Temple Israel Cemetery

f/k/a Montefiore Cemetery

4153 Third Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN



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City of Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota:  T028N – R24W, Section 10


Temple Israel Cemetery is located at the corner of Third Avenue South and 42nd Street East in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The cemetery was originally named Montefiore Cemetery.  The cemetery is maintained and in good shape.  The rows line up well.  This cemetery is open from sunrise to sunset.  It is gated and locked when not open.  Jewish cemeteries are not usually open on Saturday. 


In “History of Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis, including the Explorers and Pioneers of Minnesota, By Rev. Edward D. Neill, and Outlines of the History of Minnesota, By J. Fletcher Williams,” written in 1881, it states “The Montefiore cemetery located on section 10, about two and one-half miles south of the city limits, contains two acres, and was purchased by the Montefiore Cemetery Association, in 1876.  The improvement of the grounds was commenced but recently.” 


In the “History of the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Part II,” written in 1893, it states “Among the places set aside of the interment of those of Jewish descent, the oldest and best improved is the Montefiore, the Reform Church Cemetery, at Third Avenue South and Forty-Second Street.  This cemetery was established in 1877 by the prominent members of the Jewish Synagogue, and the management has continued much the same ever since.  The plat consists of two acres, neatly fenced in; but no private ownership of lots is allowed, the burials being in common, save that children and adults always occupy separate rows.  The total number of burials in Montefiore does not exceed sixty, only one having been made during the past year.” 


This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2010.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2010



?, Fannie

?, Jennie W.

?, Julia

?, Roland

?, Solomon

Aaron, Elaine

Aaron, Ernestine

Abbin, Evelyn

Abbin, Harry

Abeles, Abbie M.

Abeles, Constance M.

Abeles, Sigmund

Abelson, Eva

Abraham, Clara

Abraham, Emanuel

Abraham, Rudolph

Abraham, Sarah

Abraham, Sarah C.

Abrahamson, D. Robert

Abrahamson, Mary G.

Abrams, Earle

Abrams, Ricky Earle

Abrohams, Catherine Kerr

Abrohams, David Louis

Abrohams, Robert B.

Abrohams, Sare M.

Adelsheim, Emile

Adelsheim, Etta J.

Adler, Annie R.

Adler, Bella

Adler, Moses L.

Album, Reuben R.

Album, Sophie Mack

Alch, Michael B.

Alexander, Rachel

Alexander, Sam

Altenberg, Hannah Frances

Altenberg, Sophie Miriam

Altman, Fay H.

Altman, Harry

Altman, Max

Altman, Miriam S.

Anderson, Lynda Marcia Camm

Apple, Donna Gelfand

Apple, Irving

Apt – Rees (?), Arthur

Apt – Rees (?), Oscar

Apt – Rees (?), Rosette

Apt (?), Ralph Leon

Apt, Jennie

Armstrong, Orval James

Armstrong, Tess Clyman

Aronson, Arnold E.

Aronson, Carolyn

Aronson, Fannie

Aronson, Frances

Aronson, Lillian

Aronson, Sylvia Z.

Aslauer, Bessie

Auerbach, Laura Kron

Auerbach, Theo

Auerbacher (?), William

Auerbacher, Jeanne

Averbook, Marshall

Azemove, David M.

Bacall, Erin J.

Bach, Sadye Zalk

Bachrach, Malche

Baernstein, Minnie

Baernstein, Rose L.

Baker, Harry Cohen

Balkin, Florence S.

Balkin, Samuel G.

Bank, Amelia

Bank, Benjamin

Bank, Dorothy

Bank, Frede Freda

Bank, Marvin F.

Bankman, ?

Bankman, Jack

Bardin, Abraham

Bardin, Beatrice

Bardin, Ella

Bardin, Harold

Bardin, Henry J.

Bardin, Lena

Barr, Leopold

Barron, David S.

Barron, Lillian

Bayeron, Ben

Bearman, Louis M.

Bearman, Marion B.

Bearman, William A.

Beaubaire, Charlotte

Beaubaire, Marshall

Beaubaire, Maurice J.

Beaubaire, Mildred

Beck, Sophia Belle

Becker, Sara

Beehler, Hannchen

Beehler, Julius

Behr, Gerald T.

Behring, Henry

Belzer, Meyer

Belzer, Natalie

Bender, Hannah

Bender, Ilene M.

Bender, Louis

Benjamin – Byrum, Seraf Chamud

Benjamin, Dora S.

Benjamin, Harold

Benjamin, Jennie

Benjamin, Moses M.

Benjamin, Stecia Hoffman

Benon, Daniel

Bentson (?), Banko?

Bentson (?), Sylvia

Bentson, Benjamin

Bentson, Hattie E.

Bentson, Louis M.

Bentson, Max

Bentson, Rachael L.

Bercou, John D.

Berg, Bernice

Berg, Jacob

Berger, baby

Berger, Florence

Bergstein, Bertha

Bergstein, Ignatz

Bergstein, Moritz

Berle, Lawrence J.

Berle, Leona C.

Berman, Aaron

Berman, Daniel L.

Berman, Eugene B.

Berman, Irwin I.

Berman, Jonathan

Berman, Michele Helen

Berman, Minnie E.

Berman, Rick

Berman, Shelby Elizabeth

Bern?, David

Bernsen, Haym Bailey

Bernstein, Augusta Estelle

Bernstein, Dorothy M.

Bernstein, Irving C.

Bernstein, Jerome

Bernstein, Lynn E.

Bernstein, Mollie D.

Beugen, Carlie Jeanne

Beugen, Edythe

Beugen, Francisse W.

Beugen, Jack M.

Beugen, Joseph

Beugen, Merriam

Beugen, Newton D.

Beugen, Shirley Z.

Beugen, Simon B.

Beugen, Toni R.

Beuthner, Gerhard

Bierman, Charles

Bierman, Irene B.

