Pleasant View Memorial Gardens

city of Burnsville, Dakota County, Minnesota: T27N - R24W, section 34

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Central and Northern Dakota County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This very modern cemetery is maintained on a regular basis and is in good shape. The cemetery is situated within a business and residential area near the intersection of Portland Avenue and Highway 13 in eastern Burnsville. The site was a drive-in theater in the early 1950’s. The burial markers are flat markers with a couple of small beveled markers near ‘memorial’ trees.  This cemetery also features a large Garden Mausoleum and a smaller mausoleum that appears to be for cremated remains.

The Dakota county cemetery compilation lists this cemetery as: Pleasant View Memorial Garden, established 1951. 50 acres. Located Section 34, Township 27, Range 24. Highway 13 and Portland Avenue.

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the summer of 2000.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 2000


Everyone is listed in alphabetical order.

Linda Kaye Aagard

Shirley I. Aakre

Helen C. Abbe

Herbert W. Abbe

Ronald L. Abbe

Ardella M. Ackerman

Robert C. Ackerman

Serena M. Adamson

Lucille V. Adelman

William M. Adelman

Andrew A. Adelmann

Shirlie I. Adelmann

Donald E. Afdahl

James Arden Agrimson

Jewell L. Agrimson

Caryn S. Ahern

Tyler W. Aherns

Hazelle J. Ahl

Paul S. Ahl

Anna C. Ahlstrom

Rueben G. Ahlstrom

Beulah O. Alberts

Ernest H. Alberts

Leandra Margaret Alderson

Irene Peters Alexson

Martin ALbert Alexson

Eleanor S. Allen

John N. Allen

Roger F. Allen

Clifford N. Alman

Ruth M. Alman

Thea L. Alnes

Peter O. Alnes

Mary Angela Altman

Merle R. Altman

Eva B. Amlaw

Irma L. Amlaw

Reginald E. Amlaw

Robert E. Amlaw

Arthur Nils Amlund

Corinne A. Amlund

Fremont Anderberg

Margaret B. Anderberg

Anna Martine Andersen

John Andersen

Marinus Andersen

Selma R. Andersen

Albert M. Anderson

Albin E. Anderson

Alek L. Anderson

Algot J. Anderson

Alice Genevieve Anderson

Ann M. Anderson

Arthur C. Anderson

Arthur W. Anderson

Axel G. Anderson

Carl O. Anderson

Carolyn J. Anderson

Catherine M. Anderson

Clarence J. Anderson

Clarence M. Anderson

Clarence O. Anderson

Clifton L. Anderson

Coral L. Anderson

Devon L. Anderson

Donald D. Anderson

Doreen E. Anderson

Dorothy J. Anderson

Edgar O. Anderson

Edna J. Anderson

Edwin H. Anderson

Edwin H. Anderson

Elmer R. Anderson

Emil H. Anderson

Emil W. Anderson

Emma Anderson

Esther C. Anderson

Esther E. Anderson

Esther G. Anderson

Ethel A. Anderson

Eugene J. Anderson

Evelyn I. Anderson

Everell ‘Ginny’ Anderson

Florence E. Anderson

Gerda E. Anderson

Gladys O. Anderson

Gordon E. Anderson

Grace L. Anderson

Harold G. Anderson

Hazel M. Anderson

Helen M. Anderson

Helen S. Anderson

Helmer D. Anderson

Herman B. Anderson

Hilma L. Anderson

Hjalmer E. Anderson

Inga Anderson 1

Jane M. Anderson

John C. Anderson

Kenneth M. Anderson

Laurie Ellen Anderson

Leone R. Anderson

Lester L. Anderson

Lloyd W. Anderson

Lois M. Anderson

Lora V. Anderson

Magnus B. Anderson

Margaret Anderson

Margaret M. Anderson

Margie L. Anderson

Mary A. Anderson

Nellie R. Anderson

Obert J. Anderson

Olive S. Anderson

Oliver A. Anderson

Olof A. Anderson

Perly H. Anderson

Ragna M. Anderson

Raymond L. Anderson

Reinold L. Anderson

Richard A. Anderson

Ruth A. Anderson

Ruth S. Anderson

Walter Anderson

Wanda F. Anderson

Warren E. Anderson

Willard E. Anderson

Wm. ‘Herb’ Anderson

Elizabeth R. Anding

Jessie K. Andresen

Norman Andrresen

Carl M. Andrews

Jessie P. Andrews

Mabel Angell

Amena Ansaralli

Cleva V. Anselmin

Paul W. Anselmin

Helma Anthony

Peter Anthony

Florence E. Antonson

John C. Antonson

Marvel V. Apelt

Robert W. Apelt

Eleanor J. Arendt

Elsie A. Arendt

William J. Arendt

Charles J. Arlandson

Clara O. Arlandson

George W. Arlandson

Harold W. Arlandson

Lillian Arlandson

Mary J. Arlandson

Myrtle L. Arlandson

Oscar L. Arlandson

Alf Arneson

Anna Arneson

Anna Lou Arneson

Harold A. Arneson

Brian D. Arnold

Darryl N. Arnold

Ida M. Arnold

Herman J. Arnoldy

Josephine A. Arnoldy

Glenn T. Arrenholz

Jennie Arrenholz

Alice Artresvaag

Alfred J. Artwohl

Fern M. Artwohl

Donald P. Ashworth

Anselm U. Asp

R. Lydia Asp

Hazel Atherton

Lawrence S. Atherton

Alice Atkins

Emma C. Aubrecht

James M. Aubrecht

Norman C. Auldrich

Donna M. Aure

William J. Avery, married Wanda J.

William J. Avery (‘Memorial Tree’)

Richard L. Axtell

Agnes C. Babatz

Peter Babatz

Daniel Baeyen

Lorraine M. Baeyen

Edna L. Bahr

Ernest J. Bahr

Gabrielle A. Baion

only Baker

Albert S. Baker

Doran W. Baker

Jennie A. Baker

Mary E. Baker

Ryan Thomas Baker

Eva D. Bakke

Lewellyn A. Bakke

Arnold E. Bakken

Marie A. Bakken

Martha J. Bakken

Oliver Bakken

Frank J. Balder

Vera E. Balder

Florence E. Ball

Harvey L. Ball

Aksel M. Baltzersen

Elvera D. Baltzersen

Frank A. Baltzersen

Louise M. Baltzersen

Marla J. Banks

Harriet H. Barfknecht

Merlyn A. ‘Bud’ Barfknecht

Adam J. Barmettler

Evelyn M. Barmettler

Frank W. Barnes6

Rose Barnes 5

Timothy James Barott

E. Norman Barsness

Lois H. Barsness

Janet M. Barthelemy

Albert Bartkus

Grace A. Bastyr

Mary Ellen Bates

Ortie E. Bates

Russell J. Bates

William H. Bauman

Delores L. Bawden

John H. Bawden

Lillian J. Bebensee

Orville H. Bebensee

George A. Becker

Leona H. Becker

Albert S. Beckman

Helen R. Beckman

Earl F. Beddow 4

Mildred L. Beeler

Wayne W. Beeler

Florence H. Beiersdorf

Roy C. Beiersdorf

George Bekius

Margaret Bekius

Frieda J. Belz

William F. Belz

Alma A. Bender

John H. Bender

Margaret I. Bender

Wilma R. Bender

Ardis M. Bengston

Pamela A. Bengston

Anita E. Bengtson

Esther L. Bennett

Raymond P. Bennett

Albin F. Benson

Alma C. Benson

Ann Benson

Evert Benson

Gustaf E. Benson

James Edward Benson

George C. Bentley

Lorraine A. Bentley

Carl A. Benzel

Emma B, Benzel

Grace M. Benzel

Lottie Benzel

Martin L. Benzel

Bruno L. Berg

Elwin R. Berg

Ethel R. Berg

Marilyn A. Berg

Martin G. Berg

Clara E. Berge

Etta F. Berge

Martin E. Berge 9

Otis G. Berge

Sandra L. Berge, married Eldor E.

