Michael

Keller, Alfred P.

Keller, Clinton

Keller, Lawrence Donald

Keller, Olive

Keller, Olive G.

Kelley (?), Edgar S.

Kelley (?), Eliza R.

Kelley (?), Elmer D.

Kelley, Brian Anthony

Kelley, Ruth Wing

Kellner, ?

Kellner, Fern L.

Kellogg, Marjorie M.

Kelsey, Gertrude L.

Kelsey, Janet E.

Kelsey, Sidney G.

Kennedy, Clee Edward

Kennedy, Lamarius Shaun

Kennedy, Milbert Ray Ray

Kennedy, Sandra E.

Keomaniphone, Hong

Kepp, Myrna E.

Kepp, Ogden L.

Keprios, Peter R.

Kesler (?), Bernard (?)

Kesler (?), Christine (?)

Kesler, Emma K.

Kesler, Henry E.

Kesler, L. Irene

Kesler, Marie T.

Ketter, Henry F.

Ketter, Henry F.

Ketter, Muriel C.

Ketter, William H.

Kettering, Barry N.

Keymes, Hazel Henrietta Kitchen

Kibby, Harold E.

Kidd, John Louis

Kidd, Kevin Ryan

Kidd, Martha Virginia

Kidder, Charles L.

Kidder, Mary C.

Kienzle, John H.

Kiernat, Alma

Kiesel, ?

Kiesel, ?

Kiesel, Bertha E.

Kiesel, Frank

Kiesel, John

Kiesel, Lena

Kiesel, Louis

Kiesel, Mary E.

Kietzman (?), Karoline

Kietzman, Richard

Kiley, Kenneth B.

Kilian, Donald

Kilian, Donald

Kilian, Gwendolyn

King (?), E. Kimball

King, Daniel (?) P.

King, Daniel P.

King, Etta (?) W.

King, James W.

King, Marguerite W.

King, Maud Elizabeth

Kingstrom, Axel R.

Kingstrom, Bertha G.

Kirchner, Garnett I.

Kirchner, William G.

Kirk, Amelia

Kirk, Harriet R.

Kirk, JH

Kirk, Mary C.

Kirk, Warren K.

Kirkpatrick (?), Frank M.

Kirkpatrick, Effie

Kitchen (?), Argustus J.

Kitchen, Frances

Kitchen, Harry G.

Kitchen, Horace

Kitchen, James

Kitchen, Pearl E.

Kitchen, Ralph D.

Kitchen, Sarah Elva

Kjenstad, Alma M.

Kjenstad, Sam

Klatte, ?olph R.

Klatte, Marie F.

Kleinfehn, John

Kline, Dylan Garrett

Kline, Harry H.

Kline, Jeanette G.

Kline, Myrtie A.

Klingbeil, Alma M.

Klingelhut (?), Irene M.

Klingelhut (?), Joseph M.

Knebel (?), Bena

Knebel, Alta N.

Knebel, George W.

Kness (?), Isaac A.

Knight, Betty

Knight, Lowell

Knight, Richard G.

Knox, baby

Knueppel, August

Knutson (?), Annie

Knutson, Alvin E.

Knutson, Andrew

Knutson, Bette

Knutson, Donald E.

Knutson, Florence S.

Knutson, Laverna B.

Knutson, Wayne C.

Koch, Brian K.

Koch, Wayne S.

Kocholek, Valerie Ann Gustafson

Koe?, Karl H.

Koehring, Deborah E.

Koereke, Isabel A.

Koerner (?), Oscar

Koetz, Harry B.

Kohn, Blanche Hillman

Konok, La Vida O.

Konok, Lee T.

Korf, Thomas

Korsvo?, Goldie E.

Kostick, Frank

Koukal, Barney A.

Koukal, Dennis J.

Kraemer, Josie D.

Kragness, Verne L.

Krake, Garry E.

Krake, Hidegarde

Kramber, Cheryl Ann

Kramber, Curtis Ray

Kramer, Ida

Kramer, Joseph

Kranz, Albert N.

Kranz, Virginia B.

Krebs, Fred H.

Kreinbring, John (?)

Kreinbring, Lucy Hohag

Kretzman (?), Okla M.

Kretzmann, Warren D.

Kromer, Florence E.

Kron, Edward J.

Kruger, Doloris G.

Krum, ? BE

Krum, Elizabeth

Krum, Jacob E.

Kuehl, William F.

Kuffel, Alex P.

Kuffel, Mabel M.

Kuhn (?), Clarence ‘Lefty’

Kuhn, Ruth M.

Kulp, Martin Allen

Kunerth, Ignatz

Kurpierz, Jay James

Kurtz, Robert H.

Kydonis, Carl N.

Kyllo, Howard W.

Kyllo, Rose M.

Kysely, Adolph

Labelle, Bertha

Labelle, Burton R.

Labelle, Marguerite L.

Labelle, Raymond P.

Labo, Robert D.

Lachman, Gurbharry

Lachmanyah, Arnachellum

Lackie, Evanelle B.

Lackie, Warren Trent

Laden, Anna L.

Laden, Bert Franklin

Lafaver, Dely A.

Lafayette, Felicitas J.

Lafayette, Harold L.

Lagace, Howard R.

Lague, Ody M.

Lajoy, Maureen L.

Lamb, Charlotte

Lampman (?), Benjamin

Lampman (?), George (?)

Lampman, ? Allen

Lampman, Mary H.

Lampman, Tomkins M.

Lancaster, Ione E.

Land, Catherine

Landon (?), Hazel C.

Landon (?), James C.

Landon, Bruce L.

Landstrom (?), Lucille M.

Landy, Dolores

Lane, Floyd

Lane, Johnny B.

Lane, Liza (?) A.

Lane, Ruth J.

Lane, WH

Lange, ?

Langton, ?a

Langton, Agnes

Langton, James

Langworthy, Winnifred F.

Lanigan, Richard

Larkin, Madonna D.

Larkin, Thomas L.

Larsen (?), ?olph

Larsen (?), Christine

Larsen (?), Nels

Larsen (?), Rolf G.

Larsen (?), Signe G.

Larsen (?), Sophie (?)

Larsen, ?asmus

Larsen, Alfred (?)

Larsen, Axel

Larsen, baby

Larsen, Edward

Larsen, Emma J.

Larsen, Margaret

Larsen, Maude L.

Larsen, Michael B.

Larsen, Olga K.

Larso?, Leonard L.

Larson (?), Carmen (?)

Larson (?), Carrie

Larson (?), Ingvald

Larson (?), Lewis A.

Larson (?), Mary E.

Larson (?), Russell W.

Larson (?), Tony

Larson, Adolf

Larson, Alma A.

Larson, Amanda C.

Larson, Arthur Alexander

Larson, Axel V.

Larson, Brons

Larson, Charles O.

Larson, Clarence L.

Larson, Donald N.

Larson, Edwin Frank

Larson, Ella F.

Larson, Everett G.

Larson, Gust A.

Larson, Jane M.

Larson, John

Larson, John J.

Larson, Laura J.

Larson, Lena D.

Larson, Leonard M.

Larson, Loraine May

Larson, LP

Larson, Mae R.

Larson, Marie C.

Larson, Mary G.

Larson, Millie (?)

Larson, Per Adolf

Larson, Peter

Larson, Ruth Dorothy

Larson, Thelma

Larson, Verna G.

Lasseson, Jane B.

Latterell, Marie E.

Latterell, Milo A.

Latval?, Harvey A.

Laudert, Evelyn C.

Laudert, Ronald R.

Lavell, Margie I.

Law, Eugenia B.

Law, Isaac N.

Lawrel (?), Sarafin (?)

Lawrence, Charles

Lawrence, Charles A.

Lawrence, Lily

Lawrence, Myrtle A. Doris (Hotvedt)

Laws, Rhonda Renee

Laws, Wanda M.

Layman (?), Thomas ?

Layman, ? L.

Layman, Bertie

Layman, Hiram

Layman, John D.

Layman, Laura M.

Layman, Lucius G.

Layman, Richard

Layman, Walter D.

Laymsn, Bertha L.

Lea, Edgar

Lea, Harriet

Lea, Harry C.

Lea, Minnie (?) L.

Leach, Ardis Darlene

Leach, Olga

Lebarron, Dorothy M.

Lebarron, Milo C.

Leder?, Arthur W.

Leder?, Earl L.

Ledin, Bertie M.

Ledin, John

Lee, Fannie Thomas

Lee, Grace F.

Lee, Henry O.

Lee, Hilda S.

Lee, Margaret M.

Lee, Richard D.

Lee, Rodney

Lee, Yoke Hing

Leech, Fern

Legler (?), Dolores V.

Lehen, Danie James

Lehman, Edward T.

Lehman, Gloria A.

Lehman, Laurits P.

Lehman, Lawrence

Lehman, Niels

Lehman, Signe M.

Lehuquet, George

Lehuquet, Goldie

Leigh, Brian D.

Leighton, Frances M.

Leighton, Helen E.

Leighton, Robert W.

Leitch, Esther V.

Leitch, Roger P.

Lell, Leslie E.

Lell, Pearline

Lemesheva, Pelageya S.

Lemieux, John E.

Lenz, Irene M.

Lenz, Jeannette

Lenz, Martin A.

