Adath Yeshurun Cemetery

(and the former South Side Jewish / B’Nai Abraham Cemetery)

5605 France Avenue South

Edina, Hennepin County, Minnesota

T028N – R24W, Section 20



The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Hennepin County, Minnesota – Edina and Richfield,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This cemetery was established in 1885 as the Adath Yeshurun Cemetery Association.  It is maintained on a regular basis and in good shape.  The Adath Yeshurun Cemetery is not affiliated with any Synagogue.  The cemetery is gated and locked when not open.  Jewish cemeteries are not usually open on Saturday. 


The former South Side Jewish Cemetery or B’Nai Abraham Cemetery is located within its borders.  Both names were used.  The South Side Jewish Cemetery / B’Nai Abraham Cemetery was combined with the Adath Yeshurun Cemetery during the late 1980’s / early 1990’s.  The South Side Jewish Cemetery / B’Nai Abraham Cemetery burials are located at the north ends of the upper area / hilltop area of this cemetery.  As to those buried in the South Side Jewish Cemetery / B’Nai Abraham Cemetery area of this cemetery, I have been told many of these persons resided in the north Minneapolis area, but were buried in this cemetery because of anti-Semitism in the city of Minneapolis around the turn of the century.  Others were buried in the Jewish cemeteries near 70 ½ Street and Penn Avenue South in Richfield.  The city of Minneapolis has one Jewish Cemetery within its borders. 


This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2009.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2009



 , baby boy Gary

 , Ethel

 , Walter


? Mapkobha ?

Aaron, Arlene

Aaron, baby

Aaron, David L,

Aaron, Elijah

Aaron, Harry

Aaron, Irving

Aaron, Isdaor

Aaron, Jennie

Aaron, Louis

Aaron, Marian

Aaron, Mary

Aaron, Meyer

Aaron, Morris

Aaron, Rachel

Aaron, Sarah R.

Aaron, Theodore

Aaron, William M.

Aaronson, Ida

Aaronson, Meyer L.

Aberman, Etta

Abern, Oscar

Abern, Sally

Abrahams, Jennie

Abrahams, Max

Abrahams, Oscar H.

Abrahams, Serene

Abrams – Kriv, Shirley Jennie

Abrams, Arthur

Abrams, baby

Abrams, Bernard

Abrams, Bernice G.

Abrams, David

Abrams, Elizabeth

Abrams, Gertrude

Abrams, Gertrude

Abrams, Gerty

Abrams, Helen S.

Abrams, Henry

Abrams, Ida

Abrams, Irene S.

Abrams, Joseph E.

Abrams, Libby

Abrams, Lisa

Abrams, Louie

Abrams, Martin

Abrams, Max M.

Abrams, Morris

Abrams, Morris Samuel

Abrams, Nathan

Abrams, Nettie

Abrams, Nettie Brill

Abrams, Norman

Abrams, Rebeca

Abrams, Rebecca

Abrams, Rose

Abrams, Roy

Abrams, Sam

Abrams, Sol I.

Abrams, Sophia

Abramson, Burton I.

Abramson, Martin

Abramson, Millie

Abramson, Milton

Abromovitz, Amelia

Abromovitz, Hinda

Abromovitz, Sarah Fligler

Abromovitz, William

Addis, Lazarus J.

Addis, Leon P.

Addis, Liby

Addis, Marian S.

Adler, Ecaterina

Adlin, Morris

Adois, Rebeca

Agranoff, Harry

Agranoff, Philip P.

Agranoff, Rebecca

Agranoff, Rose

Akins, William

Alch, Barbara

Alexiu, Paul

Aleziu, Lya

Alpert, Rose Zalik

Alpert, Simon

Altman, Eva

Altman, I.

Altman, Samuel

Altman, Sarah

Altmark, Anatoliy L.

Amdur, Nancy

Angel, Josephine

Ansell, Danny David

Ansell, Marcia Estelle

Antonier, Morris

Antonier, Rebecca

Appel, Jake

Applebaum, Burt

Applebaum, Gary Lee

Applebaum, Sarah

Apter, June Levine

Arenshtam, Abraham

Arion, Jacob

Arnoldoff, Samuel

Aronson, Anna

Aronson, Charles

Aronson, Leo

Aronson, Sophia

Atkin, Anna

Atkin, Beatrice

Atkin, Benjamin

Atkin, Charlene

Atkin, Harry

Atkin, Louis

Atkin, Morris

Atkin, Samuel E.

Atkin, Sara L.

Atlas, Bess

Atlas, Peter

Auerbach, Mathilda

Aved, Bessie Lea

Aved, Harry

Aved, Jacob

Aved, Miriam

Aved, Toba

Bacal, Idel

Bacal, Jacob

Bacal, Mendel

Bacal, Nesie

Bacal, Pauline

Bacal, Pinnie

Bachman, Freda

Bachrach, Claire J.

Bachrach, Harry W.

Bailin, Betty M.

Bailin, Eugene Mortimer

Baker, Clara “Billie”

Baker, Ethelene Jane

Baker, Jack L.

Baker, Jack Leslie

Baker, Louis

Baker, Shirley Anna

Balter, Chas.

Bank, Hene

Bank, Joseph

Bank, Leo Marvin

Baran, Simon

Baratz, Bertha

Baratz, Hersch

Baratz, Mayer

Barberio, Daniel

Baron, Charlotte S.

Barron, Lazarus

Barron, Leah F.

Barron, Moses

Barth, Freda

Barth, Julius

Bassin, Irving

Bearman, Arthur S.

Bearman, Delia

Bearman, Harry T.

Bearman, Herschal S.

Bearman, Hildegarde S.

Bearman, Phyllis B.

Bearman, Sarah R.

Beck (?), Herman

Beck, David Isadore

Beck, Esther Molly

Beck, Marshall S.

Beltzer, Ben

Bender, Jacob

Bender, Meredith

Bender, Morris

Bender, Ruth F.

Bender, Samuel

Benesovitz, Hymon B.

Benesovitz, Rachel

Benjamin, Ben

Benjamin, Flora P.

Benjamin, Joseph E.

Benjamin, Julius

Benjamin, Louis J.

Benjamin, Max Mordecai

Benjamin, Pauline

Bercovitz, Ahron Jacob

Berg, Cyrla

Berg, Darla H.

Berg, Donna

Berg, Leonard E.

Berg, Ruth B.

Berger, Ida

Bergman, Aron

Bergman, Mae

Bergman, Milton

Bergou, Fannie

Berine, Bessie Brocha

Berke, Joel Steven

Berkman, Hyman H.

Berkowitz, Badonna

Berkowitz, Dora

Berkowitz, Earl

Berkowitz, Moses

Berkus, Binnie Raye

Berkus, Marion

Berkwitz, Benjamin

Berkwitz, Meyer

Berkwitz, Sara R.

Berkwitz, Sophie

Berlatsky, Isaac

Berlotsky, Jennie

Berman, Anna

Berman, Barney E.

Berman, Bertha

Berman, Charles

Berman, Clare G.

Berman, Edward J.

Berman, Hannah

Berman, Hyman

Berman, Jacob D.

Berman, Lillian

Berman, Marc Jeffrey

Berman, Molly Rachel

Berman, Morris

Berman, Nathan Max

Berman, Sam S.

Berman, Sheldon M.

Berman, Shirley A.

Bernstein, Harris

Bernstein, Irvin George

Bernstein, James

Bernstein, Marshall S.

Bernstein, Rachel

Bernstein, Rose R.

Bernstein, Shirley R.

Berris, Teresa L.

Berson, Masha

Berson, Zalman

Besner, Alvin S.

Besner, Darlene

Besner, Grace

Besner, Morris

Besner, Norma B.

Bessac, Helga

Bessac, Rudolph

Bessler, Clara

Bessler, David

Bessler, Jacob I.

Bessler, Mary

Bessler, Sarah

Beugen, Jack Joseph

Beugen, Minnie E.

Beugen, Nancy L.

Beugen, Sam A.

Beutel, Adolph

Beutel, Francie

Bierer, Erwin Paul

Bigos, Ben

Bigos, Bruce J.

Bigos, Hershy Jay

Bigus, Molly

Bird, Ruth Kohan

Birnberg, baby girl

Birnberg, David M.

Birnberg, Michael M.

Birnberg, Stella

Blatt, Dora

Bloch, Adelheid

Bloch, Amalie

Bloch, Fred M.

Bloch, Paul S.

Bloch, Richard

Bloch, Usi

Block, Joseph

Block, Sophia

Bloom, Celia Sloan

Bloom, Edward W.

Bloom, Harry G.

Bloom, Harry H.

Bloom, Jacob

Bloom, Lenore

Bloom, Norman B.

Bloom, Priscilia M.

Bloom, Rita I.

Bloom, Sarah

Bloom, Verna

Bloom, Yiddy

Bloomenson, Abraham P.

Bloomfield, Fannie

Bloomfield, Israel

Blumberg, Fannie

Blumberg, Louis

Blumberg, Rebecca

Blumenfeld, Abraham

Blumenfeld, Eva

Blumenfeld, Minnie

Blumenfield, Isadore

Blumenfield, Lillian

Blumenson, Charlottte

Blumenson, Jennie

Blumenson, Joseph

Blumenson, Milton J.

Blumenson, Rose

Blumenthal, Ada

Blumenthal, Amelia

Blumenthal, Carl

Blumenthal, Charna

Blumenthal, Clara

Blumenthal, H. Pat

Blumenthal, Harry

Blumenthal, Hayim J.

Blumenthal, Louis

Blumenthal, Marion D.

Blumenthal, Martin

Blumenthal, Morris

Blumenthal, Richard L.

Blunenfeld, Phillip

Blustein, Louis

Blustein, Sarah

Bolter, Charles David

Bolter, Florence L.

Bolter, Jacob L.

Bolter, Myron Max

Bolter, Nettie

Bolter, Nettie M.

Bongartz, Alfred

Bongartz, Lottie

Bonine, Susan Berne

Borochin, Menashe

Brand, Dora

Brand, Irving Rubin

Brand, Jonathan M.

Brand, Joshua Louis

Brand, Lawrence

Brand, Lena

Brandwein, Esther D.

Brandwein, Hyman J.

Brandwein, Sharon B.

Braude, Joseph

Braunstein, Louis Melvin

Braunstein, Michael S.

Braunstein, Polly Held

Braunstin, Ethel

Breenberg, Frieda

Brill, Gezella

Brill, Morris

Brill, Moses

Brin, Arthur

Brin, baby

Brin, Benjamin

Brin, Betty

Brin, Fanny

Brin, Howard B.

Brin, James Arthur

Brockman, Abraham

Brockman, Freda

Brockman, Jack

Brockman, Laura

Brockman, Nathan

Brodbar, Nettie Hope Schultz

Brokman, Chas.

Broms, Evelyn (Evie)

Broms, Mathew

Bronstein, Elchanan

Bronstein, Lev

Brookman, Nathan

Brooks, Ann

Brooks, Kate

Brooks, Keeve

Brooks, Sidney A.

Broude, Josephine

Broude, Morris L.

Brown, baby

Brown, Ethel J.