Georgia E. Bergeson

Joseph L. Bergeson

Allen D. Bergland

Eleanor J. Bergland

Doris V. Bergman

Gladyce Elaine Bergman

John W. Bergman

Rudolph Carl Bergman

Fern M. Bergquist

Willard O. Bergquist

Dennis L. Bernloehr

Ruth A. Bernloehr

Agnes K. Berntson

Chester Q. Berntson

Irving E. Berntson

Leslie E. Berntson

Annie J. Bethke

Walter H. Bethke

James Bezat

Madlyn Bezat

Brian J. Bieganek

Clara C. Bieganek

Leo F. Bieganek

Edward E. Bigot

Rose M. Bigot

John J. Birch

Malva L. Birch

Armin W. Birken

Shirley L. Bishop

Charles P. Bittman

Elvera C. Bittman

Dustin Jon Birkholz

Geraldine M. Bjork

Rudolph L. Bjork

Clifford H. Bjorklund

Tanin S. Bjorklund

Harold A. Bjurbeck

Viola R. Bjurbeck

Phillip T. Black

Charles F. Blake

Emily L. Blake

Franklin H. Blake

Herbert F. Blake

Herbert F. Blake

Frederick G. Blase

Elsie M. Blaurock

Gustav R. Blaurock

Hartha M. Blaurock

Katie A. Blaurock

Marie L. Blaurock

Frances E. Blewett

Frank L. Blewett

Alice J. Blom

Frank M. Blom

Elise Blomer

Howard W. Boche

Lola D. Boche

Arnold F. Bodin

Cecil E. Bodin

Verda V. Bodin

Ernest I. Bodlund

Lillian M. Bodlund

Charlene Annette Bodmer

Delbert W. Boese

Audrey M. Boeser

Walter R. Boeser

George Erling Bohn

Jens M. Bohn

Marian E. Bohn

Mary Bohn

Mary L. Bohn

Norman C. Bohn

Ole S. Bohn

Harry M. Bohrn

Lucille D. Bohrn

Kathryn V. Bolland

Ronald J. Bolland

Hulda B. Bongard

Edward Bonnes

Gertrude Bonnes

David J. Bonnett

Andrew O. Boot

Betty P. Boot

Gerald D. Booth

Shirley L. Booth

Scott Borgen

Bernard J. Bork

Gertrude M. Bork

John B. Bork

James D. Borski

Klas Tholen Bouman

Edla E. Bourdeaux

James Boursell

Joseph Boursell

Phillip P. Bowe

Enos R. Bower

Martha M. Bower

William W. Bowers

Harold M. Boyd

Patricia C. Boyd

Donna J. Boyer

Eydie Renee Boyer

Rose M. Boysen

Marjorie K. Brabant

Frederick O. Bradach

Merion J. Bradach

Matoaxca Bradley

Robert G. Bradley

Ruth W. Braker

Wayne C. Braker

Charles R. Brankley

Norma J. Brankley

Edythe E. Brandt

Emil A. Brandt

Nora Brandt

Oscar Brandt

Hazel Waneta Brant

Melburn L. Brant

Agnes M. Braun

Fred J. Braun

Ferdinand L. Brethorst

Ruth E. Brethorst

Muriel F. Bretz

Richard A. Briand

Douglas Allan Bright

Charlotte E. Briley

Leslie B. Briley

Eugene R. Brink

Jacklyn A. Brink

Charles P. Bristol

Gwendolyn G. Bristol

Lydia M. Bristol

Ernest W. Broberg

Ruth A. Broberg

Mary M. Brogan

Carol B. Brooks

Orville M. Brooks

Kevin Donald Brown

Mildred A. Brown

Nell Asoneye Brown

Oliver N. Brown

Curtis Bruce

Nancy D. Bruce

Caylen Marie Bruss

Allen P. Bry

Alvina O. Bry

Adena V. Bryant

Esther S. Brynestad

John Brynestad

Luke Richard Buchholz

Lucille M. Buchler

Donald M. Bugby

Mabel G. Bugby

Sandra Sue Bugby

Charles W. Bullard

Dorothy M. Bullard

Robert C. Bullene

Violet D. Bullene

Beatrice E. Bultena

Louis Bultena

Lorraine L. Bunker

Lloyd V. Burggraff

Agnes A. Burington

Floyd A. Burington

Walter E. Burk

Winifred R. Burk

Shirley Irwin Burke

Susan J. Burroughs

Charles Burt

Edith S. Burt

David G.W. Butler

Norma C. Butterfield

Roger L. Butterfield

Frederick J. Byers

Harriet A. Byers

M. Lorraine Byers

Ruth M. Byrne

William S. Byrne

Joseph F. Calcagno

Rolla W. Calder

Robert Louis Caldon

John W. ‘Jack’ Callahan

Isabella G. Campbell

Keane S. Campbell

Mildred I. Campbell

Wilmot A. Campbell

Albert A. Carlblom

Anna A. Carlblom

Evelyn M. Carlisle

Henry W. Carlisle

Andrew W. Carlsen

Anna S. Carlsen

Effie Carlsen

Fred Carlsen

Anna C. Carlson

Arnold A. Carlson

Arthur O. Carlson

Beda A. Carlson

Bruce L. Carlson

Carl G. Carlson

Carl V. Carlson

David Sheldon Carlson

Edith M. Carlson

Elsie M. Carlson

Eunice L. Carlson

Florence M. Carlson

Gladys W. Carlson

Herbert J. Carlson

Hildor A. Carlson

Howard Evan Carlson

Hulda C. Carlson

Ida L. Carlson

Jeffrey N. Carlson

John A. Carlson

John F. Carlson

Joseph L. Carlson

Josephine M. Carlson

Lawrence W. Carlson

Louise Carlson

Louise M. Carlson

Marion G. Carlson

Maude Ella Carlson

Phoebe M. Carlson

Richard J. Carlson

Robert G. Carlson

Ruth L. Carlson

Anna M. Carriveau

Louis E. Carriveau

Hannah G. Carter

John M. Carter

Ruth L. Carter

Walter E. Chaffee

Orin R. Champlin

Vera L. Champlin

Clifford Chapin

Edna E. Chapin

Richard R. Charles

Edy Angel Chavarria - O.