Lenz, Paul C.

Lesh, Beverly M.

Leslie (?), Fredrick

Leslie (?), Marie M.

Leslie (?), Robert M.

Leslie (?), Rudolph P.

Leslie, Johanna

Leslie, John

Letson, Dennis M.

Letson, James L.

Letson, Margaret C.

Letson, Michelle Denise

Leuthner, Hattie P.

Levercom, ?

Leverson, Tammy Lynn

Leviton, Arnold

Leviton, Merle

Lewellyn, Albert James

Lewis, baby

Lewis, Benjamin L.

Lewis, Debra Anne

Lewis, Hannah Rose

Lewis, John G.

Lewis, Marian H.

Libby, Agnes E.

Libby, Allen D.

Libby, Byron J.

Libby, Donald E.

Libby, Edward D.

Libby, Edward E.

Libby, Gertrude C.

Libby, Hannah J.

Libby, Jennie

Libby, Joseph T.

Libby, Lewis B.

Libby, Sarah E.

Lichtenthal, Ayse Leyla

Lichthardt, Aleida H.

Lichthardt, Kurt A.

Lidberg, John R.

Lidberg, Londine W.

Liepens, Arvids

Light?, ?tie A.

Lighter, Elsie

Lin?, Geneva

Lindahl, ALbin B.

Lindahl, Christine

Lindahl, Irene R.

Lindahl, Olaf

Lindall, Arnold W.

Lindall, Jessie M.

Lindballe, Gertrude

Lindberg, Gail

Lindberg, James Roger

Lindberg, Marie

Lindberg, Robert

Lindberg, Wayne

Linde, Arthur F.

Linde, Genevieve M.

Linden, Eva L.

Linden, Floyd R.

Linden, Marian Joyce

Linder, Bessie

Linder, John

Linder, Patricia Ann

Linder, Robert

Lindgre?, Rudy

Lindgren, Dewey

Lindholm, Arthur AA

Lindholm, Brian Paul

Lindquist (?), Victor E.

Lindquist, Bernice V.

Lindquist, Victoria Kay

Lindquist, Wendell O.

Lindsay, Olivia

Lindsay, Phillis M.

Lindsay, William B.

Lindskoo?, Philip E.

Lindstrom (?), Stanley (?) O.

Linell, Josephine P.

Link, Leo J.

Linn, Deanna L.

Lipens, Annemarie

Liskey, Ella A.

Liskey, Pauline H.

Litz, Helen J.

Liu, Hoi Man

Livingstone, Hazel L.

Ljostvedt, John A.

Ljostvedt, Leah

Lloyd, ?

Lloyd, Edward B.

Lloyd, James S.

Lloyd, Minnie J.

Lobdell, Alice

Lobdell, Donald Judson

Lobdell, Ethel M.

Lobdell, Harry A.

Lobdell, James Edward

Lobdell, Jerome L.

Lobdell, Leonard Irving

Lobdell, Levi Jerome

Lobdell, Lillian C.

Lobdell, Louise

Lobdell, Mabel E.

Lobdell, Phyllis M.

Lobdell, Tessie M.

Lobdell, Willard L.

Lockrey, Cora

Lockridge (?), Cardie Mae

Lockridge, Clem

Lodahl, Nels

Lodahl, Patra

Logan, Howard L.

Lohman, Charlotte P.

Lohman, Connie M.

Lohman, Grace M.

Lohman, Gustav C.

Lohman, Jeffrey

Lohman, Richard B.

Loken, Luther B.

Lokensgaard, Leonard H.

Lona, Clarence

Lone, Christine

Lone, Engwald J.

Lone, Frieda C.

Lone, Lewis A.

Lone, Robert Martin

Loney, Harvey J.

Loney, Helen R.

Long, John (Jay) L.

Long, Lawrence A.

Lopez, Francisco L.

Lopez, Joyce

Lopez, Wilfredo

Lorentsen, Geneva E.

Lorentsen, John A.

Lorentz, Merle A.

Lorenz, Doris A.

Lorenz, Earl J.

Love, Barbara

Lovegreen, Vina C.

Lowe, Alice D.

Lsrscheid, Robert Floyd

Luca?, Virginia A.

Lucas, Caroline E.

Lucas, Elizabeth

Lucas, Richard V.

Luckensmeyer, Zachariah A.

Luckman, Edward T.

Luckman, Florence M.

Luckman, Marie N.

Luckman, Roy L.

Luckman, Roy L.

Luckman, Walter E.

Luckmann (?), Augusta B.

Luckmann (?), Hans C.

Ludgate, Howie L.

Ludowise (?), Anna R.

Ludowise (?), George S.

Lueck, Bonnie L.

Lueck, Gretchen M.

Lueck, Nancy L.

Luettinger, Joan L.

Luettinger, Melvin E.

Luettinger, Ronald M.

Luftman, Irving J.

Luftman, Julie L.

Luftman, Vivian L.

Lumex, Melvin A.

Lumex, Pauline

Lummer, Fred W.

Lummer, Vera H.

Lumsden (?), Rose

Lumsden (?), William R.

Lund, ?

Lund, Anna R.

Lund, Clara V.

Lund, Ida

Lund, John J.

Lund, Ludwig A.

Lund?, Arthur J.

Lundeen, Mildred

Lundemo, Arne M.

Lundemo, Myrtle C.

Lundgren, Adeline B.

Lundgren, Eric B.

Lundgren, Roy A.

Lundstrom, Emil S.

Luscher, Arthur G.

Luthjohn, Marjorie

Lynch, Emma A.

Lynch, Katherine E.

Lynch, Mary

Lynch, Robert J.

Lynch, William

Lynch, William E.

Lyness, ?ex

Lyness, Alexander

Lyness, Elsa H.

Lynn, Marcella E.

Lynn, Richard G.

Lysen, Irene

MacDonald, Earl Douglas

MacDonald, Ruth C.

MacFarlane, Linnian

MacFarlane, Melbourne

Mack, Marietta

Mack, Rudolph

Mack, Terry J.

Mackaman, Clare E.

Mackaman, Richard D.

Mackey, Bert D.

Maclean, Frederick

Madvig, Carol J.

Magel, Helen E.

Maginnis, Marie Henkel

Magneson, Albert

Magnuson, Amanda T.

Magnuson, Lana M.

Majersky, Irene A.

Majersky, John C.

Majersky, Robert W.

Majerus, Hubert

Majerus, Verna R.

Major, Clara E.

Major, Frank O.

Maki, Nathaniel Nate

Mallstrom, George (?) H.

Mallstrom, Marguerite

Malm, Gustave

Malmgren, Edwin R.

Malmgren, Knute J.

Malmgren, Sigrid O.

Malmstrom, Helen

Malmstrom, Herman

Malmstrom, Herman A.

Malmstrom, Robert L.

Malmstrom, Stephen A.

Malz, Rory J.

Manivanh, Bouanthong P.

Manke, Carol J.

Manke, Esther

Manke, Gilbert

Manke, Warren G.

Manley, James J.

Manly, William

Mann, Elizabeth

Mann, Mary Jane

Mann, Robert M.

Manning – Mayfield, Lolitha

Manning – Mayfield, Rosetta

Manoungnavong, Phanh

Manton (?), ?

Manton (?), Ann Frances

Manton (?), Joseph

Marberg, Elizabeth

Marberg, Hale J.

Marchildon, Patricia

Marinczack, Paul

Markley, Arthur J.

Markley, Clara K.

Marks, Hildegarde

Markstrom, Arthur B.

Markstrom, Donovan M.

Markstrom, Emily C.

Marquez, Anna Marie

Marrero, Victoria

Marsden, Mildred

Marsh (?), Isaac (?) S.

Marsh, Isaac M.

Marsh, Yvonne

Marshall, ?

Marshall, ?uth M.

Marshall, Anna

Marshall, Bertrand L.

Marshall, John E.

Marshall, Mary C.

Marshall, Nellie M.

Marshall, Wayland C.

Marshall, William W.

Martenis, Pauline H.

Martenis, William W.

Marth, C. Louise

Marth, Caroline

Marth, Ethel E.

Marth, Julius

Martin, ?ax

Martin, Anna M.

Martin, Clifford K.

Martin, Curtis D.

Martin, David L.

Martin, Dorothy

Martin, Fred C.

Martin, Lloyd A.

Martin, Marie N.

Martin, Myra

Martin, Patricia M.

Marttila, Niilo

Marudas, Andrew J.

Mason, Frank I.

Masseng?, ?illiard

Massey, Janet Elizabeth

Mathews, Elzie

Matson, Myrtle V.

Matter, Ann V.

Matter, Edward H.

Matthes, Edwin E.

Matthes, Emil F.

Matthes, Marie M.

Matthias, Alma M.

Matthias, Ernest F.

Matti, Arlene J.

Mattson, Arlene

Mattson, Olga

Mattson, Otto

Mattson, Ruben M.

Maxson, Elizabeth Price

Maxson, Francis E.

Maxwell, Josephine Ann

May, Francis D.

May, Kenneth M.

May, Laverne E.

May, Richard D.

Mayer, Danielle

Maynard, Dorothy M.

Maynard, Ronald R.

McAllister, Lyle V.

McAninch, ? LS

McAninch, ?da G/

McAninch, Bessie A.