Brown, Gertrude Heiman

Brown, Harry A.

Brown, Ida

Brown, Reuben

Brownstein, Isadore

Brownstein, Simon

Bruggeman, Steve

Brussell, Beverly Jo

Buchwald, Andor

Buchwald, Renee

Buckwold, Sarah N.

Buis, Michael

Burdwise, John

Burdwise, Tena

Burke, Mitchell H.

Burkowitz, Edith

Burkowitz, Oscar

Burnstein, Fannie S.

Burnstein, Isadore

Burnstein, Jack

Burnstein, Joseph H.

Burnstein, Laura

Burnstein, Sophie

Burton, Harvey

Bush, Nettie

Cable, Morris Louis

Cable, Raleigh Gross

Cahn, Jack D.

Cammins, Jerome W.

Cammins, Renee A.

Cannon, Mary F.

Cannon, Norman O.

Capman, Audrey E.

Cart, Benjamin

Cart, Sarah R.

Chalom, Salvador

Chanen, Holly Weisberg

Charen, Libby G.

Chase, Henriette

Chase, Rachelle

Chase, Samuel E.

Chazanowitz, Jacob

Cheit, Etta

Cheit, Morris

Chelstrom, Isabel

Chernoff, Alex Joseph

Chernoff, Seema Litsky

Cherwitz, David L.

Chesler, Dorothy

Chesler, Leonard

Chesler, Mildred Rose

Chesler, Nathan Harold

Chester, Alexander

Chester, Ella

Chozen, Ben

Chozen, Eva

Christol, Sarah T.

Cinsberg (?), Bertha

Cisarsky, Joseph C.

Cisarsky, Nathan J.

Cisarsky, Rose

Cisarsky, Violet Lyons

Clair, Pearl Gale

Coddon, Anna Marcus

Cohan, Leonard

Cohen (?), ?

Cohen, Abraham Eli

Cohen, Alan Reese

Cohen, Alter

Cohen, Annette (Honi)

Cohen, Arnold A.

Cohen, Ben

Cohen, Bernard A.

Cohen, Bernice S.

Cohen, Beverly

Cohen, Birdie

Cohen, Charles

Cohen, Charles W.

Cohen, Dora

Cohen, Dora

Cohen, Elka

Cohen, Elsie H.

Cohen, Esther Laura

Cohen, Ethel

Cohen, Fannie

Cohen, Fanny

Cohen, Freddie

Cohen, Hannah Goldia

Cohen, Helen

Cohen, Henry H.

Cohen, Inez

Cohen, Isadore

Cohen, Joseph M.

Cohen, Lewis N.

Cohen, Lillian Kay

Cohen, Louis

Cohen, Louis

Cohen, Malva

Cohen, Minnie

Cohen, Morris

Cohen, Morris J.

Cohen, Pauline

Cohen, Ray

Cohen, Robert

Cohen, Ronald Louis

Cohen, Samuel

Cohen, Samuel

Cohen, Samuel

Cohen, Sidney

Cohen, Simon

Cohen, Stephen T.

Cohen, Sumner S.

Cohen, Susan Joy

Cohen, Teresa Lipkin

Cohen, Vichna

Cohen, Walter

Cohn, Aaron Loeb

Cohn, Alter

Cohn, Chaim

Cohn, Ethel

Cohn, Lillian S.

Cohn, Nettie

Cohn, Nochum

Cohn, Sandra Besner

Cohn, Sarah

Cohodes, Edythe Weinstein

Cohodes, Haskell Leon

Cohos, Taube

Coklas, Pearl

Conner, Annabelle

Conner, Fannie

Conner, Jacob

Conner, Michael

Cook, Annette

Cook, Bessie

Cook, Harvey D.

Cook, Leon

Cooper, Irving

Cooper, Lillian

Cooperman, Ethel

Cooperman, Oscar

Cooperstein, Louis

Cooperstein, Rose

Copel, Max

Copel, Pearl

Copelovitz, Sim

Copperman, Tel

Corwin, Arlene M.

Cotlow, Hyman S.

Cotlow, Tonia

Cottle, Dawn Cecelia

Courtaway, Idell

Couture, Pauline

Coval, Al A.

Coval, Shirley V.

Cowle, Stanley R.

Crain, Henry

Crain, Lenora Henry

Crane, Arnold

Crane, Bess

Crane, Dorothy

Crane, June B.

Crane, Max

Crane, Sarah

Crohn, Gina Rose

Crohn, Paula

Crohn, Siegbert

Cushman, Gertrude

Cutts, Abraham B.

Cutts, George

Cutts, Jessie

Cutts, Leona R.

Cutts, Richard A.

Cutts, Rose E.

Cutts, Samuel

Czitron, Esther

Dachis, Irving H.

Damsky, Leon Joseph

Danzig, Barbara

Danzig, Keve

Daskovsky, Anna

Daskovsky, Morris

Davenport, Clara M.

David, Moris Z.

Davidson, Louis

Davidson, Marcus

Davidson, Marsha H.

Davidson, Rebecca

Davidson, Simon

Davis, Abraham

Davis, Ben H.

Davis, Esther Winer

Davis, Harold

Davis, Henry

Davis, Irving H.

Davis, Katie

Davis, Louis

Davis, Morris

Davis, Robert Mark

Davis, Sarah

Davis, Saul Bernard

Davis, Zlotnick D.

Dayen, Leonid

Dechter, Benjamin D.

Dechter, Bertha Kopp

Dechter, Goldie G.

Dechter, Jacob

Dechter, Louis E.

Dechter, Maurice

Dechter, Sally

Desnick, Abraham Harry

Desnick, Benjamin M.

Desnick, Joseph W.

Desnick, Lillian Beatrice

Desnick, Margaret L. ‘Marmie’

Desnick, Rose L.

Devin, Elaine J.

Devin, Sydney L.

Diamond, Aaron

Diamond, Ethel

Diamond, Ginsberg

Diamond, H.A. “Hy”

Diamond, Hilda

Diamond, James

Diamond, Jerome

Diamond, Meyer

Diamond, Nancy Sue

Diamond, Sophia Sachs

Dickerman, Sally Hersh

Dietz, Abraham

Dietz, Laura E.

Dietz, Louis

Dimond, Aaron M.

Dimond, Abraham J.

Dimond, Clara M.

Dimond, Maria

Dinner, Esther

Dinner, Joseph

Dockman, Mattie H.

Dockman, Michael S.

Dodd, Norman Joseph

Dolinger, Edward

Dolinger, Rosa

Donsker, Amelia

Donsker, Ben

Donsker, Esther B.

Donsker, Hannah

Donsker, Ida

Donsker, Jacob

Donsker, Nathan

Dorfman, David

Douglas, Ethel

Dray, Gary M.

Druskin, Charlotte

Druskin, Dorothy G.

Druskin, Ida

Druskin, Joseph

Druskin, Myron

Druskin, Oscar

Druskin, Samuel

Dubow, Richard A.

Dudick, Ephram

Dudovitz, Solly L.

Dulgas, Jacob

Dworsky, Harry

Dworsky, Jerome

Dworsky, Natalie Irene

Dworsky, Peter A.

Dworsky, Rose

Dworsky, Sarol

Dworsky, Zolle

Edelman, Edith Modelevsky Linoff

Edelman, Hyman

Edelman, Miriam H.

Edelstein, Caroline

Edelstein, Harry

Edelstein, Lena

Edelstein, Louis

Edelstein, Phillip

Edelstein, Rose

Edelstein, Samuel

Edelstein, Zlate

Edelston, Josephine Margulies

Edelston, Merrill E.

Edstrom, Barbara Sara Hofman

Edwards, Jesse

Eirinberg, Lena Sherman

Eisen, Molly

Eisenberg, Baila

Eisenberg, Blanche

Eisenberg, Charles

Eisenberg, Martin

Eisenberg, Minerva Lyon

Eisenberg, Molly

Eisenberg, Robert B.

Eisenberg, Ruth E.

Eisenberg, Sam

Eisenberg, Schloima

Eisenberg, William

Elias, John

Elias, Minnis

Ellisco, Pearl

Elliscu, Morris

Ener, Minean

Engblom, Lisa R.

Engel, Izo

Engler, Abraham

Engler, Anna

Engler, Charles

Engler, Esther

Engler, Fannie S.

Engler, Fanny

Engler, Fanny

Engler, Hanna

Engler, Hirsh

Engler, Isadore

Engler, Lawrence D.

Engler, Louis

Engler, Louis

Engler, Mary

Engler, Moses

Engler, Pinny

Engler, Regina

Engler, Rose

Engler, S.

Engler, Wilfred

Epcar, Carol

Epcar, Isadore

Epcar, Minnie

Ephraim, Adolph

Ephraim, Rose

Epstein, Esther Porges

Erceg, Gloria Minter

Ermanski, Doris Gross

Ermanski, Gordon Louis

Esterkyn, Ira

Esterkyn, Lillian

Fabes, Eugene B.

Faingold, Eva Freund

Falk, Augusta

Falk, Louis

Farber, Moses M.

Farkas, Irene

Farkas, Martin

Farkas, Paul

Feinberg, Adele R.

Feinberg, Harry A.

Feinberg, Joseph B.

Feinberg, Lillie

Feinstein, Adolph

Feinstein, Beth

Feinstein, Levi

Feinstein, Louis E.

Feinstein, Sadie

Feinstein, Sarah

Feinstein, Sol M.

Feinstein, Stephen Charles

Feldman, David

Felman, Harry

Felmann, Samuel

Felsenberg, Celia

Felsenberg, Eli

Felsenberg, Louis

Felsenberg, Rose

Field, Celia B.

Field, Florence C.

Field, Harry N.

Field, Morris J.

Field, Rae O.

Fieldman, baby Jane

Figur, Martin

Figur, Rachel Leah

Filip, Mindel

Filister, Max

Filister, Moses

Filister, Sarah

Fink, Benjamin

Fink, Bobby I.

Fink, Esther G.

Fink, Israel D.

Fink, Sadie

Fink, Stephen A.

Finkelstein, Ethel

Finkelstein, Mina

Finkelstein, Teni

Finkelsten, M.B.

Firedman, Harold A.

Fischbein, Bernice Cohen

Fischbein, Clara

Fischbein, Dave

Fischbein, Florence

Fischbein, Harold

Fischer, Marion

Fischman, Daniel

Fisher, Orrie

Fishman, Josephine

Fishman, Milton

Fishman, Neil

Fishr, Edythe Friedman

Flam, Evan Benjamin

Flegler, Henry

Fleisher, Abreham

Fleisher, David J.

Fleisher, Ida

Fleisher, James J.

Fleisher, John A.

Fleisher, Leah S.

Fleisher, Leia R.

Fleisher, Morris

Fleisher, Ruth

Fleisher, Ruth

Fliegel, Herman

Fliegel, Joe

Fliegel, Nettie

Fligelman, Antoinette

Fligelman, John

Fligelman, Samuel

Fogel, Bertha

Fogel, Blanche A.

Fogel, John

Fogel, Louis R.

Fogel, Morris

Fogel, Rita ‘Dolly’

Fogel, Sammy

Foreman, Matthew Allen

Forster, Frances Hymes

Fox, Esther

Fox, Max Chas.