Mable A. Chelmen

R.S. Chelmen

Christine R. Chesney

Vincent N. Chesney

Sing Chen Chov

Anker A. Christensen

Anna A. Christensen

Ervin Christensen

Esther G. Christensen

Mabel Christensen

Rickie Allen Christensen

Walter Christensen

Frankey P. Christiansen

Hardy Christiansen

Ida E. Christiansen

Vernon L. Christiansen

Lydia S. Christie

Samson L. Christie

Esther M. Christopher

Harold T. Christopher

Viola Bernice Christopher

Woodrow R. Christopher

Alice R. Christopherson

Carl M. Christopherson

Julia T. Christopherson

Myrna P. Christopherson

Oscar N. Christopherson

Wesley A. Christopherson

Bernice A.M. Church

Clarence L. Church

Amanda Clarin

Ernest C. Clarin

Jean E. Clarin

John Clarin

Nels Clarin

Clara A. Clark

Elsie V. Clark

Francis E. Clark

Janell Renee Clark

Joanne B. Clark

Judith A. Clark

Kenneth S. Clark

Olive B. Clark

Robert A. Clark

Ronald V. Clark

Roy O. Clark

Winifred K. Clark

J. Garnet Clarke

John F. Clarke

Mary Clarke

Ruth P. Clarke

Donald E. Clason

John J. Cleary

Margaret V. Cleary

only Clem

Garrey L. Clem

Chester W. Clemmer

Forrest R. Clemmer

Mary R. Clemmer

Pearl A. Clemmer

Esther M. Colbenson

Maynard P. Colbenson

Mabel A. Colburn

Orlando R. Colburn

Steven C. Colby

Michael D. Coleman

Robert L. Coleman

Mae W. Colson

Walter T. Colson

Ernest W. Compton

Florence M. Compton

Joan Richardson

Natalie Hope Condon

Ralph J. Condon

Pearl O. Conklin

Thomas C. Conklin

Charles A. Connell

Selma M. Connell

Oakley B. Conway

Pauline W. Conway

Austen Matthew Cook

Pearl I. Cook

Theodore Cook

Martin Cooney

Cadell H. Cooper

Greg Alan Cox

Roland E. Cox

Katlyn Ashley Crews-St. George

Glendon G. Crocker

Yvonne M. Crocker

Edna C. Cronberg

Edward O. Cronberg

Marian J. Cronberg

William E. Cronberg

Sean Christopher Crump

Walterine J. Crump

Calvin F. Cummings

Delbert J. Cummings

Donald F. Cummings

Dorothy D. Cummings

Evelyn M. Cummings

Hazel L. Cummings

Aaron Z. Custer

Henrietta A. Custer

Linwood Z. Custer

Marion Dahl

Mildred F. Dahl

Norman Dahl

Norman C. Dahl

Ruth M. Dahl

Knut H. Dahle

Violet C. Dahle

Alma C. Dahlien

Andrew L. Dahlien

Lowell G. Dahn

Albert Opa Dahncke

Frieda W. Dahncke

Karin Dahncke

Burdett A. Dale

Covell C. Dale

Dolores S. Dale

Ruth I. Dale

Henry David Dalquist

Mabel C. Dalquist

Brandon Blaine Danay

Clara S. Danelius

Karl E. Danelius

Albert W. Danielson

Bert E. Danielson

Lois L. Danielson

Lucile D. Danielson

Donna M. Darwin

Kenneth J. Darwin

Elsie D. Davids

Louis Davids

Dale H. Davidson

Frances Davidson

John R. Davidson

Margaret W. Davidson

Nancy E. Davidson

Roger L. Davidson

Russell Davidson

Teresa Davis

Tyler Michael Davis

Virginia A. Davis

Walter R. Davis

Floyd A. Day

Helen M. Day

Olga M. Day

Wallace G. Day

Della Dazell

Barbara Ann Dean

Elmer V. Dean

Joan M. Dean

Beatrice Defries

Henry Defries

Josephine E. Denner

Jack D. Deschene

JoAnn V. Deschene

David deSt.Hubert

Arthur J. Detjen

Lucille E. Detjen

Arthur A. Deterling

Eva L. Deterling

Louvella P. Deterling

Elsie A. DeVold

Helmer I. DeVold

Joseph H. Diadoo

George W. Dickinson

Jeanne E. Dickinson

Frank Dieter

Katherine Dieter

Ben G. Dietz

Birdie Dietz

Alfred J. Dill

Dorothy M. Dill

Edward W. Dingley

Zora A. Dingley

Thinh ‘Joseph’ Duc Dinh

Gladys L. Dinneen

Cora A. Docherty

Thomas E. Docherty

William T. Docherty

John A. Dobbs

Margaret B. Dobbs

Agnes N. Dobs

Glen F. Dobs

Jeanette M. Dobs

Marcella L. Doege

Irene L. Doerfler

Leonard J. Doerfler

Anthony T. Dols

Mayme E. Dols

Cora Domholdt

Olaf K. Domholt

Paul William Domholdt

Magdalene Donkersgoed

Roy Donkersgoed

Harriette E.A. Dopkins

Lloyd A. Dopkins

Helen E. Dorn

Carole I. Dorpinghaus

Leo H. Dorpinghaus

Louise J. Dorr

Walter J. Dorr

Michael Robert Drabek

Arnold J. Drube

Lucille E. Drube

George J. Ducharme

Jane M. Ducharme

Paul C. Ducharme

James W. Dufek

David T. Dunning

Irene S. Dunning

Elizabeth N. Duong

George P. Durocher

Marianne R. Durocher

Thomas D. Dwyer 0

F. Roger Dymoke

Diane Eberhardt

Harry J. Ebert

Loma Ebert

Waneta Whitman Eddy

Barbara J. Edgerton

Donald R. Edgerton

Amanda G. Edstrom

Beverly J. Edstrom

Melvin C. Edstrom

Melvin C. Edstrom

Robert G. Edstrom

Earl E. Edwards

Geraldine L. Edwards

Hulda Edwards

Lorraine E. Edwards

Lyman Edwards

Melvin H. Edwards

Bertha P. Egge

Steffen M. Egge

Eva M. Ehrhardt

Grover Ehrhardt

Marie M. Ehrhardt

Walter B. Ehrhardt

Ingvald J. Ekse

Jeanette M. Ekse

Oscar Ekse

Sophia Ekse

only Ekstrom

Karen E. Elftmann

Merrill H. Elftmann

Noreen L.A. Elftmann

Edna E. Elliott

Everett G. Elliott

George W. Elliott

Violet J. Elliott

Etta M. Ellis

Gurine T. Ellis

Merton G. Ellis

Garrot M. Elsner

Helen L. Elsner

Melvin A. Elsner

Arlene E. Elton

Erwin O. Elton

Lillian C. Elton

Norman G. Elton

Zetta E. Elton

James H. Emerson

Marie L. Emerson

Dorothy M. Empting

William H. Empting

Loretta M. Enfield

Kenneth S. Engdahl

Ruby J. Engdahl

George J. Engfer

Mae C. Engfer

Andrew H. Engkjer

Mary M. Engkjer

Clifford W. Engle

Ethel M. Engle

Eileen E. Entwisle

LeRoy A. Entwisle

LeRoy A. Entwisle

Michael M. Erdman

Agnes B. Erickson

Alice S. Erickson

Alma R. Erickson

Arthur R. Erickson

August R. Erickson

Ben J. Erickson

Blaine M. Erickson

Calla V. Erickson

Edward C. Erickson

Edwin E. Erickson

Erick S. Erickson

Grace L. Erickson

Hazel P. Erickson

Helen Erickson

Helen M. Erickson

Hilda C. Erickson

John B. Erickson

Louise M. Erickson

Marie Erickson

Marie C. Erickson

Rachel Erickson

Ragnar Erickson

Reuben G. Erickson

Robert J. Erickson

Ronald O. Erickson

Rosella M. Erickson

Scott A. Erickson

Selma G. Erickson

Thomas A. Erickson

Walter F. Erickson

only Ernst

Mabel Ertsgaard

Marvin Ertsgaard

Fern F. Euans

William C. Euans

Carrie E. Evenson

Charles Evenson

Melita May Eyton

Robert R. Eyton

Evangeline M. Faber

Doris B. Fahlstrom

Wesley R. Fahlstrom

Esther A. Falkingham

T.M. Bill Falkingham

Dale E. Farnum

Lucille E. Farnum

Oren W. Farnum

Maxwell D. Farr

Dorothy L. Farrie

Auren D. Farris

Grace E. Farris

Mary Lynn Fasching

Adeline Fast

Arnold A. Fast

Jerrol Ray Fast

Anna Fehler

Edward G. Fehler

Helen W. Fehler

Henry Fehler

Lily Ann Fehler

Erwin M. Feiock

Irene Feiock

Alice Arendt Fender

Gust C. Fernlund

Myrtle J. Fernlund

Lloyd N. Fetzer

Sean L. Fetzer

A. Lloyd Figenskau

Gladys V. Figenskau

Frank P. Filipek

Thomas W. Finigan

Donna L. Finke

Robert C. Finke

Eugene M. Fischer

Walter A. Fischer

Thomas C. Fisette

Keith A. Fishbaugher

Margaret Fishbaugher

Myrlin Fishbaugher

James M. Fisher

Jeffrey C. Fisher

Eva M. Fitch

Wilbert Fitch

Moriah A. Fogarty

David K. Foline

Hazel M. Foline

Ethyl C. Foltz

Frank E. Foltz

Anna S. Forslin

Oscar S. Forslin

Lydia B. Forstad

Eugene F. Foss

Lillian B. Foss

A. Raymond Fowler

Olive M. Fowler

Ron R. Framstad

Rachel Louise Hillman Franklund

LaVera Franzen

Gayle W. Fraser

Ella A. Frayer

Oren W. Frayer

Joe A. Frazer

Mickey A. Frazer

Bernice V. Frederickson

Jean L. Frederickson

Laura A. Frederickson

Lloyd S. Frederickson

Norene R. Frederickson

Scott L. Frederickson

George H. Frederking

Patricia C. Frederking

Eleanor M. Freeman

John L. Freeman

Agnes I. Freund

Orman E. Freund

Edward F. Fries

only Frieze

Delores E. Froelich

Walter A. ‘Buddy’ Froelich

Alphonse J. Fromm

Ethel Furuli

Norman Furuli

Norman Jay Furuli

Gladys L. Gabrik

Christopher Ryan Galloway

Edla Gardner

Emil Gardner

Edward L. Garlock

Ellen A. Garlock

Larrie E. Garlock

Norma W. Garner

Nathan A. Garnett

Elenor M. Garrison

Lloyd R. Garrison

Evelyn G. Gartner

George T. Gartner

E. Christina Gear

E. Croft Gear

Edna V. Gear

Alice H. Gear

Annie Davie Gear

Emma Gearhart

G. Franklin Genaust

Hazel C. Genaust

D. Charles Gerard

Deryck A. Gerard

Olive L. Gerard

Ethel M. Gerdin

Karl G. Gerdin

Logan Reese Gerlach

Richard F. Germain

James D. Getz

Catherine C. Gibbish

Walter H. Gibbish

Clifford A. Gibbs

Ermine C. Gibbs

Rosalia V. Gibbs

Roy B. Gibbs

Don G. Gibson

Dianne M. Giesen

only Gillian

LaVaun A. Gleason

August W. Glewwe

Laura I. Glewwe

Edward W. Gloege

Sonia E. Gloege

Agnes Goecke

Gregg Frederick Goecke

Deloris H. Goers

Harold H. Goers

Elwain J. Golden

Frank E. Golden

Mabel Golden

Loyal E. Golv

Ruth J. Golv

Betty L. Goodlund

Glenn T. Goodlund

Carl E. Gottschalk

Dora P. Gottschalk

Helen I. Grady

Wallace O. Graff

Joseph C. Graham

C. Luella Grams

George A. Grams

Gerald E. Gramsey

Hildegarde M. Gramsey

Bertha Grapentin

Hugo H. Grapentin

Charles G. Gray

Evelyn J. Gray

Ida F. Gray

Robert S. Gray

Beverly A. Greenlee

Robert G. Greenlee

Gunnar Gren

Irene F. Gren

Mildred Grenke

Walter F. Grenke

Augusta M. Grimsby

Walker F. Grimsby

Gertrude L. Groenwold

John G. Groenwold

Adeline Groettum

Joseph M. Groettum

George N. Grohoski

Stewart G. Grohoski

Donald B. Gronberg

Marie J. Gronberg

Arlene Gronvall

Robert Gronvall

Evelyn E. Gross

James W. Gross

Lester G. Gross

Viola A. Gross

Halfrid M. Grossmann