McAninch, Frank L.

McArthur, Gwendolyn

McCabe, Harriett

McCabe, John

McCabe, Melinda

McCabe, Merriman

McCafferty, Clarence A.

McCafferty, Mabel J.

McCaleb?, Howard G.

McCall, Achie B.

McCall, Addie

McCauley, Eugene M.

McClarty, Mike

McClellon, Lorenzo Earl

McClennon, Rose

McCleod, Rita Joyce

McConnell, Everett E.

McCowen, Sheila

McCracken, Adeline G.

McCracken, George H.

McCullum, Albert

McCullum, Cora B.

McCune, Geah O.

McDonald, Burley

McDonald, Diana

McDonald, Ida May

McDonald, James

McDonald, Jean M.

McDonald, Lola

McDonald, Peter L.

McDonald, Shirley

McElroy (?), ? J.

McElroy, Jenny A.

McFee, Alice (?)

McFee, Robert H.

McGhee, baby

McGhee, Hazel

McGhee, Patricia A.

McGinnis, Anna Mary

McGinnis, Virginia V.

McGraw, Amy O.

McGraw, John J.

McGraw, Mary C.

McIntyre (?), Daniel

McIntyre (?), Donald (?)

McKenzie (?), Charles (?) D.

McKenzie, Agnes A.

McKenzie, Arthur E.

McKenzie, Elsie M.

McKenzie, Floyd C.

McKenzie, Roderick R.

McKeon, Patrick M.

McKinley, Cortez

McKinnan, Mary Jo

McKinney (?), Leroy C.

McKinney (?), Magdeline K.

McKinney, Barbara

McKinney, Carl S.

McKinstry, Jay W.

McKinstry, Jeanne M.

McKinstry, Michael J.

McLaugh?, William J.

McLean (?), Margaret

McLean, Neil

McLean, Thea M.

McLean, William

McLellan, Grace L.

McMahon, Elizabeth Murray

McNamee, Felix (?)

McRaven, Jeffrey Allen

McStay, James Thomas

McWhorter, Douglas C.

McWhorter, Martha Cooper

Mead, Agnes T.

Mead, Ethel

Mead, Michael R.

Mecay, Maynard A.

Mecay, Neil G.

Meckel, Karl

Meckel, Luise

Medley, ?ip

Medley, Ida T.

Meeks, Alexia M.

Mel, Mr.

Melaas, Martha M.

Melaas, Melvin I.

Melander, Christine Ann

Melander, Robert Alan

Melbye, Thomas J.

Melcher (?), Constance (?) G.

Melcher (?), Kathryn Pauline

Melcher, Florence Camp

Melcher, George (?) Camp

Melcher, George Byron

Melcher, John H.

Melcher, Mary C.

Mellenthine, Emil J.

Mellenthine, Minnie F.

Melton, Gary A.

Meltz, Charles W.

Meltz, Emily P.

Mendelson, ?taisia

Menzel, Edward W.

Menzel, Evelyn H.

Meredith, Patricia Lou

Merrill, Frank

Merrill, Iva

Merrill, Mary E.

Merryman, Carol (Riggs)

Messic, Robert F.

Met?, John (?)

Meyer, Arnold O.

Meyer, Fred C.

Meyer, Lydia A.

Meyers, Marlys Brewster

Michael, Ercel J.

Michael, Queenie M.

Michelson, Geraldine E.

Mickelson, Haldor S.

Mickiewicz, Faye Ella

Middelkamp, Dorothy L.

Middelkamp, Roy J.

Mikelson, Lizzie

Mikelson, Olie

Mikeworth, Caroline G.

Milams, ?yce

Millan, Dennis

Miller (?), Albertina O.

Miller (?), Amelia Augusta

Miller (?), Emma C.

Miller (?), Geo. W.

Miller (?), Ida M.

Miller (?), Lyndon R.

Miller (?), Mary

Miller (?), Mary I.

Miller (?), Richard Frank

Miller (?), Rinhold C.

Miller (?), Ruby Florence

Miller, ?tressa E.

Miller, Agnes

Miller, Alice G.

Miller, Charles (?) O.

Miller, Daisy – Arthur – Herbert – Walter

Miller, Ellen C.

Miller, Elmer M.

Miller, Etta May

Miller, Florence

Miller, Fred P.

Miller, Harry J.

Miller, Henry

Miller, Henry A.

Miller, Henry J.

Miller, James E.

Miller, John S.

Miller, Judy

Miller, Mamie E.

Miller, Martin

Miller, Robert

Miller, Ted Scott

Miller, Walter

Mills, Lillian W.

Mills, Neva M.

Milne, Sharon Ann

Milon, Torrey K.

Min, Soun

Minear, Evelyn

Minear, Nevan G.

Minnick, Esther B.

Mirza, Paula Jean

Mitchel?, Benjamin J.

Mitchell, Bessie Mae

Mitchell, Ethel A.

Mitchell, Frederick R.

Mitchell, Grace E.

Mitchell, John William

Mitchell, Nellie M.

Mitchell, Robert A.

Mitchell, Rosamond E.

Mitchell, Ruth O.

Mitjans, Luis

Moen, Dennis K.

Moen, Elaine L.

Moen, Henry M.

Mokros, Blanche Eva

Mokros, Frederick (?)

Molinaro, Janet Katherine “Julson”

Molinaro, Jeffrey Scott

Molinaro, John

Monson, Gary

Monson, Jeanette M.

Monson, Josephine

Monson, Lars O.

Monson, Lloyd N.

Monson, Steven

Montana, Eleanor Violet

Montgomery (?), Norma C.

Montgomery (?), Robert G.

Moor?, Nellie D.

Moore (?), Dalma (?) D.

Moore, Birney W.

Moore, Genevieve M.

Moore, Lily L.

Moore, Naomi R.

Moran, Alden A.

Moran, Kenneth H.

Moran, Olga Westgaard

Moran, Virginia Stumne

Morgan, Robert J.

Morris, Alice P.

Morris, Carrie

Morris, Clara May

Morris, Clarence N.

Morris, Henry

Morris, James

Morrison, Andy L.

Morrison, Herrel R.

Mortenson, Nels

Morton, Bernice Ruth

Morton, John

Morton, John Manly

Morton, Lucille G.

Morton, Sheldon M.

Mortson, Ina

Moseman, ?mos K.

Moseman, Ruth M.

Mosher, Henry

Mosher, Henry L.

Mosher, Isaac H.

Mosher, Mary J.

Mosher, Patricia J.

Mostu, Gerda M.

Mostu, Oscar A.

Mostue, Erling

Mostue, Mina

Mostue, Robert L.

Mosyk, John

Moulton, Susan C.

Moy, ?ng Poy

Moy, Tiara

Moy, Woo

Moyer, Albert

Mu?, ?erold D.

Mudge, Alva Lacey

Mudge, Dorothy Fenlason

Mudrock, Mary K.

Mueller (?), Wm. C.

Mueller, Gustav G.

Mueller, Martha H.

Muller, Arne J.

Muller, Laura K.

Muller, Laurits S.

Muller, Torkild J.

Mullett, Russell E.

Mulvey, Barbara Marie

Munroe, Mary A.

Munroe, William Dean

Munson (?), Loren C.

Munson, Ann Pearl

Munson, Arthur J.

Munson, Carl J.

Munson, Eva A.

Munson, Gustave A.

Munson, Hulda M.

Murden (?), Ruth M.

Murray, Betty L.

Murray, Hazel E.

Murray, William J.

Mutersbaugh, Corrina

Mutersbaugh, Ken G.

Mycol (?), Eva M.

Mycol (?), Herbert

Mycue (?), Elizabeth M.

Mycue (?), Lester H.

Myers, Christine

Myers, George H.

Myhre, Agnes

Myhre, Bernice L. Helminak

Myhre, Ceasar S.

Myhre, Hans H.

Myhre, Olga F.

Myre, Lois J.

Myre, Nicholas G.

Myre, Peter

Nabnhnyha, Kypabaeba Eaneabeta

Nash, Edgar

Nash, Fred E.

Nash, Virginia Bartholomew

Nash, Virginia Belle

Nason (?), Evelyn S.

Nason (?), George M.

Nason, Aaron H.

Nason, Benton

Nason, Charles

Nason, Drusilla (?)

Nason, Effie L.

Nason, Effie L.

Nason, Hiram

Nason, Lois

Nason, Lois

Nason, Lois

Nason, Louise E.

Nason, Menton

Nason, Thomas B.

Nason, Thomas B.

Nason, Thos.

Neff, Ethel M.

Neiman, Waldemar R.

Neimann, Jennie M.

Nelson (?), ? W

Nelson (?), Ernest G.

Nelson (?), John

Nelson (?), Royal S.

Nelson, ?

Nelson, ?

Nelson, ?

Nelson, ?mil

Nelson, Adolph B.

Nelson, Agnes S.

Nelson, Albert

Nelson, Albert T.

Nelson, Alex A.

Nelson, Andrew K.

Nelson, Anna

Nelson, Anna C.

Nelson, CA

Nelson, Daniel A.

Nelson, Dennis H.

Nelson, Edward M.

Nelson, Eric John

Nelson, Esther Marie

Nelson, Ethel B.

Nelson, Ethel L.

Nelson, Ethyle V.