Franer, Jennie R.

Franer, Mandel

Frank (?), Hulda

Frank (?), Morris

Frank, Albert B.

Frank, Angeline E.

Frank, Bertha

Frank, Fred

Frank, Lillian Schiller

Frank, Martin Max

Frank, Phyllis R.

Frank, Stephan

Fredkove, Harry

Fredman, Albert

Fredman, Nison

Freier, Henry

Freund, Martin

Fried (?), ?

Friedell, Della C. Green

Friedlund, Miriam

Friedman (?), Samuel

Friedman, Benjamin

Friedman, Bertha

Friedman, Clara

Friedman, David

Friedman, David L.

Friedman, Emanuel M.

Friedman, Esther

Friedman, Ethel

Friedman, Evelyn

Friedman, Gertrude Rose

Friedman, Herschel

Friedman, Hime

Friedman, Hinda

Friedman, J. Mitchell

Friedman, Leonard

Friedman, Margaret B.

Friedman, Max

Friedman, Morris

Friedman, Rose

Friedman, Sadie

Friedman, Tania

Friedmann, Bertha

Friedmann, Hermann

Friend, Harry L.

Frisch, Bernard W.

Frisch, Lewis Stephen

Frolichman, Minnie

Fruchtman, Michael

Frughtman, Milton S.

Gale, Frank J.

Gale, Gertrude M.

Gale, Jennie Rose

Gallop, Harold

Garber, Arnold S.

Garber, Barney H.

Garber, David

Garber, Deborah

Garber, Hyman Louis

Garber, Libby

Garber, Lillian Silver

Garber, Nathan S.

Garber, Rose E.

Garber, Sophie C.

Garetz, Pearl

Garfield, Minnie

Garfield, Paul

Garfin, Jacob

Garfin, Laurence A.

Garfin, Ruby B.

Garfin, Sherman H.

Garnett, Nancy Blum

Garnett, Selma Vogel

Garnett, Sherman Irving

Garon, Dora

Garon, Jacob

Garon, Julius

Garrison, Norman

Gaviser, David

Gaviser, David

Gaviser, Minette S.

Gaviser, Minette S.

Geis, Robert

Gelb, Simcha

Gelb, Sulamith

Geldman, Charles

Geldman, Frima

Geldman, Jacob J.

Geldman, Samuel

Gelfand, Hyman B.

Gelfand, Minnie

Gelfand, Revekka

Gelfman, Joyce

Gendler, Adeline

Gendler, Jay K.

Gepman, Isadore

Gepner, John G.

Gepner, Marion L.

German, Baila

Gershone, Dora

Gettly, Ben

Gilberstadt, Annetta Lucille

Gilberstadt, Harold

Gilevich, Maria

Gingold, Paulina

Ginsberg, Abe S.

Ginsberg, Alice

Ginsberg, Betty

Ginsberg, Doba L.

Ginsberg, Hannah

Ginsberg, Israel

Ginsberg, Katherine H.

Ginsberg, Louis

Ginsberg, Morris

Ginsberg, Nathan

Ginzberg, Basya

Ginzberg, Yerufim

Ginzburg, Jahna

Gitlin (?), Dorothy

Gitlin, Joseph

Gladshtein, Yakov

Glaessner, Adolf

Glaessner, Alois

Glaessner, Bertha

Glantz (?), Eva

Glantz (?), Jacob W.

Glantz, Benjamin

Glantz, Nettie

Glassberg, Clara

Glassberg, Moritz

Glassburg, Caroline

Glassman, Robert S.

Glatzer, Hilda

Glazer, Louise I.

Gleekel, Barbara

Gleekel, Frieda

Gleekel, Joseph Isadore

Glick, Anna Silvermann

Glick, Harry G.

Glick, Jacob N.

Glick, Minna

Glick, Naten

Glickman, Eva

Glickman, Idel

Glotter, Jack

Glotter, Leonard

Glotter, Rose

Gluckman, Isador

Gold, Abraham

Gold, Cyvia “Joyce”

Gold, Fay

Gold, Lyllian

Gold, Morton R.

Gold, Norman

Gold, Richard G.

Goldberg (?), Siena

Goldberg, Adela

Goldberg, Arthur T.

Goldberg, Ben

Goldberg, Blanche H.

Goldberg, Celia

Goldberg, Charles

Goldberg, Clara

Goldberg, Clarice

Goldberg, David

Goldberg, Dora

Goldberg, Fannie

Goldberg, Florence

Goldberg, Frances Halpern

Goldberg, Golda

Goldberg, Harry

Goldberg, Harry Z.

Goldberg, Isadore M.

Goldberg, Jessie

Goldberg, Joe G.

Goldberg, Joseph

Goldberg, Laura

Goldberg, Leo

Goldberg, Max J.

Goldberg, Mayer J.

Goldberg, Morris

Goldberg, Penkas

Goldberg, Phillip

Goldberg, Phillip

Goldberg, Sarah

Goldberg, Simon

Goldberg, Sophie A.

Golden, Fredia

Golden, Sam

Goldenberg, Adele

Goldenberg, Blanche S.

Goldenberg, Carron Dash

Goldenberg, David Lionel

Goldenberg, Eli

Goldenberg, Elliott Gershon

Goldenberg, Fay

Goldenberg, Harold J.

Goldenberg, Helen C.

Goldenberg, Jacob E.

Goldenberg, Joseph

Goldenberg, Kalman S.

Goldenberg, Maxine S.

Goldenberg, Rose

Goldenberg, Samuel W.

Goldenberg, Zelda

Goldfein, Isadore

Goldfether, Rose

Goldfether, Sam

Goldhirsch, Annie

Goldhirsch, David

Goldhirsch, Gerald K.

Goldhirsch, Jennie

Goldhirsch, Samuel

Goldish, Elka

Goldish, Sidney S.

Goldman, Berish

Goldman, Florence R.

Goldman, Hattie

Goldman, Leonard M.

Goldman, Rose

Goldman, Rose P.

Goldman, Sidney V.

Goldman, Socia Eta

Goldman, William

Goldsmith, Elsie

Goldsmith, Walter

Goldsteen, Ronna Fern

Goldstein, ?

Goldstein, Ann

Goldstein, Beril

Goldstein, Beril C.

Goldstein, Clara

Goldstein, Clara

Goldstein, David

Goldstein, Edythe D.

Goldstein, Esther

Goldstein, Fanny

Goldstein, Gertrude

Goldstein, Hannah

Goldstein, Harris

Goldstein, Harris

Goldstein, Harvey

Goldstein, Harvey Harlan

Goldstein, Isaac

Goldstein, Jacob

Goldstein, Jacob

Goldstein, Louis

Goldstein, Maggie

Goldstein, Martin

Goldstein, Mimi

Goldstein, Paul E.

Goldstein, Paulina

Goldstein, Rebecca

Goldstein, Regina

Goldstein, Rosa

Goldstein, Samuel

Goldstein, Sol

Goldstein, Sylvia

Goldstein, Victor S.

Goldstone, Esther

Goldstone, Joseph

Goodman, Max

Goodman, William

Gordon, Bertha M.

Gordon, David

Gordon, George J.

Gordon, Gertrude T.

Gordon, Harold H.

Gordon, Isadore Louis

Gordon, Jacob I.

Gordon, Jay

Gordon, Jessie Sachs

Gordon, Louis H.

Gordon, Neche

Gordon, Ruth L.

Gordon, Sam

Gordon, Sophie

Gorelik, Khema

Gorsen, Edward

Gorsen, Sophie

Gorsky, Irving S.

Gorsky, Marion A.

Gottlieb, Clara

Gottlieb, Esther

Gottlieb, Eva

Gottlieb, Fanny

Gottlieb, Gerald

Gottlieb, Harold A.

Gottlieb, Hilda

Gottlieb, Leon

Gottlieb, Samuel

Gottstein, Ida Joy

Gould, Abbott J.

Gould, Arthur Aaron

Gould, Fannie

Gould, Howard H.

Gould, Louise Rose

Gould, Rita L.

Goustin, Gregg Nathaniel

Goustin, Morton Joseph

Goustin, Renee Nelson

Graceman, Donald D.

Graceman, Lena

Graceman, Max L.

Graceman, Mildred

Grais, Arnold

Grais, baby

Grais, Jenne

Grais, Joseph H.

Grais, Loretta Yager

Grais, Samuel

Green, Alexander

Green, Earl N.

Green, Edward

Green, Hanna

Green, Ilka

Green, Mollie Salsberg

Green, Rose

Green, Rose

Green, Samuel

Greenberg, Abraham

Greenberg, Abraham

Greenberg, Adeline

Greenberg, Alvin

Greenberg, Arnold Norton

Greenberg, Benjamin

Greenberg, Betty

Greenberg, Blanche

Greenberg, Charlotte

Greenberg, Gilbert

Greenberg, Helen

Greenberg, James S.

Greenberg, Jennie F.

Greenberg, Jennie Shere

Greenberg, Julian Leon

Greenberg, Leah

Greenberg, Leon Z.

Greenberg, Rachel

Greenberg, Wm.

Greenberg, Zeilig

Greenblatt, Harry H.

Greene, Abraham B.

Greene, Averill Norman

Greene, Harry

Greene, Rose Y.

Greene, Sophie

Greenwald, Sidney

Greer, Sandra

Gross, Alexander

Gross, Allen Morris

Gross, Beatrice

Gross, Celia

Gross, Esther

Gross, Esther B.

Gross, Florence A.

Gross, Hyman J.

Gross, Jennie Weinberg

Gross, Jenny L.

Gross, Leo M.

Gross, Levy

Gross, Lillian C.

Gross, Louis

Gross, Louis

Gross, Mary

Gross, Nathan

Gross, Nathan

Gross, Philip

Gross, Rachel

Gross, Samuel

Gross, Samuel Miriam

Grossman, Alene Lorberbaum

Grossman, Ben

Grossman, Bertha

Grossman, Betty

Grossman, Ethel D.

Grossman, Ida

Grossman, John Norman

Grossman, Maurice L.

Grossman, Max

Grouse, Saul Thom

Grouse, Stephen L.

Gruen, Samuel

Gruenberg, Aaron

Gruenberg, Aaron

Gruenberg, Aaron L.

Gruenberg, Betty

Gruenberg, Charles M.

Gruenberg, Clara G.

Gruenberg, Clara L.

Gruenberg, David

Gruenberg, Hersh

Gruenberg, J. Lina

Gruenberg, Mollie

Gruenberg, Morris Z.

Gruenberg, Motel

Gruenberg, Nessie

Gruenberg, Rose

Gruenberg, Rose Peggy

Gruenberg, S. Bud

Gruenberg, Sally

Gruenberg, Sophie

Gruenberg, Willie

Gruenberg, Woolf

Grunberg, Bertha

Gruschka, Eva

Gruschka, Henry

Grydyk, Russell Ruvien

Gusovskaya, Ninel

Gustafson, Alexis Haley

Gustafson, Harrison Cameron

Gutman, Herbert

Gutmann, Clara

Gutmann, Felicitas

Haimovitz, Mariam

Haimovitz, Pinchas

Haimowitch, Sarah Rifka

Hallock, Anita

Hallock, Kopple

Halpern, Benjamin

Halpern, Betty

Halpern, Clara

Halpern, David I.