Lewis A. Grossmann

Bernice R. Grotenhuis

Ray Grotenhuis

Joanne H. Groth

Lillian A. Groth

Norris S. Groth

Gladys L. Grovender

Harold W. Grovender

Mary A. Grubb

Vernon A. Grubb

Elmer O. Grund

Myrtle A. Grund

Ernest Guensler

Lucille Guensler

Clara J. Gunderson

Elida Gunderson

Lillie R. Gunderson

Marius C. Gunderson

William C. Gunderson

Anna S. Gustafson

Betty A. Gustafson

Margaret Gustafson

Ole Gustafson

Robert V. Gustafson

Stanley M. Gustafson

Mina Gysler

Oscar Gysler

Alfreda R. Habel

Fern G. Habel

Frederick B. Habel

Lester P. Habel

John A. Hack

Maybelle A. Hack

Gordon E. Hackborn

Marie A. Hackborn

Charles M. Hadden

Joyce A. Hadden

Clara M. Haering

Floyd F. Haering

Nels C. Hagberg

Adolph H. Hagemeister

Clara H. Hagemeister

Edwin A. Hagemeister

Loretta A. Hagemeister

Mildred I. Hagemeister

William H. Hagemeister

Gerhard Hagen

Ida Marie Hagen

Bonnie Jean Hagfors

Gertrude Hagge-Morris

Duane J. Hall

Kay E. Hall

Phyllis L. Hall

Ralph E. Hall

Ralph H. Hall

Rose B. Hall

A. Martin Hallberg

Margit U. Hallberg

Harold B. Halldorson

Viola J. Halldorson

Charles E. Hallman

Eunice M. Hallman

Audrey L. Halloff

Howard C. Halloff

Johanna M. Halloff

Sophie M. Halquist

Douglas E. Halstead-Walker

Joellyn F. Hallstead-Walker

Ethel H. Halvorson

Henry M. Halvorson

Clarence C. Hamann

Roselyn J. Hamann

Patricia B. Hamer

Jodi L. Hamill

Monica B. Hannon

Anders J. Hansen

August J. Hansen

Axel Hansen

Axel R. Hansen

Bernice M. Hansen

Carlos C. Hansen

Eleanor B. Hansen

Glenn L. Hansen

Harbor J. Hansen

Harold A. Hansen

J. Margarethe Hansen

John A. Hansen

Leona M. Hansen

Mabel W. Hansen

Madge Hansen

Maria Hansen

Martin Hansen

Maude M. Hansen

Oda H. Hansen

Olga M. Hansen

Pearly T. Hansen

Sophia A. Hansen

Alice O. Hanson

Anna C. Hanson

Archie S. Hanson

Arthur C. Hanson

Clara H. Hanson

Donald E. Hanson

Edmund Hanson

Elvira S. Hanson

Harry C. Hanson

Helen D. Hanson

Hildegarde D. Hanson

Lester L. Hanson

Lori Jeanne Hanson

Margaret L. Hanson

Nancy L. Hanson

Ole H. Hanson

Raymond E. Hanson

Richard Lyle Hanson

Sarah E. Hanson

Sigurd M. Hanson

Viola L. Hanson

Wilford C. Hanson

Gurland Q. Harden

Mildred A. Harden

Amanda E. Harem

Henry W. Harem

Calvin L. Harms

Eunice M. Harms

Dreda M. Harper

John L. Harper

Mabel C. Harper

Patricia M. Harper

Bill Harris

Charlotte A. Harris

Dale F. Harris

Etta L. Harris

Fred M. Harris

Iola G. Harris

Gertrude B. Harstad

Otto K. Harstad

Albert E. Hart

Edna B. Hart

Folke K.E. Hart

Mabel A. Hart

Robert J. Hart

Charles E. Hartman

Clara A. Hartman

Laurie J. Harvey

Erick Hassis

Evelyn H. Hassis

Esther A.L. Hatfield

Guy LeRoy Hatfield

Herbert M. Haugen

Mabel F. Haugen

Belle H. Haugh

J. Herbert Haugh

Ingvald Haugsness

Adelbert W. Haven

Minnie B. Haven

George M. Havrilla

Viola J.M. Havrilla

Beatrice E. Hawkinson

Carl P. Hawkinson

Adlor J. Hayes

Lillian E. Hayes

Janet Lee Headley

Kathryn Hebert

Mildred Heckmaster

Ray G. Heckmaster

Betty B. Hedin

Herbert W. Hedtke

Olga B. Hedtke

William C. Hegberg

Dollie M. Hegener

Hannah M. Heggem

Regean H. Heidemann

William R. Heidemann

Mary M. Heinrich

Peter G. Heinrich

Teri Lee Nelson Heisi

Todd A. Heiskari

Clifford Helgeson

Arlene E. Helkenn

Louis R. Helkenn

Morel J. Helkenn

Rachel L. Helkenn

Rose A. Helkenn

William M. Helkenn

A. Marie Hellekson

Halvor B. Hellekson

Ambrose H. Heller

Elsie P. Heller

Minnie Heller

William C. Heller

Glendale E. Helmey

Lydia E. Helmey

Ethel H. Hembroff

Linda M. Hembroff

Wilfred M. Hembroff

Opal J. Hendrix

Theodore R. Hendrix

August Hengel

George A. Hengel

Margaret Hengel

Martha Hengel

Hilda L. Henjum

Nels P. Henjum

Allen J. Hennes

Deanna G. Hennes

Germain C. Hennes

Emily I. Hennies

Robert C. Hennies

Joyce A. Henning

Teresa Booth Henry

June E. Herold

Vince Herrick

Bettie J. Hertaus

Marvin F. Hertaus

Mollie Hess

David T. Hetland

Paul W. Hetland

Phyllis E. Hetland

Emma H. Heuer

Esther K. Hill

Sydney W. Hill

Richard J. Hillstead

Peter R. Hinck

Ellen Hind

Norman Hind

Ragna Hind

Leonard W. Hinz

Kurt K. Hirsch

Anthony R. Hirt

Eva M. Hirt

Emily C. Hjarpe

John G. Hjarpe

Jack V. Hoene

Olney J. Hoff

Violet O. Hoff

Charles O. Hoffman

Judy L. Hoffman

June L. Hoffman

Ervin C. Hofstedt

Helen B. Hofstedt

Jack L. Hoeppner

Leroy A. Hoeppner

Arthur S. Hoglund

Beverly A. Hoglund

Donald J. Hoglund

Gladys R. Hoglund

Margaret S. Hoglund

Archie Hoiland

Bertha ‘Budd’ Hoiland

Eleanor O. Hokenson

Mark Lee Hokenson

Dolores M. Holcombe

Carrie R. Holets

William G. Holets

Jeanette Holforty

Loretta S. Holforty

Larry Holforty

Richard E. Holforty

Howard P. Holkestad

Lorraine A. Holkestad

Andrew M. Holland

Anna M. Holland

Cheryl Denise Holleman

Diane Kay Holleman

Margaret J. Hollenback

Richard H. Hollenback

Matthew Jerome Holmbeck

Albin L. Holmberg

Gladys A. Holmberg

Hannah M. Holmberg

Myrtle A. Holmberg

Pearl J. Holmberg

Burtrum A. Holmquist

Doris M. Holmquist

Frances M. Holmquist

Waldo C. Holmquist

Nicholas John Holthusen

C. Weldon Holtzman

June H. Holtzman

Harry Sung Hom

Shew Wah Hom

Gale C. Hooker

Tressa M. Hooker

Ardis F. Hoover

Henry S. Hoover

Patrick Eugene Hopman

Marcelline M. Hoppenrath

Walter C. Hoppenrath

Bertha A. Horejsi

Raymond J. Horejsi

Elmer W. Horrmann

Vira S. Horrmann

Milton Edward Hosking

Gladys A. House

Dorothy J. Hounsell

Larry J. Hounsell

Delbert J. Howell

Michael D. Howell

V. June Howell

Byron E. Hoyne

Eunice H. Hoyne

Bernice L. Huber

Eugene J. Huber

Helen L. Huber

Robert H. Huber

Gertrude A. Hubertus

Kenneth L. Hubertus

Kenneth R. Hubertus

Lester I. Hubred

Rosabelle A. Hubred

Bernard Huenecke

Meta Huenecke

Lawrence H. Hugdahl

Rose J. Hugdahl

Florence B. Hughes

Grant J. Hughes

M. Lloyd Hughes

Mabel V. Hughes

Mary H. Hugo

Robert C. Hugo

Dorothy K. Hultgren

Edmund L. Hultgren

Jack T. Hulting

Leona A. Hulting

Lillian E. Hunstad

Oscar S. Hunstad

Alma H. Hunt

Mack J. Hunt

Ralph O. Hunt

Ruth M. Hunt

Margarete Hurtig

Olav L. Hurtig

John A. Huss

Lorraine G. Huss

Sadie C. Hviding

Silas B. Hviding

Michael J. Hynes

Nancy D. Hynes

Shirley E. Hynes

Brad Isaacson

Hildur I. Iverson

Norman M. Iverson

True R. Iverson

Betty M. Iwinski

Earl A. Iwinski

Gladys L. Jackson

Herman R. Jackson

Jeanette Jackson

John D. Jackson

Morris R. Jackson

Randall L. Jackson

Robert R. Jackson

Roger Olin Jackson

Stella M. Jackson

Violet M. Jackson

William G. Jackson

Arnold D. Jacobsen

Bernadette R. Jacobsen

Faye M. Jacobsen

Jette M. Jacobsen

Kenneth N. Jacobsen

Peter Jacobsen

baby boy Jahnz

Joseph R. Jasmer

Agnes L. Jensen

Alice I. Jensen

Andrew C. Jensen

Andrew F. Jensen

Arthur J. Jensen

Leona R. Jensen

Marie Jensen

Peter Jensen

Valborg A. Jensen

Carrie J. Jensen

Dennis H. Jensen

Edwin W. Jensen

F. Lorraine Jensen

Francis A. Jensen

Harold M. Jensen

Harry E. Jensen

Irene J. Jensen

J. Fred Jensen

Caroline E. Jepsen

Martin W. Jepsen

Mary E. Jesme

Rudolph Jesme

Gustof E. Jessen

Marlys J. Jessen

Johanna C. Jetland

Agnes Johansen

Gustav A. Johansen

Olive E. Johanson

Wallace E. Johanson

only Johnson

Alto T. Johnson

Alvin I. Johnson

Andrew O. Johnson

Ann M. Johnson

Annabelle J. Johnson

Arline R. Johnson

Armand M. Johnson

Arthur G. Johnson

August William Johnson

Augusta Johnson

Barbara Ann Johnson

Bertha Johnson

Betty June Johnson

Blaine C. Johnson

Carl S. Johnson

Carleton F. Johnson

Cecelia A. Johnson

Charlotte T. Johnson

Ching H. Johnson

Clara M. Johnson

Clarence A. Johnson

Clifford G. Johnson

Clifford M. Johnson

Constance L. Johnson

Delores M. Johnson

Donald K. Johnson

Donald M. Johnson

Doris J. Johnson

Dorothy M. Johnson

Dorothy Ruth Johnson

Douglas J. Johnson

Duane J. Johnson

E. Frank Johnson

Earl A. Johnson

Edna L. Johnson

Edward J. Johnson

Edward K. Johnson

Edward M. Johnson

Edwin D. Johnson

Elizabeth M. Johnson

Ellen Mathilda Johnson

Elmer T. Johnson

Elmer T. Johnson

Ernest Johnson

Esther F. Johnson

Eunice Johnson

Evelyn A. Johnson

Evelyn M. Johnson

Evelyn W. Johnson

Fern M. Johnson

Florence L. Johnson

Frances I. Johnson

Francis K. Johnson

Fritz Johnson

Gary A. Johnson

George L. Johnson

George T. Johnson

Gilbert R. Johnson

Goldie A. Johnson

Gottfred Johnson

Grace A. Johnson

Grace A. Johnson

Grace E. Johnson

Hattie M. Johnson

Harold I. Johnson

Hilda L. Johnson

Hilma A. Johnson

Howard J. Johnson

Hulda Johnson

Hulda Adelia Johnson

Ida Grace Johnson

Inez D. Johnson

Ivan L. Johnson

James O. Johnson

Jewell F. Johnson

Jillene Marie Johnson

Joan B. Johnson

John Alex Johnson

John Einar Johnson

John O. Johnson

Kay M. Johnson

Lars I. Johnson

Lenora C. Johnson

Leonard S. Johnson

Linda J. Johnson

Mabel V. Johnson

Madeline Johnson

Margaret J. Johnson

Merwin E. Johnson

Milford R. Johnson

Millard W. Johnson

Morris J. Johnson

Olaf G. Johnson

Olga E. Johnson

Olive M. Johnson

Oliver M. Johnson

Orville W. Johnson

Parthena K. Johnson

Peter E. Johnson

Rachel M. Johnson

Rachel R. Johnson