Nelson, Florence H.

Nelson, Fred L.

Nelson, George S.

Nelson, Helen R.

Nelson, Hilda M.

Nelson, Hulda

Nelson, Jacob L.

Nelson, James C.

Nelson, Jane O.

Nelson, Jeanne D.

Nelson, John A.

Nelson, Katherine

Nelson, Lillian A>

Nelson, Lillian F.

Nelson, M. Louise

Nelson, Mabel C.

Nelson, Mary A.

Nelson, Mrs. NA

Nelson, Myrtle L.

Nelson, NA

Nelson, Nels E.

Nelson, Oscar

Nelson, Oscar M.

Nelson, Otto M.

Nelson, Pauline A.

Nelson, Peter Keith

Nelson, Raymond M.

Nelson, Robert A.

Nelson, Robert A.

Nelson, Rose K.

Nelson, Samuel

Nelson, Stanley

Nelson, Therine

Nelson, Wallace A.

Nerby, Carl A.

Nerby, Dean

Nerby, Melvin T.

Nerby, Signe H.

Nes?, George M.

Ness ?, Oscar F.

Ness, George (?) L.

Ness, Ivey L.

Neuma?, Clara ?

Neuman, Russell L.

Newberg, Alice

Newberg, Andrew

Newburn (?), John W.

Newburn (?), Louise (?) A.

Newell, Arthur H.

Newell, Christine

Newell, Ernest A.

Newell, Lorena E.

Newell, Warren A.

Newman, Marshall Harold

Newsom (?), Clara

Ng, Tak Fai

Ngan, Choi

Nguyen, Thi Khanh

Nicho, Bertha

Nichols, Elaine M.

Nicholson, Allen

Nicholson, Antoinette C.

Nicholson, Clarke

Nicholson, Hanna

Nicholson, Harry

Nicholson, Samuel

Nicholson, Uno

Nickerson (?), Agnes (?) N.

Nickerson (?), Alice E.

Nickerson, Edward A.

Nickerson, Helen N.

Nickerson, John

Nickerson, Lillian

Nielsen (?), ?

Nielsen (?), Marius

Nielsen, Anna A.

Nielsen, Anton C.

Nielsen, Bessie (?) M.

Nielsen, Edith Fredericksen

Nielsen, Hans

Nielsen, Herman

Nielsen, Jens

Nielsen, Kirstine

Nielsen, Martin G.

Nielsen, Michael M.

Nielsen, Minnie J.

Nielsen, Niels

Nielson, Josie H.

Nielson, Swen

Niemi, Frank

Niemi, Muriel B.

Nihart, Evelyn D.

Nilsen, Douglas Scott

Nilsen, Roy Herbert

Niola – Jara, Jennifer Rosario

Noble, H. Arthur

Nolan, Eileen M.

Nolan, Inez

Nolan, James

Nolan, Lucy F.

Nolan, Margaret A.

Nolan, Willie

Nord, Bine

Nord, Gust

Nord, Johannes S.

Nord, Mabel

Nordall, Lloyd Emory

Nordall, Mary E.

Nordquist, William M.

Nordstrom, Alvin

Nordstrom, Anna C.

Nordstrom, Bernice

Nordstrom, Victor B.

Noreen, Mary

Norling, Steven P.

Norman?, ?onald J.

Norris (?), ?slie H.

Norris, Eugene G.

Norris, Mayme E.

Norton, Billy

Norton, Billy J.

Norton, Rose E.

Notaro, James

Notaro, Marion M.

Novotny, Lynda R.

Nowak, Anna E.

Nusser, John

Nusser, Max

Nusser, Robert

Nusser, Rudolph

Nuutinen, Ida Liisa

O’Brien (?), Wallace D.

O’Brien, Christian

O’Brien, Dennis G.

O’Brien, Edward A.

O’Brien, Luverne Lawrence

O’Brien, Mary E.

O’Heron, Donald R.

O’Loughlin, Patricia A.

O’Loughlin, Patrick F.

O’Rourke, James B.

O’Rourke, Mary Jane

Oaks, Cora E.

Ober?, Reuben O.

Oberby, Jean C.

Oberby, Raymond O.

Oberg, Bertha

Oberg, Charles

Oberst, Frank C.

Ockerman, Emilia

Ockerman, Gustaf

Odegard, Albert

Odegard, Anna

Odegard, Eva C.

Odegard, Lloyd M.

Odell, Arthur

Odell, Elisabeth

Odell, Elizabeth

Odell, Fannie A.

Odell, George

Odell, George L.

Odell, Howard C.

Odell?, Minnie S.

Ogren, Alma S.

Ogren, Henry V.

Ohm, August H.

Ohm, Frieda E.

Ohm, William K.

Oja, William

Ojeda, Luz A.

Ojeda, Sylvia C.

Okerman, Alice E.

Okerman, O. Herman

Oland, Louise Elaine

Olberding, Clayton O.

Olberding, May J.

Olerud, Conrad

Olerud, Lottie

Olinger, Jane

Olsen, Alfred

Olsen, Ina S.

Olsen, Margaret M.

Olsen, Nels

Olsen, Norman R.

Olsen, Richard G.

Olsen, Walter R.

Olson (?), Edna D.

Olson, Bertha C.

Olson, Blanche G.

Olson, Charles

Olson, Clarence A.

Olson, Clarence R.

Olson, Cora A.

Olson, Delphin L.

Olson, Doris G.

Olson, Dorothy C.

Olson, Eddie

Olson, Edith B.

Olson, Edith I.

Olson, Edward (?) E.

Olson, Edwin L.

Olson, Ella C.

Olson, Elsie M.

Olson, Elsie M.

Olson, Eric B.

Olson, Esther A.

Olson, Evald

Olson, Floyd R.

Olson, Gustaf A.

Olson, Hans

Olson, Hazel R.

Olson, Inga A.

Olson, Isabel

Olson, James

Olson, Jessie E.

Olson, Jessie N.

Olson, Julia V.

Olson, Kenneth Leroy

Olson, Lydia M.

Olson, Manville B.

Olson, Margaret ‘Mike’

Olson, Margaret C.

Olson, Marion L.

Olson, Martin

Olson, Olive A.

Olson, Oscar Henry

Olson, Pauline C.

Olson, Pearl E.

Olson, Ralph E.

Olson, Robert Hartman

Olson, Robert R.

Olson, Ryan Jerry

Olson, Thelma Jane

Olson, Vernon D.

Olson, Willie H.

Olstad, Cecelia A.

Oman, Mary L.

Oman, Victor E.

Orcutt, Muriel

Oredson, Olof J.

Oredson, Reuben P.

Oredson, Ruth I.

Oren, Coburn

Ortega, Marvin

Orth, Arthur L.

Orth, Lorraine M.

Oslund, Anna

Osman, Linda

Ost, Donald L.

Ostlund, Ann A.

Ostman, Albin C.

Ostman, Anna B.

Ostpchuk, Yeva

Ostrander (?), Archie E.

Ostrem, Helen T.

Ostrem, Oscar M.

Otteson, Yvonne Fay

Otto, Julius R.

Oulman, Ella M.

Oulman, Walter H.

Overby (?), Lillian

Overby, Leonard (?) A.

Overs, Wanda J.

Overton, Eleanor

Oviatt, Herbert W.

Oviatt, Martha Baker

Owens, Leila

Owens, Robert J.

Oxborough (?), Charles H.

Oxborough (?), Minnie

Oxborough, Gladys J.

Oxborough, Mary E.

Oxborough, Robert E.

Oyen, ?alzada J.

Oyen, Helen

Oyen, Ole J.

Oyen, Ole O.

Pacheco, Elsaris

Pacheco, Julio

Pacheco, Randolph

Packard, Bruce M.

Paehlke, Herman C.

Paehlke, Vivian R.

Page (?), ?ura M.

Page (?), Harriet F.

Page (?), Schuyler C.

Page (?), Vernon W.

Page, Bernice B.

Page, Bert D.

Page, Jean A.

Page, Nettie Dixon

Paine, Eric Lee

Palmer (?), Alice L.

Palmer (?), Charles C.

Palmer (?), Gertrude (?) M.

Palmer (?), Thoma (?) M.

Palmer, Ada J.

Palmer, Agnes Payne

Palmer, Anna J.

Palmer, Charles E.

Palmer, J. Vincent

Palmer, John H.

Palmer, John Vincent

Palmer, Josephine L.

Palmer, Martha H.

Palmer, Mary E.

Palmer, Mary E.

Palmer, Nellie V.

Palmer, Octavia N.

Palmer, Robert P.

Palmer, Ruth A.

Palmer, Viola M.

Pane?, Henry

Papke, Charles H.

Papke, Elizabeth

Pappas, Thomas

Parent, Florence D.

Parish, Gwendolyn May


Parker, Ann

Parker, Edward W.

Parker, Ruth

Parnow, Terry

Parr?, ?ola M.

Parr?, Charles (?)

Parsons, Cora E.

Parsons, Grace Elizabeth

Parsons, Lue

Pascoe, Robert L.

Pasley, Ashanti MR

Pastoret, John A.

Pastoret, Roberta

Pates, Mabel A.

Pates, Walt?

Path, Bradley James (?)

Patnode, Donna M.

Patoret, Edna G.

Patoret, Matilda B.

