Bloomington Cemetery

10340 Lyndale Avenue South

Bloomington, Hennepin County, Minnesota

T027N – R24W, Section 21



The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Hennepin County, Minnesota – South Minneapolis and Bloomington,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 


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 This cemetery is located along Lyndale Avenue South in Bloomington, Minnesota.  The East Bloomington Freeway (Frontage Road) and Interstate Highway 35W can be seen from the back of the cemetery.  The cemetery is upkept and well maintained.  The rows line up well.  It appears several of the older burial monuments have been replaced.  This cemetery is open from sunrise to sunset.  It is gated and locked when not open. 


This cemetery is owned and maintained by the City of Bloomington.  Their website states this cemetery was established in 1856 by Oak Grove Presbyterian Church.  They originally had their church near the cemetery.  The then Town of Bloomington acquired the cemetery when the church moved to another location in 1864.  A home appearing to be in the future expansion area of the northeast part of the cemetery was being torn down during my visit. 


This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2009.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2009



 , (broken off stone)

 , Charles

 , David (no surname ?)

 , Isabella M.

 , Isabelle (no surname)

 , Jehu

 , Jesse

 , Leota

 , Melisa

 , Susan

 , unknown Sioux girl

 , William

?, only Our Babies

Aaberg, Kikkelsen

Abar, Ella

Abar, Louis J.

Abar, Mamie

Abbott, Frank G.

Abel, Kevin L.

Abel, Todd D.

Abraham, Robert D.

Abrahamson, James E.

Abrahamson, Louise D.

Ackerman, Brian Don

Ackins, John W.

Ackins, Mae L.

Acton, L. Maud

Adelmann (?), Joseph C.

Agar, Robert H.

Aicher, Ben F.

Aicher, Dorothy C.

Aitchison, Delores A.

Aitchison, Walter L.

Akin, Lucille M.

Albrecht, Edwin C.

Albrecht, Lena

Allee (?), Anne M.

Allee (?), Eliza P.

Allee (?), William F.

Allen, Flossie Chadwick

Alliano, Helen Harvey

Althen, Olive D.

Alva, John

Amell (?), Henry A.

Amell (?), Mabel I.

Ames (?), Cassie

Ames (?), Robert

Ames, Anna M.

Ames, David Bruce

Ames, Edwin

Ames, Edwin A.

Ames, George

Ames, Isabella

Ames, Ruth M.

Ames, Samuel H.

Ames, Sarah M.

Ames, Susan

Ancel, Albert H.

Ancel, Alice R.

Ancel, Harold W.

Ancel, John L.

Ancel, Myrna

Ancel, Richard L.

Ancel, Rose M.

Ancel, Zelia

Andersen, Esther H.

Andersen, Hugo O.

Anderson, Alice A.

Anderson, Anna S.

Anderson, Axel

Anderson, Bernice

Anderson, Carl H.

Anderson, Dora E.

Anderson, Duane V.

Anderson, Ellen L.

Anderson, Elmer E.

Anderson, Floyd C.

Anderson, George M.

Anderson, Gladys L.

Anderson, Gladys X.

Anderson, Gretchen K.

Anderson, Harry G.

Anderson, Hulda A.

Anderson, Jimmy W.

Anderson, John A.

Anderson, Julia M.

Anderson, Kristine

Anderson, Les

Anderson, Lorraine E.

Anderson, Lowell V.

Anderson, Lucy

Anderson, Luella A.

Anderson, Marvin H.

Anderson, Mylah D.

Anderson, Nancy Lou

Anderson, Osborne

Anderson, Oscar

Anderson, Pearl V.

Anderson, Ralph O.

Anderson, Rasmus M.

Anderson, Robert E.

Anderson, Sharon L.

Anderson, Theodore

Anderson, Thomas Lee

Anderson, Violette

Anderson, Wesley G.

Andrews, George P.

Andrews, Jewel G.

Angle, Anna Hopkins

Anzelmo, Charles

Anzelmo, Violet

Apotakewin, Julia

Arazi, Ishaq S.

Arnold, Leone L.

Arnold, Melvin A.

Arnquist, Clara

Arnquist, Enoch

Arvidson, Gloria G.

Arvidson, Robert J.

Atkins, Charles L.

Atkins, Ruth

Auchterlonie, Alexander

Augustin, Allen

Baar, Mary

Bacon, Amos

Bacon, Vendela

Badow, Friedemann

Baggie, Elvie F.

Bagley, Richard J.

Baillif (?) Belle Jannette

Baillif (?), Jannette

Baillif (?), John Victor

Baillif (?), Jules A.

Baillif (?), Matilda G.

Baillif (?), Matilda V.

Baillif (?), Rene L.

Baillif (?), Walter R.

Baillif, Adelaide S.

Baillif, Alfred E.

Baillif, Allen E.

Baillif, Arthur

Baillif, Belle

Baillif, C. Victor

Baillif, Clement E.

Baillif, Ernest A.

Baillif, Eugene G.

Baillif, Helen M.

Baillif, John P.

Baillif, John Victor

Baillif, Lillian

Baillif, Martin J.

Baillif, Mary A.

Baillif, Rebecca A.

Baillif, Sarah A.

Baillif, Sarah E. Sever

Baillif, Victorine

Baillif, Walter R.

Baisner, Borghild

Bakeman, Louise A.

Bakeman, William J.

Baker, Samuel D.

Bakke, Delores Carlson

Bakken, Shirley M.

Bang, Nellie

Bang, Peter O.

Barr, Irene M.

Barr, Lee C.

Barta, Clifford

Barta, Leone

Bartel, Sharon L.

Bartels, Gregory Paul

Bartlett (?), Mattie M.

Bartlett (?), William E.

Bartunek, Doris J.

Bartunek, Edward A.

Bartunek, Keith Allen

Batchelor, Deborah Chaney

Batchelor, Elizabeth G. Hutchison

Bauby, Elsie I.

Bauch, John L. “Jack”

Baucom, Frank M.

Baucom, Olive L.

Bazley, [two infant sons]

Bazley, Josephine

Bazley, Kate

Bazley, Thomas T.

Bear, Howard A.

Bear, Mary F.

Bear, William Scott

Becken, Daniel Erik

Belk (?), Betty Jean

Belk (?), L.W. “Bud”

Benecke, Lela M.

Bennett, Paul C.

Benske, Marvin Eugene

Benson, Edward

Benson, Mabel E.

Benson, Oscar M.

Berg, Barbara A.

Berg, Charlotte

Berg, Edwin R.

Berg, Frank W.

Berg, H. Warren

Berg, Harry W.

Berg, Minnie E.

Berg, Muriel B.

Berg, Rebecca

Berg, Rose M.

Berg, Sidney L.

Berg, Theodore H.

Berglund, Douglas

Berglund, Elizabeth

Bergquist, Carl A.

Bergquist, Hulda V.

Bergstrom (?), Albert O.

Bergstrom (?), Hulda M.

Bergstrom, Clifford W.

Bergstrom, Myrtle E.

Bergstrom, Steven

Berheim, Lars A.

Berkelman, Audrey H.

Berkelman, Roger A.

Berks, Charles M.

Berks, Mildred C.

Bertoy, Lee

Bertram, Roman

Bertz, George A.

Berzelius, Cory R.

Beversdorf, Richard E.

Bey, Louise A.

Bey, Paul R.

Bidwell, Florence E.

Bidwell, Homer E.

Bielke, Dudley H.

Bielke, Faye M.

Bierlein, Cornell O.

Bierlein, Myrtle K.

Bingham, George

Bingham, Mildred L.

Birch, Howard W.

Birch, Una M.

Birdsall, C. Laurel

Birkelo, Donald J.

Bjorkley, Henry

Bjorkley, Ruth A.

Bjorklund, Carl R.

Bjorklund, Dennis L.

Bjorklund, Dorothy

Bjornstad, Marion H.

Bjornstad, Robert G.

Blais, Charlsie

Blais, Harold

Blanch, Bertha Alder

Blanch, Mildred I.

Bland, Chester E.

Blaness, Jack E.

Blasko, Eleanor

Blasko, Theodore R.

Bliese, Joanne C.

Blizil, Chester J.

Blizil, Mildred G.

Block, Donald W.

Block, Gloria Dawn

Blumer, John

Blumer, Paul G.

Blumke, Arthur

Blumke, David Arthur

Blumke, Louise

Blyth, Floyd M.

Blyth, Helen E.

Blythe, Allison M.

Blythe, Nellie D.

Boche, Violet F.

Boche, William H.

Boe, Vera D.

Boeser, Kenneth J.

Bogardus, Bill W.

Boggie, Emma

Boggie, Jess C.

Bohn, Douglas E.

Bohn, Mabel C.

Boline, Nancy R.

Bolkcom, Celina A.

Bolkcom, Charles E.

Bolkcom, Charlotte Mae

Bolkcom, Donald B.

Bolkcom, Edward L.

Bolkcom, Grace A.

Bolkcom, Harry G.

Bolkcom, Lorena Mary

Bolkcom, Martha E.

Bolkcom, Mary C.

Bolkcom, Percy A.

Bolkcom, Thomas W.

Bolkcom, Wells P.

Bolksom, Myrtle A.