Raymond A. Johnson

Raymond L. Johnson

Raymond M. Johnson

Richard H. Johnson

Ruby V. Johnson

Ruth C. Johnson

Ruth D. Johnson

Ruth E. Johnson

Ruth H. Johnson

Ruth M. Johnson

Ruth O. Johnson

Ruth S. Johnson

Sarah Elayna Johnson

Scott Alan Johnson

Severren A. Johnson

Sheldon D. Johnson

Teddy Johnson

Twyla H. Johnson

Vernon A.W. Johnson

Vernon S. Johnson

Victor J. Johnson

Vienna M. Johnson

Virginia M. Johnson

Wallace M. Johnson

Wayne Edward Johnson

Willard J. Johnson

Charles O. Johnston

Christine F. Johnston

Daisie M. Johnston

Donovan L. Johnston

Harriet M. Johnston

Lloyd W. Johnston

Mary Ann Johnston

Nora Prieb Johnston

Georgia A. Jones

Harland Jones

Harry W. Jones

Ida H. Jones

Iola W. Jones

Jessie D. Jones

Joe J. Jones

Joseph E. Jones

Mannie R. Jones

Marion S. Jones

Nella E. Jones

William N. Jones

G. Marie Jonsson

Nels F. Jonsson

Mildred I. Jordahl

Norman J. Jordahl

Denise Jorgensen

Florence V. Jorgensen

Frances B. Jorgensen

Jack J. Jorgensen

Delray V. Jorgenson

George S. Jorgenson

Nora J. Jorgenson

Roger A. Joyner

Marie F. Juengel

Otto G. Juengel

Agnes Jungels

James P. Jungels

Leland D. Jungels

John O. Kaale

Sarah Jane Kahn

Helen E. Kaiser

L. Glenn Kaiser

Myles J. Kalal

Ruth K. Kalal

Lena Kalanquin

Karen Lynn Kammermeyer

George L. Kampa

Dorothy A. Kangas

Nicholas W. Kangas

Carol L. Kastner

Albert C. Kaun

Florence O. Kaun

James T. Kaupang

Vernette M. Kaupang

James J. Keahey

Mary D. Keahey

Hilda Keck

Lewis E. Keck

Aldie M. Keller

Diane L. Keller

Jacob Keller

Patricia A. Kelly

Christine Kenyon

Betty Lu Keppler

Dale D. Keppler

John E. Kerns

Sivongsay Khamnouy

Somlith Khensyarath

David M. Kieselhorst

Edna H. Kieselhorst

Herbert Kiessling

Otelie L. Kiessling

Chaeok Kim

Audrey L. King

Beatrice V. King

Benjamin W. King

Dean Thomas King

Flora A. King

Gary Harold King

Harold R. King

Ida O. King

Laura E. King

Walter W. King

Warren P. King

Aimee A. Kingston

Forrest B. Kingston

Albert W. Kirchner

Ferdinand M. Kirkhorn

Myrtle H. Kirkhorn

Flodine G. Kirkpatrick

W. harold Kirkpatrick

Clarence E. Kirkwold

Glen M. Kirsebom

Lela B. Kirsebom

Thomas M. Kissell

Herbert L. Kissinger

Johanna M. Kissinger

Leo A. Kissinger

Rachel G. Kissinger

Mathias H. Kittelson

Ruth L. Kittelson

Carolyn Kix

Edward T. Klasek

Mildred C. Klasek

Carol J. Kleimenhagen

Verdon W. Kleimenhagen

Elizabeth Anne Klejwa

Marie G. Knaeble

Raymond E. Knaeble

Carolyn Knebel

Joseph Knebel

Lawrence W. Kneeland

Ruby M. Kneeland

Anna M. Knudson

Millard J. Knudson

Vikki Lynn Knudsen

Bertha Knudtson

Edward A. Knudtson

Jon Hellick Knudtson

David K. Knutson

Eileen E. Knutson

Hattie M. Knutson

Henry Knutson

Kermit A. Knutson

Lester E. Knutson

Lettie M. Knutson

Lorentine C. Knutson

Ole B. Knutson

Orrin F. Knutson

Palma A. Knutson

Floyd H. Koberstein

Muriel M. Koberstein

Palmer W. Kobs

Adeline M. Koch

Clarence H. Koch

Donald W. Koch

Edmund F. Koch

Harriet M. Koch

Adolph Koerner

Harold F. Koerner

Katharina Koerner

Marion E. Koerner

Mayme O. Koerner

Thomas G. Koerner

Frieda Koestner

John W. Koestner

Bessie Kohlhaas

Frank Kohlhaas

Clarence E. Kohls

Dorothy E. Kohls

Helen L. Kohls

Jean Y. Kolander

Ralph Louis Koll

Alice M. Kollath

Roy A. Kollath

Joseph P. Kosciolek

Gerald E. Kosek

Helen M. Kosek

Loretta M. Kotenko

Stephen A. Kotenko

Gladys E. Kottke

Lester E. Kottke

Linda Kottke

Matthew D. Kottke

Thomas L. Kottke

Inna Kouljinski

August H. Kraft

Clark P. Kraft

Warner H. Kraft

Gladys E. Kragnes

John C. Kragnes

Kermit E. Kragnes

Myrtle M. Kragnes

Obert C. Kragnes

Carl W. Krahl

Emma H. Krahl

Francis A. Krahl

Marguerite B. Krahl

Linton J. Krause

Mae B. Krause

Wilford E. Krause

Louise M. Krauss

William A. Krauss

Mary Kreitz

Mary Kreitz

Matt Kreitz

Robert J. Krimbill

Kristen B. Kristensen

Helen M. Krogh

Laurence C. Krough

Genevieve Krogstad

Richard W. Krogstad

Alfred T. Kroohn

Dorothy E. Kroohn

Tessie Dooley Kruck

only Krueger

Elvera A. Krueger

William A. Krueger

David O. Krumm

Jean L. Kruse

Orien A. Kruse

Bessie V. Kuehl

Martha W. Kuehn

Robert B. Kuehn

Jason Tyler Kuhlman

Donald F. Kuhn

Susan K. Kulenkamp

Arthur W. Kulisheck

Frances M. Kulisheck

Hannah Larissa Kuntz

Daniel W. Kupper

Gladys E. Kupper

** John O. Kvaale  1908-1960 ** This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Mary Kvaale

Sverre J. Kvaale

Connie Kwong

Albert E. Laager

Irene Q. Laager

Arline M. Labo

John F. Labo

John F. Labo

John J. Lachelt

Martha L. Lachelt

Barbara A. Lager

James C. Lager

Royal J. Landquist

Ruth E. Landquist

Alice L. Landru

Alvin P. Landru

Angel M. Landru

Philip J. Landry

Leroy R. Lange

Charles E. Langley

Elfleda V. Langley

William Langley

Beulah M. Larsen

Edward W. Larsen

Judith A. Larsen

Otto Larsen

Ruth Larsen

Sara E. Larsen

Walter E. Larsen

only Larson

only Larson

Abraham Larson

Anita E. Larson

Anna E. Larson

Anna M. Larson

Anton B. Larson

Arthur L. Larson

Belle Larson

Bennett G. Larson

Burton B. Larson

Carrie R. Larson

David Larson

Edna V. Larson

Edner A. Larson

Effie M. Larson

Elina I. Larson

Esther L. Larson

Evald A. Larson

Gertie H. Larson

Grace E. Larson

Harold A. Larson

Harry W. Larson

Helen Ann Larson

Helge G. Larson

Hilda V. Larson

Hilma S. Larson

Irva T. Larson

Johan E. Larson

K. Samuel Larson

Lane Summer Larson

Lillian F. Larson

Louis Larson

Louis G. Larson

Marie A. Larson

Merle S. Larson

Nels L. Larson

Norman S. Larson

Oliver J. Larson

Ruth J. Larson

Torkel Larson

Waldo L. Larson

Blanche I. Lashbrook

Gary R. Lashbrook

Georgia A. Lashbrook

Robert A. Lashbrook

Walter R. Lashbrook

Dorothy M. Lattery

Robert V. Lattery

Dahn Marie Laudenslager

Blake John Lauer

N. Emil Lauer

Pearl E. Lauer

Edna M. LaVigne

Wilfred J. LaVigne

Patrick R. Lavin

Lena Nooleen Lawrence

Le-Van-Lai Le

Ngo-Thi-Lien Le

Genevieve R. Lea

Helen J. Lea

Miles A. Lea

Alice ‘Tuie’ Lee

Bessie Lee

Christopher Michael Lee

Elmer Lee

Hazel M. Lee

William R. Lee

Lorraine A. Legg

Charles Legore

Edward A. Lehmann

Friederike C. Lehr

Friederike M. Lehr

Gertrude A. Lehr

Henry Lehr

Eleanor Leitch

George Leitch

Mable I. Leonard

Marna Jean Leonard

Donna J. LeTourneau

Monica E. LeVoir

David Reed Lewis

Fred H. Lewis

Gladys Catherine Lewis

Ida A. Lewis

Michael J. ‘Fred’ Lewis

Oswald J. Lewis

Ruth L. Lewis

H. Arthur Lien

Marie G. Lien

Scott Arthur Lien

Fred W. Lietze

Chessie E. Liguori

Frank J. Liguori

Robert E. Likness

Anna Lind

William E. Lind

Albin J. Lindberg

Lillian M. Lindberg

Alma T. Linde

Harry E. Linde

Carl A. Lindahl

Marjorie I. Lindahl

Peter Lindahl

Alma Lindenberg

Arbutus M. ‘Boots’ Lindenberg

Gilbert G. Lindenberg

Margie A.S. Lindenberg

William Lindenberg

William J. Lindenberg

Carl T. Lindgren

Charles J. Lindgren

James K. Lindgren

Linda L. Lindgren

Todd Daniel Lindgren

Sigred E. Lindholm

Ethel J. Linton

William A. Linton

Iliene G. Little

Joseph H. Little

Donald D. Livingston

Mary A. Livingston

John L. Locke

Virginia W. Locke

Edward G. Lodmill

Minnie A. Lodmill

Aldena Irene Long

Betty L. Longton

Jack A. Longton

Cora Mae Louck

Floyd F. Louden

Vera L. Louden

Ellen S. Lourey

Francis E. Lourey

Jeffrey Luebben

Jonathan David Lueck

Clifford E. Luke

Helen L. Luke

Kenneth E. Luke

Mary L. Luke

Walter W. Luke

Agnes M. Lund

Audrey V. Lundberg

Clarence P. Lundberg

Dora M. Lundberg

Frank A. Lundberg

Harley L. Lundberg

John H. Lundberg

Kenneth F. Lundberg

Mary L. Lundberg

Blenda C. Lundeen

Harry M. Lundeen

Nanna E. Lundeen

Alvin C. Lundell

Mae A. Lundell

Adeline K. Lundin

Bert C. Lundin

Dorothy M. Lundquist

Edward A. Lundquist

Gordon C. Lundquist

John C. Lundquist

Myron E. Lundquist

Viola W. Lundquist

James R. Lyness

Charlotte M. Lyons

Leroy S. Lyons

Alma Johanna Maas

William Elmer Maas

Ruth K. MacCallum

William G. MacCallum

Annette Machovsky

Erma Machovsky

Frank Machovsky

Dorothy M. Mader

Edgar H. Mader

Eva I. Madson

Harry R. Madson

Carl T. Magnuson

Gladys Magnuson

Connie Q. Mahan

Bertha O. Makovsky

Lester L. Makovsky

Albert V. Malchert

Ona Jean Malchert

Bernard T. Maldonado

Nina M. Maldonado

Ruth E. Maley

Thomas S. Maley

Brad William Mallery

James W. Mallery

William B. Mallery

Carol J. Mann

Florence T. Manser

Floyd M. Manser

Louth Mao

James J. Mapston

Margery H. Marchessault

Robert L. Marchessault

Fae E. Marckese

George Marckese

George W. Marek

Marion L. Marek

Tracy Marker

Beverly J. Markgraf

Arthur C. Markuson

Julia R. Markuson

Elisabeth Seekins Marsh

Wm. Campbell Marsh

Beverly E. Marsh

John Marshall

Curtis R. Martin

Harvey A. Martin

Mildred S. Martin

Nora J. Martin

Bertie C. Martinson

Bud L. Martinson

Florence C. Martinson

Robert H. Martinson

James F. Marvin

Lydia N. Marvin

Karen A. Mathison

Paul Mathison

Helen Matsen

Constance V. Matson

Lorenz R. Matson

Verona H. Matson

Wayne Ronald Matson

D. Jeanette Mattson

Edwin B. Mattson

G. Boyd Mattson

Muriel L. Mattson

Nan C. Mattson