Patoret, Walter J.

Patrick, Alva T.

Patrick, Marguerite T.

Patrick, Thelma R.

Patten, Emma M.

Patten, Iva M.

Patterson (?), Adelaide

Patterson, Lorraine S.

Patterson, Lucius E.

Patterson, Margaret A.

Patterson, Sadie R. Nelson

Pattie, Pearl O.

Pattie, Ruth

Pattie, Willard J.

Paul, John R.

Paulsen, Andrew

Paulson, Anna

Paulson, Gunder

Peacock, Clarence A>

Peacock, Lila B.

Peake, Sylvester B.

Pearce, Frank

Pearce, Louise

Pearson, ? B.

Pearson, Carl G.

Pearson, Carmen L.

Pearson, Jason R.

Pearson, Larry Lee

Pearson, Linda Lea

Pearson, Myrtle A.

Pearson, Ruth E.

Pearson, Terrian L.

Pearson, Treonne L.

Pease (?), Mary R.

Pease (?), RMS

Pease, Nellie R.

Peck, Isabelle J.

Peck, Percy C.

Peck, Truman C.

Peders?, Anna A.

Pedersen (?), Harry T.

Pedersen, Andrew

Pedersen, Anna

Pedersen, Annie M.

Pedersen, Arthur

Pedersen, Hans F.

Pedersen, Mads

Pedersen, Tobias H.

Pederson, Donald L.

Pederson, Dorothy E.

Pederson, Emma F.

Pederson, Jan L.

Pederson, Lila I.

Peerva, Vasiliy

Peet, Elizabeth M.

Peet, Esther J.

Pehrson, Axel E.

Pehrson, Merrill A.

Pell, Laine R. Barrett

Peltier, Ruth

Peltier, William

Peltola, Eugene F.

Peltola, Hazel M.

Pendergast, Bessie

Pendergast, Frank

Pennington, Dorothy B.

Pennington, John C.

Pennock, Herbert

Pennock, Sena

Pepin, Alma

Perrier, James Patrick

Perrier, Margaret Colford

Perry, Alice M.

Perry, Arthur

Perry, Beverly Jean

Perry, Everett Anton

Perry, Harvey J.

Perry, Hulda

Perry, James Harvey

Perry, John Hugar

Perry, Julia Evaline

Perry, Timothy J.

Persaud, Dainarine

Perso, Adeline J.

Perso, Ralph A.

Peschau, Fred H.

Peschau, Vivian A.

Peter?, Beatrice M.

Peter?, Oliver A.

Peterka, Eleanor L.

Peterka, James J.

Peters (?), Katherine M.

Peters, Kate

Peters, Thomas

Peters, Thomas

Peters, Walter R.

Peters, William T.

Peterse?, ?hanna

Petersen (?), Ann

Petersen (?), baby

Petersen (?), Ef?

Petersen, ?

Petersen, Alfred D.

Petersen, Allen M.

Petersen, Anders

Petersen, Andrew S.

Petersen, Bertha A.

Petersen, Betty D.

Petersen, Bine K.

Petersen, Botilde

Petersen, Caroline

Petersen, Chris

Petersen, Chris H.

Petersen, Effie

Petersen, Elva M.

Petersen, Engo

Petersen, Erna M.

Petersen, Harold A.

Petersen, Jacob

Petersen, John M.

Petersen, Loretta J.

Petersen, Minnie

Petersen, Myrtle Ray

Petersen, Nielsine

Petersen, Peter H.

Petersen, Peter J.

Petersen, Petra

Petersen, Ragnhild G.

Petersen, Warren E.

Petersen, William N.

Peterson (?), Lillian

Peterson, ?enning

Peterson, ?eter

Peterson, Albert

Peterson, Amaelia L.

Peterson, Andrew

Peterson, Anna S.

Peterson, Annie

Peterson, Carmen M.

Peterson, CG

Peterson, Charlotte A.

Peterson, Christian

Peterson, Clarence A.

Peterson, Clarence C.

Peterson, Clarles I.

Peterson, Clayton O.

Peterson, Clinton E.

Peterson, Donald Magnus

Peterson, Edna B.

Peterson, Ellen L.

Peterson, Elsie E.

Peterson, George P.

Peterson, Gladys G.

Peterson, Helen L.

Peterson, Herman (?) A.

Peterson, Ida A.

Peterson, Irving

Peterson, Jas.

Peterson, Jean

Peterson, John Albert

Peterson, John R.

Peterson, Katherine

Peterson, Larry J.

Peterson, Lorraine C.

Peterson, Louise

Peterson, Mabel M.

Peterson, Marie

Peterson, Mary E.

Peterson, May L.

Peterson, Mildred D.

Peterson, Myrtle L.

Peterson, Myrtle M.

Peterson, Nellie A.

Peterson, Peter E.

Peterson, Peter O.

Peterson, Phillip W.

Peterson, Robin Dee

Peterson, Ruby Lundquist

Peterson, Russell A.

Peterson, Selma S.

Peterson, Sophie H.

Peterson, Soren

Peterson, Walter A.

Peterson, William

Pettijohn (?), Alice

Pettijohn (?), Anna

Pettijohn (?), William

Pettijohn, Eli

Pettijohn, Lucy

Pettis, Delores C.

Pfaff, Daniel Vern

Pfaff, M. Blair

Pfaff, Martin L.

Pfaff, Mary A.

Pfeiffer, Alta

Pfeiffer, Donald

Pfeiffer, Donald B.

Pfeiffer, EC

Pfeiffer, Fern

Phaviseth, ?no

Phelps, ?

Phelps, Alice G.

Phelps, Donald E.

Phelps, Edgar N.

Phelps, Emma C.

Phelps, Jesse H.

Phelps, Lydia S.

Phelps, Taimi M.

Phengsene, Mak

Phetsomphou, Phanmaha

Pickard, A. Frank

Pickard, Edith M.

Pierce, Amy B.

Pierce, Arthur B.

Pierson (?), Chris

Pierson (?), Edith M.

Pierson (?), Orris A.

Pierson, Enoch C.

Pierson, Grannis Haeg

Pierson, Jennie

Pierson, Nels

Pierson, Violet L.

Pikala?, Robert Lee

Pike, Catherine

Pinomaki, Dorothea Whitney

Plaster, Shirley A.

Plentyhorse, Delbert WA

Plonsk?, ?arion Evelyn

Plonske, Charles J.

Plumb, William A.

Podany, George P.

Podany, George P.

Podany, Ida W.

Poitra, Marie

Polnske, Marion C.

Port, ?

Port, Bessie M.

Port, Clara

Port, Edward

Port, Oscar

Port, Phillip

Posingies, Lydia A.

Posingies, Michael

Posssmith, Eleanor

Pottsmith (?), Charles F.

Pottsmith (?), Clara J.

Pottsmith (?), Inez M.

Pottsmith, Roy A.

Powell, Ambrose

Poyer, Rosa A.

Prange, ?rank R.

Prange, Rose

Pratt (?), Missourt

Pratt, David S.

Pratt, Harold F.

Pratt, James

Pratt, Jennett

Pratt, Jennie A.

Pratt, Jennie M.

Pratt, Job

Pratt, Mary E.

Pratt, Minnie R.

Pratt, Rebecca H.

Pratt, Stephen

Prestidge, Charles W.

Preston, Emma E.

Preston, Oscar E.

Price, Joyce

Prickett, Ervin W.

Prickett, Rose F.

Prickett, Shirley A.

Priester, John

Prince, John

Prince, John P.

Prince, John Paul

Prince, Sophie M.

Prinzing, Alice

Prinzing, Peter

Proehl, Marian Lanore

Prout, Ida A.

Prout, William

Purcell, Ruth

Purcell, Stephen G.

Quachhnick, ?orge

Quackenbush, Leslie L.

Quale, Elise

Quale, Fred

Quamme, Esther S.

Quarstro?, Benny

Quaschnick, ?ra B.

Quimby, Betty Jane

Quimby, Florence

Quiros, Jacob

Quittem, Harriette Geneva

R., Maria A. Vicente

Raden, Florence Ann

Raden, John Peter

Radford, ?ard S.

Raether, Albert C.

Rage, Emma Marie

Ram, Mohan Donald

Ramberg, Steven

Ramczyk, Wayne S.

Ramsay, Gertrude V.

Ramsey, Dennis Michael

Ranallo, ? S.

Ranallo, Ned N.

Rank (?), Christine C. (?)

Rank, Peter

Rankin, Goldie

Ranks, Harry W.

Ranks, Vara B.

Ransom, Brenda F.

Rantzich (?), Wensell

Rantzich (?), Winifred (?)

Rasario, Hector M.

Rasmussen (?), ?smus

Rasmussen (?), Arthur

Rasmussen (?), Henry

Rasmussen (?), Mary

Rasmussen, ?llian J.

Rasmussen, Aage

Rasmussen, Carrie Odell

Rasmussen, Christine A.

Rasmussen, Dagmar

Rasmussen, Dora A.

Rasmussen, Earl R.

Rasmussen, Elizabeth

Rasmussen, Elvie S.

Rasmussen, Freda M.

Rasmussen, Frederick (?)

Rasmussen, Harvey

Rasmussen, Hilda C.

Rasmussen, James P.