Halpern, Ernest

Halpern, Ethel

Halpern, Isadore

Halpern, Jacob

Halpern, Jeanette Goodman

Halpern, Joseph

Halpern, Molly

Halpern, Samuel Aaron

Halpern, Samuel P.

Halpern, Sarah Lee

Halpern, Saul Ernest

Hanson, Adolph

Hanson, Kate

Hanson, Nettie Juster

Hanson, Theodore Schaffer

Harriet, Toby

Harris – Dachis, Hanna Lea

Harris, Abraham I.

Harris, Annie

Harris, Barney H.

Harris, Benjamin

Harris, Charles

Harris, Dora

Harris, Eva

Harris, Felice Deitchman

Harris, Gitel

Harris, Harold

Harris, Henry M.

Harris, Hersch

Harris, Jacob

Harris, Jennie

Harris, Leon

Harris, M.L.

Harris, Manashe Harry

Harris, Marie M.

Harris, Morris

Harris, Pearl E.

Harris, Rose

Harris, Ruth R.

Harris, Sarah

Harris, Sarah R.

Harris, Sophie H.

Harris, Sylvia R.

Harris, Tobi

Harris, William W.

Haselnus, Minnie

Haskell, Benny W.

Haskell, Fritzi

Hauptmann, Marianne

Hausdorff, Werner

Haysler, Morris

Hecht, Florence M.

Hecht, William

Hechter, Beatrice B.

Hechter, Gazella

Hechter, Josephine

Hechter, Rose

Hechter, Samuel

Heim, Mitchell I.

Heiman, Barnet Louis

Heiman, Callie Poses

Heiman, Froma Esther

Heiman, Max B.

Heiman, Myer

Heiman, Pearl

Heiman, Theodore

Held, Benny

Held, Celia

Held, Jeanne S.

Held, Maurice

Held, Meyer

Held, Sarah

Helfer, Leon

Helfer, Rose H.

Helfman, Molly

Heller, Frieda

Heller, Nathan

Helstein (?), Henry

Helstein (?), Lena

Helstein, Sarah G.

Herman, Aaron

Herman, Bernard

Herman, Clara

Herman, Maxine

Hermann, Lawrence L.

Hermann, Max

Herschel (?)

Herschman, Anna

Herschman, Epraem

Herschman, Eva

Herschman, Frank

Herschman, Nathan

Hersh, Clara

Hersh, Florence N.

Hersh, Joseph

Hersh, Maurice H.

Hershkowitz, Mark Jay

Hershman, G.B.

Herz, Mina Sara

Hexter, Norma

Hexter, Robert Maurice

Hildebrand, Fanny

Hildebrand, Max

Hildebrand, Rachal

Hirsch, Bessie Teener

Hirsch, Jerome A.

Hirsch, Rose

Hirsch, Samuel

Hirsch, Yettie

Hirshberg, George

Hirshberg, Gustave Joseph

Hirshberg, Sarah Ginsberg

Hochman, Abraham J.

Hochman, Bertha B.

Hochster, Meta

Hochster, Sol

Hoffman, Aaron

Hoffman, Anna

Hoffman, Betty

Hoffman, Harry

Hoffman, Lena S.

Hoffman, Leon

Hoffman, Martin

Hofman, Kurt

Hollerman, J. Margaret Stone

Horwitz, Helene

Horwitz, Israel D.

Horwitz, J. Scott

Horwitz, Leonard

Horwitz, Theodore D.

Hosenpud, Stanley

Hospel, Mallie

Hubert, Louis

Hunegs, William H.

Hunter, Frances Bernice

Hurwitz, Andrew Frankel

Hurwitz, Bessie

Hurwitz, Samuel D.

Hyman (?), Regina

Hymes, Abraham O.

Hymes, Fannie Rose

Hymes, Jacob

Hymes, Maurice M.

Hymes, Rose

Hymes, Samuel

Hymes, Toba

Iliarski, Oleg

Isaacs, Marcus Aurelius (Aurel)

Isaacs, Mark

Isaacs, Sophia

Isenberg, Doris R.

Isenberg, Maurice I.

Isenberg, Millicent S.

Isenberg, Susan D.

Izsak, Solomon

Jacobs, Aaron

Jacobs, Dave

Jacobs, Max

Jacobs, Minnie

Jacobs, Morris

Jacobs, Sam

Janowitz, Jacob

Janowitz, Nettie

Jasselowitz, Pearl

Johnson, Herb

Johnson, Linda C.

Johnson, Marvin J.

Johnson, Roland W.

Jolosky, Herman H.

Jolosky, Roselynd W.

Joseph, Abraham

Joseph, Albert Abraham

Joseph, Anna Kantar

Joseph, Deborah

Joseph, Doris K.

Joseph, Henry I.

Joseph, Isadore S.

Joseph, Louis Reuben

Joseph, Minnie Schiller

Joseph, Rebecca Rachel

Joseph, Rebekah

Joseph, Roger E.

Joseph, Solomon

Josewich, Alexander

Josewich, baby girl

Josewich, Florence

Josewich, Irwin Joseph

Josewich, May

Josewitch, Isadore S.

Josewitch, Sophie

Joss, Ben A.

Joss, Gertrude (?)

Joss, Goodwin

Joss, Harry A.

Joss, Rae V.

Juster, Adolph

Juster, Annie

Juster, Berl

Juster, Charles

Juster, Charles

Juster, Charles Haskel

Juster, Edith

Juster, Israel

Juster, Iver J.

Juster, Jack

Juster, Jacob

Juster, Jennie

Juster, Jessie E.

Juster, Libba B.

Juster, Mary

Juster, Max

Juster, Max

Juster, Mihil

Juster, Paulina

Juster, Peter B.

Juster, Reuben

Juster, Rubin Jacob

Kafitz, Jack C.

Kagan, Edythe G.

Kagan, Maurice M.

Kagin, Helen M.

Kahn, Daniel

Kahner, Clisela

Kahner, Meier

Kamins, Bernard Lee

Kamins, Sylvia Mosby

Kampler, Martin

Kantar, Amalie

Kantar, Arthur

Kantar, Basse

Kantar, Betty

Kantar, Bruce

Kantar, Gazella

Kantar, Israel

Kantar, Jane Ann

Kantar, Jenne

Kantar, Lillian B.

Kantar, Morris

Kantar, Morris I.

Kantar, Nathan

Kantar, Norman

Kantar, Robert Jay

Kantar, Robert S.

Kantar, Sally

Kantar, Sally Kathleen

Kantar, Sophia

Kanter, Mandel

Kantor, Freda

Kantor, Max

Kapelovitz, Jacob

Kapelovitz, Rebecca

Kaplan, Abe A.

Kaplan, Barnet

Kaplan, Bernice

Kaplan, Edward

Kaplan, Fannie

Kaplan, Grace Mirviss

Kaplan, Harry

Kaplan, Hershel

Kaplan, Ida Margulies

Kaplan, Leonard

Kaplan, Marian

Kaplan, Marion

Kaplan, Mirka

Kaplan, Natha

Kaplan, Rebecca

Kaplan, Robert Howard

Kaplan, Ronald L.

Kaplan, Sarah

Kaplan, Shirley

Karlins, Elliot

Karlins, Joseph

Karlins, Mary

Karlins, Nathan

Karol, Eva

Karol, Julius

Karol, Minnie E.

Karon, Barney

Karon, Isadore

Karon, Rose

Karon, Seth

Karsh, Vickie Elaine

Karsh, Yale

Kassin, I. Ozzy

Kassin, Shirley

Kassmir, Adeline H.

Kassmir, Sherman

Kates, Esther

Kates, Joseph

Kates, Rebecca

Kates, Samuel

Kates, Vera

Katowsky, Dora

Katz, Bessie

Katz, Edward “Bud”

Katz, Evelyn Lee

Katz, Fanny

Katz, George M.

Katz, Isadore

Katz, Jennie

Katz, Moses

Katz, Philip H.

Katz, Robert I.

Katz, Ruben Orville

Katz, Sarah

Katz, Sophie Tutelman

Kauffman, Blanche B.

Kauffman, June E.

Kauffman, Morris

Kaufman, Ben M.

Kaufman, Cecelia

Kaufman, Clara

Kaufman, Elsie

Kaufman, Esther

Kaufman, Freda S.

Kaufman, Jacob

Kaufman, Joseph

Kaufman, Joseph

Kaufman, Lena

Kaufman, Meier

Kaufman, Meyer

Kaufman, Rachel

Kaufman, Samuel

Kaufman, Samuel A.

Kaufman, Sigmund

Kaufman, William H.

Kaupman, Sarah

Kay, Celia M.

Kaye, Eleanor R.

Kayfman, Sere Ribeca

Kellerman, Eva

Kellerman, Jennie

Kellerman, O. Fred

Kellerman, Samuel

Kenis, Paul

Kenis, Pauline

Kennis, Rose

Kerkhoff, Bradley Michael

Kerlan, Isaac

Kerlan, Jennie

Kerner, Edith

Kerner, Esther R.

Kerner, Louis V.

Kerner, S. Robert

Kerner, Sam

Kerrmisch, Isadore

Kerrmisch, Kate

Kerrmisch, Sumner J.

Kersch, Davis S.

Kersch, Sophie Hymes

Kerstein, David Edward

Kersten, Dorothy

Kersten, Fred

Kessler, Phyllis

Kheylik, Bluma

Kheylik, Leonid

Khoruzhaya, Mayya

Kiefer, Harry

Kieferstein, Levey

Kieffer, Benjamin S.

Kieffer, Ruth Halpern

Kirsner, Celia

Kirsner, Maurice W.

Kitzler, Morris

Klein, Belle

Klein, Charney

Klein, Esther Miller

Klein, Goldie

Klein, Harry E.

Klein, Joseph

Klein, Julia

Klein, Rifka Segal

Klein, Rose

Kleineman, Betty

Kleineman, Blanche

Kleineman, Elias

Kleineman, Ida

Kleineman, Jeffrey I.

Kleineman, Leonard

Kleinman, Herman

Kleinman, Winifred McCabe

Klekner, Amalie

Klekner, Max

Klestadt, Annie G.

Klestadt, Walter D.

Kloizner, Nathan

Kloizner, Toby

Knight, Charles B.

Knight, Harry

Knight, Leo

Knight, Lydia

Koenig, Benjamin A>

Kogen, Marvin

Kogen, Sarah

Koh, Joseph J.

Kohen, Eli K.

Kohen, Isadore

Kohen, Rachel

Kohn, Anny

Kohn, Esther

Kohn, Hattie C.

Kohn, Henry

Kohn, Herman

Kohn, J. Samuel

Kohn, Nathan

Kohn, Zigmond

Komm, Freyda

Komm, Gertz

Kool, Sarah

Kopman, ?

Kopman, E. Ben

Kopman, H.

Kopman, May

Kopman, Sam

Kotz, Maurice M.