Milton M. Maxwell

Joseph T. May

Nellie May

Thelma June Mayer

Charles O. Mazanec

Phyllis M. Mazanec

Donald W. McArthur

Elaine A. McArthur

Elmer H. McCandless

Shirley M. McCandless

Herman E. McClard

Pearl V. McClard

A. Bertha McCormack

William J. McCormack

M. James McCue

Nyla Jane McCue

only McDougall

Lena McDowell

Alice E. McGary

Harley H. McGary

Joyce E. McGee

Thomas C. McGee

Bernard M. McGinley

Marie K. McGinley

Lorraine M. McKay

Thomas F. McKay

Phyllis A. McKisson

Danny C. McLean

Donald J. McMillan

Leone J. McMillan

Marion E. Medford

Patricia C. Medford

Ronald J. Meidal

only Melander

Amelia O. Melback

Irvine F. Melback

Betty J. Melby

William L. Melby

Arthur G. Menke

Deborah J. Menke

Blanche I. Merfeld

Mathias J. Merfeld

only Merice

Tena H. Meyer

Katherine P. Meyhoefer

Arvid P. Midtbo

John H. Midtbo

John H. Midtbo

Dorothea A. Mielke

Norman T. Mielke

Norman T. Mielke

Olga Mielke

Archie J. Miller

Bruce W. Miller

Carl J. Miller

Caroline M. Miller

Charles J. Miller

Edward A. Miller

Elvira Buster Miller

Fred S. Miller

George E. Miller

Gertrude D. Miller

Gordon E. Miller

Hazel M. Miller

Hetwig K. Miller

Howard G. Miller

Judith Z. Miller

Marcus H. Miller

Margie E. Miller

Mark W. Miller

Mildred V. Miller

Toni ‘Ann’ Miller

Arthur S. Minall

Waldo D. Minder

Harry A. Miner

Helen Ruth Miner

Pauline F. Miner

Theodore W. Miner

Nguyen Thi Minh

Ruth A. Minto

Mabel S. Moberg

Richard A. Moberg

Fazel M. Mobin

Carroll D. Moe

John A. Moe

June R. Moe

Norman L. Moe

Rolland G. Moe

Stella E. Moe

Alma D. Moehrle

Henry A. Moehrle

Juliette G. Moeller

Walter L. Moeller

Bessie I. Moen

Elmer Moen

Velva R. Moen

Adeline J. Moes

John J. Moes

Anna R. Mogen

Clarence A. Mogen

Oluf B. Mogen

Oscar E. Mogen

Joseph Mohr

Susan Mohr

Jennifer A. Mohwinkel

Priscilla J. Moir

Robert I. Moir

Earl C. Moldenhauer

Gladys M. Moldenhauer

Clarence G. Mondahl

John O. Mondahl

James M. Monk

Shirley S. Monk

Nicole Elizabeth Montouri

Donna Marie Montrose

Christine L. Moon

Hugh W. Moon

Twila A. Moon

only Moor

Mabel C. Moran

Walter L. Moran

Steven Roy Moreau

Charles O. Morehouse

Sylvia G. Morehouse

Bertha J. Morgan

Dwight H. Morgan

Howard H. Morgan

Monica Lynne Morgan

Lizzie Morin

Jessie M. Mork

George A. Morse

George K. Morse

Hildur A. Morse

Mary G. Morse

William Donovan Morse

Marie Mortensen

Rasmus H. Mortensen

Harold S. Mortenson

Nancy E. Mortenson

Linda L. Moseng

Emil R. Moskop

Irene G. Moskop

Arthur Mostu

Lois A. Mostu

Arthur G. Motz

Harold J. Motz

Louise E. Motz

Melvin D. Motz

Olga A. Motz

Celeste F. Mrozla

Mabel T. Mullins

Stephen A. Mullins

Andrew P. Mundahl

Eleanor E. Mundahl

June N. Mundahl

Louis E. Mundahl

Peter E. Mundahl

Randi E. Mundahl

Savery Muong

Joseph A. Murashie

Mary E. Murashie

Michael J. Murphy

Michael Christopher Murray

Jerome P. Musta

Judith M. Musta

Grace P. Myer

Ralph C. Myer

Arthur B. Myklebust

Clarence E. Myran

Mary C. Myran

Alice H. Myrlie

George Myrlie

Henry J. Myrtvedt

Margaret A. Mertvedt

Robert A. Naffziger

Yoeun Nam

Faith Narloch

Helen K. Naslund

James W. Naslund

tree’ in memory of James Wesley Naslund

Donald H. Nee

Fern E. Nee

Henry S. Nelsen

Adolph Nelson

Alden G. Nelson

Annie E. Nelson

Archie W. Nelson

Arthur C. Nelson

Arthur F. Nelson

August Nelson

August I. Nelson

Augusta A. Nelson

Bernice O. Nelson

Clara B. Nelson

Clara R. Nelson

Claude E. Nelson

David E. Nelson

Denice A. Nelson

Dorothy A. Nelson

Edward G. Nelson

Eunice M. Nelson

Gerhard A. Nelson

Gloria J. Nelson

Harry J. Nelson

Harry N. Nelson

Hazel M. Nelson

Helge N. Nelson

Hilda Nelson

Howard P. Nelson

Ida C. Nelson

Karen L. Nelson

Laura W. Nelson

Mabel C. Nelson

Marguerite E. Nelson

Marjorie J. Nelson

Merrill H. Nelson

Mildred E. Calder Nelson

Nels N. Nelson

Orville K. Nelson

Rebecca C. Nelson

Richard E. Nelson

Richard O. Nelson

Suzanne C. Nelson

Virginia E. Nelson

Yvonne C. Nelson

Christopher A. Nemmers

Bernard J. Ness

Josephine E. Ness

June H. Neuman

Lambert O. Neuman

Charlotte Newman

Rudolph C. Newman

Margaret H. Newstrom

Norman R. Newstrom

John Phi Nguyen

Melba L. Nicholson

Michael J. Nicholson

Anna K. Nielsen

Axel Nielsen

Estelle R. Nielsen

Otto F. Nielsen

Vera I. Nielsen

Reino E. Niemo

Ruth J. Niemi

Rachel Marie Noddings

Edward Noiske

Katherine Noiske

Cathryn A. Nooleen

Douglas A. Nooleen

Angeline E. Nord

Orrin W. Nord

Dee E. Nordby

Ronald M. Nordby

Alice E. Nordstrom

Florence S. Nordstrom

Fredrick W. Nordstrom

Phillip C. Nordstrom

Jeremy E. Norgaard

Doris M. Norlander

Richard F. Norlander

Josephine M. Norman

Roy E. Norman

Beulah Prieb Norton

Comfort F. Norton

Floyd K. Norton

Mary W. Norton

Robert F. Norton

Lois A. Novacek

Albert O. Novak

Edward Nunn

Liza Jane Nunn

G. Henry Nyenhuis

Olive J. Nyenhuis

Adolph T. Nygaard

Ida J. Nygaard

Gayle R. Nygren

Alma M. Nyhammer

Peder S. Nyhammer

Helen M. Oberender

Howard K. Oberender

Ida E. Ochu

Paul F. Ochu

Oral E. Oelke

Fredrick E. Ogden

Didrichs Ohaks

Lidija A. Ohaks

Miervaldis Ohaks

only Ohland

Harriet G. Oist

Wilbert E. Oist

Helena Sanchez Olinger

Mabel H. Oliva

Perley H. Oliva

Agnes S. Olsen

Allen O. Olsen

Arthur H. Olsen

Della E. Olsen

Edward M. Olsen

Janice Marie Olsen

Angeline J. Olson

Arnold W. Olson

Bessie Olson

Burton R. Olson

Carrol C. Olson

Doraine C. Olson

Dwight L. Olson

Edwin J. Olson

Elaine A.L. Olson

Elroy S. Olson

Emelia H. Olson

Eric A. Olson

Gene John Olson

Goldie C. Olson

Harold P. Olson

Helen B. Olson

Helen G. Olson

Hilda E. Olson

Hilda F. Olson

Ida J. Olson

Julia S. Olson

Leonard Olson

Leonard R. Olson

Mabel Lyness Olson

Muriel D. Olson

Olaf A. Olson

Rose E. Olson

Russell V. Olson

Stanley W. Olson

Stephanie Olson

Velma L. Olson

Wallace E. Olson

Marjorie J. Olson-Wells

Chester C. Olwin

May F. Olwin

Arnfin Ordal

Helen Ordal

Connie R. Ordemann

Dennis G. Ordemann

Inez L. Ordemann

Edwin M. Orner

Lilly E. Orner

Kenneth L. Orton

Velma E. Orton

Verne Osgard

Adolph Oslund

August N. Oslund

Fanny Oslund

Gunnard V. Oslund

Mary Oslund

Alfred E. Ostlund

Jeannine M. Ostlund

John E. Ostlund

Marilyn M. Ostlund

Raymond J. Otterdahl

Charles C. Otteson

Raymond G. Overturf

Theola A. Overturf

David J. Owens

Edna Marie Owens

Kristi Ann Owens

Leland J. Owens

Magdalene E. Owens

Willard G. Owens

John H. Palmer

Letha E. Papenfuss

Jayne A. Parrish

Judd R. Parrish

Harold F. Parten

Minnie Parten

Clifford E. Partlow

Eleanor M. Partlow

James N. Partlow

Jennie S. Parton

Meyer J. Parton

Michael R. Patch

Hazel C. Paton

Walter J. Paton

Myrtle M. Patten

Cecelia Patterson

Foneal L. Patterson

Robert Patterson

Wendell O. Patterson

Martin H. Paul

Selma O. Paul

Richard H. Paulsen

Sheila F. Paulsen

Dorothea L. Paulson

Elmer T. Paulson

Hillman I. Paulsrud

Jessie C. Paulsrud

Jim L. Pavlo

Pat A. Pavlo

Ronald J. Peacock

Darlene May Pearson

Allan L. Pedersen

Alvilde M. Pedersen

E. Mary Pedersen

Florence K. Pedersen

George Pedersen

Geraldine Pedersen

Joakim C. Pedersen

Margrete Pedersen

Martine Pedersen

Ole A. Pedersen

Sheila D. Pedersen

Simon Pedersen

Hazel G. Pederson

Lowell S. Pederson

Stanley E. Pederson

Carl H. Pehrson

Mabel B. Pehrson

Burtiss C. Peirson

Hazel I. Peirson

Matthew James Pelant

Marion G. Penwell

Richard D. Penwell

W. Donald Penwell

Robert Edward Percival

Levi E. Perry

Ruth M. Perry

Anna D. Peters

Carsten F. Peters

Carsten Fredrick Peters

Ethel Y. Peters

John A. Peters

Karl E. Peters

Leta M. Peters

Theodore G. Peters

Birdie M. Petersen

Jake A. Petersen

Alma Johnson Peterson

Andrew Peterson

Axel F. Peterson

Axel V. Peterson

Beverly J. Peterson

C. Theodore Peterson

Carrie V. Peterson

Carl O. Peterson

Carl O. Peterson

Clara B. Peterson

Clara M. Peterson

Donna Mae Peterson

Doris F. Peterson

Earl E. Peterson

Ernest W. Peterson

Ethel O. Peterson

Eva G. Peterson

Eva I. Peterson

Fred J. Peterson

Gene L. Peterson

Glenn M. Peterson

Henry T. Peterson

Inger Peterson

Irene E. Peterson

John G. Peterson

Mae A. Peterson

Mae I. Peterson

Mamie Peterson

Marcella B. Peterson

Norman C. Peterson

Raymond D. Peterson

Rebecca S. Peterson

Ronald D. Peterson

Russell J. Peterson

Selma H. Peterson

Theodore Peterson

Victor Emanual Peterson

Zebulon L. Peterson

Ella E. Petrofska

Otto W. Petrofska

Gladys J. Petrofske

Julia M. Petrofske

Rudolph J. Petrofske

Rudolph J. Petrofske

Arnold D. Petterson

Arthur C. Petterson

Edith B. Pettis

Elroy R. Pettis

Kay Phothisanh

Sharon E. Phillippi

Charles W. Phillips

Doris F. Phillips

Edna A. Phillips

Harriet E. Phillips

Marie M. Phillips

Ross I. Phillips

Stanley B. Phillips

Willard L. Phillips

Elsie L. Pickus

Henry J. Pickus

Elsa O. Pieper

William R. Pieper

David N. Pierson

Esther M. Pierson

Herbert F. Pilger

Violet Pilger

Audrey A. Pillard

Harold E. Pillard

Elsie C. Pinske

William H. Pinske

Philip L. Piper

Frances T. Pitann

Jack D. Pitann

Louis F. Pitann

Greg Ploenzke