Bierman, Leontine Robitshek

Birnbaum, Adolph

Blimes, Harry

Blimes, Luiza

Bloom, Lillian S.

Bloom, Louis

Bloom, Sopie

Blooston, Isaac

Blooston, Josephine

Bluestein, Louis

Blumberg, Carrie

Blumberg, Harriet

Blumberg, Harry J.

Blumberg, Henrietta

Blumberg, Hymen S.

Blumberg, Jeanette

Blumberg, Joseph

Blumberg, Marian

Blumberg, Rachel

Blumberg, Reuben

Blumenkranz, Inez

Blumenkranz, Max

Blumenthal, Jeanne

Bonoff, Joseph H.

Bonoff, S’Reve

Borenstein, Anna R.

Borenstein, Ben

Borenstein, Harry W.

Borenstein, Mollie

Borgen, Milton L.

Borgen, Nusia

Brahl, Hugo

Brahl, Rachel

Breen, Stanley B.

Brill, Aaron Lionel

Brill, Josiah

Brill, Marc Geoffery

Brill, Mary Sapero

Brin, Annie R.

Brin, David

Brin, Harry

Brin, Kachil

Brin, Lewis

Brin, Lillian

Brin, Rosie

Brin, Ruth Harris

Brin, Sarah B.

Broker, Albert G.

Broker, Hannah R.

Brooks, Albert

Brooks, baby

Brooks, Edward

Brooks, Esther

Brooks, Joseph E.

Brooks, Milton Sidney

Brooks, Rose P.

Brooks, Ruth

Brown, Charlotte B.

Brown, Miriam Shapiro

Brown, Morton Gilbert

Brunswick, Ida

Brunswick, Leo

Brunswick, Louis R.

Brunswick, Minnie

Brusso, Betty Clyman

Bud, Elaine

Burnett, Bernice

Burnett, Gerald M.

Burnett, Michael Z.

Burton, Barney

Burton, Josephine D.

Burton, Richard

Burton, Sarah D.

Buxbaum, Isidor

Cagen, Harry F.

Cagen, Rae Shapero

Camm, Blanche

Cannon, Barbara Ann

Cannon, Margaret Salkin

Cannon, Morton Bernard

Caplan, Edna M.

Cardozo, Ruth

Cardozo, William

Caselberg, Henrietta

Caselberg, Philip

Caspari, Alfred

Caspari, Elizabeth E.

Chayka, Michael

Chertkov, Jackov

Chutter, Richard

Clyman, Reuben

Clyman, Samuel Saipe

Cohen, Abraham I.

Cohen, Alice L.

Cohen, Ben M.

Cohen, Celia H.

Cohen, David Joseph

Cohen, Esther

Cohen, Esther L.

Cohen, Hattie Gottstein

Cohen, I.N.

Cohen, Isaac A.

Cohen, Jacob

Cohen, Jacob Georg

Cohen, Jeanette Latz

Cohen, Jessie Weiskopf

Cohen, Joseph W.

Cohen, Katherine R.

Cohen, Lawrence S.

Cohen, Leonard D.

Cohen, Leone

Cohen, Lillian Y.

Cohen, Louis J.

Cohen, Louis K.

Cohen, Louis M.

Cohen, Merrill M.

Cohen, Meyer B.

Cohen, Mike

Cohen, Minnie A.

Cohen, Moses L.

Cohen, Myer S.

Cohen, Ossie L.

Cohen, Richard M.

Cohen, Samuel L.

Cohen, Stanley S.

Cohen, Sylvia C.

Cohen, Sylvia S.

Cohen, Teresa

Cohen, Tess E.

Cohn, Alvin L.

Cohn, Angelo

Cohn, Eva Carol

Cohn, George J.

Cohn, Irene B.

Cohn, Macella Rigler

Cohn, Marius

Cohn, Miriam Rosenbloom

Cohn, Victor Edward

Colf, Miriam D.

Conhaim, Myron H.

Conhain, Louis

Conhain, Rosalie F.

Conney, Isadore

Conney, Louis

Cooper, Irving

Cooperman, Edward

Cooperman, Esther

Coppe, Isadore

Coppe, Nellie

Corwin, Burt Harris

Cotlow, Lulu

Cotlow, Oscar P.

Covet, Sylvia

Cramer, Louis R.

Cramer, Ruth

Crane, Dorothy

Crane, Joe

Crislip, Leah B.

Czarlinski, Margaret

Danenbaum, Flora

Danenbaum, Frances

Danenbaum, Julian A.

Danenbaum, Ruby

Danenbaum, Wm.

Davidson, Abraham

Davidson, Miriam L.

Davis, Betty M.

Davis, Carl J.

Davis, Florence

Davis, Jacob

Davis, Jill Elizabeth

Davis, Joseph M.

Davis, Julius E.

Davis, Philip

Davis, Rose V.

Davison, Laurie Nina

Davison, Mildred

Deinard, Amos S.

Deinard, Hortense H.

Deinard, Rosa

Deinard, Samuel N.

Deutsch (?), Jacob

Deutsch (?), Malchen Amelia

Deutsch, Adolph

Deutsch, Adolph L.

Deutsch, Amelia

Deutsch, Elizabeth

Deutsch, Joseph H.

Deutsch, Kathryn

Deutsch, Minnie

Deutsch, Rachel

Dexner, Hannah

Dikel, Nathan D.

Dikel, Samuel S.

Dikel, Sema

Dinerstein, James Eli

Dinerstein, Robert A.

Dingfelder, Elizabeth

Dingfelder, Sigbert

Dizik, Harry B.

Dizik, Sophia M.

Dockman, Roslyn

Dockman, Zola

Doodeward, Al

Doodeward, Celia

Dorenfeld, Adrian

Dorenfeld, Aida

Dorenfeld, Marc A.

Downes, Betty Bresler

Doyle, Anne C.