Kraemer, Isidor

Kraemer, Tina

Kraft, Betty

Kraft, David

Kraft, Joseph

Kraft, Lena

Kraft, Martin

Kramer, Edward

Krank, Steven G.

Krantz, Seymour E.

Krasner, Sidney W.

Kraywetz, Fannie

Kreamer, Edward

Kreamer, Rose S.

Kreger, Bettie

Kreger, Henry

Kreger, Simon

Kremen, Alexander

Kremen, Dora

Kremen, Fanny

Kremen, Hattie Bratzel

Kremen, Henry

Kremen, Isadore

Kremen, Leonard L.

Kremenetsky, Betty

Kremenetsky, Frances R.

Krisnef, Mary

Kronfeld, Leon E.

Kronfeld, Robert Alan

Kronfelf, Mervin V.

Kronick, Bennie D.

Kronick, Burton D.

Kronick, Charles

Kronick, Clara

Kronick, Elizabeth

Kronick, Florence E.

Kronick, Gertrude M.

Kronick, Kate

Kronick, Lena

Kronick, Lilly

Kronick, Lora C.

Kronick, Louis

Kronick, Maurice J.

Kronick, Mother

Kronick, Ruth

Kronick, Samuel J.

Kronick, Sol J.

Kronick, Stanley J.

Krug, Murray S.

Krug, Sally J.

Kukel, Jeroham I.

Kukel, Josephine

Kukul, Molly

Kulberg, Isadore

Kulberg, Mary S.

Kulberg, Mayer

Kulberg, Osias

Kulberg, Rebecca

Kuperman, Israel

Kuperman, Maria

Kurbatskiy, Khonya

Kurbatskiy, Vladimir

Kurbatsky, Marina

Kurstin, Julia

Kwiat, Joseph J.

LaBelle, Ruth

Labelle, Samuel

Laboe, Allen H.

Laboe, Ruby H.

Labofsky, David H.

Labofsky, Frances

Labovich, Abraham O.

Labovich, Lawrence M.

Labovich, Max

Labovich, Sarah

Labovsky, Joseph

Labovsky, Nathan

Labovsky, Shifra

Lackey, William

Lagser, Dora

Lagser, Herman

Lampert, Lawrence D.

Landesman, Leo

Landsberg, Madeline Gottlieb Bank

Lange, Johann

Lange, Richard

Lange, Rose

Langer, baby girl

Langer, Bati

Langer, Betsy Gail

Langer, Charles A.

Langer, Edward

Langer, Fredric T.

Langer, Judy E.

Langer, Leo

Langer, Lillian

Langer, Mary

Langer, Max D.

Langer, Moses

Langer, Nellie

Langer, Oscar

Langer, Robert Bruce

Langer, Sally

Langer, Sherman

Lapkin, Robert

Laskin, Betty

Laskin, Harold B.

Laskin, Sylvester

Latarus, Berek

Latarus, Esther Horowicz

Laurie, George M.

Laurie, Israel Ben

Laurie, Louis A.

Laurie, Sam

Laurie, Sarah

Laven, Anita L.

Laven, Stanley

Laven, Steven

Lax, Sidney A.

Lax, Stella Lorberbaum

Lazar, Jacob

Lazarus, Harry L.

Lazarus, Jean Idah

Lazarus, Leonard H.

Lazarus, Moritz

Lazarus, Rachel

Lazarus, Zelig

Lebewitz, Bertha

Lebewitz, Hyme

Lebewitz, Mollie

Lebewitz, Morris

Lebo, Anna Hannah

Lebo, Archie B.

Lebo, Ezzy

Lebo, Phillip

Lebo, Robert Reuben

Lebo, Sherman Z.

Lebovsky, Ben

Lebowitz, Bessie

Lebowitz, Max

Lebowsky, Robert H.

Lee, Dallas F.

Lee, Robert Baer

Leet, Jack

Leet, Tony

Lehrman, Bella

Lehrman, Dorothy H.

Lehrman, Helen

Lehrman, Morris

Lehrman, Raymond B.

Lehrman, Samuel

Leibovitz, Lena

Leibovitz, Louis

Leibovitz, Nuham

Leibovitz, Sheindil

Leichter, Matilda

Lenske, Ruth Segal

Leonard, baby boys

Leonard, Phillip Owen

Leonard, Susan Pauline

Lepets, Stanley M.

Lerner, Dina

Lerner, Frank

Lerner, Mary A.

Levey, Florence

Levey, Jack

Levin, Ethel Schwartz

Levin, Herman

Levin, Isadore

Levin, Michael

Levine, Byron L.

Levine, Byron Louis

Levine, Fannie S.

Levine, I. Henry

Levine, Jacob

Levine, Leah Goldberg

Levine, Sadie

Levine, Sadye Z.

Levine, Vic

Levinsohn, Max Josef

Levinson, Hannah

Levy, Fanny S.

Levy, Fred P.

Levy, Gloria M.

Levy, Heddy

Levy, Lewis

Levy, Max

Lewin, Bessie

Lewin, Herman

Lewis, Anna

Lewis, Edith

Lewis, Eileen

Lewis, Herman

Lewis, June B. Werner

Lewis, Naomi Altman

Lewis, Sara P.

Lianda, Isidor(?)

Liberman, Miriam

Liberman, Zvi

Libman, Ruth Zimmerman

Libman, Sally

Libman, Samuel H.

Lieberman, Adele

Lieberman, baby

Lieberman, Harold N.

Lieberman, Norman C.

Lifson, Arnold

Lifson, Gertrude R.

Lifson, Maurice K.

Lifson, Max

Lifson, Renee

Lifson, Rose

Light, Abraham E.

Light, Lena

Lilienfeld, Alfred J.

Lilienfeld, Annalee

Lilienfeld, Etta Wexler

Lilienfeld, Harry J.

Lilienfeld, James Marc

Lilienfeld, Lena

Lilienfeld, Max B.

Lilienfeld, Richard M.

Lindeke, Ann Freda

Lindeke, Michael

Lindenbaum, Louis

Lindenbaum, Theresa

Lindenfeld, Nanny

Lindenfeld, Oscar

Linker, Anna

Linoff, Joseph L.

Lipkin, Ann F.

Lipkin, Joe D.

Lipkin, Rebecca

Lipsky, Shirley

Lipsky, Sol H.

Liss, Anna

Liss, Clara

Liss, Herman

Liss, Morton I.

Litman, Bernard

Litman, Goldie B.

Litman, Rachel

Litman, Ralph Leslie

Litman, Sarah

Livensohn, Sylvia Roselle

Livon, Marshall B.

Lobell, Samuel

Loeb, Rita

Loew, Flori

Loew, Julius

Londer, Estelle Silverman

Londer, Leonard

London, Bert

London, Edythe

London, Harriet

London, Nathaniel J.

Lorber, Inez

Lorber, Sidney

Lorberbaum, Celia Kohan

Lorberbaum, Harsh

Lorberbaum, Havid

Lorberbaum, Howard Sheldon

Lorberbaum, Jerome

Lorberbaum, Kerry Joe

Lorberbaum, Max

Lorberbaum, Mollie

Lorberbaum, Nancy Jean

Lorberbaum, Sam I.

Loss, Sally

Lowenthal, Richard

Luba, Melamed

Luftman, Blanche

Luftman, Frances

Luftman, John

Luftman, Rebecca

Lupe, Samuel

Lupu, Molly R.

Luzhansky, Mosche

Lyon, David

Lyon, Samuel

Lyon, Sarah

Machov, Benjamin

Machov, Bertha

Magulies, Bela

Mandel, Irwin A.

Mandil, Josie

Mandil, Strea Alkalaj

Mann, Vivian

Mansdorf, Tessa Wolfenson

Manson, Eva

Manson, Mary

Marcovitch, Anne Sarah

Marcovitz, Carrie

Marcovitz, Max

Marcus, Alvin

Marcus, Anna

Marcus, Charley

Marcus, Mandel

Marcus, Otto

Marcus, Paulina

Marcus, Samuel

Marcus, Sollie

Margulas, Bette Nan

Margulas, Betty

Margulas, Ernest

Margulas, Freda

Margulas, Julius

Margulas, Laura

Margulas, Louis

Margulies, Aaron

Margulies, Abraham

Margulies, Basi

Margulies, Florence

Margulies, George

Margulies, Harry

Margulies, Joseph

Margulies, Libby

Margulies, Samuel

Margulies, Sarah Ruth

Margulis, Charles A.

Margulis, Isaac

Margulis, Rose Shere

Margulis, Sidney

Marine, Muriel N.

Mark, Abraham

Mark, Betty ‘Bea’

Mark, Daniel Benjamin

Mark, Diana B.

Mark, Harry

Mark, Joseph

Mark, Libbie

Mark, Max

Marker, Ruth

Marker, William

Markowsky, Sarah

Marks, Herman

Martin, Arthur

Martin, Helga Lori

Martin, Minnie

Masinter, Fanny

Masinter, Myer

Masler, Bernard

Masler, Bessie Toby

Maslon, Evelyn Schanfeld

Mathews, Issac L.

Mathews, Rachel

Mattas, Abraham

Mattas, Nettie

Mattas, Sarah

Maxmen, Jerrold Samuel

Mazur, Serene K.

McGrath, Sarah Leilani

McNeil, Rachel

Meinfelder, Bruno

Meinfelder, Elfriede

Meirovitz, Alex

Meizlin, Ida

Meizlin, Isadore

Melamed, Mikhail

Melamed, Sarra

Meleck, Hertz N.

Meleck, Ida L.

Meltzer, Edwin

Meltzer, Hazel B.

Meltzer, Isadore

Meltzer, Maurice

Meltzer, Rose

Melzer, Frances S.

Melzer, Marie

Melzer, Mendel

Mendal, H.

Mendowitz, Berl

Mendowitz, Rose

Menins, Sylvia

Menins, Ted I.

Messinger, Rosie

Metzinger, Caroline

Meyers, Harold Myron

Meyers, Joseph G.

Meyers, Rachel L.

Meyers, Tillie

Mikhlin, Lev

Milavetz, Edith Dena

Milavetz, Sidney D.

Miller, Charles

Miller, David Thomas

Miller, Edith R.

Miller, Francee

Miller, Gerald “Sonny”

Miller, Harold M.

Miller, Harriett E.

Miller, Leona

Miller, Lester A.

Miller, Libby A.

Miller, Mildred

Miller, Philip W.

Miller, Samuel

Miller, Sarah C.

Miller, Shirley R.

Miller, Sophie

Miller, Stanley Sherman

Miller, Sumner S.

Miller, Toba

Miller, Toby

Millman, Lydia F.

Mills, Marjorie Kronick

Millunchick, Gertrude

Mimantberg (?), M.

Minkin, Lillian

Minkin, Meyer

Minter, Hyman J.

Minter, Maurice J.

Minter, Mildred

Mirviss, Anna

Mirviss, Florence

Mirviss, Herman

Mirviss, Joseph

Mirviss, Lewis N.

Mirviss, Louis

Mirviss, Masha

Mirviss, Meyer D.

Mirviss, Morris

Mirviss, Peter Jamie

Mirviss, Phillip H.