Michele J. Poirier

Lance D. Polich

Filomena Pontecorvo

Murela A. Potter

Robert B. Potter

Ruth L. Powers

Koukeo Praxayamondkhoune

Ruth V. Prestly

William A. Prestly

Darwin W. Price

Eva M. Prieb

Tiayawna Proeyng

Clarence J. Prout

Stella T. Prout

Steven A. Puch

Robert H. Pulver

Rose A. Pulver

Beatrice L. Quady

Alette A. Quanbeck

Esther M. Quanbeck

John T. Quanbeck

Martin Quanbeck

Charles B. Quick

Rose E. Quick

Catherine S. Quinn

Bradley J. Quiring

Florence H. Quist

Hilding E. Quist

Renee Ann Raaen

Tamara Jean Raaen

Jonathan Andrew Rabe

Curtis W. Raberge

Henry J.G. Radde

Hildur E. Radde

Frances Ann Rafftery

Evelyn M. Rafter

Lester Rafter

James J. Rahe

Leilani J. Rahe

David Ellis Raines

Ema Ramlo

John A. Ramlo

Herman E. Rampmeier

Ruby I. Rampmeier

Flora O. Ramsay

James W. Ramsay

Victoria Ramsey

Aleta Ramstad

Vernon Ramstad

Lucille E. Rand

William J. Rand

Edward Rasmussen

Gertrude A. Rasmussen

Lawrence Rasmussen

Marjorie Rasmussen

Adelaide A. Rasmusson

tree’ in memory of Adelaide Rasmusson

Clarence W. Rasmusson

Clifford V. Rasmusson

Edna B. Rasmusson

Oroth Ratphoumy

Arthur C. Ratzlaff

Frank A. Ratzlaff

Herman W. Ratzlaff

Martha M. Ratzlaff

Mary Ratzlaff

Rose A. Ratzlaff

Rose H. Raymond

Minnie A. Rawson

Richard Gay Rawson

Adam Evan Frank Rechtzigel

Carl A. Rechtzigel

Minnie L. Rechtzigel

Scott Alan Redetzke

Betsy Winn Reed

Dorothy B. Reed

Elliott W. Reed

George G. Reed

Gaylord F. Reese

Ruth C. Reese

Loree Lynn Reinhard

Elmer F. Reinke

Fredrick H. Reinke

Karoline Reinke

Linda Ann Reinke

Martha I. Reinke

Tillie Reinke

William R. Reinke

Irving G. Reishus

John C. Remington

Bernard J. Renk

Helen K. Renk

Anna Frances Elizabeth Heggem Bates Renner

Jerry Dale Renteria

Betty J. Rhodes

Bruce E. Rhodes

Pearl E. Richardson

W. Carroll Richardson

Adeline W. Richie

Charles Richie

John F. Rickley

Josephine A. Rickley

Helen Ridgway

Lawrence L. Ridgway

Ruth M. Ries

Scott David Ries

Fred Rinkenburger

Esther M. Rischmiller

JoAnn M. Rischmiller

Walter H. Rischmiller

Floyd Rittenhouse

Maude Rittenhouse

Jerry L. Ritter

George C. Roberts

Jane M. Roberts

Robert G. Roberts

Bruce C. Robey

Clifford C. Robinson

Elsie K. Robinson

Gunarda O. Robinson

Stephen R. Robinson

Judith K. Robison

John Hjalmer Rocene

Margaret O. Rocene

Kenneth P. Rodestrom

Rose Rodestrom

Adelbert M. Rodewald

Leona C. Rodewald

Lillian L. Rodewald

Agnes M. Rodi

Elmer Rodi

Jessie B. Roe

Lee Roe

Donna R. Rogers

Agnes H. Rogne

Einar E. Rokke

Ingrid Faith Forde Rokke

Todd A. Rolfe

Arthur E. Rolland

Elizabeth Rolland

Marguerite J. Romsaas

Raymond E. Romsaas

Clifford W. Ronken

Ellionora A. Ronken

Arnold J. Ronneberg

Lillian R. Ronneberg

Minnie S. Ronshaugen

Alma C. Root

George J. Root

Mabel A. Root

Naomi Rosas

Randy Rosenberg

Magnus C. Rosendahl

Pearl W. Rosendahl

Hazel E. Rosengren

Jimmy Rosengren

Walter H. Rosengren

Esther V. Rossebo

Henning D. Rossebo

Ione M. Rossebo

Storker M. Rossebo

Karl Rost

Henrietta Sprute Rother

Elizabeth A. Rotthoff

Thomas A. Rotthoff

Alice L. Roust

Clara M. Rouzer

Charlotte E. Rowell

LaVern D. Rowell

Ann Rubis

Lawrence M. Rubis

Christine Rudin

Erick G. Rudin

Roy T. Rudin

Gladys E.L. Rudolph

Kenneth E. Rudolph

Nettie Mae Rudolph

Alfred E. Rueger

Grace O. Rueger

Harry E. Rumpel

Leona C. Rumpel

Allen J. Rupp

Alma J. Rupp

Elizabeth J. Russell

John B. Russell

Beatrice E. Rydeen

Edward A. Rydeen

Gideon Rydeen

Ruth E. Rydeen

Gladys Arlene Rydjord

Lewis Rydjord

Sarah Rydjord

Ella Ann Sabin

Frederick A. Sabin

Lucille J. Sabin

Delmar A. Sachwitz

Ella N. Sachwitz

Evelyn M. Sachwitz

Linda Rose Sachwitz

Esther V. Sack

Lyman Sack

Ben J. Sacre

Edna A. Sacre

Franklin L. Sacre

Charles A. Salcido

Emma L. Salcido

Cornelius Salie

Loretta E. Salie

Elsa J. Sample

Keith A. Sample

Scott K. Sample

Jean A. Sampo

Theodore C. Samsel

Valborg L. Samsel

Clarence A. Sandahl

Loretta Sandahl

Carole L. Sandquist

Marion A. Sandquist

Virgil B. Sandquist

Alice B. Sanford

J. Fred Sanford

Mabel S. Sanford

Sidney M. Sanford

Maria Hoang Thi Sahn

A. Marie Sanko

Joseph P. Sanko

Eleanor F. Sargisson

Walter N. Sargisson

Evelyn H. Satnan

Wendell A. Satnan

Chris Satre

Gideon N. Satterlund

Grace Satterlund

Robin Rene Sauer

Shirley J. Sawyer

William K. Sawyer

Clifford A. Schad

Kelly Elizabeth Schad

Harry E. Schaeffer

Wanda Schaeffer

Alice E. Clason Schaller

Andrew Schanke

Dale E. Schanke

Leona Schanke

Ida O. Schaper

Roland R. Schaper

Carl E. Schauer

Jennie E. Schauer

Margaret M. Schauer

Loren R. Schedin

Burton M. Scheimo

Vanda H. Scheimo

Will F. Schierling

Lila D. Schindler

Melvin H. Schindler

Fritz J. Schjolberg

Grayce F. Schjolberg

Doris E. Schlechter

Henry W. Schlechter

Harry M. Schleeter

Marie J. Schleeter

Wesley Schleeter

Clifford Schmidt

Emilee Morgan Schmidt

Harold Schmidt

Karen Ann Schmidt

Tony A. Schnarr

Elizabeth A. Schneider

Frederick W. Schneider

Elsie M. Schneller

Lisa A. Schoessow

Ella L. Schofield

Harold W. Schofield

Gerald P. Scholz

Lois J. Scholz

Catherine M. Schrenzel

Flora S. Schroeer

Ralph M. Schroeer

Arthur G. Schroeder

Betty A. Schroeder

Beverly A. Schroeder

Kenneth Schroeder

Lester H. Schroeder

Lydia M. Schroeder

Oscar O. Schroeder

Esther B. Schult

Bruce W. Schultz

Caroline M. Schultz

Edward E. Schultz

Elvina A. Schultz

Lois E. Schultz

Robert A. Schultz

Viola M. Schultz

Walter E. Schultz

Elsie E. Schulz

Eugene G. Schulz

Gary D. Schulz

Anna Schuman

baby boy Schumacher

Loren O. Schumann

Martha M. Schumann

Beatrice J. Schwamm

William A. Schwamm

Frieda W. Schwanz

Raymond F. Schwanz

Theodore H. Schwanz

Earl W. Scott

Christ Scott

Jessie E. Scott

Mary Scott

Peggy Ann Scott

Sokhoeun Sean

Anna L. Sebastian

John R. Sebastian

Thomas C. Sebastian

Joseph A. Sekora

Ruth C. Sekora

Daniel W. Selleck

Nina Sellner

William J. Sellner

Magnus Semrud

Selma V. Semrud

Hamry Alys Serene

Anna Setran

Eddie Setran

Norman E. Setran

Eric Jon Seurer

Elizabeth M. Seversen

John O. Seversen

Josephine O. Seversen

Ellen L. Sewell

Ellen L. Sewell

Hilton T. Sewell

Daniel M. Seymour

Joseph Shamp

Marianne Shamp

David M. Shand

Timothy Warren Sharratt

Charles H. Shaub

Martha Zwieg Shaub

Kathleen K. Shaw

Donald F. Sheflet

Tina M. Sheflet

Ethel C. Shekels

Alice M. Shellberg

Leland A. Shellberg

Jerome M. Shellenbarger

Julibell L. Shellenbarger

Merril H. Shellenbarger

Luverne S. Shellum

Mary L. Shellum

Frances E. Sheppard

Esther W. Sherman

Harold C. Sherman

Fern L. Shields

Warren L. Shields

Floyd C. Shifflet

Josie S. Shifflet

Louis Shimanski

Bertha L. Shobe

John J. Shobe

Alfred O. Shostrom

Edith O. Shostrom

Dorothy A. Shrode

Marion K. Shrode

Marlys D. Sime

Stanley F. Sime

Douglas W. Simons

June S. Simons

Einar O. Simpson

Elwood O. Simpson

Florence B. Simpson

Joanne M. Simpson

Magnus Simpson

Ottilia B. Simpson

Rudolph J. Simpson

Ruth Simpson

James M. Sinclair

Annie Sink

Doris E. Sink

Leo H. Sink

Lewis H. Sink

Saykham Sisomphou

Hjordis S. Siverhus

Pho Sivixay

Phiavong Sivongsay

Thai Sivongsay

Henry P. Sjobeck

Laura M. Sjobeck

Arnold E. Sjoberg

James Thorpe Sjoberg

Thelma T. Sjoberg

Henry A. Skallerud

Myrtle K. Skallerud

Anton M. Skare

Marie E. Skare

Patrick John Skaufel

Andrew M. Skluzacek

Melvin L. Skordahl

John B. Slack

Sophia Slack

James P. Slaughter

Leroy Slaughter

Bertha T. Smith

E. Ross Smith

Edward J. Smith

Jean S. Smith

John E. Smith

Katherine Smith

Mary A. Smith

Mona M. Smith

Peter L. Smith

Richard J. Smith

William M. Smith

Clara E. Snodgrass

John E. Snodgrass

Wilma N. Snuggerud

Wilmar N. Snuggerud

Donald C. Snyder

Janice E. Snyder

Jeffrey A. Snyder

Viola C. Snyder

Jack A. Socash

Pearle K. Socash

Alice J. Soderberg

Ernest Soderberg

Betty J. Soetje

John H. Soetje

Martin A. Soholt

Robert T. Soholt

Ruth M. Soholt

Ella B. Soine

Gerhard O. Soine

Gertrude A. Soine

Melvin B. Soine

Constance M. Solie

Dale D. Solie

Darryl R. Solum

Elouise M. Solum

Helen Thornburg Solum

Roy Ingebrikt Solum

William James Solum

Clarence F. Sommerfield

I. Marie Songstad

Samuel M. Songstad

Albert R. Sonnenberg

Isabel A. Sonnenberg

Helen G. Sonsteng

Osmund T. Sonsteng

Lorraine M. Sorensen

Sigvard A. Sorensen

Charles A. Speegle

Jeanne F. Speegle

Mark J. Sprague

Maynard A. Sprute

Barbara Gillespie Squires

Margaret T. St. George

Evelyn O. St. John

George W. St. Martin

Aina A. Stadin

Nils A. Stadin

Albert T. Stanchfield

Elsie M. Stanchfield

Glen R. Stanchfield

Litwina W. Stanchfield

Henry T. Standfuss

Lois M. Standfuss

Audrey L. Stang

Harold C.E. Stang

Esther A. Stankovich

Rod M. Stankovich

Rodney M. Stankovich

Erma May Stanley

Evelyn K. Stanley

Jesse T. Stanley

Luella C. Stanley

Wade B. Stanley

William A. Stanley

Anna Stanton

Robert E. Stanton

John J. Starrett

Susan K. Starrett

Tena M. Starrett

Esther Stava

James T. Stava

Frank S. Stavrede

Edna Steiner

Bernadine M. Steller

Philipp Steller

Chester C. Stenberg