Bonde (?), Caroline

Bonde (?), Gottfrid

Bonde, Ruth L.

Bonjean, Brandon Michael

Bonneville, Gary W.

Boody, Ella J.

Boody, Percy L.

Borgen, Keli Lyn

Borgert, Dagna

Borgert, Herbert

Bosacker, Mary Lou

Bosacker, William A.

Bower, Anna M.

Bower, George Belknap

Bower, Roy Edgar Belknap

Boxeth, Beatrice L.

Boxeth, Earl J.

Bradbury, Carrie R.

Bradbury, John H.

Bradbury, Nelson E.

Bradbury, Susie M.

Bradshaw, Reynald L.

Brecht, Violet M.

Bredesen, Burnham

Bredesen, Burnham A.

Bredesen, Emma M.

Brees, baby boy

Brees, Carrie Pond

Brees, Keith Spencer

Brening, Marcia June

Bresnahan, H. Ardell

Brettingen, James M.

Brettingen, James Marvin

Brew, Dolores

Brew, Richard G.

Brewster, Matilda

Brokke, Paul Nathan

Brooks, Anna

Brooks, Hiram

Brosam, Evelyn Mae

Brosam, Harry Bart

Brosam, Patricia Gayle

Brotherton, Emma Jeanne

Brown (?), Anna M.

Brown (?), Clarence W.

Brown (?), Ida E.

Brown (?), John

Brown (?), John A.

Brown (?), Vernon M.

Brown (?), Walter J.

Brown, Ada L.

Brown, Alexander

Brown, Alta

Brown, Ann Pauluk

Brown, Ardys M.

Brown, Caroline

Brown, Chester William

Brown, Corine M.

Brown, Dora

Brown, Elizabeth Anne

Brown, Esther Hanson

Brown, Gertrude

Brown, Gideon R.

Brown, Grace M.

Brown, Harvey Warren

Brown, James

Brown, James

Brown, James H.

Brown, James M.

Brown, John

Brown, John

Brown, Joseph

Brown, Joseph

Brown, Joseph

Brown, Kenneth John

Brown, Lavinia

Brown, Mae Pond

Brown, Martha

Brown, Rich

Brown, Sarah M.

Brown, Wesley G.

Bruder, Doris L.

Bruder, Fischer O.

Bruder, Hartley F.

Bruder, Hazel A.

Brundage, Anton J.

Brundage, Martha F.

Brunsberg, Amy Ann

Brunsberg, John D.

Brunsberg, Patricia S.

Brutlag, Viola L.

Buckingham, Elmer L.

Buckingham, Rose I.

Buckinghan, Robert John

Buhrmann (?), Arthur E.

Buhrmann (?), Edwin

Buhrmann (?), Elsie

Buhrmann (?), J. Henry

Buhrmann (?), Jonny

Buhrmann (?), Louisa D.

Buhrmann (?), Walter R.

Bunker, ?

Bunker, Albert H.

Bunker, J. Willis

Bunker, Robert M.

Bunker, Sarah K.

Burdick, Hattie M.

Burgoyne, Ed

Burgraff, Lucille F.

Burns, Florence Mertens Pearson

Burns, Melissa R.

Burns, William E.

Burrell, Violette E.

Butler, Mary E.

C., J.

C., W.

Cady, Clarence

Cady, Estella

Cady, Gertrude N.

Cady, William R.

Cament, Aime

Cament, Amelia

Cament, Amie

Cament, Colastie

Cament, George

Cament, Gertrude

Cament, Josie

Campbell, Kay M. Lauderbaugh

Campbell, Richard A.

Campbell, Shirley L.

Car, Dennis Lee

Carl, Nellie Marie

Carlisle, Eleanor Joyce

Carlisle, Joseph Grant

Carlsen, Christine

Carlson, Andrew G.

Carlson, Anna K.

Carlson, Arthur (Cliff)

Carlson, Ella M.

Carlson, Elmer W.

Carlson, Helen A.

Carlson, Hilda A.

Carlson, John F.

Carlson, Lloyd B.

Carlson, Mary I.

Carlson, Oscar E.

Carpenter, Christine

Carpenter, Dwight A.

Carpenter, Fred N.

Carpenter, Pearl M.

Carpenter, Warren

Carroll, Alice J.

Carsten, Gloria L.

Carter, Mildred E.

Casey, Edward R.

Casey, Edward T.

Casey. Gladys M.

Cavanaugh, Michael Joseph

Cayler, Thomas Steven

Cederblade, Arthur

Cederblade, Dorathea

Chadwick (?), Elizabeth

Chadwick (?), Esther

Chadwick (?), G. Claire

Chadwick (?), George

Chadwick (?), Howard E.

Chadwick (?), Josephine P.

Chadwick (?), Robert

Chadwick (?), William

Chadwick, Alice

Chadwick, Alice R.

Chadwick, Alvin V.

Chadwick, Amelia A.

Chadwick, Burdette

Chadwick, Edwin

Chadwick, Edwin

Chadwick, Ernest C.

Chadwick, Everett W.

Chadwick, Florence Ella

Chadwick, George

Chadwick, George F.

Chadwick, Hannah

Chadwick, Hector M.

Chadwick, Jos.

Chadwick, Louise V.

Chadwick, Maridee Ann

Chadwick, Martha S.

Chadwick, Mary S.

Chadwick, Muriel (Synnes)

Chadwick, Murrel B.

Chadwick, Ralph W.

Chadwick, Roberta

Chadwick, Roy R.

Chadwick, Russell A.

Chadwick, Wesley John

Chadwick, William A.

Chamberlain, Janice J.

Chambers, Ida May

Chambers, Isabella

Chambers, Martha

Chambers, Robt. (?)

Chambers, William

Chapman, Patrick J.

Chatel, Rose C.

Chatel, Victor

Chellsen, Ann Yvonne

Chellsen, Dorothy

Chilson, Lars H.

Chmielewski, Hazel C.

Choinski, Steven C.

Christensen, Christian J.

Christensen, Kathleen M.

Christenson, Catherine J.

Christina, Elaine M.

Christina, Paul J.

Claeys, Richard J.

Clemensen, Johanna M.

Clemensen, Raymond O.

Clemensen, Sophus M.

Clemensen, Yvonne M.

Clemetson, Eloise

Coates, Mary

Coates, Robert

Cobb, Benjamin

Cochran, Mary P.

Cochran, William C.

Colbert, Patrick W.

Coleman, Ann M.

Coleman, Fred E.

Coleman, Henry W.

Coleman, Isabella

Coleman, Jessie G.

Coleman, Myrtle

Coleman, William E.

Colliton, Edward A.

Colliton, Lou A.

Comee, Olive E. Goodermont

Conant, Betty J.

Conant, William E.

Conklin, Earl R.

Conklin, Hazel J.

Conklin, John D.

Conlin, Martha

Connolly, Betty M.

Connolly, David J.

Connolly, Geraldine M.

Connolly, Robert J.

Constantine, Catherine

Constantine, James H.

Conway, Kendell W.

Conway, Lillian A.

Cook, Mary A.

Cook, Olive

Cooper, Adelaide

Cooper, Edna V.

Cooper, Franklin E.R.

Cooper, Gladys J.

Cooper, John

Cooper, John

Cooper, Leon C.

Cooper, LeRoy

Cooper, LeRoy F.

Cooper, Mark S.

Cooper, Mary E.

Cooper, Mary J.

Cooper, Nettie M.

Cooper, Ruth Mae

Corder, Christopher C.

Corrick, Maurice K. Raph

Couillard, Drusilla

Couillard, Edith W.

Couillard, Gladys

Couillard, Gordon E.

Couillard, Leslie D.

Couillard, Margaret

Couillard, Pearl L.

Coutier, Mary Anne

Coutier, William F.

Craigie, Donald F.

Crane, Clifford G.

Crane, Margaret K.

Crawford, Kenneth

Crowell, Francis W.

Crowell, Katherine M.

Crowell, Mary E.

Culp, Alice

Culp, Lyle D.

Cumming, Ann

Cumming, Ronald

Cummings, Clay H.

Cummings, Katherine M.

Cummings, Olive G.

Cummings, Wm. Donald

Cunningham, Frances James

Cunningham, H.D.

Cunningham, Henry

Cunningham, John

Cunningham, Lucy

Cunningham, Virginia

Curry, Charles W.J.

Curry, Elizabeth

Curry, Helen Brown

Curry, Louis

Curry, Violet

Curtis, Jeffery A.

Curtis, Muriel R.

Curtis, Richard E.

Cypher, Daniel

Cypher, Ramona

Cyr, Kathryn F.

Dahl, Andrew

Dahl, Charles M.

Dahl, Joseph

Dahl, Nancy A.

Dahl, Robert L.

Dahl, William R.

Dahlen, Abraham J.

Dahlen, Carol

Dahlen, Clifford A.

Dahlen, James C.

Dahlen, Laura W.

Dahlen, Richard

Dale, Frances Virginia

Dale, Howard Scofield

Dale, Thelma Joyce

Dale, Wallace S.

Daly, Annie

Daly, Betty L.

Daly, Edward

Daly, Edward

Daly, Gladys L.

Daly, Marvin H.

Daly, Michael A.