Mirviss, Sam

Mitau, G. Theodore

Mitchlin, Ethel

Mitchlin, Henry

Moldo, Frank

Moldo, Gizela

Moldo, Sarah

Molitor – LaNasa, Jane

Mondschain, Fannie

Mondschain, Mary N.

Mondschain, Moritz

Mondschain, Rebecca

Mondschain, Sol B.

Mondshane, Sophie

Mondshane, William I.

Moon-Rosha, Ariel

Morgan, Alfred B.

Morganstern, Edith

Morganstern, Lee

Morris, Joseph I.

Morris, Sheldon S.

Morse, Harold Myrun

Moscoe, Anita

Moscoe, Donald S.

Moscoe, Gordon

Moscovitch, Moses

Moscovitch, Tina

Moscovitz, Carol

Moscovitz, Sarah

Moscowitz, Clara

Moscowitz, Esther

Moses, Aaron

Moskovitz, Anna

Mozofsky, Etta Winger

Mueller, Hulda

Muenzer, Hans

Muenzer, Lilli

Muenzer, Susan

Mulmed, David

Mulmed, May Monya

Mulmed, Morris

Murakhver, Tabl

Myberg, Noha

Nacht, Sam

Nadler, Edel

Nadler, Mary

Nadler, Simon

Naftalin, Esther Rachel

Nagi, Raya Rakefet

Naiditch, Esther Luper

Naiditch, Irving M.

Nathan, ? Backe

Nathanson, Betty Rappaport

Nathanson, Harry

Nathanson, Nettie

Nathanson, Sabina

Nathanson, Sophie

Neff, Annette

Neff, Herman H.

Neff, Sayde G.

Neiman, Elizabeth

Neimark, Albert Joseph

Neimark, Rita Ruth

Nelson, Hannah D.

Nelson, Isadore

Neubaver, Bebe

Neviasky, Yetta

Newman, Jessie M.

Niman, Mary

Nissman, Pessah

Noodelman, Pauline Bender

Noodleman, Abraham

O’Neil, Gerry (Courtaway)

Okinow, Harold M.

Okney, Barnet

Okney, Kate

Olesky, Delia D.

Olesky, Samuel B.

Oppegaard, Amelia Strohl

Oreck, Minnie Winer

Orenstein, Albert

Orenstein, Esther

Orenstein, Harvey

Orenstein, Ida

Orenstein, Leona

Orenstein, Louis

Orenstein, Marie

Orenstein, Nuhem

Orenstein, Rebecca

Orenstein, Rebecca

Orenstein, Rose

Orenstein, Sarah

Orenstein, Victor

Orenstein, Victor

Orloff, Ann Wolfson

Oscar, Rose

Oskotckaya, Esther

Ostroviak, David

Ostroviak, Mollie E.

Ostroviak, Morris

Ostroviak, Philip Merle

Ostroviak, Sarah

Ostroviak, William

Ostrowsky, Patricia C.

Oxman, Carl

Oxman, Donald R.

Oxman, Frances

Oxman, Harold

Oxman, Jean

Oxman, Joseph A.

Padwal, Frances Gordon

Padwal, Harry

Paper, Thomas Harold

Papermaster, Herman Bert

Papermaster, Sonia

Paradise, Adele H.

Paradise, Arthur L.

Paradise, Irving E.

Paradise, Lillian H.

Paris, Bruce A.

Pass, Edith J.

Pass, Louis James

Patterson, Lloyd Maurice

Patterson, Sarah Gross

Paul, Michael Ross

Paull, Barney W. “Bill”

Peck, ‘Father’

Peck, ‘Mother’

Peck, Leon

Pecker, Esther

Peilen, Ellis

Peilen, Ruth Rauch

Perlman, David M.

Perlman, Shirley S.

Perstein, Zalman

Philippsthal, Pearl L.

Philippsthal, Walter

Phillips, Barnard

Phillips, Ida

Phillips, Rae

Phillips, Samuel

Phillips, William M.

Picker, Alex L.

Picker, Sarah

Pietermann, Ida

Pinegar, Ted

Pink, David

Pink, Dena

Pink, Etta

Pink, Harry

Pink, Hylda S.

Pink, Jack

Pink, Nuhim

Pink, Paul

Pink, Pearl

Pink, Rose

Pink, Rue

Pink, Sam

Pink, Sereta Nancy

Pink, Sima

Pink, Sophie

Polikoff, Emanuel

Polikoff, Ida

Polinkovskaya, Polina

Polinsky, Anna

Polinsky, I.

Polis, Henry

Pollack, Beila

Pollack, John

Pollack, Marie

Pollak, Kurt

Pollak, Martha

Polterock, Leo E.

Polterock, Shirley B.

Pomerantz, Sheldon David

Pomrantz, Betty

Pomrantz, Sam

Pomush, Ann

Pomush, Morris

Pomush, Sarah

Porges, Morton

Povolotsky, Tamara

Powers, Gerald N.

Powers, Jane Rose

Powers, Lois H.

Preaskil, Burton Howard

Preaskil, Fred E.

Preaskil, Mignon

Premack, Ann Katz

Price, Jack

Priesman, Ann

Priesman, Hymen A.

Priesman, Samuel

Prost, H. Manes

Prost, Hulda H.

Quittner, Hans

Rabenovitz, Mike

Rabenovitz, Sara (?)

Rabinovch, Ethel

Rabinovitz, Anna

Rabinowitz, Harry

Rabinowitz, Sarah

Racey, Naomi

Radin, Harry J.

Radin, Sally M.

Raen, Sylvia

Raich (?), Joseph L.

Raihill, Anne T.

Raihill, Martin J.

Raisk, Maurice

Raisky, Harry

Rakov, Florence Berman

Rand, Bernice Gosman

Rappaport, Edward

Rappaport, Fred

Rappaport, Gusty

Rappaport, James E.

Rappaport, Mathild

Rappaport, Max E.

Ratner, Harvey B.

Ratner, Ilana Fay

Ratner, Julius

Rauch, Adella Rosenstreich

Rauch, Belle W.

Rauch, Benjamin S.

Rauch, Bess Kramer

Rauch, Charles

Rauch, Sigmund

Ravine, Jack

Ravine, Marcella Gross

Ravitch, Bessie

Ravitch, Betty

Ravitch, David

Ravitch, Hannah

Ravitch, Julius B.

Ravitch, Morris

Ravitch, Paul M.

Ravitch, Regina

Ravitz, Gertrude L.

Ravitz, Nathan

Redfern, Miriam Sofi

Redman, Benjamin M.

Redman, Bertie

Redman, Charles M.

Redman, Esther

Redman, Leland

Reichenstein, Bernard

Reichenstein, Clara

Reingvartz, Bailey

Reiter, Louis

Resenbloom, Bessie

Resnick, Anna

Resnick, Arnold S.

Resnick, Bertha

Resnick, Jacob

Resnick, John W.

Resnick, Morris F.

Resnick, Rebecca

Reznik, Dvoira

Reznik, Filipp

Ribnick, Arthur

Ribnick, Phyllis Shanedling

Rievman, Esther

Rievman, Max

Rightman, Sarah Lena

Rigler, Benjamin M.

Rigler, Betty C.

Rigler, Birdie

Rigler, Dora

Rigler, Esther

Rigler, Harris

Rigler, Israel

Rigler, Marian

Rigler, Moses I.

Rigler, Ruth

Rigler, W.S.

Rips, Merle

Risberg, Ida

Risberg, Morris

Ritzer, Isadore

Rivkin, Nathan

Rivkin, Ruth

Robbins, Donald

Robbins, Lena

Robbins, Leon J.

Robbins, Morris J.

Robell, Abe A.

Roberts, Nathan

Roberts, Ted

Robinovitz, Isadore

Robinowitz, Chamey

Robins, Rebecca

Rochlin, Joseph H.

Rochlin, Lillian

Rochlin, Louis E.

Rochlin, Perle

Rockir, Irving H.

Rockir, Mollie

Rockir, Morey J.

Rockir, Samuel

Rockir, Sophie

Rogalsky, Anna Rose

Rogalsky, Marks

Roitenberg, David Ira

Roitenberg, Donna Mae

Roitenberg, Steven

Roott, Esther

Roott, Samuel

Rose, baby

Rose, Benjamin A.

Rose, Bessie Wolfson

Rose, Bettie

Rose, Edwin S.

Rose, Ellis J. “Buddy”

Rose, Florence J.

Rose, Florence S.

Rose, Ida E.

Rose, Irene Harris

Rose, Jennie

Rose, John M.

Rose, Louis S.

Rose, Marilyn Joan

Rose, Mose J.

Rose, William Aaron

Rosen, Abraham

Rosen, Anna Halpern

Rosen, Avron Harry

Rosen, Babbette Roslyn

Rosen, Charles B.

Rosen, Ephrain

Rosen, Everett Jerome

Rosen, Fanny H.

Rosen, Fanny R.

Rosen, Howard Sylvan

Rosen, Laird Jerel

Rosen, Leib

Rosen, Lori Rae

Rosen, Louis W.

Rosen, Marice C.

Rosen, Robert A.

Rosen, Rose

Rosen, Ruth

Rosen, Samuel

Rosen, Sonja Sunny

Rosen, Sylvia

Rosen, William

Rosenberg, Alex

Rosenberg, Bessie

Rosenberg, Bessie

Rosenberg, Celia G.

Rosenberg, Evelyn

Rosenberg, Joseph J.

Rosenberg, Marion L.

Rosenberg, Max

Rosenberg, Myer W.

Rosenbloom, Abraham A.

Rosenbloom, Ben

Rosenbloom, Eli L.

Rosenbloom, Esther B.

Rosenbloom, Minnie

Rosenbloom, Philip

Rosenbloom, Philip

Rosenblum, Adele Dolly

Rosenblum, Alice

Rosenblum, Cecillia S.

Rosenblum, Harry Pete

Rosenblum, Isadore

Rosenblum, William

Rosenfield, Arthur Hecker

Rosenfield, Max

Rosenfield, Meyer

Rosenstein, David

Rosenstein, Isaac

Rosenstein, Mandel

Rosenstein, Sophie

Rosenthal, Aaron

Rosenthal, Anne C.

Rosenthal, Blanche

Rosenthal, Esther

Rosenthal, Ethel

Rosenthal, Harold S.

Rosenthal, Harris

Rosenthal, Joseph

Rosenthal, Joseph

Rosenthal, Louis

Rosenthal, Louis

Rosenthal, Malke

Rosenthal, Rebecca

Rosenthal, Rose

Rosenthal, Shay L.

Rosenthal, Zelda J.

Rosenzweig, Ben

Rosenzweig, Jacob

Rosenzweig, Mollie

Rosenzweig, Myrna Ruth

Rosin, Phillip

Rosin, Sarah

Rosman, Clara

Rosoff, Ricky A.

Rosoff, Stanley E.

Ross, Jerry

Ross, Laurian

Ross, Percy

Rossen, Libby

Rossen, Rosalyn

Rotenberg, Max

Rotenstein, Marion

Rotenstein, Solomon

Rotenstein, Sophie

Rothkopf, Charles L.

Rothkopf, Goldie

Rothkopf, Harry B.