Rasmussen, John

Rasmussen, John A.

Rasmussen, Karen M.

Rasmussen, Lars

Rasmussen, Marguerite A.

Rasmussen, Mary E.

Rasmussen, Sofie

Rasmussen, Thorwald J.

Rasmussen, Valdemar

Rasmussen, Vida L.

Rauch, Margaret A.

Rauch, Peter H.

Ray (?), Margaret I.

Ray (?), Thomas J.

Ray, Allen

Ray, Grace Tolsma

Raygor, Laura L.

Raygor, Otha L.

Raymore, Ellen M.

Raymore, George Hay

Rayn, ?tenton

Rayn, Gertrude S.

Rayn, John B.

Reagles, Robert Burt

Ream (?), Lauretta

Ream, Clement

Ream, Clinton

Ream, Etta

Ream, Frances

Ream, Ida M.

Ream, Robert C.

Redearth, Lean Melinda

Reed, Eleanor S.

Regnell, Clara

Reichard, George

Reid, Alvina

Reinhart, John

Reinhart, Rose

Reith, Nola G.

Remarcik, Florence RN Campbell

Remus, Harold L.

Renstrom, Elaine M.

Replogle, Ruth

Reque, Paul S.

Reuther (?), Ruth L.

Revsbech, Karen M.

Revsbech, Niels

Reynolds, Gertrude

Rhode (?), Amelia H.

Rhode (?), August F.

Richards (?), James (?) L

Richardson (?), Adriann

Richardson (?), Freddie

Richardson (?), George Lewellyan

Richardson (?), Jesse (?) N.

Richardson (?), Lucy W.

Richardson (?), Mary Buset?

Richardson (?), Thomas (?)

Richardson (?), Walter W.

Richardson, Abby (?) A.

Richardson, Annie L.

Richardson, Archie T.

Richardson, Arthur L.

Richardson, Beulah E.

Richardson, Charlotte

Richardson, Cora E.

Richardson, Dean R.

Richardson, FJ

Richardson, Genie N.

Richardson, Harrie B.

Richardson, Henry W.

Richardson, Herbert H.

Richardson, John D.

Richardson, John H.

Richardson, Laura A.

Richardson, Leo D.

Richardson, Marcia A.

Richardson, Mary I.

Richardson, Mira J.

Richardson, Sarah J.

Richardson, T.

Richie, Florence

Rickord, Erma I.

Rickord, William

Rickson, Roy Peter

Riddell, Gerald R.

Riddle, June M.

Ridell, Joyce Rose

Ridener, Steven Joseph

Rideout, Emma B.

Rider, Walter Jacob

Rindal, Andrew O.

Rindal, Oscar A.

Ring, Irene C.

Ripley, Leona T.

Ripley, Marion E.

Risberg, Arnold

Risberg, Blenda A.

Risdal, Bertha B.

Risdal, Minnard C.

Risk, John Deering

Risk, Pamela Jean

Rissi, Linda Hiller

Rissman, Edward F.

Rissman, Marietta

Ritchie, Joseph T.

Ritchie, Leila W.

Ritchie, William J.

Ritthirak, Thong

Rizzi, Herman

Rizzi, Lulu A.

Rizzi, ME Katie Schill

Roan, H. Acton

Robb, Helen Alma

Robbins, Vernon P.

Robeck, Arthur J.

Robeck, Bernice P.

Robeck, Harry M.

Roberg, Mary Jean

Roberts, ?rold L.

Roberts, Elizabeth

Roberts, Elizabeth A.

Roberts, James A.

Roberts, Joseph V.

Roberts, Mary A.

Roberts, Robert B.

Roberts, Robin

Roberts, Shadrick L.

Robertson, Bobbie J.

Robinson (?), Ida M.

Robinson, Aaron

Robinson, baby boy

Robinson, Claude Ray

Robinson, Enola F.

Robinson, Grace Ray

Robinson, Harold H.

Robinson, Hazel (?) I.

Robinson, Myrtle Lockert

Rocky, Ray S.

Rodgers, Shirley

Roe, Leona M.

Roe, Ole

Roemhild, Max F.

Roemhild, Ottis P.

Roemhild, Roxie

Rogers, Shane

Rogness, Helge U.

Rogness, Inga P.

Rogness, Olga R.

Rohann, Mary Ann

Rohde (?), Gladys M.

Rohde, Vincent G.

Rohlf, Hearald

Rohweller, Emma

Rohweller, Julius H.

Rohweller, Max

Rojas, Ramon

Roloff, Joanmarie C.

Rolstad, Margaret J.

Romundstad, Astrid C.

Romundstad, Elmer M.

Roness, Ragna

Roney, Thora

Roney, William A.

Roney, William E.

Rooney, Fred A.

Root, Carolyn Mary

Rorrison (?), James

Rorrison (?), John

Rorrison (?), Willie (?)

Rorrison, Minnie V.

Rose, Anna L.

Rose, Frank V.

Rose, Leroy V.

Rose, Nella C.

Rose, Robert B.

Rose, Willard B.

Rosen, Raymond L.

Rosen, Robyn

Roseno?, Alvina

Ross, Franklin J.

Ross, Pearl E.

Rossman, Earl F.

Rossman, Violet B.

Rotegard, Lena M.

Rotegard, Olaf C.

Rotegard, Otis C.

Rotenhuis (?), Wayne

Roth, Alice M. McLean

Roth, William Henry

Rowbridge, Hilma V.

Rowbridge, Smith C.

Rowe, Edith F.

Rowe, Leonard R.

Rowe, Lincoln G.

Rowe, Vida L.

Rowley, Sean Edward

Roytin?, Michael R.

Ruckdashel, Gilbert

Rude, Dorothy M.

Rude, Edward L.

Rudy, John

Rudy, Pauline

Rueff, Everett F.

Rueff, Rose G.

Rueff, Thomas F.

Rugg, Gladys A.

Rundberg, Ivar W.

Rundle, Carol F.

Rundle, Milton P.

Ruppe?, Eileen (?) F.

Rush, Dale S.

Russe?, ?lsie

Rustad, Merton C.

Rutledge, Arthur E.

Rutledge, baby girl

Rutledge, Clementine

Rutledge, father

Rutledge, John

Rutledge, Lucile (?)

Rutledge, Margaret H.

Rutledge, mother

Rutledge, Wesley J.

Ryan, John G.

Ryland (?), Eli

Ryland, Cora

Saalfeld, mother

Sabin, Emma P.

Sabin, Hazel

Sabin, Hibbert B.

Sabin, Richard C.

Sabin, Richard J.

Sabin, Sadie J.

Sable, James B.

Saffo?, Edith M.

Safford, Dorothy Ann Seawright

Salavong, Bounnhong

Salberg (?), Michael L.

Salberg, ?ary Beck

Salin, Annie K.

Salin, Elizabeth

Salin, Evert J.

Salin, Hildur

Salin, Jane M.

Salin, Jane M.

Salin, John R.

Salin, Lloyd C.

Salisbury, Carl W.

Salisbury, Charles A.

Salisbury, Emma A.

Salisbury, George W.

Salminen, Dorothy

Salminen, John M.

Salter, Roy A.

Samletzka, Joseph A.

Samletzka, Marie M.

Samsel, Eva M.

Samsel, H. Albert

Samstad, Marilyn Kay

Samuels, Leon Allen

Samuels, Pauline

Samuels, Silas O.

Sanaker (?), Isabella (?) A.

Sanaker, James (?) A.

Sanchez, Rosario Reyes

Sand, Albert

Sand, Minnie

Sandberg, Christine M.

Sandberg, William

Sander, Anna

Sander?, Minnie

Sanders, Dennis E.

Sanders, Rose A.

Sanders, Titus C.

Sandford, EE

Sanek, Alice J.

Sanek, Sam

Sanford (?), Lucy (?) E.

Sanford (?), Walter (?) A.

Santiago, Roberto

Sarazin, Alice Mary

Sarazin, Norbert Delos

Sater (?), Olaf

Sather, Fred

Sather, Genevieve

Sather, Russell

Sather, Sadie

Satre, Gerhard

Satter, Clara

Sauerwe?, Earl Byers

Saunders, Angela Denise Wilkes

Saur, Emil A.

Saur, Marie D.

Sautbine, Floyd I.

Sauter, Arthur A.

Sauter, Katherine

Savidge, Alice

Savidge, Alva H.

Sawtell, Alonzo

Scanlan, Gladys O.

Scanlan, Thomas B.

Schaaf, Elsie Baillif

Schack, Kathrine

Schaeffer or Adams, Gerald R.

Schaeffer or Adams, Helen M.

Schaeffer or Adams, John

Schaeffer or Adams, Lillian E.

Schaffer, Florence E.

Schaffer, Maurice

Schaffran, Ruth O.

Schardin, Stuart G.

Scharf, Anna L.

Scharf, Charles J.

Scharf, Irene L.

Scheidle, Gerda S.

Schendel, Arlene E.

Schendel, Dawn Marie

Schendel, Duane W.

Scherer, Beverly Joyce

Scherer, Jessie P.

Scheribel, Edward John

Scheribel, Mabel

Scheribel, Mary

Schiffbaur, Arthur H.

Schill, Carl M.

Schill, Katie

Schillinger (?), Clara H.

Schillinger (?), Freder?