Daly, Ralph L.

Daly, Rose J.

Daly, Rueben E.

Danielson, Charles

Danielson, Emma

Danielson, Jack H.

Danielson, Janice L.

Davis, Edwin John

Davis, Emma W.

Davis, James

Davis, Joseph W.

Davis, Margaret J.

Davis, Mary Ann

Davis, Richard H.

Davis, Ruth M.

Davis, Sarah J.

Davis, William T.

Dawson, Anna Mae

Dawson, John J.

Dean (?), Eugenia S.

Dean (?), Hattie

Dean (?), James I.

Dean (?), May L.

Dean (?), Norman

Dean (?), P Jane

Dean (?), Travis A.

Dean, Chester E.

Dean, Gilbert H.

Dean, Hattie

Dean, James A.

Dean, Mary C.

Dean, Mary E.

Dean, Mary Janeth

Dean, Orlando A.

Dean, Robert H.

Dean, Saidee A.

Dean, Wesley G.

Dean, William F.

Dean, Zelah M.

Decker, Daniel James “Bittles”

Decker, Virgil Francis

DeGidio, Fern E.

DeGidio, George J.

DeGidio, Kathy L.

DeGidio, Vincent P.

DeGray, John L.

Deilke, Eva V.

Deilke, Ralph A.

Deines, Fannie S.

Deines, Howard W.

Deines, Joan

Deutsch, Jason Michael

Dickinson, Ida

Dickinson, Jean Margaret

Dickinson, Walter A.

Dietz, William G.

Dills (?), Mary E. Ryder

Dills, Frances H.

Dills, John C.

Dittbrenner, Herbert H.

Dittbrenner, Olive M.

Douglas, Ella M.

Doyle, Evelyn H.

Doyle, Marianne H.

Doyle, Richard E.

Drangstveit, Albert

Drangstveit, Florence

Drews, Don D.

Drews, Dorothy

Driver, Alice F.

Druley, Margaret M.

Duchene, Jeanine N.

Duffy, Harry E.

Duffy, Ida M.

Duffy, James H.

Duffy, Shirley I.

Dugan, Bernard V.

Dugan, Edith A.

Dugan, Margaret Wallace

Dugan, Rebecca L.

Dugan, Sharon Lee

Dunlap, Scott A.

Duprey, Daisy I.

Duprey, Frank A.

Duryee, Audrey J.

Duryee, Daniel L.

Duryee, John F.

Dvorak, Denny

Dwyer, Donald W.

Dyke, Frederick W.

Dymoke, Harry E.

Dymoke, Jennie

Earenfight, Helen F.

Earenfight, Robert R.

Early, Gertrude Palmer

Eastman, Fred A.

Eastman, Jean R.

Ebner, Geroge V.

Eddy, John G.

Eddy, Mabel D.

Edwards, Loretta E.

Egland, Edwin R.

Egland, Olefine O.

Egland, Robert A.

Ehlen, Henry J.

Ehlert, Frances E.

Ehrlich, Hans Arnold

Ehrlich, Margarete W.

Eidem, Brian R.

Eidsvold, Carl John

Eidsvold, Carrie

Eidsvold, Eugene A.

Eidsvold, Florence V. (Stewart)

Eidsvold, Henry O.

Eidsvold, Kenneth Carl

Eidsvold, Mollie

Eidsvold, Syprian

Eiler, Alan H.

Eiler, Catherine A.

Eitle, Imogene E.

Ekstedt, Carl J.

Eliason, Alma

Eliason, Emil J.

Elrod, Retha Shelby

Emanuelson, Mathilda

Emanuelson, Oscar E.

Emerson, Helen (Chadwick)

Empson – Naas, Stacie M. Bell

Enders, Kurt

Engberg, Eddy W.

Engberg, Gladys A.

Engelhard, Rose L.

Enger, August J.

Englehorn, Carl Louis

Englehorn, Evelyn D.

Englehorn, John Dickinson

English, Maggie

English, William M.

Engum (?), Hazel Marie

Engum (?), Theodore C.

Engwall, George

Engwall, Minnie

Ennenga, Kimberly Marie

Erbele, Paul A.

Erdahl, Jessie H.

Erhardt, Luella E.

Ericksen, Fritz E.

Ericksen, Richie V.

Ericksen, Ruth Ann Hegg

Ericksen, Teresa Jean

Ericksen, Verdun W.

Erickson (?), ‘ Mother’

Erickson (?), ‘Father’

Erickson, Daniel L.

Erickson, Harry O.

Erickson, Ida

Erickson, Ingvald

Erickson, Linda Jo

Erickson, Olga M.

Erickson, Robert E.

Eriksen, Einar

Eriksen, Josie A.

Everson, Allen R.

Everson, Eric John

Ewaldt, Cody H.

Ewaldt, Ruth L.

Faber, Margaret A.

Faber, William P.

Fairbanks, Lynette C.

Falk, Donald C.

Farley, Anna M.

Farley, Joe G.

Fehl, Timothy Stephen

Feist, Elizabeth

Feist, Frank

Felthein, Ruby

Fenn, Karl

Fenn, Pearl

Ferguson, Lucy S.

Ferris, George W.

Finsaas, Joseph Alvin

Finseth, Marlos S.

Finseth, Schley D.

Fischer, Karl E.

Fischer, Magdalena

Fisher, Timothy R.

Fitz, Kevin R.

Fitzgerald, Dagmar A.

Fitzgerald, James E.

Flatten, baby boy

Fletcher, Florence

Flindt, Lillian A.

Foede, Hazel R. Otterdahl

Forus, Albertine

Forus, Gustav S.

Forus, Irene L.

Forus, Otto

Forus, Sonna

Fosnow, Albert W.

Fosnow, Irene R.

Foth, Judy

Fourniea, Joseph H.

Fourniea, Patrick G.

Fourniea, Theodore K.

Fox, Joshua S.

Francis, John P.

Francis, Melvin J.

Francis, Mildren

Franks, Lilith R.

Franks, Norman

Franks, Norman

Franks, Sarah Edna

Franks, William J.

Franson, Signe

Frear, Charles H.

Frear, Elsie M.

Frear, Isabel Hunt

Frear, John S.

Frear, Mathilda Ray

Frear, Paul C.

Fredin, Adeline

Fredin, Malvin V.

Freeman, Jennie Welch

Freeman, William Jesse

Frettem, Ida M.

Freudenberg, Brenda D.

Freudenberg, Paul E.

Freuler, Mary Jane

Friend, Clarence

Frison, Darrius R.

Frost, Rena B.

Furuli, Andrew

Furuli, Axel O.

Furuli, Bertha

Furuli, Evelyn J.

Furuli, Marjorie Ellen

Gabriel, Leone M.

Gabriel, Neal W.

Gage, Ethel Thompson

Gage, Leigh Raymond

Gagne, Clayton F.

Gagne, Edna M.

Galchutt, Hilda C.

Galchutt, Walter E.

Gamelgaard, Lars

Gamelgaard, Minnie

Ganske, Sandra Lee

Gantner, David E.

Gantner, Sandra Loretta

Ganz, Henrietta

Garber, Julie Mae

Garborg, Blanche L.

Garborg, Elise Carol

Garborg, Trygve

Gardner, Eva Rae

Garner, George R.

Garner, June

Garner, Marguerite

Garner, Russell

Geiger, George J.

Geil, Daniel E.

Geise, Elizabeth A.

George, Evah D.

Georgia, Adeline H.

Georgia, Vernon W.

Gerard (?), Alfred Eugene

Gerard, ?est? ?

Gerard, Armand

Gerard, Armand B.

Gerard, baby

Gerard, Celestine

Gerard, Celestine

Gerard, Elmer

Gerard, Emile

Gerard, Esther

Gerard, Eugene

Gerard, Eugene N.

Gerard, Eugene S.

Gerard, Hyacinth M.

Gerard, Joseph

Gerard, Lora H.

Gerard, Louisa

Gerard, Marguerite

Gerard, Marguerite

Gerard, Mary A.

Gerard, Maximilian R.

Gerard, Norman N.

Gerard, Owen Leroy

Gerard, Rose E.

Gerber, Maxine M.

Gerhardt, Emma

Gerhardt, Jacob

Gerhardt, Paul R.

Gerhardt, Ruth M.

Gerry, Dennis John

Gerry, John I.

Gerry, Lorraine

Ghamandy, Jayson Yovin

Gibik, William Francis

Gibson, Lowell E.

Gibson, Nettie R.

Gibson, Winfred E.

Gilbertson, Jane C.

Gilbertson, Susan Kay

Gilley, Richard L.

Gilley, Thomas C.

Gilmer, Inez I.

Gilmer, L. Earl

Gisselman, Henry E.

Gisselman, Phyllis G.

Glad, Jeanette

Glynn, Edward

Glynn, Lethea

Goetze, Mary P.

Golden, Beatrice Olson

Golden, Hannah L.

Golden, James O.

Golden, John O.

Goodermont, Frederick L.

Goodermont, George Richard

Goodermont, Ruth E.

Goodrich (?), baby

Goodrich (?), Cornelia E.

Goodrich (?), Elroy G.

Goodrich (?), Frances M.

Goodrich (?), Rebecca A.