Druy, Samuel B.

Duboff, Dorothy

Duboff, Lawrence S.

Dworsky, Beatrice

Dworsky, Bernard V.

Dworsky, Doris C.

Dworsky, Minnie

Dworsky, Zola C.

Ebin, Jules

Ebin, Morris

Ebin, Ruth

Ebin, Shirley J.

Edelman, Benjamin

Edelman, Pauline

Edelstein, Carrie O.

Edelstein, Oscar E.

Edelsten, David

Effress, Barry

Ehrlich, Dorothy E.

Ehrlich, S. Paul

Eisenberg, Debra J. (Kieffer)

Eisenberg, Gunter

Eisenberg, Marta

Eisenstadt, David H.

Eisenstadt, Hazel R.

Eisler, Adolph

Eisler, Joseph

Eisler, Sophie

Ellenstein, Edith A.

Ellenstein, Gertrude

Ellenstein, Joseph H.

Ellenstein, Louis M.

Ellenstein, Mina

Ellis, Hattie Osterman

Emlein, Harold M.

Emlein, Irene Feinberg

Engler, Mendel Joseph

Epstein, Dorothy S.

Esensten, Sidney

Eserow, Rachel

Eshner, Abraham

Eshner, Anna

Eshner, John

Ettinger, Robert

Eurlich, Willie

Evans, Jerome L.

Evans, Stanley David

Falk, Cecil Snyder

Fantl, Caroline

Farace, Tamara Seacor

Faynshteyn, Aron

Faynshteyn, Tsilya

Feinberg, Arnold Z.

Feinberg, Ebby A.

Feinberg, Ida

Feinberg, Irving

Feinberg, Philip

Feinberg, Sidney T.

Feinberg, Stanley

Feinberg, Stephen N.

Feinstein, baby Heartz

Feld, Benjamin

Felsen, Arthur L.

Fenton, Constance Album

Feuer, Aaron Jacob

Figur, Ruth Wermont

Fine, Ronald E.

Finkelstein, Blanche

Finkelstein, Harry

Finney, Stuart L.

Fischbein, Babette E.

Fischbein, Bernard

Fischbein, Hilda

Fish, Robin

Fisher, Carly Vogel

Fisher, Eve Vogel

Fisher, Isadore

Fisher, Rhea Wolfson

Fist, Arthur E.

Fist, Charles D.

Fist, Rebeca Moss

Fiterman, Jerome N.

Fiterman, Miles Quinten

Fiterman, Winifred

Fleischner, Bertha

Fleischner, Moritz

Fligelman, Stephen Harris

Flint, Scott Evan

Forman (?), baby Jeanne

Forman, Lena F.

Forman, Michael J.

Forman, Minnie D.

Forman, Phillip E.

Fox, Reuben

Frank (?), Max

Frank (?), Sophie

Frank, Ida C.

Frank, Leonard

Frankel, Etta Ruben

Frankel, Johanna Krakowski

Frankel, Philip

Frankforter (?), Bella

Frankforter (?), Father

Frankforter (?), Flora

Frankforter (?), Harry

Frankforter (?), Henrietta

Frankforter (?), Mother

Freeman, Abner

Freeman, Adele M.

Freeman, David

Freeman, Edward Edwin

Freeman, Elsa Jacobs

Freeman, Elsa Marion

Freeman, Leonard

Freeman, Rose

Freidheim, Hannah

Freidhein, Solomon

Freiler, baby

Freisinger, Alexander

Freisinger, Dorothy Thea

Fridman, Abraham

Fridman, Bella

Fridman, Tatyana T.

Friedlander, Henry

Friedlander, Jeannette Fuld

Friedman, Alys

Friedman, Ben

Friedman, Bobbe

Friedman, Israel

Friedman, Jack

Friedman, John

Friedman, Maurice

Friedman, Raesa

Friedman, Tenie

Friend, M.S.

Frisch, Phillip

Frisch, Susan Noodelman

Froelich, Amalia Stern

Froelich, Leo

Fuld, Nathan

Gainsley, Adelle

Gainsley, Betty

Gainsley, Louis

Gainsley, Melanie

Gainsley, S. Harry

Gale, Bernard

Gallick, Henry

Gallick, Mary

Garber, Anne

Garber, Gabriel E.

Garber, Manny

Gardner, Fanny

Garten, Joseph L.

Garten, Julia R.

Geltman, Geraldine P.

Geltman, Robert M.

Gendler, Albert

Gendler, Dora

Gendler, Mildred

Gendler, Paul L.

Gerber, Sam

German, Benjamin

German, Henrietta L.

Gershman, Louis

Gershman, Neil

Gilbert, Madeline Fist

Giles, Henrietta

Gill, Jessie H.

Ginsberg, Cynthia

Ginsberg, David J.

Ginsberg, Ida

Ginsberg, Nathan

Gittelson (?), Benjamin L.

Gittelson (?), Father

Gittelson (?), Mother

Gittleman, Jerome M.

Glass, Charles Robert

Glassberg, Annette Jeffery

Glassberg, Emma

Glassberg, Halina

Glassberg, Irving J.

Glassberg, Jeffery E.

Glassberg, Raleigh G.

Glassberg, Samuel

Glazer, Philip Simon

Gold, Dorothy

Goldberg, Aaron

Goldberg, Henrietta

Goldbloom, Stanley

Golden, Harry

Golden, Maurice L.

Golden, Rebecca

Goldman, Albert Max

Goldman, Annette S.

Goldman, Arnold

Goldman, Mary T.

Goldman, Mary Van Baalen

Goldman, Moses

Goldman, Tobias

Goldschmidt, Siegfried

Goldsmith, Irene (?)

Goldstein (?), Irwin

Goldstein (?), Lina

Goldstein, Charles R.