Schillinger (?), Mary K.

Schimmel (?), August W.

Schimmel (?), Augustin

Schimmel, Brigitta

Schimmel, Henry J.

Schimmel, John E.

Schirmer, Mary C.

Schirmer, Nell S.

Schirmer, Robert W.

Schlanbusch (?), Lyle

Schlanbusch, Luella M.

Schlegel (?), Charles W.

Schlegel, Josephine

Schleuder, Earl G.

Schleuder, Joan R.

Schleuder, Julie R.

Schlosser, George Meis

Schlosser, Rose Mary

Schluter, Marvin F.

Schluter, Marvin F.

Schluter, Shirley J.

Schmid, Walter C.

Schmid, Yvonne O.

Schmidgall, Joyce A>

Schmidgall, Millicent E.

Schmidgall, Ray G.

Schmidt, Antonetta C.

Schmidt, Audrew Mae

Schmidt, Douglas Paul

Schmidt, Geraldine M.

Schmidt, Henry L.

Schmidt, Jens P.

Schmidt, Marie

Schmidt, Mary A.

Schmidt, Robert H.

Schmidt, Thomas

Schmoll, Donald J.

Schmoll, Donald S.

Schnaible, Agnes

Schnaible, Martin

Schneibla, Fred

Schneider, Sara Rebecca

Schnoor, George P.

Schnoor, Pauline M.

Schnorr, Mildred M.

Schnorr, Wesley A.

Schoengart, Herbert P.

Schoengart, Marguerite L.

Scholtes, Penny M.

Schrank, Est?

Schrank, John J.

Schroeder, Edmond L.

Schuetz, Alpha

Schujahn, Robert E.

Schulke?, ?melie M.

Schulke?, John (?) O.

Schultz, Arthur H.

Schultz, Clara M.

Schultz, Gloria B.

Schultz, John W.

Schultz, Lionel H.

Schultz, Mary J.

Schulz, Andreas H.

Schum?, Bertha D.

Schum?, Gust ?

Schwantes, Arthur Carl

Schwantes, Carl

Schwarting, Glen W.

Schwarting, Mary

Schwarting, Violet E.

Schwartz (?), Bertha M.

Schwartz, August F.

Schwartz, Auguste C.

Schwartz, Dawne Christine

Schwartz, Grace E.

Schwartz, Reinhold F.

Schweninger, Katreash

Scott (?), Annie L.

Scott (?), Myrtle (?) P.

Scott, ? S. George

Scott, Archie L.

Scott, Jane A.

Scott, Ray A.

Scribner, Muriel E.

Scrimshaw, Raymond H.

Secor, Dorothy Zimbinski

Secor, Evelyn H.

Secor, John H.

Seeman, Lucille

Seemann, Charles I.

Seemann, Donald C.

Seemann, Elaine L.

Seemann, Helen M.

Segelstrom, Douglas H.

Segelstrom, Harvey C.

Seibert, John

Seibert, Lawrence C.

Seibert, Maude

Seibert, Roy D.

Selberg, Ruth K. Anderson

Semka, Raisa

Senberger, Charles E.

Senberger, Laura M.

Sengthong, Kenny Ounneua

Senstad, Alf I.

Ser?, Louise

Settergren, Russell W.

Settle, ? S.

Severson, Gunder

Severson, Jeanette W.

Severson, Martha

Severson, Marvin R.

Sewall, Claire Ann Alden

Seymour, Dolphus J.

Seymour, Gertrude E.

Shafer, Alice H.

Shafer, Henry C.

Shaver, Anna

Shaw (?), Imogene K.

Shaw (?), Marie G.

Shaw, Alfreda M.

Shaw, George P.

Shaw, Gertrude H.

Shaw, Myrtle J.

Shaw, Nellie E.

Shaw, Richard R.

Shaw, Robert G.

Shaw, William J.

Shea, Ruth A.

Sheasgreen (?), Edward E.

Sheasgreen (?), Elma

Sheasgreen (?), James

Sheasgreen, Fannie (?)

Sheasgreen, Helen E.

Sheasgreen, infant daughter

Shefland, Caroline

Shefland, Joseph O.

Shefland, Juel C.

Shefland, Loretta E.

Shefland, Orvie R.

Shelby, Sparkie A.

Sheldon, Kenneth P.

Sheldon, Viola A.

Shepard, John C.

Sherva, Frank J.

Shill babies

Shilson (?), Beulah E.

Shilson, Stanley D.

Shipp, Darwin G.

Shipstead, David Ma?

Shoaf, Anna K.

Shoaf, Carl

Shoaf, Noah R.

Shokneth, Dagmar

Sholes (?), ? Lena O.

Sholes (?), George S.

Shoquist, Hilda M.

Siewert, Mable B.

Siharath, Khampha

Silbernagel, Tyrone E.

Silseth, Geneva E.

Silseth, Theodor T.

Simon, Norman C.

Simons, Patrick James

Simons, Steven Paul

Simonson, Ole

Simpson, Edward

Simpson, Luella E.

Siverhus, Michael

Sizer, Charles W.

Sjaquist (?), Betty M.

Sjaquist, Ben E.

Skinner (?), ?

Skinner (?), James

Skipley, Arne Arthur

Skipley, Oscar

Skjeie, Martin H.

Slakey, Laurella J.

Slater, Mabel J.

Slaughter, Leroy W.

Slaughter, Virginia B.

Sloane, John O.

Sloane, Johnnie

Sloane, Margaret A.

Sloper, Catherine

Slye, Elisha C.

Slye, Fidelia

Slye, Gilbert

Slye, Martha P.

Slye, Mary

Slye, Sarah

Slye, William H.

Small, Ida Pratt

Smestad, Bertha K.

Smi?, Marie I.

Smith (?), Albert H.

Smith (?), Andrew

Smith (?), Bertha L.

Smith (?), Byron J.

Smith (?), Caroline B.

Smith (?), Carrie E.

Smith (?), Cora M.

Smith (?), Ethel M.

Smith (?), George F.

Smith (?), Helen M.

Smith (?), Henrietta

Smith (?), infant son

Smith (?), James E.

Smith (?), Jens L.

Smith (?), Mayme

Smith (?), Susan

Smith, Ada Priscilla

Smith, Albert J.

Smith, Alice L.

Smith, Alton C.

Smith, Ann

Smith, Anne E.

Smith, Arthur E.

Smith, Betty J.

Smith, Bruno D.

Smith, Christian

Smith, Donald Ray

Smith, Dorothy

Smith, Dushawn Larry Charles

Smith, Edward E.

Smith, Emily C.

Smith, Eva E.

Smith, Florence (?) Davies (?)

Smith, Gerda E. Sherva

Smith, Gordon E.

Smith, Harriet R.

Smith, Henry O.

Smith, Herbert O.

Smith, Hogan George

Smith, Ida Fosket

Smith, Inez T.

Smith, Jennifer Ann

Smith, Jessie J.

Smith, Jimmy L.

Smith, John B.

Smith, Kate

Smith, Katie B.

Smith, Ladonna Marie

Smith, Lamont

Smith, Laura Garvey

Smith, LCF

Smith, Leory W.

Smith, Lillian M.

Smith, Loretta F.

Smith, Merle E.

Smith, Olive F.

Smith, Ottis E.

Smith, Pearline L.

Smith, Robert H.

Smith, Sophia

Smyth, Irene S.

Smyth, Raymond E.

Sneller, Christine H.

Sneller, Harold J.

Sneller, John W.

Sneller, Willard T.

Sneva, Emma G.

Sneva, Frank T.

Snyder, Janet R.

Snyder, Joyce Rita

Soine, Anne

Solavong, Anthony Andy

Sookhlall, Doman

Soren?, Harry W.

Sorensen (?), Charlotte C.

Sorensen (?), Clyde D.

Sorensen (?), Freda A.

Sorensen (?), Phyllis O.

Sorensen, Anders

Sorensen, Caroline

Sorensen, Curtis A.

Sorensen, Elmer W.

Sorensen, Hattie M.

Sorensen, Jacobine

Sorensen, Joanna Lynn

Sorensen, Jorgen P.

Sorensen, Mary C.

Sorensen, Mathias

Sorensen, Ruth Moore

Sorenson, Arthur T.

Sorenson, Edwin Zahl

Sorenson, Helen V.

Sorenson, Josephine

Sorenson, Marie Rindal (?)

Sorenson, Robert M.

Sorenson, Soren Peter

Sorvik, Harold L.

Sorvik, Helen B.

South, Clifford F.

South, Margaret

Souvannavong, Thay

Sowl, Everett M.

Sowl, Gurley L.

Soyomokun, Olufemi Abiodun

Spafford, Bertha

Spafford, John

Spande, Mary K.

Spande, Oscar C.

Spande, Quinten O.

Spandl, Cathy J.

Spandl, Jerry M.

Spangrud, Anna

Spangrud, Anton P.

Spangrud, Edwin B.

Spangrud, Ida K.

Spanrud, Peter

Sparks, Grace E.

Sparks, Ralph

Specht (?), William A.

Speller, Bruce E.

Speller, Dorothy M.

Speller, Lillian A.

Speller, Newman W.

Spelman, Louis F.

Spelman, Ruth

Spencer, Edmund G.