Rothkopf, Sam

Rovell, Mildred Singer

Rovell, Ruth

Royce, Sallie J.

Royce, Shirley

Rozman, George

Rozman, Gital

Rozman, Joseph

Rozman, Joseph L.

Rozman, Max

Rozman, Morris

Rubel, Abraham I.

Rubel, baby

Rubel, Barnhard J.

Rubel, Dora Sue

Rubel, Fannie

Rubel, Joseph

Rubel, Marcus

Rubel, Mary

Rubel, Ruth G.

Ruben, Anna L.

Ruben, Israel

Rubenstein, Arthur G.

Rubenstein, Bernice Gross

Rubenstein, Bertha

Rubenstein, Doris

Rubenstein, Harry

Rubenstein, Mitchel

Rubenstein, Myron David

Rubenstein, Sam

Rubey, Sophia H.

Rubin, Charlotte

Rubin, Harry C.

Rubin, James E.

Rubin, Jean

Rubin, Lena

Rubin, Louis E.

Rubin, Max

Rubin, William Mark

Rubinger, Bessie

Rubinger, Mary

Ruddy, Byela

Ruder, Leon

Ruder, Mendel

Ruder, Mollie

Ruder, Moris M.

Ruder, Sophie

Rudoy, Aaron K.

Rudoy, Minnie

Rudoy, Rose B.

Rus, Leonard

Rush, Anna

Rush, Michael

Rush, Samuel

Rutman, Charlotte

Rutman, Milton

Rutman, Milton

Ruwitch, Anna

Ruwitch, Julius

Ruwitch, Robert

Ryan, Helen M.

Ryan, Jack M.

Sabes, Moe

Sachs, Cecile

Sachs, Eva

Sachs, Frank

Sachs, Frieda

Sachs, Jacob

Sachs, Morris

Sackter, Raymond

Sadoff, baby boy

Saffe, Sheldon S.

Safir, Katan

Sahl, Paulina

Sahl, Samuel Emil

Saks, Celia

Saks, James H.

Salam, Ruth

Saliterman, Alan

Saliterman, Maj. Bernard

Saliterman, Margaret

Salkin, Bessie

Salkin, David

Salkin, Samuel F.

Salkin, Sarah D.

Saloschin, Grete

Saloshin, Henriette Etta

Saltzman, Anna

Saltzman, Carleton C.

Saltzman, Dorothy Frances

Saltzman, Elizabeth

Saltzman, Oscar

Sannel, Mariam M.

Sannel, Raymond

Sapperstein, Ann Esther

Sapperstein, Bernard

Savelzon, Mikhail

Savitt, Avis Margulies

Savitt, Daniel

Savitt, E. Sunny

Savitt, Florence

Savitt, Nathan J.

Schachter, Lucy

Schaffer, Anna

Schaffer, Bessie

Schaffer, Betty

Schaffer, Esther

Schaffer, Joseph

Schaffer, Leona E.

Schaffer, Samuel

Schaffer, Sarah

Schanfeld, Branna

Schanfeld, Gladys

Schanfeld, Joseph H.

Schanfeld, Mary

Schanfeld, Moses

Schanfeld, Noah

Schanfeld, Pauline

Schanfeld, Sarah

Schanfield, Fannie

Schanfield, Maurice J.

Schanfield, Norma H.

Schanfield, Serene Ann

Schechter, Sabina

Schechter, William M.

Scheiberg, Esther

Schein, Adolph

Schein, Benjamin

Schein, Clara Raze

Schein, Jeanette

Schein, Rosa J.

Scheinbaum, Carl L.

Scheinbaum, Etta

Scheinbaum, Leon

Scheinbaum, Richard

Scheiner, Gizella

Scheiner, Isadore

Scheiner, Jessie

Scheiner, Sally

Scheiner, Samuel

Schenck, Linda Shapiro

Schiller, Anne

Schiller, Charles

Schlesinger, Beta

Schlessinger, Pia

Schlessinger, Samuel

Schmilovitz, Rachel

Schmookler, Jacob

Schneiberg, David L.

Schneiberg, Fanny

Schneider, Barry Scott

Schneider, David L.

Schneider, Irving

Schneider, Mary

Schneider, Sophie

Schneider, Stella

Schneider, Wilma L.

Schnider, Anna

Schonfeld, Saul

Schonfeld, Simon

Schonfield, Sarah Leah

Schreiber, Baba

Schreiber, Berril

Schreiber, Maurice

Schreiner, Judith Coval

Schriber, Hanna R.

Schribman, Jessie

Schultz, Allan M.

Schwartz, Abraham

Schwartz, Anna

Schwartz, Anna K.

Schwartz, Ben

Schwartz, Benjamin (Lefty)

Schwartz, Bessie

Schwartz, Bleme

Schwartz, Charlotte D.

Schwartz, Charlotte Lily

Schwartz, Charna

Schwartz, Edward P.

Schwartz, Elizabeth

Schwartz, Elli

Schwartz, Fanny

Schwartz, Freda

Schwartz, Frima

Schwartz, Harry

Schwartz, Harry

Schwartz, Harry R.

Schwartz, Henry

Schwartz, Ira Benjamin

Schwartz, Isaac J.

Schwartz, Isadore

Schwartz, Isadore

Schwartz, Isadore

Schwartz, Jacob

Schwartz, Jerry

Schwartz, Joe

Schwartz, Joseph

Schwartz, Lazar

Schwartz, Louis B.

Schwartz, Mary

Schwartz, Mary

Schwartz, Mary

Schwartz, Mary Ann

Schwartz, Max

Schwartz, Max

Schwartz, Mayer

Schwartz, Meyer

Schwartz, Meyer Moses

Schwartz, Miriam Daisy

Schwartz, Morris

Schwartz, Morris

Schwartz, Nathan

Schwartz, Pauline

Schwartz, Pearl

Schwartz, Pearl (Goggy)

Schwartz, Rebecca

Schwartz, Robert T.

Schwartz, Rose

Schwartz, Russell J.

Schwartz, Ruth F.

Schwartz, Saie

Schwartz, Samuel

Schwartz, Sarah

Schwartz, Sarah

Schwartz, Sarah

Schwartz, Sayde

Schwartz, Simon

Schwartz, Susan

Schwartzman, Frances

Schwartzman, Henry

Schwartzman, Max

Seeger, Herman

Segal, A. Ray

Segal, Alan E.

Segal, Benjmain

Segal, Betty R.

Segal, Clara

Segal, Edith

Segal, Ethel

Segal, Hainic

Segal, Harry

Segal, Harry

Segal, I.

Segal, Jente

Segal, Jill Lynn

Segal, Joseph

Segal, Max

Segal, Morris

Segal, Pearl

Segal, Rose

Segal, Rosie

Segal, Sam

Segal, Sam G.

Segal, Sam J.

Segal, Samual

Segal, Sarah

Segal, Solomon

Segal, Sophia

Segal, Sophie

Segall, Freda

Segall, John J.

Segall, Louis

Segall, Morris M.

Segall, Paul

Segall, Sarah

Segall, Sylvia Rigler

Seifer, Albert

Seifer, Celia

Seifer, Jacob

Seiler, Paul E.

Seitzick, Rosa

Selcer, Charles

Selcer, Eleanor Murman

Selcer, Ida

Selcer, Maurice

Selcer, Melvin

Selcer, Rose

Selger, Solomon

Sell, Shirley

Seltz, Bonny Gordon

Seltz, Joseph

Seltz, Philip

Seltz, Rae

Seltz, William

Selzer, Morris

Serber, Ben

Serber, Leah

Serber, Rose

Serber, Sandra Hope

Serrell, Muriel S.

Serrell, Nathan

Shamsi, Nematollah

Shanedling, “Grandmother”

Shanedling, Annie

Shanedling, Julius

Shanedling, Monroe J.

Shanedling, Morris

Shanedling, Ralph Milton

Shanedling, Roger

Shanedling, Ruth Kaplan

Shanedling, Sarah

Shapera, Louis

Shapera, Nathan B.

Shapera, Sophia

Shapiro, Benjamin D.

Shapiro, Charles

Shapiro, Donald J.

Shapiro, Esther

Shapiro, Fannie

Shapiro, Isadore

Shapiro, Joyce R.

Shapiro, Marcus

Shapiro, Mera

Shapiro, Rachel

Shapiro, Samuel

Shapiro, Sarah

Share, Alice Silver Freeman

Share, Robert Gedal

Sharf, Alice

Sharp (?), Dora

Sharp (?), Samuel

Shaw, Steven Jay

Shechter, Adolph

Shechter, Clara

Sher, Mandel

Sher, Sarah

Shere, Anna Charlotte

Shere, Joshua

Shere, Sara B.

Sherman, ?eoma

Sherman, Dora

Sherman, Lena

Sherman, Louis

Sherman, Morris H.

Shink, Ann

Shink, Fanny

Shink, Frank

Shink, Rosie

Shink, Samuel

Shore, Tessa Woolpy

Shprayzer, Elinora

Shteynman, Mikhail

Shteynman, Sophia

Shuirman, Harry

Shuirman, Tillie

Shukhov, Ester

Shuldberg, Meyer

Shuldberg, Pearl N.

Shurslep, Bunya

Shurslep, Isaak

Siegel, David Kampic

Siegel, Evelyn

Siegel, Julius

Siegel, Leo H.

Siegel, Norman J.

Siegel, Sarah

Siegel, Shirley

Sif, Ephriam

Sigal, Bert W.

Sigal, Janice Katz

Sigelman, Sophie

Silberman, Benjamin

Silberman, Borgia

Silberman, Clara

Silberman, Clarles H.

Silberman, Libby

Silberman, Simon

Silberstein, Debbie

Siligmann, Selma

Silver, Bessie

Silver, David

Silver, Dorothy

Silver, Fred

Silver, Frodel

Silver, Gerald

Silver, Grace Laura

Silver, Herman

Silver, Isadore

Silver, Isedor

Silver, Jacob

Silver, Jennie

Silver, John David

Silver, Louis

Silver, Mandel

Silver, Meyer Yale

Silver, Mollie

Silver, Morris

Silver, Nettie

Silver, Rose

Silver, Salomon

Silver, Sam

Silver, Sarah

Silver, Saul

Silver, Sophie

Silver, Thomas

Silver, Touba

Silverbush, Fannie

Silverbush, Nathan

Silverman, Abraham J.

Silverman, Ann

Silverman, Anna

Silverman, baby boy

Silverman, Bessie

Silverman, Clara Rose

Silverman, Evelyn

Silverman, Gilbert S.

Silverman, Harry

Silverman, Harvey E.

Silverman, Hinda

Silverman, Isadore

Silverman, Jack

Silverman, Jack L.

Silverman, Joseph

Silverman, Joseph

Silverman, Joseph

Silverman, Julius

Silverman, Lizzie

Silverman, Maurice

Silverman, Max

Silverman, Mildred

Silverman, Minnie

Silverman, Mitchell I.

Silverman, Morris

Silverman, Nathan

Silverman, Peter

Silverman, Rachel

Silverman, Renee M.

Silverman, Robert

Silverman, Rose

Silverman, Sally

Silverman, Samuel

Silverman, Samuel M.