Goldstein, Corinne May

Goldstein, Jeanette

Goldstein, Leon

Goldstein, Murray Leon

Goldstein, Stephanie Rose

Goldstein, Yvonne

Golling, Robert

Goodman, Abraham W.

Goodman, Eleanor K.

Goodman, Eva J.

Goodman, Louis B.

Goodman, Rose B.

Goodman, Samuel D.

Goodrich, Herbert

Goransky, Jagay

Gordon, Maurice

Gordon, Sewell S.

Gotkin, Maurice

Gottlieb, Mildred Y.

Gould, Freda W.

Gould, William L.

Gradwohl (?), Benjamin F.

Gradwohl (?), Lillian G.

Granroth, Michelle K.

Gray, Florence G.

Gray, Sidney

Graybow, Marvin G.

Green, Donna

Green, Emanuel

Green, Emanuel

Green, Etta Brin

Green, Helen

Green, Marian

Green, Myron B.

Green, William A.

Greenberg, Anna Mae

Greenberg, Cecil

Greenberg, Cecilia

Greenberg, Emerson

Greenberg, Florence

Greenberg, Harriet S.

Greenberg, Irving S.

Greenberg, Lois Elaine

Greenberg, Louis I.

Greenberg, Max H.

Greenberg, Morris L.

Greenberg, Roslyn L.

Greenberg, Sim

Greenberg, Stanley A.

Greenberg, William

Greenspan, Abraham

Greenspan, Malvina

Grodnick, Nell

Grodnick, Samuel J.

Grodnik, Louis S.

Grodnik, Sadye

Grodnik, Stanley

Gross, Sharon

Grossman, Abe A.

Grossman, Anne

Grossman, Frances

Grossman, Herman W.

Grossman, Morris P.

Grossman, Samuel

Grossman, Stephen L.

Gruenberg (?), Anna

Gruenberg (?), Mariam

Gruenberg (?), Moses

Gruenberg, Anna

Gruenberg, Hershel N.

Gruenberg, William L.

Guler, Emiliya

Gurstel, Etta

Gurstel, Jules

Haataja, Judith E.

Hadra, Celia Froelich

Hadra, Louis Phillip

Halper, David J.

Halperin, Rose

Halperin, S. Meyer

Halpern, Chester Calvin

Halpern, Janet Reuler

Halpern, Maurice Leo

Halpern, William Patrick

Handelman, Hilda

Handelman, Sam

Harmon, Elizabeth A.

Harpman, Emily

Harpmann, Dena

Harpmann, Jacob

Harris, Abraham

Harris, David Lawrence

Harris, Edwin F.

Harris, Rachel

Harris, Regina

Harris, Ronald B.

Harris, Serene

Hart, Isaac

Hart, Julia

Hart, Julia

Hart, Julia

Heiman, Isaac H.

Heiman, Theresa

Heinrich, Sarah Margaret

Heller, Benjamin

Heller, Ida H.

Heller, Irmgard Lindenfeld

Heller, Nathan Helfgott

Hendel, Helen

Hendel, Julius

Henken, Anna

Henlein (?), Carrie

Hersch, Ben H.

Hersch, Esther M.

Hillson, Joseph

Hirsch, Jacqueline

Hirsch, Leonard G.

Hirsch, Margaret D.

Hirsch, Robert Ira

Hirsch, Ruth

Hirsh, Nina Bentson

Hodroff, Doris C.

Hodroff, Leo A.

Hoffman, Emma R. Stern Lee

Hoffman, Josephine S.

Hoffman, Milton

Hollander, Mark A.

Honig, Bessie K.

Hork, Irving L.

Hork, Muriel Gill

Horwitz (?), Anna

Horwitz (?), David S.

Horwitz (?), Jennie

Horwitz (?), Peter E.

Hyman, Alexander

Hyman, Edward Sigmund

Hyman, Estelle S.

Hyman, Rebecca

Idzal, Isaac Edward

Idzal, Jacob D.

Idzal, Janet

Idzal, Rachel

Idzal, Sylvia G.

Idzal, Walter G.

Illions, Seymour

Isaacs, Fred N.

Jacobs, Benjamin

Jacobs, Hannah

Jacobs, Jane Kurtz

Jacobs, Jennie P.

Jacobs, Louis

Jacobs, Samuel

Jacobs, Samuel G.

Jacobson, Bertha

Jacobson, Louis

Jacobson, Maxine L.

Jacoby, Fanny

Jacoby, Geo G.

Jaehne, Andrew Scott

Jaffee, Harry E.

Jaffee, Katherine P.

Jaffee, Robert C.

James, Amy

Javinsky, Bettina Grace

Jeffery, Antoinette

Jeffery, Caroline Weil

Jeffery, David C.

Jeffery, Ira Weil

Jeffery, Lillian A.

Jeffery, Michael

Joelsohn, Eugen

Joelsohn, Olga

Joseph, Alexander

Joseph, Beatrice

Joseph, Nathan Marcus

Justin, Jack C.

Justin, Verna Mae

Kabalkina, Klawdia

Kados, Julie

Kahn, Emilie

Kahn, Ernest J.

Kahn, Frank A.

Kahn, Howard

Kahn, Hyman

Kahn, Joyce R.

Kahn, Marie

Kahn, Norman Leon

Kahn, Sallie

Kahn, Salomon

Kahner, James M.

Kahner, Marvin F.

Kalman, Georgia

Kalman, Ivan

Kaner, Joseph

Kaner, Sophya Regina

Kanters, Lawrence

Kantrowitz (?), James Kay

Kantrowitz, James

Kantrowitz, Sadye

Karol, Emelia

Karon, Roy (Chappie)

Kasdan, Benjamin

Kasdan, David

Kasdan, Lorraine

Kasdan, Shanna

Kasper, Herbert R.

Kasper, Lillian D.

Katzky, Marcus J.

Katzky, Paul E.

Katzky, Yetta

Kaufman, Isaac

Kaufman, Nancy Karon

Kaufman, Samuel S.