Ruby M. Stenberg

Edwin L. Steneroden

Ernest H. Steneroden

Grace Steneroden

Paul C. Steneroden

Ruth M. Steneroden

Alden Stevens

Alice C. Stevens

Arthur H. Stevens

Elsie L. Stevens

Frank C. Stevens

Helen M. Stevens

Mable B. Stevens

Sandra Faye Stevens

Wallace F. Stevens

Arnold Christian Stocke

Bernice Myrtle Stocke

Hubert M. Stoddard

Merium A. Stoddard

Alan G. Stodghill

John K. Stokke

Douglas M. Stolts

Ruby V. Stolts

Anna H. Stomberg

Carl H. Stomberg

Charlotte G. Stone

Cheryll M. Stone

John E. Stone

Inga A. Storland

Irvin G. Storland

Norma E. Storland

Vincent I. Storland

Madeline Juliette Stout

Elvina I. Strand

Geraldine M. Strand

Harland W. Strand

Kenneth D. Strand

Morris B. Strand

Cora A. Strandlie

Wallace J. Strandlie

Beverly A. Strandness

Elaine E. Strese

Marion C. Strese

Ralph W. Strese

Robert Strese

Alice L. Strom

Roy N. Strom

Thyra S. Strom

Arnold M. Strommen

Dorothy W. Strommen

Norton J. Stromstad

Ruth P. Stromstad

Peter N. Strugar

Anna Sundby

Edward Sundby

Evelyn C. Sundelius

George J. Sundelius

Magnus J. Sundelius

Martha Sundelius

Dorothy M. Sutton

Leslie L. Sutton

Clyde A. Sveen

Earl S. Sveen

Raymond L. Sveen

Sigrid R. Sveen-Benzel

Glenn E. Svitak

Joretta J. Svitak

Frank O. Svoboda

Mildred C. Svoboda

Curtis A. Swanson

Donald R. Swanson

Dorothy J. Swanson

Emma C. Swanson

Ernest R. Swanson

Harold C. Swanson

Inie G. Swanson

James A. Swanson

Jean D. Swanson

Lucille H. Swanson

Laurel M. Swanson

Lawrence K. Swanson

Patience J. Swanson

Robert R. Swanson

Walter J. Swanson

John E. Swedberg

Victoria M. Swedberg

Bernice M. Sweet

Earl Sweet

Florence M. Sweet

Leslie J. Sweet

Clarence N. Swenson

Kathryn E. Swirtz

Ralph V. Swirtz

Algot E. Sword

Hilda K. Sword

Oy Syvongsay

Senethamma Syvongsay

Leonard J. Tabery

Lola B. Tabery

Helen K. Tam

Nellie M. Tam

Hope Y. Tang

Alonson C. Taylor

Asher M. Taylor

Hazel M. Taylor

Lois E. Taylor

Violet M. Taylor

William H. Taylor

William Keith Taylor

Timothy J. Telander

Lowell H. Tesch

Mary V. Tesch

Edwin P. Tessum

Elizabeth C. Tessum

Henry L. Theilmann

Lillian M. Theilmann

Alice K. Thiede

Clarence W. Thiede

Arthur J. Thielen

Evelyn Thielen

Paige Elizabeth Thielen

Barbara Thimsen-Nicol

Clair G. Thompson

Eleanor Thompson

Elmer A. Thompson

Evelyn I. Thompson

Freda C. Thompson

Gregory S. Thompson

Gustav Thompson

Ida C. Thompson

J.E. Thompson

James W.E. Thompson

Jeanne E. Thompson

Jennie M. Thompson

Jonathan W. Thompson

Karl O. Thompson

Katherine M. Thompson

Madeline A. Thompson

Margaret Thompson

Raymond W. Thompson

Rebecca Thompson (and ?) Julie Thompson

Theodore Thompson

Vera E. Thompson

Vera L. Thompson

Wallace E. Thompson

Geneva H. Thoreson

Thornie C. Thoreson

Bernetta E. Thornby

Curtis O. Thornby

Loraine J. Thorson

Thomas Thorson

Mette M. Thorud

Oscar A. Thorud

Robert William Thurnblom

Elsie M. Timm

Ervin A. Timm

Henry W.K. Timmerman

Louise A. Timmerman

Sarah Marie Tischleder

Lawrence C. Todd

Lillian G. Todd

Mabel E. Todd

Theodore Todd

Clifford O. Tollefsbol

Ruth M. Tollefsbol

Dorothy V. Tollefson

Gary Robert Tollefson

Mary H. Tollefson

Theodore O. Tollefson

Mabel G. Tommeraasen

Merold Tommeraasen

Effie M. Tongen

Peter W. Tongen

Stuart C. Tongen

Anita H. Torgersen

Paul A. Torgersen

Carroll Torgerson

Mabel B. Torgerson

Theodore O. Torgerson

Carl O. Tormoen

Stella S. Tormoen

Charles R. Townsend

Daisy V. Townsend

Tuan Anh Tran

Louise E. Tranberg

Orville Tranberg

Janet R. Trautmann

Warren E. Trautmann

Blanche E. Treece

Lloyd W. Treece

Conrad O. Trittin

Ella Ann Trittin

Brett David Trocke

Ernest J. Troedson

Irene E. Troedson

Marie Troedson

Norman E. Troedson

Sidney W. Troolin

Anna M. Trost

Reinhold C. Trost

Jacob Turnis

John W. Turton

Adelaide Snee Twiss

Harold G. Twiss

Matie E. Twiss

Warren E. Twiss

Archie O. Twito

Laura E. Twito

Anna B. Uden

Ardyce I. Uden

George J. Uden

Harold J. Uden

Evelyn E. Uhler

John F. Uhler

Leonard B. Uhler

Theresa M. Uhler

Clara I. Uitdenbogerd

Grace M. Uitdenbogerd

Hubert C. Uitdenbogerd

Morris T. Uitdenbogerd

Dollie M. Umhoefer

Pau Cun Ung

Adelaide E. Unstad

Trygve L. Unstad

Richard D. Uphoff

Robert J. Utne

Gladys M. VanBlair

Bert VanderWere

Rose M. VanderWere

Nguyen Van Hien

Nettie B. VanOrnum

Ervin R. VanSickle

Norma L. VanSickle

Howard S. VanSteenburg

Caroline R. Vasicek

Frank A. Vasicek

Floris M. Verdicchio

Joanne L. Vermeer

Arthur F. Vernon

Avis M. Vernon

Loretta C. Vesper

Otto A. Vesper

Chester L. Vessels

Violet V. Vessels

Angeline M. Vierling

George J. Vierling

Ruth J. Vigrestad

Dagney E. Vince

George Vince

Steven G. Vince

Michael E. Virden

baby Visnovec

Frank J. Visnovec

George J. Visnovec

Helen C. Visnovec

Joseph B. Visnovec

Ludvick Visnovec

Minnie B. Visnovec

Sharon A. Visnovec

William Visnoves

James M. Vizecky

Stella A. Vizecky

Kathy L. Vober

Dorothy L. Vogt

Doris Ann Volden

Erwin VonGemmingen

Hans VonGemmingen

Martha E. VonGemmingen

Martha W. VonGemmingen

Bao Q. Vu

Pa Chao Vue

Clarence E. Wagmer

Manda S. Wagmer

Martha T. Wagner

Martin H. Wagner

Donna Lou Wagstrom

Evelyn G. Wahl

Iver S. Wahl

Elmer N. Waigand

Erma E. Waigand

Leona M. Waigand

Thomas A. Waigand

Evelyn E. Wakefield

Viola Walberg

Brian D. Walcker

Dianne E. Wales

Donald A. Wales

C. Stewart Walker

June Walker

Thomas K. Walker

Jeffery D. Waller

Phadoris J. Wallestad

Victor L. Wallestad

Cody James Walsh

Eleanor K. Walter

Howard A. Walter

Lucille G. Walter

Vernon E. Walter

Gene Russell Walters

Harold D. Walters

M. Frances Walters

Susan K. Walters

Adelheide C. Wanberg

Alvin B. Wanberg

Bernice E. Wanberg

Randall Wanberg

Ranney O. Wanberg

Andrew K. Wanczak

Lillian M. Ward

Thomas A. Ward

Thomas L. Ward

Mayme R. Warren

W. Wayne Warren

Gail M. Watne

Allan L. Watson

Mary Wawrenczuk

Fred Weegman

Olga M. Weegman

Lars Marcus Week

Lorene Edna Week

Arthur H. Wegge

Ragnhild H. Wegge

Bessie B. Weien

Ole M. Weien

Charles W. Weiler

Dolores J. Weiler

Kenneth J. Weiler

Leona A. Weiler

Bernard L. Weiman

Bernard L. Weiman

Jeannette M. Weiman

Arline M. Weitz

Fred M. Weitz

Betty Ann Weitzel

Donald Weitzel

William Weitzel

Ida M. Wekel

Margaret G. Weldon

Diane Whiteside Wells

Dorothy L. Wells

Gary Allen Wells

Florence I. Wells

Hetty R. Wells

James Lewis Wells

June A. Wells

L. Addison Wells

LeEtta M. Wells

Matthew Thomas Wells

Nancy J. Wells

Ralph C. Wells

William E. Wells

Alma M. Wenborg (?)

Oscar G. Wenborg (?)

Anna C. Wennerstrom

Henry T. Wennerstrom

James D. Wenzel

Cinde Sue Werness

Dorothy M. Werness

Gillard P. Werness

Barbara Westberg

Elna W. Wester

Martin E. Wester

Kenneth W. Westerberg

Marjorie D. Westerberg

Marjorie D. Westerberg

Dorothy M. Westlund

Dorothy M. Westlund

Florence C. Westlund

Harry Westlund

Joseph E. Westlund

LuVerne R. Westlund

Alfred W. Westphal

Jesse David Westveer

tree’ in memory of Jesse David Westveer

Albert J. Wettels

Helen D. Wetzel

Merrol A. Wetzel

David W. Wheeler

Ethel M. White

Jack P. White

Lester E. White

Milo F. White

Virginia E. White

Margaret L. Whitefoot

Walter E. Whitefoot

Marshall H. Whiteside

Nellie H. Whiteside

Alvo V. Whitley

Angus M. Whitley

Florence M. Whitley

Mary Whitley

Nan Dooley Whitlock

Gladys Thorberg Whitman

Milo L. Whitman

Helen Ann ‘Nann’ Whitney

Richard W. Whitney

Carl E. Wicklander

Rachel R. Wicklander

Roger L. Wicklander

Arthur C. Widell

Lillian E. Widell

Paul T. Widell

Connie Wieler

Lyman G. Wieler

Judith Naomi Weisner

August D. Wilkens

Wilhelmine B. Wilkens

Ada G. Wilkie

Donna M. Wilkie

John Wilkie

Robert A. Wilkie

Alice C. Williams

Arthur W. Williams

Beatrice E. Williams

Gahard A. Williams

Rosa K. Williams

Alma O. Wilson

Bonnie Wilson

Clinton U. Wilson

Eugenia Wilson

Fred Wilson

Harry O. Wilson

Heather Anne Wilson

Irene N. Wilson

John E. Wilson

Marie K. Wilson

Steven E. Wilson

Charles J.C. Wilton

Irene Wilton

Evelyn E. Wingness

Melvin Wingness

Genevieve Winnie

William H. Winnie

Viola F. Wise

Kenneth O. Wiseman

LaVonne R. Wiseman

John L. Witt

Alvina F. Witte

Arvilla E. Wittman

Orval A. Wittman

Gerald H. Wold

Joseph A. Wold

Joyce L. Wold

Mabel O. Wold

Shirley F. Wolf

Bruno Wolff

Henrietta Wolff

Albert O. Wolter

Pearl M. Wolter

Elizabeth A. Wray

Harry N. Wray

Esther M. Wren

Kenneth A. Wren

Michael James Wright

Jeremiah L. Wubben

Ardyce M. Wurdeman

Norma Wyman

William J. Wyman

Leila M. Wynn

Anne Seaman Yeoman

Mae E. Yeoman

Ki Hack Yi

Jeffrey R. Yonke

Anton Gottfrid Young

Erna Tessmer Young

Irvin R. Young

JoAnn C. Young

Freda F. Youngren

Hilda V. Youngren

Hugo H. Zadach

Mary E. Zadach

Agnes M. Zellmer

Harry E. Zellmer

Florence H.C. Ziegelman

Herman A. Ziemann

Leslie R. Zimmerman

Dorothy M. Zitterow

Lori J. Zitterow

Toby L. Zitterow

Ella E. Zochert

Sidney E. Zochert

Roberta L. Zoellmer

ValJean E. Zoellmer

Dustin A. Zubrod

Elsie M. Zurn

Leo L. Zurn

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