Goodrich (?), Ruth E.

Goodrich (?), Ruth H.

Goodrich (?), S. Augustin

Goodrich (?), Samuel A.

Goodrich, Abigail S.

Goodrich, Ellen

Goodrich, Elroy S.

Goodrich, Emily

Goodrich, John A.

Goodrich, Naidla Augusta

Goodrich, Samuel

Goodrich, Sarah J.

Goodrich, Seth Thomas

Gordenier, Mary B.

Gordenier, Robert O.

Grabow (?), Jessie I.

Grabow (?), Richard W.

Grabow (?), Willes J.

Grabow, Cora

Grabow, William

Grafelman, Carl G.

Grafelman, Hazel M.

Grafelman, Lee H.

Graham, Bertha A.

Graham, Harold H.

Gramand (?), James

Gray, Jan Elizabeth

Grazzini, Geraldine A.

Grazzini, Roger V.

Griepentrog, Eva V.

Griepentrog, Gottfred W.

Grill, John

Grover, Nellie Wideman

Grue, Marvin L.

Grue, Nancy S.

Guertin, Joseph L.

Guertin, Pearl G.

Gunville, Charles F.

Gunville, Jeanne M.

Gustafson, Catherine M.

Gustafson, Nellie Rapp

Guttmann, Diane K.

Guttmann, Thomas A.

Guy, George Edwin

Guy, Mable E.

Haause, Bernice

Haause, Ernest

Hackett, George H.

Haeg, Gregory L.

Haeg, Ron J.

Haeg, Thomas R.

Hagen, Curtis Leigh

Hagen, Julie Ann

Hagen, Kriss C.

Hagen, Norman B.

Hagen, Norman C.

Hagen, Ruth A.

Hagen, Sharon Joann

Hagen, Virginia

Haglund, Andrew

Haglund, Dora

Haglund, Doris

Haglund, Helen

Haglund, Walter Andrew

Hagman, Carl

Hagman, Elin

Hall, George H.

Hall, Katherine J.

Hall, Marian I.

Hall, Robert L.

Hamblin, Brian K.

Hamstreet, Margaret T.

Hamstreet, W. Earl

Hand, George

Hand, Margaret

Handley, George

Handy, Carroll A.

Handy, Corinne A.

Handy, Lillian B.

Hanrahan, Michael

Hansen (?), Anna

Hansen (?), Julia

Hansen (?), Weidert

Hansen (?), William

Hansen (?), William

Hansen, Elizabeth B.

Hansen, Gary L.

Hansen, Guy H.

Hansen, Harold R.

Hansen, Henry

Hansen, Mathew P.

Hansen, Phyllis H.

Hanson, Andrew

Hanson, Bennie S.

Hanson, Clara T.

Hanson, Clinton S.

Hanson, Evelyn F.

Hanson, Hans

Hanson, Ione B.

Hanson, Kari

Hanson, Marlin M.

Hanson, Raymond A.

Hanson, Scott M.

Hanson, Violet I.

Hargreaves, Cecil L.

Hargreaves, Frank E.

Hargreaves, Ralph L.

Harrison (?), Amelia

Harrison (?), Clement D.

Harrison (?), Edith Hope

Harrison (?), Elizabeth A.

Harrison (?), Eva Ethel

Harrison (?), Martha J.

Harrison (?), Nellie C.

Harrison, Anna J.

Harrison, Bertha I.

Harrison, Clement A.

Harrison, Edward

Harrison, Gertrude

Harrison, Hulda Cook

Harrison, Jerry

Harrison, Joseph

Harrison, Martha J.

Harrison, Ruth Margaret

Harrison, William A.

Hart, Richard C.

Hart, Richard Joseph

Harvey, Wendell

Hausladen, Jean H.

Hausladen, Walter A.

Hawkinson, Borghild

Hecht, Altha B.

Hecht, Clarence G.

Hecht, Wayne C.

Hecker, Lena A.

Hecker, Paul W.

Heger, Kenneth J.

Heger, Vivien E.

Heggernes, Dorothy G.

Heglund, Minnie

Heglund, Schoning

Hegre, Lucile

Hegre, Theodore A.

Heilig, John B.

Heilig, Minnie

Heinle, Nancy A.

Heisler, Ann Kathrine

Heitzman, Doris

Heitzman, Elwood

Hellinghausen, Marie F.

Hendricks, Beda M.

Hendricks, Robert M.

Hendrickson, George O.

Henle, Alois

Henle, Cora A.

Hexom, Carl A.

Hexom, Clara L.

Heyer, Ethel K.

Heyer, Richard E.

Hicks, James H.

Hilbert, Doris G.

Hilbert, W. Grant

Hilgers, Patricia A. Kelley

Hillyer, Joyce M.

Hillyer, Lyle H.

Hinz, Johann

Hinz, Meta T.

Hirsch, Ed

Hitchcock, Marvin F.

Hiveley, Albert

Hiveley, Elmer E.

Hiveley, Mary R.

Hiveley, Robert

Hoaglund, Arnold A.

Hoaglund, Bernice H.

Hoaglund, Emory C.

Hoaglund, Fred

Hoaglund, Helen A.

Hoaglund, Lou Etta

Hoaglund, Rose

Hoaglund, Wallace R.

Hobart, Elizabeth

Hobart, John I.

Hobart, Wallace A.

Hoch (?), Nicholas

Hodgeman, Ira E.

Hodgeman, Mildred E.

Hohag, Albert

Hohag, Ruby

Holling, Patricia Mae

Holman, Mabelle W.

Holman, Thomas S.

Holman, Thomas S.

Holmberg, Larry I.

Holmberg, Olga G.

Holsten, Gregory A. Ericksen

Holtgren, Josephine

Holtgren, Lawrence

Hooper, Charles Henry

Hooper, Rebecca Goodrich

Hopkins (?), Charlotte

Hopkins (?), Charlotte H.

Hopkins (?), Harry Earl

Hopkins (?), Joseph I.

Hopkins (?), Leigh H.

Hopkins (?), William J.

Hopkins (?), William L.

Hopkins, Charlotte

Hopkins, Charlotte Harrison

Hopkins, Dorothy M.

Hopkins, George E.

Hopkins, Helen L.

Hopkins, Joseph I.

Hopkins, Leigh Harrison

Hopkins, Mark L.

Hopkins, Mark Luman

Hopkins, Merle Robert

Hopkins, William Johnson

Hopkins, William Lloyd

Horner, Maude Tansey

Hortsch, Brian Garner

Hostetler, Beverly

Hostetler, Sandra

Hostetler, Verl

Hotvedt, Helga Oline

Howe, Douglas Frank

Howe, Peter E.

Hoyne, Lillian J.

Hron, Betty Ann

Hubbard, Erle E.

Hubbard, Virginia M.

Huber, Audrey C.

Huber, Edward E.

Huber, Lillian G.

Huber, Martha

Huber, Reiny A.

Huber, Wilhelm

Huebner, Richard C.

Huffman, Darryl F.

Humphrey, Gwendolyn

Hunter, Florence A.

Huston, Alma J.

Huston, Myrtle L.

Huston, Paul H.

Hustrulid, Anna

Hustrulid, Iver

Huynh, Duong Bich

Huynh, Huynh Lam

Hylland, Herbert R.

Hylland, Ione M.

Ibeling, Frederick W.

Ibeling, Olga H.

Ida, Louise E.

Imrit, Leila “Ivy”

Ind, Eugenia E.

Ind, Lewis B.

Isaacson, Grace

Isaacson, Olaf I.

Isenhour, Elizabeth

Isenhour, Elizabeth

Isenhour, Georgina

Isenhour, James

Isenhour, John H.

Isenhour, John H.

Isenhour, Joseph Leonard

Isenhour, Leonard

Isenhour, Leonard

Isenhour, William Franklin

Iverson, Doris L.

Iverson, Kenneth R.

Iverson, Kenneth R.

Jacobson, Anna M.

Jacobson, Isaac M.

Jacobson, Lawrence S.

Jacobson, Marion Bradbury

Jacobson, Olive A.

Jacobson, Paul

Jacobson, Peter J.

Jacobson, Rosemary C.

Jacobus, Edward L.

Jacobus, Florence I.

Jeche, Evalyne J.

Jeche, Norman E.

Jensen, Anna C.

Jensen, Arthur C.

Jensen, Arthur W.

Jensen, Christian

Jensen, Ellen J.

Jensen, Marlys A.

Jessen, Henry

Jessen, Minerva

Johanson, Andrew

Johanson, Elsie Lee

Johansson, Henning

Johansson, Mikkelsen

Johnson (?), Arthur S.

Johnson (?), Charles M.

Johnson (?), Freda A.

Johnson (?), Knute

Johnson (Ybarra), Lillian L.

Johnson, Agnes M.

Johnson, Albert G.

Johnson, Alice E.

Johnson, Anna C.

Johnson, Anne

Johnson, Betty Jane

Johnson, Charles

Johnson, Charles A.

Johnson, Charles J.

Johnson, Charles M.

Johnson, Christine D.

Johnson, Clara H.

Johnson, Clarence E.

Johnson, Colleen

Johnson, Dennis W.

Johnson, Dorothy A.

Johnson, Douglas E.