Silverman, Sigmund

Silverman, Slata

Silverman, Toby G.

Silverman, William

Silverman, William “Bud”

Silvermann, Milton

Silvers, Robert S.

Silverstein, Belle

Silverstein, Irene Mae

Simanovskiy, Ilya

Simon, Frances

Simon, Jane

Simon, Palmer

Simon, Theodore M.

Sinelnikov, Ilya

Singer, Annie

Singer, Clara

Singer, David

Singer, Edward H.

Singer, Ethel

Singer, Ether

Singer, Fanne L.

Singer, Harry

Singer, Pauline

Singer, Sophia

Sinykin, Edward Esser

Sinykin, Gertrude

Sinykin, Lena

Sinykin, Leonard I.

Sinykin, Samuel

Sinykin, Solomon Herman

Siperstein, Bernard

Siperstein, David

Siperstein, Helen

Sipkins, Alexander Juster

Sirmai, Robert

Sklader, Anna

Sklader, Israel

Sklamberg, Leah

Sklamberg, Louis

Sklar, Charles

Skoller, Ben S.

Skoller, Bruce Michael

Skoller, Sylvia

Slaton, Herma

Slaton, Oscar

Slobodnik, Pasha

Slonin, Isadore

Smelowitz, Slate

Smiler, Bertha Rachel

Smiler, Charles

Smiler, Edel

Smiler, Isadore

Smiler, Jennie

Smiler, Minnie

Smiler, Paul M.

Smiler, Rose Pearl

Smiley, Pearl Rosen

Smilovitch, Meyer

Smilovitch, Rose

Smilow, Adeline B.

Smilow, baby son

Smilow, David J.

Smilow, Ruth B.

Smilow, Samuel G.

Smilowitch, Abraham

Smilowitch, Betty

Smilowitch, Moses H.

Smilowitch, Sima

Smilowitz, Fanny

Smilowitz, Morris

Smith, Ada

Snell, Gertrude

Snell, Louis H.

Snider, Moses

Snyder, Ann

Sobelman, Harry Paul

Sobelman, Hyman Israel

Sobelman, Isaac Irving

Sobelman, Sylvia

Soferman, Jennie

Soferman, Louis

Sokol, Edward H.

Sokol, Lee

Sollie, Fae

Soloman, Clara

Solomon, Beirl

Solomon, Cilie

Solomon, Clara

Solomon, Hymen

Solomon, Janet Davis

Solomon, Jerome Sidney

Solomon, Joseph

Solomon, Sarah

Sorokurs, Eva Israel

Sorokurs, Isadore

Sorokurs, Yenta

Sosin, Henry

Spiegel, Daniel

Spiegel, Dora

Spiegel, Ida

Spiegel, Lawrence M.

Spiegel, Samuel

Spiegel, Saul

Springer, Elliott B.

Springer, Isaac “Mike”

Springer, Marie K.

Sprung, Lena

Sprung, Samuel

Starkman, Dina

Starkman, Lillian J.

Starkman, Sam

Statland, Ruthe

Stavutskaya (?), Ida

Steffenson, Judy

Steiger, Maurita D.

Stein, Ben

Stein, Edward

Stein, Ethel

Stein, Hugo

Stein, Molly

Stein, Morris

Stein, Ruth

Steinman, Bradley

Stern, ? M.

Stern, Albert

Stern, Evelyn

Stern, Fred S.

Stern, Ida

Stern, Joseph

Stern, Joseph

Stern, Joseph L.

Stern, Leonard J.

Stern, Rosa Kohen

Stern, Sandra Cheryl

Stern, Sidney I.

Stern, Virginia

Sternberg, David

Sternberg, Edwin A.

Sternberg, Esther

Sternberg, Freda

Sternberg, Lazar

Sternberg, Moses

Sternberg, Sam D.

Stillman, George N.

Stillman, Howie

Stillman, Ruth D.

Stolberg, Frieda

Straus, Janet G.

Straus, Max

Straus, Tillie

Strauss, James Jay

Sutin, Julius

Switch, Louis

Taichman, William

Tamarin, Boris

Tamarina, Sofia

Taswell, Elaine

Taube, Coleman S.

Taube, Jacob

Taube, Jessie

Taube, Jetty

Taube, Lillian S.

Taube, Samuel

Tenin, Nathan

Tenin, Sam

Tenin, Toba

Tevelev, Boris

Tevelev, Sonya

Thaler, Ida Gross

Thaler, Ida Gross

Tiep, Clare

Tilsen, Alvin

Tilsen, Herman

Tilsen, Max

Tilsen, Mollie

Tish, Ira D.

Tish, Renee H.

Toberman, Harriet Eleanor

Toles, Burton

Toles, Edythe

Toner, Abraham

Toner, Esther Rose

Tsmygov, Klara

Tsyrulnikova, Nina

Tubiansky, Bessie

Tubiansky, Hyman

Turner, Jacob

Ucko, Bertha

Ucko, F. Martin

Ucko, Johanna “Hansi”

Udell, Dorothy

Udell, Samuel

Usem, Edith

Usem, Edward G.

Varovitz, Samuel

Velick, Gary

Velick, Ruth

Velikson, Arkady

Velikson, Raisa

Vermes, Sarah

Volk, June Gail

Vugman, Liza

Vugman, Sasha

Wagner, Belle

Wagner, Sam

Wagner, Susan

Waiss, Ann

Waiss, Louis

Waldman, Nathan

Waldman, Rose

Walich, B.

Walich, Lena

Wallace, Albert

Wallach, Beatrice

Wallach, David

Wallach, Grete

Wallach, Leo

Walstien, Lawrence M.

Walstien, Ruth E.

Walzer, Elfriede

Warshaucky, Celia


Warshausky, Bessie

Warshay, Akbar

Warshay, Ida

Warshay, Sally

Wasserman, Benjamin

Wasserman, Elizabeth

Wayne, Marshall

Wayne, Maxine Wexler

Weaver, Lobert

Weil, Eugene

Weil, Judie

Weinberg, Betty

Weinberg, Betty

Weinberg, Edward M.

Weinberg, Etta

Weinberg, Harris

Weinberg, Henry

Weinberg, Henry R.

Weinberg, Irving

Weinberg, Israel

Weinberg, June A.

Weinberg, Kathryn

Weinberg, Sophia

Weinberg, William M.

Weinberger, Martin

Weinberger, Regina

Weinblatt, Gertrude Garber

Weiner – England, Yolanda Claire

Weiner, David

Weiner, Dorothy

Weiner, Dorothy Harris

Weiner, Hilda

Weiner, Morris

Weiner, Sam S.

Weingarten, Byrdie T.

Weingarten, Jennie

Weingarten, Julius

Weinstein, Goldie Schwartz

Weinstein, Morris James

Weinstein, Norman B.

Weinstein, Ossie F.

Weisberg (?), Raphael Joseph

Weisberg, Eva G.

Weisberg, Louis

Weisler, Freda Sarah

Weisler, Julius

Weisler, Robert Leo

Weisman, baby girl

Weisman, Bessie

Weisman, D.

Weisman, Hannah

Weisman, Herman

Weisman, Simon

Weiss, Abraham

Weiss, Bertha

Weiss, Esther

Weiss, Mollie

Wekster, Harry

Werner, Bertha G.

Werner, Harry B.

Wernick, Sadie

Wexler, Adeline

Wexler, David

Wexler, Esther Malca

Wexler, Ethel

Wexler, Fannie

Wexler, Joseph

Wexler, Louis

Wexler, Maly

Wexler, Marice

Wexler, Markus Manasa

Wexler, Max

Wexler, Michael H.

Wexler, Nathan (?)

Wexler, Rosie

Wexler, Samuel

Wexler, Seymoure

Wexler, Tina

Wexman, Louis

White, Edith K.

White, Edward H.

Wieder, Celia Baker

Wieder, John

Wien, Bernard J.

Williams, Annette Segall

Winger, Elizabeth

Winger, Gordon

Winger, Jean

Winger, Louis

Winger, Samuel S.

Winikoff, Charlotte

Winnick, Barbara Jo

Winnick, Sol L.

Winter, Helen Horovitz

Winter, Max

Wirtschafter, Jonathan Dine

Wittles, Bertha

Wittles, Bertha

Wittles, David

Wittles, Louis

Wittles, Rachel

Wittles, Simon P.

Witzman, Joseph

Wold, Carl

Wold, Celia

Wold, Julian

Woldorsky, Harry

Woldorsky, Sarah

Wolf, Josephine

Wolf, Julius

Wolf, Stephan Larsen

Wolfe, Esther

Wolfenson, Harry G.

Wolfenson, Michel

Wolfenson, Minnie

Wolfson, Aster

Wolfson, Bran

Wolfson, Emma Braman

Wolfson, I. Burnett

Wolfson, Israel

Wolfson, Louis B.

Wolfson, Rose

Wolfson, William

Wolk, Janet Hersh

Wolk, Joseph David

Wolk, Marvin Ronald

Wolk, Mattie

Wolk, Molly R.

Woolf, Jacob

Woolf, Sam

Woolpy, Freda Francis

Woolpy, Jerome H.

Wunderman, Lena

Wunderman, Moritz

Wunderman, Rachel Leah

Wunderman, Sophia

Wyman, Harry L.

Yaeger, Jeanette

Yaeger, Mones

Yager, Daniel

Yager, Donald “Dick”

Yager, I.L.

Yager, Jack

Yager, Lazer

Yager, Litman T.

Yager, Mary

Yager, Max

Yager, Zelda

Yarowitz, Eva

Yeshuron, Adath

Yessne, Evelyn

Yessne, Howard

Yude, Michael

Yurko, Fannie

Yurko, Louis

Zalasky, Saul

Zaligson, Cecelia

Zaligson, Frank L.

Zalik, Isadore M.

Zalik, Sarah

Zalk, Donald B.

Zalk, Goodman

Zalk, Ida

Zalk, Morris

Zalk, Sylvia

Zalk, Zigmund

Zalkind, Bernard

Zalkind, Fannie

Zalkind, Mollie

Zalkind, Monroe

Zalkind, Samuel

Zaretckaya, Sofia

Zaslavsky, Ben

Zaslavsky, Lillie

Zavon, Vivian

Zeesman, Berl

Zeesman, Hanna

Zeev, Milshteyn

Zemach, Bertha

Zemach, Solomon

Zessman, Moritz

Zessman, Sarah

Zimmerman, Fannie

Zimmerman, Fred

Zimmerman, Helen M.

Zimmerman, Janice Sue

Zimmerman, Joseph D.

Zimmerman, Moses

Zimmerman, Rose

Zimmerman, Rose Selcer

Zinman, Harry

Zinman, Sarah Genow

Zinober?, Sara Jane

Zoss, Myron

Zoss, Shirley London

Zuckman, Benjamin

Zuckman, David

Zuckman, Dora

Zuckman, Elizabeth

Zuckman, Haskell

Zuckman, Hinda

Zuckman, Irene

Zuckman, Joe H.

Zuckman, Maria

Zuckman, Nathan

Zuckman, Pearl

Zuckman, Philip

Zuckman, Sam


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