Kay, Harry

Kayser, Albert J.

Kayser, Anna R.

Kayser, Carolyn S.

Kayser, Emanuel

Kayser, Howard

Keith, W. Kent

Kelen, Margaret

Kell, Adolph

Keller, Adelle

Keller, Fannie

Keller, Victor

Kessler, Pearl G.

Ketroser, Grace

Kichler, Richard

Kiefer, Anne

Kiefer, Martin L.

Kiefer, Paul

Kiefer, Sari

Kieffer, David Earl

Kieffer, Ruth

Kirkpatrick, Anna

Kirkpatrick, David G.

Klein, Paula

Klein, Simon

Klein, Valerie J.

Knazan, Ben

Knelman, Edward

Kobart, Ruth

Kodas, Milton

Kohen, Goldie

Kohen, Harold Gittelson

Kohen, Leah

Kohen, Louis

Kohen, Max

Kohen, May Gittelson

Kohn (?), Sidney

Kohn, Alex

Kohn, Martha

Kohn, Max

Kohn, Morris L.

Kohn, Sadie

Kolliner (?), Amelia

Kolliner (?), Simon

Kolliner, Matilda H.

Kolliner, Robert S.

Koppelman, Richard

Kops, Elizabeth Greenberg

Kosing, Carrie

Kosing, Charles

Kramer, Ruth

Kravitz, Abbey Jane

Kravitz, Ida R.

Kravitz, Louis

Kreger, Florence

Kreger, Millie

Kreger, Millie

Kreger, Noah

Kronick, Barney

Kronick, Ione

Kronish, Ruth S.

Kronish, William V. III

Krutzkopf, Helena

Kuller, Lillian

Kuller, Michael Phillip

Kunian, Paul Kunin

Kunin, Jacqueline

Kunin, Jeanette

Kunin, Maxim

Kuretsky, Nancy

Landy, Bernice G.

Landy, Max

Lange, Rolf

Lavine, Betty

Lavine, Samuel A.

Lawton, Ernest

Lawton, Sida C.

Leeser, Walter

Leff, Elaine

Leff, Mark A.

Lefkovits, Maurice H.

Lehmaier, Eugene

Lehman, ?

Leon, Addie

Leon, Jacob

Levenson, Irina

Levi, Clara (?)

Levin (?), Robert

Levin, Beatrice

Levin, Harry

Levin, Isadore H.

Levin, Jacob H.

Levin, Joanne

Levin, Nathan

Levin, Rose Gedal

Levin, Sadie

Levine, Abraham Al

Levine, Bruce A.

Levine, Carle Alan

Levine, David

Levine, Donna K.

Levine, Dora

Levine, Estelle A.

Levine, George

Levine, H. Lynn

Levine, Harris M. Buzzie

Levine, Howard M.

Levine, J. Milton

Levine, Jerry R.

Levine, John D.

Levine, Marian S.

Levine, Marion

Levine, Milton C.

Levine, Minnie

Levine, Morton M.

Levine, Natalie Davis

Levine, Ruth

Levine, Sylvia G.

Levinsohn, Dorothy A.

Levinsohn, Martha Plitman

Levinsohn, Max

Levinson, Ada

Levinson, Archiebald E.

Levinson, Elias R.

Levinson, Esther

Levinson, Julius S.

Levinson, Leopold

Levinson, Louis H.

Levinson, Minnie

Levinson, Morris

Levinson, Robert M.

Levinson, Rose

Levinson, William

Leviton, Leonard L.

Levitt, Dora P.

Levitt, Morris F.

Levy, Adolph

Levy, Amelia

Levy, Anne Gershovitz

Levy, Belle Stearn

Levy, Charles K.

Levy, Charles Kendrick

Levy, Ernest L.

Levy, Esther

Levy, Florence S.

Levy, Gertrude E.

Levy, Golda

Levy, Harry

Levy, Helen S.

Levy, Irving

Levy, Joan K.

Levy, Joe

Levy, Jon

Levy, Julia

Levy, Juliet M.

Levy, Leah

Levy, Leah Pflaum

Levy, Leonard

Levy, Loretta

Levy, Louis

Levy, Marjory L.

Levy, Max J.

Levy, Morton A.

Levy, Morton J.

Levy, Paul

Levy, Robert E.

Levy, Ruth G.

Lewin, Egon L.

Lewin, Nanette Wassermann

Lewis, Hiram S.

Lewis, Rose E.

Lichtig, Betty Jane

Lichtig, Henry Louis

Liebenberg, Jacob J.

Liebenberg, Raleigh

Lieber, Rachel Borkon

Lieberman, Julia B.

Lieberman, Norton C.

Lieberman, Stephen K.

Liebert, Eva Belkin

Liebert, Paul Otto

Lifson, Carl K.

Lifson, Mary Ellen

Lightowler, Geoffrey

Lind, Helen

Lindeman, Jeanette

Linsley, Bertha

Lipman, Herbert H.

Lipman, Sylvia

Lipnik, Israel

Lipschultz, Oscar

Lipschultz, Yetive

Lisogurski, Joseph

Lisogurski, Vera

Litin, A.A.

Litin, Bobby

Litin, Ruth

Littman (?), Emelie

Littman (?), Max

Locker (?), Ida

Loeb, Martin J.

London, Morris

London, Mortimer J.

London, Olga

Lowy, Josephine R.

Lucasen, Alfred

Lurie, Ethel

Luther, Lee

Lyon, Fred

Mackoff, Gertrude

Mackoff, Herbert A.

Mackoff, William S.

Mandel, Marion

Mandel, Marjorie

Mandel, Seymour

Mandel, Sidney J.

Marcus, Audrey L.

Marcus, Irving M.