Johnson, Edna C.

Johnson, Elmer S.

Johnson, Eric A.

Johnson, Ernie

Johnson, Esther

Johnson, Evelyn C.

Johnson, Everett W.

Johnson, Georgene S.

Johnson, Gladys I.

Johnson, Herbert S.

Johnson, Herman

Johnson, Hugh A.

Johnson, Hugo W.

Johnson, Inez E.

Johnson, Irene A.

Johnson, Jerry

Johnson, Leonard M.

Johnson, Lynette M.

Johnson, Marcella

Johnson, Marian Ione

Johnson, Maurice F.

Johnson, Nina G.

Johnson, Nina T.

Johnson, Oscar J.

Johnson, Petra J.

Johnson, Phyllis M.

Johnson, Ralph C.

Johnson, Roland G.

Johnson, Sharon J.

Johnson, Thomas G.

Johnson, Walter M.

Johnston, Lucretia

Jones, Edward D.

Jones, Ivan E.

Jones, Jennie L.

Jones, Michael F.

Jones, Muriel I.

Jorgenson, Carl A.

Jorgenson, Carrie

Jorgenson, Clarence P.

Jorgenson, Helen J.

Jorgenson, Inga M.

Joyner, Ernest B.

Joyner, Errol S.

Judge, Debra J.

Justen, Agnes A.

Justen, Arthur P.

Justen, Richard W.

Kaefer, Gladys I.

Kaefer, Waldemar

Kaiser, Lora

Kalmen, Bruce J.

Kalmen, Cora

Kalmen, Irene E.

Kalmen, Joseph C.

Kanapathipillai, Murugesu

Kannenberg, Ida

Kappel, Louis

Karow, Dale “Ed”

Karow, Iris M.

Kauch, Bun Heng

Kauch, Rondo

Kawamura, Kodo

Kawamura, Toshi Tereda

Kell (?), Charles

Kell (?), Mary A.

Kell, Emma

Kell, Fannie Morris

Kell, Freeman

Kell, Henry

Kell, Jane

Kell, Mary L.

Kell, Olive H.

Kell, Rae Ellis

Kell, Rolfe W.

Kell, Terrell E.

Kell, Thomas

Kell, Vern H.

Kell, William

Kell, William

Kell, Willie

Keller, Evelyn A.

Kelley – Youngquist, Marion M.

Kelley (?), Alice

Kelley (?), Arthur

Kelley (?), Bertha

Kelley (?), Betty

Kelley (?), Emily

Kelley (?), Henry J.

Kelley (?), James S.

Kelley (?), James W.

Kelley (?), Mattie

Kelley (?), Robert H.

Kelley, Alfred F.

Kelley, Arthur Averill

Kelley, baby girl

Kelley, Claire V.

Kelley, Clarence W.

Kelley, Clarlotte A.

Kelley, Cora Scofield

Kelley, Delbert G.

Kelley, Emerson W.

Kelley, Ethel

Kelley, Evelyne E.

Kelley, Florence C.

Kelley, Frank B.

Kelley, Frank P.

Kelley, George

Kelley, George F.

Kelley, Helen C.

Kelley, James W.

Kelley, James W.

Kelley, Jennie A.

Kelley, John

Kelley, John N.

Kelley, Kenneth J.

Kelley, Lillian E.

Kelley, Loraine M. “Susie”

Kelley, Mary Jane

Kelley, Michael G.

Kelley, Nellie G.

Kelley, Ray W.

Kelley, Rebbeca

Kelley, Regina R.

Kelley, Robert H.

Kelley, Robert J.

Kelley, Spence H.

Kelley, Stanley W.

Kelley, Tilla M.

Kelley, Warren P.

Kelley, Warren P.

Kelley, William

Kellington, Barbara

Kelly twins – Arthur & Patricia

Kelly, David Earl

Kelly, Eugene C.

Kelly, Frances D.

Kelly, Joanne E. “Buhr”

Kenney, Gladys (Chadwick)

Kenney, Grace W.

Kenney, Hayden H.

Kenney, Helen L.

Kenney, J. Belle

Kimm, Ellisa M.

Kimsong, Mony

Kingsley, Charles

Kingsley, Harriet

Kirk, Ida M.

Kitowski, Gary J.

Klepel, Ernest C.

Kleppe, Evelyn Laura

Knoke, Grayce Arlene

Knoke, Lester Henry

Knoll, Edward O.

Knoll, Hilda

Knoll, Otto

Knott, Eliza G.

Knott, Grant A.

Knudsen, Grace B.

Knudsen, James M.

Knudsen, Knud

Knudsen, Lee C.

Knutson, Earl E.

Knutson, Kevin E.

Knutson, Lars

Knutson, Margaret H.

Knutson, Marie Ann

Koch, Albert

Koch, Linnea

Koehnen, Bonniy Jo

Koehnen, Walter Henry

Koepke, Kristen Rae

Kohl, Thelma Mikkelsen

Kollars, Michael K.

Kooiman, Arnold

Kooiman, Carol A.

Kooy, Betty J.

Koppang, Leslie D.

Korder, Leonard G.

Kormendy, Clarice M.

Kormendy, Edward L.

Kornder, Babetta M.

Kornder, Barbara

Kornder, Della H.

Kornder, Edward G.

Kornder, Emma

Kornder, George J.

Kornder, Henry E.

Kornder, Herbert A.

Kornder, John M.

Kornder, John W.

Kornder, Louis

Kornder, Pearl N.

Kornder, William

Kornder, William L.

Korum, Duane W.

Kost, Helen B.

Kostol, Anna Mary

Kostol, Knute

Koval, John

Kramp, Doris

Kramp, Howard

Kramp, Susan

Krause, Leon George

Krautbauer, Charles G.

Krautbauer, Robert K.

Krautbauer, Rosella F.

Krell, Randolph Henry

Krieg, David L.

Krieg, Edna G.

Krieg, Maxine

Krohn, Mary Ann

Kroohn, Calma

Kroohn, Nels

Krous, Ben F.

Krueger, Devere D.

Krueger, Thelma R.

Krzyzaniak, June M.

Krzyzaniak, Richard A.

Ktytor, John

Kuehn, Frank

Kuyper, Lyle E.

Lafrance, Jean L.

Lafrance, Vincent

Lafrance, Yvonne M.

Laitala, Alvina Therese

Laitala, Russell Edward

LaLonde, James D.

Lambrite, David S.

Lambrite, Laura E.

Lammers, Gertrude

Lammers, Raymond S.

LaMont, Kerry

Lampman, Grace L.

Landon, Cora Brown

Landon, William T.

Lane, Louise S.

Lane, Thomas

Lang, Robert P.

Langner, Rinehold

Langner, Susan

Langton, Herminia G.

Langton, J. Warren

Lansing, Mabel

Larsen, Harold G.

Larson, A. Waldo

Larson, Alice B.

Larson, Astrid D.

Larson, Elaine Marie

Larson, Eunice

Larson, Gerald J.

Larson, Hazel E.

Larson, James H.

Larson, Paul Cole

Larson, Tillman O.

Larson, Virginia D.

Larson, William

Laubee, Ida May

Laursen, Anton

Laursen, Ellen

Lavake, E. Benita

Lavake, Rae T.

Lawrence, John

Lawson, Dolores J.

Lawson, Edith A.

Lawson, George J.

Lawson, Hazel

Lawson, Neil C.

Layman (?), Mary E.

Layman (?), Warner M.

Layman, Edith

Layman, Eugene F.

Layman, John Edwin

Layman, Julia M.

Layman, Richard Eugene

Le, Khanh V.

Lea, Charles

Lea, Clara

Lea, Doris

Lea, Earl

Lea, Ken Scott

Lea, Kenneth

Leavitt, Albert L.

Leavitt, Emily M.

LeBorius, John

LeBorius, Louise

Lebude, Carl Wm.

Lebude, Ethel C.

Lebude, Fred W.

Lee, Agnes E.

Lee, Russell E.

LeFeber, Emma A.

Legvold, Herman N.

Legvold, Sarah E.

Leininger, Michael W.

Lembke, Clara May Palmer

Lempke, David T.

Leonard, James P.

Lewis, Benny

Lewis, Theresa

Lim, Hour Kea

Lind, Karin A.

Lind, Landon Gregory

Lind, Merton L.

Lindau, Barbara Ann Marie Braaten

Lindau, James Harold

Lindberg, Burdette

Lindberg, Doris E.

Lindell, Frances Rose

Linder, Albert E.

Lindgren, Penny M.

Lindquist, Roger D.

Lindquist, Theresa J.

Lindsoe, Ronald

Lindstrom, Lester C.

Lindstrom, Lillian I.

Linville, Lawrence M.

Linville, Sondra Y.

Liptrap, Barbara Ann

Liptrap, D’Ann R.

Litchy, Jean Alvina

Litchy, John J.

Livingston, Caroline

Livingston, Louise H. Franson

Llono, Patricia Jean

Lloyd, Dona June

Lloyd, Florence

Lloyd, William

Lofback, Bernard H.

Lofquist, Anna Elizabeth

Lofquist, Carl Algot

Loftus, Kathryn Rose

Logan, John W.

Lombard, Amanda M.

Lone, Katherine M.