Spencer, Estella

Spencer, Florence M.

Spencer, Mary

Spencer, Myrtle L.

Spencer, Stephen E.

Spencer, William G.

Spohn, Steven C.

Sponsel, Jeremiah H.

Spranger, Allen W.

Spranger, Helen L.

Springer, Ferne L.

Springer, Walter W.

Springfield, Nitamom

Sprink, Jessie G.

Squire, Carmon J.

Stad, Emma L.

Stanchfield, Mirah

Stanchfield, OB

Stane, baby boy

Starbuck, Frank

Starbuck, Minnie

Stark, Carolyn A.

Stark, Harry Leslie

Stark, Hazel M.

Stark, Jean Marie

Starring, babe

Starring, John

Starring, Josephine D.

Stauble, George

Stauffenberg, Heinrich

Stauffer, Mildred

Stebbins, Edith Lucille

Stebbins, Robert S.

Steele, Franklin Herbert

Steele, Madeline E.

Steele, Robert W.

Steenstra, Suzanne

Steffen, Charles H.,

Steffen, Edith J.

Steffen, Johann H.

Steg, Frank

Steg, Mary

Steiger, Freda

Stein (?), Litta A.

Stein, Daniel E.

Stein, Katherine S.

Steineck, Laura I.

Steineck, Sigrid A.

Steiner, Alvin C.

Steiner, Irene C.

Steiner, Marvin R.

Stellard, Charles

Stellard, May Hoyt

Stelter, Roberta Y.

Stemsrud, Elmer D.

Stemsrud, Frances E.

Stenerson, ?esley G.

Stenson, Clara

Stenson, Paul

Stenstrum, Michael M.

Stephens, Alexander

Stephens, Hazel M.

Sterbuck, Ardis A.

Sterk, Elfrida P.

Sterling (?), mother

Sterling (??, father

Stevens, Alice G.

Stevens, Alice L.

Stevens, Claude H.

Stevens, Craig

Stevens, Exie

Stevens, Horace

Stewart, Camille C. Jensen

Stewart, Charles A.

Stiles (?), Mabel A.

Still, Guy W.

Still, Mabel E.

Still, Wesley A.

Stinar, Frank A.

Stinar, Irene E.

Stinar, Marvin R.

Stinson, Hazel E.

Stock, Elizabeth

Stock, James

Stoddard, Byron W.

Stoddard, Virginia

Stokes, Ruth Emily Hohag

Stolarek, Frank Edward

Stolarek, Frank J.

Stoll, Sadie L.

Stoll, William H.

Stolzeberg, Ethel

Stolzman, Dorothy

Stolzman, Herman A.

Stolzman, Lucille

Stolzman, Virgenis

Stone (?), Randolph Scott

Stone, Carrie Pratt

Stone, Charles D.

Stone, Gretchen E.

Stone, Paul D.

Stone, Walter S.

Stonebraker, Beulah AE

Stonebraker, Samuel H.

Stoops, Agnes A.

Stoops, John S.

Storebo, Harriet G.

Storebo?, Emma K.

Storholm, Camilla C.

Storholm, George Wm.

Stouffer, Daniel H.

Stough, Samuel

Straito, Minnie B.

Straito, Thomas W.

Straiton, Burton

Straiton, Marie

Stran (?), John G.

Strand, Agnes T.

Strand, Clara H.

Strand, Donna May

Strand, Oscar B.

Strand, Stacy Lynn

Stranger, Anne B.

Stranger, James Miller Ewing

Stream (?), Butch

Stream (?), Chris

Stream, Benjamin (?) R.

Streed, Doris R.

Streeter, Mattie

Strickland, J. Clifford

Strickland, James C.

Strickland, Marjorie P.

Strickland, Ronald J.

Stroh, Danna R.

Stroh, Scott Erickson

Strom, Arne

Stromstedt, Bert O.

Stromstedt, Martin B.

Stromstedt, Tekla B.

Stromwall, Edith T.

Strong, Hattie

Strong, Virginia C.

Strother, Joe (?)

Strout, Helen W.

Strout, Lura A.

Strout, Wesley L.

Strout, William F.

Strunk, Amy R.

Stuart, Bessie Covert

Stuart, Laura

Stuart, William

Stulc, ?arlene Aice

Stutelberg, Tara Lynn

Styba, Dawn W.

Styba, James J.

Suderburg, Alba

Suderburg, Carl

Sullivan, Marie L.

Summers, Joseph W.

Summers, Ursula D.

Sumne?, Bernice H.

Sunde, Edwin J.

Sunde, Grace B.

Sundem, Kerry N.

Supalo, Cynthia

Svenddal, Arvid Leslie

Svendsen, Alfred M.

Svendsen, Ingeborg D.

Svitak, Albert

Svitak, Lois A.

Svoboda, Anette Layne

Svoboda, Laura Mae

Swa?, James Cannon

Swa?, Lorr?

Swa?, Raymond A.

Swalve, Duane Smith

Swan, Lillian

Swanbeck, Arthur H.

Swanbeck, Mary E.

Swaningson, infant twin – Mark and Michael

Swanson, ?

Swanson, Andrew

Swanson, Barbara Joan

Swanson, Carl HW

Swanson, Carl S.

Swanson, Charles E.

Swanson, Cleo V.

Swanson, Florence

Swanson, Florence

Swanson, Grace A.

Swanson, Helen

Swanson, Louise E.

Swanson, Mathilda

Swanson, Michael D.

Swanson, Milton L.

Swanson, Patricia S.

Swanson, Ross W.

Swanson, Sven L.

Swanson, Vanessa D.

Swanston, Adam

Sweetnam, John P.

Sweetnam, John P.

Sweetnam, Myrtle J.

Sword, Hannah E.

Sysengchanh, Khammany

Talley, Edwin C.

Talley, Shirley Ann

Tam, Chun Ping

Tams, Patricia N.

Tanner (?), Harry L.

Tanner (?), Mabel H.

Tanner, Helen C.

Tate (?), Mary K.

Tate, Bessie A.

Taube?, ?hyllis A.

Tavro, George

Tavro, Luella L.

Tayler, Arthur B.

Tayler, Florence J.

Taylor, Bernice L.

Taylor, Clara

Taylor, Eli Jones

Taylor, George A.

Taylor, Helen M.

Taylor, Ivey (Hansen)

Taylor, James G.

Taylor, Lorenza

Taylor, Lyle V.

Taylor, Marcia

Taylor, Mary Caroline

Taylor, Quentin Leland

Taylor, Vivian N.

Taylor, Warren R.

Teeter, Nancy A.

Tennis, Goldie M.

Tenold, David Allen

Tenschert, Ottilie

Tense, Chris

Terrell, Edward E.

Terrell, Laura May

Terry (?), Marcella

Terry, Esther J.

Terry, Lewis E.

Teso, Nuck

Teso, Xay

Tess, Melvin E.

Tess, Okel Porter

Tetzlaff, Heinrich

Tetzlaff, Johanna

Tew, William C.

Thao, May

Thao, Phoua

Tharaldson, Andrew

Tharaldson, Marie

Thayer, Earl L.

Thayer, Joan Denise

Thayer, Lorraine

Thayer, Mabel N.

Thew (?), ?mellen Thomas

Thew, Ida Cookson

Thew, M. Lorraine

Thew, Robert L.

Thielen, Caroline (?) F.

Thielen, Jack J.

Thomas, ?

Thomas, Alice Mary

Thomas, Charles L.

Thomas, Fred C.

Thomas, Hildur E.

Thomas, John H.

Thomas, Lucille F.

Thomas, Marie E.

Thome?, Carl P.

Thompson, A. George

Thompson, Addie E.

Thompson, Annabelle

Thompson, Edna Veronica

Thompson, Evelyn S.

Thompson, Gladys A.

Thompson, Harold A.

Thompson, Jeanette

Thompson, Larry A.

Thompson, Lawrence Joseph Kepano

Thompson, Louis

Thompson, Mary J.

Thompson, Matilda AL

Thompson, Pearl E.

Thompson, Peter W.

Thompson, Robert

Thompson, Steven M.

Thompson, Vivian A.

Thompson, William

Thor, Mauritz J.

Thor, Pa

Thoreson, Almyra Borgel

Thoreson, Elizabeth

Thoreson, George Martin

Thoreson, John H.

Thoreson, Mary Kay

Thorgrimson, James G.

Thorgrimson, John B.

Thorgrimson, John Edward

Thorgrimson, Mildred J.

Thorgrimson, Robert Newton

Thorgrimson, Stoddard

Thorne, Gladys E.

Thorne, William C.

Thorpe, Nina Eklund

Thorsen, Norman E.

Thorson, Otto M.

Thuax, Millie E.

Thuras (?), Anton (?) O.

Thurber, Delbert

Thurber, Georgia C.

Thurber, Harvey K.

Thurber, Zella J.

Thurik, Arietta

Thurik, John W.

Thurso?, ?

Tice, Lela H.

Ticen, Gayle C.

Ticen, Thomas E.

Tillia, Henry

Tilly, Leanne Marie

Tingley (?), ?

Tingley (?), Caleb (?)

Tingley, John M.

Tingley, Ruth W.

Tinkham, baby boy

Tinkham, Frank R.

Tinkham, Fred M.

Tinkham, Isabelle Gray