Margolis, Hilda

Marienhoff, Benjamin

Marienhoff, Jennie

Mark, Charles

Mark, Irene

Mark, Jack Charles

Marks, Jami Alanna

Markus, Sybil Harris

Markus, William

Marquisee, Della B.

Masinter, Fannie

Maslansky, Carolyn Phillips

Matalowa, Esfir Kabalkina

May, Jacob L.

May, Miriam J.

May, Ruth

Mayberg, Fanny

Mayer, Ida

Mayer, Joseph

Mayer, Ludwig

Mayer, Samson

Mayeron, Gertrude I.

Mayeron, Gloria

Mayeron, Harry

Mayeron, Ruth

Mazie, Martha E.

Mazie, Rita

Melamed, Arthur C.

Melamed, Maurice L.

Melamed, Ruth H.

Mendelson, Philip

Metzger, Leopold

Metzger, Mollie J.

Meyer, Robert Joseph

Meyers, Henry Louis

Meyers, Minnie D.

Meyers, Simon

Michaels (?), Harry

Michaels (?), Jacob

Michaels (?), Jane

Michaels (?), Joseph L.

Michaels (?), Leon

Michaels (?), Lewis

Michaels (?), Rebecca L.

Michaels, Humphrey

Michotinsky, Bertha “Mickey”

Mikolas, Albert (?)

Mikolas, Eugene S.

Mikolas, Hannah

Mikolas, Herman

Mikolas, Isabelle M.

Mikolas, Lillie R.

Mikolas, Moritz

Milavetz, Michele

Milkes, G.H.

Miller, Irwin

Minda, Albert G.

Minda, Frances Salinger

Minter, Irwin

Mirkin, Phyllis K.

Mitchell, Albert

Mitchell, Ethelina

Moch, Ella Monasch

Moch, Leon

Monasch (?), Gustav

Monasch (?), Leo

Monasch, George

Monasch, Isidor

Monasch, Nettie

Monasch, Pauline

Moses, Harold L.

Moss, Albert R.

Moss, Charles

Moss, Clara

Moss, Jesse

Moss, Mamie Lehmaier

Muntean, Aaron

Muscovitz, Lillian Dubinsky Wishnick

Myers, L.C.

Nadler, George

Nadler, Ida

Nathanson, Bernice Dworsky

Nathanson, David B.

Nathanson, Joseph L.

Nathanson, Ruth

Neiman, Leonard H.

Nemer, Alice S.

Nemer, Samuel N.

Netzky, Carol

Netzky, Sylvan

Neu, Sigfried

Neuman, Miriam V.

Neuman, Nelson S.

Newman (?), Bertha

Newman (?), Flora

Newman (?), Philip

Newman (?), Rognild

Newman, Annette

Newman, Isaac

Newman, Martha

Newman, Milton

Numero, Anna Sobelman

Numero, Blanche M.

Numero, Joseph A.

Oakley, Jean

Obers, Hans

Obers, Hilde

Oppenheimer, Jack H.

Oppenheimer, Joel

Oppenheimer, Karoline

Orman, Marilyn Chemrinow

Osterman, Amelia

Osterman, Helen

Osterman, Jos. L.

Osterman, Tessie

Ostrov, Paul

Ostrov, Sophie

Pam, Amelia

Pam, Emil

Panovitz, Sophia

Parker, Betty

Paster, Melvin

Paster, Shirley

Paul, Albert Yale

Paul, Freda D.

Penna, John F. Della

Perl, Muriel Spitz

Perlman, Joseph

Perlman, Leah

Perlman, Lewis L.

Perlman, Mary G.

Perlman, Sara

Perman, Morris Louis

Perman, Ruth Weinstein

Pflaum, Gusta R.

Pflaum, Gustav

Pflaum, Hannchen

Pflaum, Max

Pflaum, Samuel

Phillips, Arthur N.

Phillips, Rose L.

Pink, Benjamin

Pink, Bertha

Pinkerson, Anita

Pliam, Ethel

Pliam, Nathan

Polski, Virginia Anne

Polski, W.J.

Pritzker, Dolores Dodo Singer

Prozumenshikov, Joseph

Prozumenshikov, Michael J.

Raen, Betty Lee

Raen, Julius

Rakov, Abraham D.

Raskin, Morris

Ravicz (?), Harry

Ravicz (?), Minnie

Ravicz (?), Rosa

Ravicz (?), Simon

Razumny, Luba

Razumny, Miron

Rechtman, Natalya

Rees (?), Cora

Rees, Augusta C.

Rees, Bas Zion

Rees, Ella

Rees, Eva M.

Rees, Gustavus

Rees, Inez B.

Rees, Isaac

Rees, Julius

Rees, Lena

Rees, Lester Harris0on

Rees, Ralph

Rees, Rose J.

Rees, Theodore

Rehm, Gean F.

Reichgot, Jules L.

Reichgott, Saryna

Resler, Elizabeth J.

Resler, Leonard

Resler, Louis

Resler, Philip

Rhodes, Ethel

Rhodes, Jesse

Ribnick, Hymen

Ribnick, Marian

Richter, Fritz

Riedel, Johannes

Riedel, Sophie

Rifkin, Esther

Rifkin, Samuel

Rigler, Leah Meyer

Rigler, Samuel Paul

Rivkin, Harold S.

Robbins, Gerald M.

Robbins, Phyllis

Roberg, Bertha

Roberg, Eva

Roberg, Ignatius

Roberg, Julia

Roberts, Arthur

Roberts, Clara

Robinson, Jack

Robinson, Jeanette

Robinson, Seymour A.

Robinson, Sybil

Robitshek, Adolph

Robitshek, Blanch

Robitshek, Fanny

Robitshek, Flora

Robitshek, Florence L.

Robitshek, Frances

Robitshek, George W.

Robitshek, Gustave A.

Robitshek, Harvey P.

Robitshek, Hobart

Robitshek, Ida

Robitshek, Irving H.

Robitshek, J.