Lone, Luella M.

Lone, Nadra L.

Lone, Norbert N.

Lorensen, Edith B.

Lorensen, Ernest

Lorensen, Magdalena

Lorensen, Theodore H.

Lovestrand, Duane

Lovestrand, Stephen Mark

Lovestrand, Virginia

Ludvigsen, John M.

Ludvigsen, Margaret J.

Ludvigsen, Margit C.

Lund, Olga B.

Lund, Roy C.

Lundeen, Marie

Lundeen, Oscar R.

Lundeen, Scott B.

Lyzenga, Anton G.

Lyzenga, Judith M.

Maas, Avis E.

Maas, Walter R.

MacDonald, Douglas C.

MacDonald, Ellen J.

MacDonald, Ellen Jane

MacDonald, Frances S.

MacDonald, James D.

MacGeorge, E. Gertrude Ames

Mack, Dorothy O.

Mack, Patrick M.

Mack, Paul D.

Mackay, Ilse Marianne

Macomber, Margaret M.

Macziewski, Janet Marie

March, William T.

Marchall, Morris

Marko, Lydia M.

Marko, Rudy M.

Markuson, Bessie J.

Markusson, Carl W.

Marlow, J.E.

Maroney, Janelle E.

Maroney, Thomas J.

Marose, Marie H.

Marose, William G.

Marquardt, Phyllis G.

Marquardt, Robert B.

Marshall, James W.

Marshall, Olive M.

Martin, Lana Plucinak

Martz, Jeannette H.

Martz, W.C. “Chuck”

Mattern, Alyce

Mattice (?), Alice Scofield

Mattice (?), Charles Kenneth

Mattice (?), Charles Walter

Mattice (?), Mary Alice

Mattice (?), Nina E. Henriksen

Mattice (?), Norman McLeod

Mattice, Craig S.

Mattice, Craig Scofield

Mattice, Douglas E.

Mattice, E. Burrell

Mattice, Ethel May

Mattice, Evelyn Laura Kleppe

Mattice, Florence Angelina

Mattice, Helen M.

Mattice, Janet M.

Mattice, Lois A.

Mattice, Nellie K.

Mattice, Norman K.

Mattice, Rexford K.

Mattice, Shirley E.

Mattice, Wallace M.

Mattice, Wallace M.

Mattson, William A.

McAfee, Alice M.

McAfee, Charles

McAfee, James M.

McAfee, Mary E.

McAfee, Wm. J.

McAfee, Wm. John

McAllister, Alan G.

McAllister, Kenneth E.

McAllister, Lillian H.

McCaly (?), Donald

McCarthy, David Justin

McClay (?), Arthur J.

McClay (?), Jane

McClay (?), Marian A.

McClay (?), Samuel

McClay (?), Victor

McClay, Edward R.

McClay, Hester

McClay, Lillian M.

McClay, Lorraine E.

McClay, Percy

McCollow, Doris J.

McCollow, Terrence J.

McCoy, Emma

McCoy, Frank

McCubbins, Bell

McCutchan (?), Blaine R.

McCutchan (?), Josephine E.

McCutchan, Bruce T.

McCutchan, Nancy R.

McCutchan, Rodney Eugene

McCutchan, Rodney Eugene

McDermeit, Andrew Michael

McDermott, Bernard

McDermott, Carol

McDonell (?), Ethel

McDonell, Jesse M.

McElroy, David F.

McGerr, John “Jack”

McGilp, Andrew F.

McGilp, Mabel I.

McGregor, George H.

McGuffee, Ruth V.

McKay, George W.S.

McKay, Michael C.

McKay, Nellie A.

McKay, Susan M.

McKee, Esther A.

McLean, Alice M.

McLean, Blanche Nesbitt

McLean, Kenneth Y.

McLean, Roy I.

McLeod (?), Isabelle

McLeod (?), Martin J.

McLeod (?), Mary E.

McLeod (?), Mary E.

McLeod (?), Nicholas

McLeod (?). Walter S.

McLeod, Elizabeth M.

McLeod, M.

McLeod, McLeod

McMahan, Nina Kelley

McMullen, Dorothy N.

McMullen, Francis T.

McNally, Bernice

McNally, Beryl

Meade, Tiffany Lorraine

Meincre, Arthur C.

Meincre, Etta E.

Melin, Betty J.

Melin, James R.

Mellby, Ruth E.

Mellby, Theodore

Melum, Arthur V.

Menning, Mary Lou

Menning, Rod

Meredith, Joyce E.

Meredith, R. Leo

Messig, Jon

Meyer, A.J.

Meyer, Velda M.

Mikkelsen, Elizabeth

Mikkelsen, Martin

Mikkelson, Jean H.

Mikkelson, Wilfred L.

Millar, Laura M.

Miller (?), Edwin B.

Miller (?), Jacob

Miller (?), Luella M.

Miller (?), Ralph C.

Miller (?), Theresa

Miller, Carlton C.

Miller, Ethel F.

Miller, Evelyn Hart

Miller, Everett

Miller, Everett R.

Miller, Kenneth J.

Miller, Ruth E.

Millican, Debra K.

Mills, Bruce Allan

Mills, Helen M.

Mills, Leon M.

Mills, Rose S.

Miner, Edna M.

Miner, Harold L.

Minetor, Hilma M.

Minetor, John J.

Minetor, Katherine I.

Mitchell, David

Mitchell, Elizabeth

Moberg, Donald C.

Moe, Albin O.

Moe, Carl

Moe, Ethel

Moe, Helen M.

Moe, Mary J.

Moen, Kenneth M.

Mohs, Milton M.

Moir, ?? cy  Geriro?

Moir, Allan I.

Moir, Gertrude B.

Moir, James

Moir, James A.

Moir, Sara

Moline, Carl G.

Moline, Irene W.

Moline, Merrill C.

Moll, Charmaine A.

Monroe, Jerome A.

Mooney, Alan Wayne

Moran, Douglas W.

Moran, Florence L.

Moran, Thomas E.

Mork, Emily Arlene

Morris (?), Emily A.

Morris (?), George

Morris (?), Orville

Morris, Alfred F.

Morris, Florence H.

Morris, Hertha M.

Morris, Jane

Morris, Leo F.

Morris, Thomas

Morrison, Alfreda E.

Morrison, Marvin W.

Morse, Daniel Harding

Morse, David Kingsbury

Morse, James Kingsbury

Morse, Rachel McDonough

Mount, Clarence E.

Mount, Edward C.

Mount, Hulda E.

Moy, Hildred Fhung

Moy, Jimmy

Muhl, Alfred J.

Muhl, Patty A.M.

Muhlenhardt, Eileen Nesbitt

Mullen, Marlys J.

Mullen, Richard D.

Muller, Judith Fay

Mullin, Douglas E.

Mullin, Florence M.

Mundal, baby

Mundal, Jens

Mundal, Maria

Munson, Eric Nathaniel

Munson, Margaret V.

Munson, Paul P.

Muonio, Ernest J.

Muonio, Rebecca M.

Muonio, Sylvia E.

Murphy, George P.

Murphy, Susan A.

Nall, Reynolds Phipps

Nall, Virgil N.

Napier, Briggs H.

Napier, Delpha M.

Nash, Robert W.

Nasstrom, E. Robert

Nasstrom, Emma

Nelson, Barbara C.

Nelson, Chris Eugene

Nelson, Emma C.

Nelson, Gustava

Nelson, Hans

Nelson, John

Nelson, Lena

Nelson, Lorne W.

Nelson, Nelie W.S.

Nelson, Richard E.

Nelson, Theresa H.

Nesbitt (?), Norman

Nesbitt (?), Samuel

Nesbitt, Eliz. Jane

Nesbitt, James

Nesbitt, Jane

Nesbitt, Norman

Nesbitt, Samuel

Nesbitt, Samuel J.

Nesbitt, Sarah Jane

Ness, Marie J.

Nesse, Jenny O.

Nesse, Thorvald

Neuber, Erwin

Neumann, Ervin Harry

Neumuth, Florence B.

Neville, Florence A.

Neville, Frank F.

Newman, Rose L.

Newman, Sara Nicole

Nguyen, Ngo Van

Nicholas, Beverly A.

Nicholas, Douglas V.

Nicholson, Lavina A.

Nielsen, Josephine C.

Nimsger, Frances L.

Nolan, Andy E.

Nolan, Hazel M.

Nolan, Matilda Ancel

Nolan, Richard D.

Noleen, Lenore B.

Noleen, Vernon C.

Noonan, Thomas S.

Nord (?), George J.

Nord (?), Ruth W.

Nord (?), Swan M.

Nord, Clay E.

Nord, Lois A.

Nord, Signe

Northway, Annie

Northway, Charles C.

Northway, Frank

Northway, Marie V.

Noss, Evelyn M.

Novakowski – Zins, Sondra Marie

Nowack, Danie P.

Nowack, Janet A.

Nyberg, Devan B.

Nyberg, Gertrude L.

Odegard (?), Caroline E.

Odegard, Alfred J.

Oian, Earl LeRoy

Oian, Shirley Ruth

Oleson, Andrew

Oleson, George

Oleson, Mamie

Olmsted, Gertrude M.

Olsen, Emma L.