Robitshek, Julian

Robitshek, Lena

Robitshek, Margaret

Robitshek, Max

Robitshek, Robert B.

Robitshek, Shirley F.

Robushin, Aaron B.

Robushin, Helen M.

Rochester, Frances E.

Rockler, William M.

Rose, Bernard M.

Rose, Dorothy L.

Rose, Hannah H.

Rose, Libby

Rose, Meyer B.

Rosen, Harold A.

Rosen, Harry B.

Rosen, Jean

Rosen, Leonard

Rosen, Milton Samuel

Rosen, Miriam

Rosen, Molly E.

Rosen, Sally Album

Rosenbaum, Enrico

Rosenbaum, Erna Rogers

Rosenbaum, Herbert

Rosenbaum, Ida

Rosenbaum, Kurt Rogers

Rosenberg, Estelle Koss

Rosenberg, Jill Elizabeth

Rosenberg, Merle Fishman

Rosenberg, Millard

Rosenberg, Sam “Pierre”

Rosenblatt, Alyce M.

Rosenblatt, baby boy

Rosenblatt, Charlotte J.

Rosenblatt, David B.

Rosenblatt, Flora L.

Rosenblatt, Fredric T.

Rosenblatt, Herman Lewis

Rosenblatt, Phyllis B.

Rosenblatt, Woodruff Norman

Rosenstein (?), Edward

Rosenstein (?), Golda

Rosenstein, Dorothy

Rosenthal (?), Leon

Rosenthal, Arthur

Rosenthal, Haskell J.

Rosenthal, Hazel Garber

Rosenthal, Jacob

Rosenthal, Jay L.

Rosenthal, Rachel

Rosenthal, Roy L.

Rosner, Joshua E.

Ross, Benjamin

Ross, Eleanor

Ross, Rosalind Labovitz

Rossman, Lawrence W.

Roston (?), Clara

Roston (?), Meyers

Roston, Gertrude

Roston, Regina Burton

Rothschild, Herman

Rothschild, Leopold

Rothschild, Minna

Rothschild, Teresa

Roytelman, Genakh

Rubashkin, Arkady

Rubel, Alexander F.

Rubel, John Douglas

Rubel, Verna K.

Ruben, Albert G.

Ruben, Edmond R.

Ruben, Evelyn H.

Ruben, Harold M.

Ruben, Isaac H.

Ruben, Rose G.

Russick, Blanche W.

Russick, David F.

Rutchick, Loraine

Rutchick, Oscar

Sakol, Clarence V.

Sakol, Karen Sue

Sakol, Lillian R.

Saliterman, Milton

Saliterman, Sally S.

Sapero, Abraham S.

Savage, Beatrice

Schak, Daniel

Schapiro, Sylvia

Schiffman, David R.

Schlesinger, Robert N.

Schlessing, Louis

Schloss, Blanche

Schloss, Estelle L.

Schloss, Harry E.

Schloss, Jacob

Schnabel, Lonie

Schneider, Albert M.

Schneider, Bertha Lifson

Schneider, Bessie C.

Schneider, Emil A.

Schneider, Louis

Schneider, Robert S.

Schneider, Syrna Meriam

Schoen (?), Arthur J.

Schoen (?), Rosa G.

Schoen (?), Samuel

Schoff, Florence Kunian

Schultz, Lulu

Schwartz, Herman

Schwartz, Patty S.

Segal, Eddie

Segal, Edward L.

Segal, Gloria M.

Segal, Gloria M.

Segal, Leonard J.

Segal, Martin A.

Segal, Rose Z.

Segelbaum, Charlotte

Segelbaum, Georgina W.

Segelbaum, Lillian W.

Segelbaum, Max M.

Segelbaum, Roland

Segelbaum, Rose

Segelbaum, Sander

Segelbaum, Stanley L.

Seidenfeld, Philip

Selcer, George M.

Selcer, Suzanne M.

Seltzer, Beatrice R.

Seltzer, Helen

Seltzer, Julius

Shaffer, Dorothy

Shanedling, Belle

Shanedling, Dorothy L.

Shanedling, Harry

Shanedling, James L.

Shanedling, Stanley V.

Shapero, Charles

Shapiro, Bernice C.

Shapiro, Dora Frances

Shapiro, Frances Robbins

Shapiro, Leonard

Shapiro, Max

Shapiro, Max G.

Shapiro, Paul

Shapiro, Ruth Mackoff

Shapiro, Samuel

Shapiro, Sarah

Shar, Yudif

Share, Albert A.

Share, Benjamin C.

Share, Pearl

Sharpe, Carl G.

Shavitch, Annette

Shavitch, Joseph

Sher, Abe R.

Sher, Bess Hallock

Sher, Fern

Sher, Neil

Sherman, Irving R.

Sherman, Jack S.

Sherman, Joseph

Sherman, Sylvia

Shilkrout, Milton

Shiller, Nancy G.

Shine, Barbara

Shine, Charlotte

Shine, Monroe J.

Shink, Max

Shink, Sylvia S.

Shneider, Harry

Shneider, Jennie

Shottlander, Anna

Shottlander, John H.

Sicher (?), Father

Sicher (?), Jacob H.

Sicher (?), Mother

Siden, Aaron

Siden, Sadie

Sieff, Anita B.

Sieff, Louis

Siegel, Elsie

Siegel, Harold

Siegel, Nathan S.

Silesky, Sidney L.

Simon, Carrie

Simon, Elaine

Simon, Harry

Simon, Marlen

Simon, Minnie

Simon, Stanley E.

Singer, Gerald M.

Singher, Lawrence J.

Singher, Mary L.

Sinsheimer, Abraham

Sinsheimer, Jacob

Sinsheimer, Mina

Sinykin, Beverly J.

Sinykin, Louis S.

Sinykin, Mildred

Sklar, Julius

Skoll (?), Hellania R.