Olsen, Peder I.

Olson, Alberta

Olson, Barbara Ann

Olson, Delores Mae

Olson, Florence R.

Olson, Gust E.

Olson, LaVerne L.

Olson, Lorraine I.

Olson, Margaret Armond

Olson, Oscar B.

Olson, Otto Edward

Olson, Roy B.

Olson, Ruth E.

Olson, Sherman H.

Olstad, Ellen Engum

Olstad, Gerald C.

Oney, Donald T.

Only “Our Beloved Dad” with Ericksen ?

Oppegard, Bruce

Oppegard, Lillian C.

Oppegard, Ralph A.

Ortley, Jane

Otterdahl, Dawn P.

Otterdahl, Duane N.

Otterdahl, Kay C. Wolber

Otterdahl, Nanford B.

Overby, Michael R.

Overlid, Elias B.

Overlid, Myrtle L.

Owens, Charles E.

Oxborough (?), baby

Oxborough (?), Effie E.

Oxborough (?), Fred W.

Oxborough (?), Rebecca

Oxborough (?), Robert G.

Oxborough (?), Robert H.

Oxborough (?), Sarah

Oxborough (?), Walter J.

Oxborough, Arthur M.

Oxborough, Belle E.

Oxborough, Catherine B.

Oxborough, Eliza

Oxborough, Frank J.

OxBorough, Henry

Oxborough, James

Oxborough, James William

Oxborough, John

Oxborough, Mary

Oxborough, Rose Ann

Oxborough, Thomas

Pahl (?), Muriel Beverly

Pahl, Gilbert O.

Pahl, Kenneth Allen

Pahl, Marvin T.

Pahl, Thelma M.

Palandri, August A.

Palm, Hazel J.

Palmer (?), James

Palmer (?), Warner

Palmer, A. Mabel

Palmer, Abigail (?)

Palmer, Abram

Palmer, Abram (?) T.

Palmer, Alice B.

Palmer, Alice M.

Palmer, Angeline

Palmer, Charles H.

Palmer, Chester L.

Palmer, Clarence L.

Palmer, David R.

Palmer, Donald

Palmer, Doris M.

Palmer, Ella V.

Palmer, Eva M.

Palmer, Eva M.

Palmer, Garry G.

Palmer, Geo. W.

Palmer, Harry

Palmer, Hazel B.

Palmer, Henry L.

Palmer, Kenneth

Palmer, Leonard G.

Palmer, Louis E.

Palmer, Lucius C.

Palmer, Martha Jane

Palmer, Mary I.

Palmer, Myrtie

Palmer, Phebe

Palmer, Phebe Lero

Palmer, Ruth

Palmer, Samantha

Palmer, Vernon R.

Palmer, Wilber

Palmer, Wilber (?)

Palmer, Wilbert T.

Palmer, William A.

Palmer, Willie

Palumbo, Tami Lea

Parker, Angeline J.

Parker, Emma A.

Parker, Frances

Parker, Frank G.

Parker, Guy C.

Parker, Harleigh S.

Parker, James

Parker, James

Parker, James M.

Parker, Jas.

Parker, John P.

Parker, Julia

Parker, Lucinda A.

Parker, Lucy

Parker, Mabel M.

Parker, Mary

Parker, Miranda A.

Parker, Ralph S.

Parker, Rita H.C.

Parker, Robert M.

Parker, Sarah J.

Parks, Jeanett J.

Partlow, Dewey J.

Partlow, Gail A.

Patenaude, Albert G.

Patrick, Lorraine I.

Patterson, Mildred F.

Pearson, Annette M.

Pearson, Axel Robert

Pearson, Claue S.

Pearson, Hulda M.

Pearson, Mary Elizabeth

Pearson, Ollie F.

Pease, Elizabeth E.

Pease, Eunice A.

Pease, Frank S.

Pease, Mary Ann

Pease, Silas

Pease, Sylvester

Pedersen (?), Marie

Pedersen (?), Walter G.

Pedersen, Eleanor W. “Bing”

Pedersen, Emanuel C.

Pedersen, Hulda E.

Pedersen, James Lee

Pedersen, Kenneth G.

Pedersen, Lucille

Pedersen, R.H. “Buff”

Pederson, Betty A.

Pederson, George

Pederson, Julie M.

Pederson, Minnie A.

Pederson, Philip C.

Pegors, Dorothy M.

Pegors, Mahlon L.

Pellett, Della G.

Pellett, Perley P.

Pentz (?), Bessie B.

Pentz (?), George A.

Pentz, Donald E.

Pentz, Donald W.

Pentz, Wilfred

Pepin, Alida

Pepin, Joseph

Pepin, Matilda

Perkins, George E.

Perkins, George Peter

Petersen, Marie E.

Peterson, Aimer

Peterson, Annie M.

Peterson, Beda J.

Peterson, Blanche E.

Peterson, Charles T.

Peterson, Christian T.

Peterson, David W.

Peterson, Donald O.

Peterson, Doreen A.

Peterson, Earling A.

Peterson, Elaine V.

Peterson, Harry N.

Peterson, Ida C.

Peterson, John

Peterson, John A.

Peterson, John R.

Peterson, Judith Ann

Peterson, Lars

Peterson, Leroy V.

Peterson, Lydia M.

Peterson, Marie

Peterson, Mary Jo McCutchan

Peterson, Mary Loretta

Peterson, Melissa Leigh

Peterson, Mercele J.

Peterson, Peter M.

Peterson, Philip H.

Peterson, Wilhelmena C.

Peterson, Wm. Emden

Pfeiffer, Carolyn J.

Phelan, Renee Keyes Somers

Phillips, Judith J.

Phillips, Ronald A.

Phipps, Burdette D.

Phipps, David F.

Phipps, Irma I.

Phongsavat, Pha

Phongsavat, Tay

Phongsavat, Thongphat

Picciano, George A.

Picciano, Ione E.

Pidgeon, Brittany and Rozanne (twin infant granddaughters)

Pidgeon, John G.

Pidgeon, Madalen M.

Pierpoint, Rose E.

Pierpoint, Walter S.

Pikala, Frank C.

Piloto – Herrera, Eddy

Pinske, Gordon T.

Pinske, Gregory R.

Pinske, Margaret P.

Pinske, Michael A.

Pitcher, Clarence L.

Pitcher, Ella C.

Pitcher, Fred L.

Pitcher, Lillian E.

Pletcher, Roger L.

Plucinak, John F.

Poels, Henriette Laure

Poferl, Catherine E.

Poferl, John T.

Poferl, Norma K.

Pollack, Michael S.

Pond (?), Agnes P.

Pond (?), Archie H.

Pond (?), E. Robert

Pond (?), Edward R.

Pond (?), Elizabeth

Pond (?), George J.

Pond (?), Gideon H.

Pond (?), Gideon H.

Pond (?), Jeannette H.

Pond (?), Marcus D.

Pond (?), Maria F.

Pond (?), Mary Frances

Pond (?), Sadie L.

Pond (?), Winifred L.

Pond, Agnes C.

Pond, Agnes C. Johnson

Pond, Dugald Stewart

Pond, Effie Dawes

Pond, Elizabeth J.

Pond, Elizabeth R. Humphrey

Pond, F. Wilson

Pond, Frank A.

Pond, Frank W.

Pond, Gideon

Pond, Gideon H.

Pond, Gladys M.

Pond, Harold H.

Pond, Hermon Hine

Pond, Jane Elizabeth

Pond, Jessie Palmer

Pond, Muriel A.

Pond, Sarah Poag

Pond, Sarah Pouge

Pope, Emma G.

Pope, James D.

Porter, Ihlia Mae

Porter, Lawrence W.

Posey, Armelia L.

Posey, George A.

Potts, Elizabeth L.

Powers, Marion

Powers, Sidney

Prestegard, Gloria J.

Prestegard, Keith E.

Prestegard, Peter J.

Prestegard, Selma

Puckett, Donald

Puckett, Ronald

Pung, Arnold Louis

Putnam (Novak), Joyce M.

Putnam, Bess L.

Putnam, Perry E.

Quinn, James P.

Raaum, Elsie I.

Rabbett, Ruth M.

Rabbett, Thomas E.

Radeztsky, Michael Lane

Raiter, Marvel M.

Rannow, Jeffrey K.

Rapp, O. Herman

Rardin, Ida B.

Ray (?), baby

Ray (?), Eliza

Ray (?), Eliza M.

Ray (?), Lydia W.

Ray (?), Moses

Ray (?), Willie

Ray, Elizabeth

Ray, Elizabeth

Ray, Margaret A.

Ray, Mary

Ray, Mary

Ray, Rebecca

Ray, William

Raymond, Charles

Raymond, Emma

Raymond, May

Raymond, Newel J.

Raymond, Newton

Ream, Joseph

Rebeck, Fred E.

Rebeck, Kim Marie

Reed (?), Fred William

Reed (?), Marie Clarice

Reed, Ethelyn F.

Reed, Lloyd W.

Reese, Jeremiah Paul

Reichardt, Heather A.F.

Reuder, Leo R.

Reynolds, Albert M.

Reynolds, Viola I.

Rezac, John D.

Rezac, Patricia A.

Ribar, Anthony J.