Skoll (?), Henry

Skoll (?), Jacob

Skoll, Bertha

Skoll, Maxwell

Slaton, Susan

Slesinger, H. Ross

Smith, Olga A.

Snow, Randy F.

Snyder, Gertrude

Snyder, Hattie F.

Snyder, Sam

Solomon, Joseph

Solomon, Stephen B.

Solon, Alice R.

Solon, Joseph H.

Sonnenschein, Joseph

Sonnenschein, Olga

Spear, Allan H.

Spear, Esther

Spector, Robert M.

Spector, Suzanne L.

Stearn (?), baby

Stearn (?), Mother

Stearn (?), Sadie P.

Stearn (?), Samuel A.

Stearn (?), Teresa

Stearn, Hattie

Stearn, Max

Stearn, Nate L.

Stearn, Ray W.

Stearn, Sol A.

Steele, Joshua Phillip

Stein, Bess D.

Stein, Casler A.

Stein, Joan

Stein, Leone N.

Stein, Martin S.

Steinberg, Rachel J.

Steiner, Bertha Schoen

Steiner, Harry A.

Steinfeldt, Bernadette T.

Steinfeldt, Pearl S.

Steinfeldt, Sherman Irving

Stern, Abraham

Stern, Arthur

Stern, Charles

Stern, Emma

Stern, Greta Richter

Stern, Gwen

Stern, Jane B.

Stern, Jay Strauss

Stern, Joseph L.

Stern, June

Stern, Lester A.

Stern, Meyer D.

Stern, Michael Alan

Stern, Rachel

Stern, S. Clifton

Stern, Sophia S.

Sternberg, Alfred D.

Sternberg, Barbara

Sternberg, Charles

Sternberg, Charlotte

Sternberg, Justin J.

Sternberg, Leo

Sternberg, Susan

Sternberg, William

Stoler, Elias Allen

Stoler, Katherine Levine

Strasser, Ilona Jakober

Stromberg (?), Milton

Stromberg, Abraham

Stromberg, Harry

Stromberg, Mathilda

Stulberg, Elizabeth

Stulberg, Irwin

Sulzberger (?), Solomon E.

Sweet, Douglas M.

Tabort, Lillian

Tanz, Henry

Tanz, Renee

Taussig (?), Louis

Taussig (?), Marie

Taussig (?), Ruth

Taussig (?), Sigmund

Teichman, Penny Gail

Titner, Charles

Titner, Lottie

Tolchiner, Benjamin M.

Tollman, Bradley John

Traub, Eve Cohen

Traub, Harmon Ray

Tuchman (?), Bernard

Tuchman (?), Jeanette G.

Tysk, Faye

Ultan, Lloyd

Van Baalen, Sarah

Vaynshteyn, Beyla

Vinokour, Edward

Vinokour, Marion

Volk, Betty

Volk, Julius

Volk, Rose

Volk, Sidney

Volk, William

Voss, Rita Friedman

Waixel, Bird Bentson

Waixel, Isaac H.

Wallack, Jacqueline

Wattenberg, Lynn Abbey

Wattenberg, Richard Bela

Weber, Ann

Weber, Ben

Weglein, Beverly C.

Weglein, Leo

Weglein, Milton

Weglein, Thea L.

Wei?, only baby

Weil (?), Benjamin

Weil (?), Charles

Weil (?), Gladys M.

Weil (?), Hannah

Weil (?), Isaac

Weil, baby girl

Weil, Caroline Sicher

Weil, Elizabeth

Weil, Hermann H.

Weil, Jonas

Weinblatt, Arthur H.

Weinblatt, Samuel

Weiner, Evelyne E.

Weiner, Martin M.

Weinstein, Julius

Weinstein, Tillie

Weisberg, Sidney I.

Weiskopf, baby

Weiskopf, Bertha

Weiskopf, David

Weiskopf, Edwin I.

Weiskopf, Henry

Weiskopf, Leonard

Weiskopf, Leopold

Weiskopf, Robert G.

Weiskopf, Rosa

Weiskopf, Sarah

Weisman, Steven

Weiss, Laurence Paul

Weisskopf, Esther

Weisskopf, Lester M.

Weller, Lidya

Wender, Bette J.

Wender, Felice

Wender, Marshal Alan

Wender, Selma

Wender, Theodore

Wexler, Mark

Wexler, Vernon R.

Wilk, Herbert L.

Wilk, Hyman

Wilk, Julia

Wilk, Lillian

Wilk, Moses

Wilk, Robert

Wilk, T. George

Winer, Morris J. “Mike”

Winston, Charles M.

Wippman, Harold Seymour

Wise, Dora

Wise, Morris

Wishnick, Aaron

Wishnick, Melvin

Wolf, Rina S.

Wolff, Annalee

Wolff, Gertrude

Wolff, Maurice

Wolff, Solomon

Wolfson, Anna

Wolfson, Bernard

Wolfson, Elizabeth

Wolfson, Harry

Wolfson, Wilfred

Wolpert, Bessie

Wolpert, Etta

Wolpert, Mayer

Wolpert, William

Woolf, Wm. Stanley

Woskoff, Paul

Woskoff, Thomas A.

Yaeger, Ethel

Yaeger, Louis Bud

Yaeger, Max M.

Yager, Cera Fink

Yager, Nathan

York, Mollie

York, Sidney

Young, Jessie

Zackheim, Betty

Zalk, Charles

Zimmer, Benjamin

Zimmer, Florence R.

Zimmer, Leila W.

Zimmerman, Carrie

Zimmerman, Earlie

Zimmerman, Henry

Zimmerman, I. Meyer

Zimmerman, Isabel

Zimmerman, Jetta

Zimmerman, Max

Zimmerman, Moses

Zuckerman, Hanry (?)

Zuckerman, Minnie

Zuckman, Mitchell N.

Zuckman, Olga

Zundelowitz, Solomon


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