Ribar, Mary A.

Rice, Donald M.

Rice, Evaline V.

Rich, Charlotte

Rich, Elijah

Richardson, Byron A.

Richardson, Flossie A.

Riegert, Lucille M.

Riegert, Myron M.

Rischmiller, Donald V.

Ritchie, baby

Roberts, Benjamin F.

Roberts, Donald K.

Roberts, Gertrude F.

Roberts, Lois M.

Roberts, Martha H.

Robinson, Douglas B.

Robinson, Larraine T.

Robinson, Ray A.

Robinson, Thomas M.

Rockett, Della V.

Rockett, Paul Raymond

Rodger, Mary D.

Rodysill, Jerome O.

Rodysill, June A.

Roedel, Donald J.

Roemer, Robert W.

Roemer, Virginia L.

Rogalla, Terry

Roger, David

Roleff, Dorothy S.

Roleff, Fred J.

Roleff, Frederick J.

Rose, Addie B.

Rose, Walter Norris

Rosenow, Carol H.

Roser, Enoch

Roser, Isabell M.

Rothwell, Robert J.

Rueger (?), Leonard J.

Rueger (?), Pauline

Rueger, Fred

Running, Garry L.

Running, Gerhard L.

Running, Leonard G.

Running, P. Beverly

Ruter, Dennis J.

Ruzicka, George E.

Ruzicka, Stanley F.

Ryder, Glenn W.

Ryder, Glenn W.

Rydjord, Curtis

Rydjord, Dona M.

Sage, Elizabeth

Salzer, Edmund J.

Salzer, Rose M.

Sams, Carol Ann

Sams, Steven Dewayne

Samuelson, John A.

Samuelson, Matilda

Sanders, Gertie B.

Sanders, Lester F.

Sanders, Marjorie Mae

Sanders, Ralph C.

Sanford, Helma C.

Sanford, Warren W.

Sanger, Rudolph

Sanning, George H.

Sanning, Vera H.

Satre, Emily C.

Saunders, Edgar

Saunders, Emma

Sauter, Kenneth A.

Sauter, Regina G.

Savage, Alvina A.

Savage, Christine M.

Savage, Frederic E.

Savage, Frederic E.

Savage, Joe Eli

Savage, Lorene D.

Scepurek, Agnes M.

Scepurek, Peter J.

Scharber, Kathleen A.

Schilz, Gerald F.

Schilz, Marlys E.

Schmidt, George W.

Schmidt, Hazel M.

Schneider, Eunice E.

Schoch, Marilyn E.

Schoenack, Loraine H.

Schoenack, Paul N.

Schoenben, Beulah M.

Schoenben, Harold A.

Schrafft, Larry D.

Schrafft, Sally A.

Schuffenhauer, Jeanette M.

Schuffenhauer, Kenneth R.

Schulte, Renee Marie

Schultz, August

Schultz, Blanche E.

Schultz, Marie

Schultz, Rudy L.

Schuster, Anna M.

Schuster, Frank

Schwamb, Florence I. Ancel

Schwyzer, Gustav

Scofield, ?

Scofield, Alice Maud

Scofield, Angelina S.

Scofield, Angelina S.

Scofield, Annie E.

Scofield, Annie E. Bruseau

Scofield, Caroline S.

Scofield, Charles C.

Scofield, J.D.

Scofield, Leslie H.

Scofield, Leslie Harold

Scofield, Mabel Viola

Scott (?), baby Donald

Scott (?), Elizabeth F.

Scott (?), Jeremiah J.

Scott (?), Nellie M.

Scott (?), Warner C.

Scott, Charles

Scott, Elmer C.

Scott, Emma B.

Scott, Eugene J.

Scott, James A.

Scott, Leroy F.

Scott, Lola

Scott, Marie F.

Scott, Oliver

Sejrup, Wilhelm

Senstad, Clifford H.

Senstad, Myrtle I.

Shafer, baby

Shannon, Robert A.

Sharp, Karen L.

Shea, Anna Johnson

Shelton, Anna Belle Morris

Shelton, Joel Ellis

Shelton, Richard L.

Sherman, Hubert T.

Sherman, Patsy O.

Shinler, Gary Lee

Shinler, Wallace F.

Sieber, Albert

Sieber, baby

Sieber, Charles F.

Sieber, Elsie E.

Sieber, Herman

Sieber, Mary Ruth

Sieber, Minnie

Siewert, Mary J.

Siewert, Russell A.

Simmons, Arvid

Simmons, Esther J.

Simmons, Frederick M.

Simmons, Helen

Simmons, Patricia D.

Simmons, Wallace F.

Simmons, Wallace F.

Simon, Frank N.

Simonson, Elwood V.

Simonson, Reinhart B.

Simonson, Sondra R.

Sjolsvold, John H.

Skare, Barbara

Skare, Sigurd

Skinn, Joyce B.

Skjelstad, Elaine Beverly

Skjelstad, Kare Johan

Skogland, Frances J.

Skogland, John D.

Skrukrud, Kathleen Kay

Sletten, Laura Josephine Carlson

Smart, Earl G.

Smart, Maybelle C.

Smith (?), Albert

Smith (?), Stella A.

Smith, Agnes H.

Smith, Alfred H.

Smith, Frank O.

Smith, Guy L.

Smith, Hannah C.

Smith, Helen Grace

Smith, Joybelle R.

Smith, June J.

Smith, Kate Aline

Smith, Letitia W.A.

Smith, Mabel

Smith, Mabel S.

Smith, Mary K.

Smith, Melvin A.

Smith, Myrl V.

Smith, Peter G.

Smith, Raymond L.

Smith, Robert H.

Smith, Verona M.

Smith, Victor D.

Snidarich, Frank J.

Snidarich, Maxine A.

Snyder, Betty A.

Snyder, George R.

Snyder, Lois V.

Sobolik, Eleanor Jane

Solberg, D. Daniel

Song, Henry Hyoungsup

Song, Jane Jungran

Songle, Neva E.

Songle, Rayder

Sonnenberg, James R.

Sonnenberg, Ruth K.

Sorenson, Dana J.

Sorenson, Jonathan

Spear, Gene

Spear, Louis E.

Spear, Phoebe H.

Spencer, Evelyn I.

Spencer, Martha M.

St. Cloud, Sarah

St. Martin (?), Emanuel S.

St. Martin (?), Mary Adele

St. Martin, Belle Pond

St. Martin, Carrie E.

St. Martin, Charles C.

St. Martin, Elsie

St. Martin, George C.

St. Martin, Hazel

St. Martin, Richard E.

St. Martin, Tim

Stahl, Joseph Andrew

Stalcup, Evalene Page

Stalcup, Horatio Bertrum

Stanchfield, Hannah E.

Stanchfield, William A.

Standish, Cecelia

Standish, Clinton

Standish, Diana Lynn

Standish, Elsie M.

Standish, Florentin G.

Standish, Harrison

Standish, Hazel M.

Standish, Lillian C.

Standish, Lora E.

Standish, Lucy

Standish, Miles C.

Stange, Daisy B.

Stanley, Andrew

Stanley, E.B.

Stanley, H. Mariah

Stanley, Nancy

Stansberry, Douglas C.

Stanton, Rexgeney (?) B.

Staples (?), Emogene

Staples (?), George H.

Stark, Beverly J.

Stark, Elizabeth

Stark, Esther

Stark, Irving

Starr, Dorothy Turner

Starr, Lawrence

Starret, Nancy

Steadman, Donald LeRoy

Stebbins, Rose Ellen

Steensgard, Benjamin Robert

Steenson, Loretta B.

Steffen, Douglas E.

Steuck, Roger W.

Stewart, Barnette C.

Stewart, Christine M.

Stewart, Eliza Mae

Stewart, Herbert W.

Stewart, John James

Stewart, Lisa Marie

Stewart, Sarah A.

Sticha, Dorn H.

Stistrup, Treus

Stordal, Christ

Stordal, Olivia

Storm, Clifford W.

Strand, Calmer T.

Strand, Charles G.

Strand, Helen E.

Strand, Michelle

Strand, Rose K.

Stratton, Florence E.

Stratton, Terry L.

Stratton, Wallace F.

Stricker, Edmond Carl

Stricker, Mae H.

Strobel (?), Gladys A.

Strobel (?), John P.

Strobel, Dale John

Strobel, Delores

Strohmeier, Dorothy Ann

Strohmeier, Fred W.

Strohmeier, Margaret Layman

Strong, Carl E.

Subak, Shirley A.

Subak, William J.

Sullivan, Gladys I.

Sullivan, John Robert

Sumner, Frank C.

Sumner, Frank G.

Sundberg, Leonard W.

Sundberg, Marion

Swanson, Carolyn Kay

Swanson, Leland Roy

Swartz, Harold F.

Swartz, Melissa L.

Szoke, Margaret E.

Tabor, Joyce O.

Tabor, Walter E.

Tansey (?), Maren

Tansey (?), Rasmus

Tellett, Dorothy I.

Therrien, Clara M.

Therrien, Wilfred D.

Thew, James H.

Thew, Stasia M.

Thoma, Dawn J.

Thoma, Frances

Thoma, Francis

Thoma, James R.

Thomas, Apolnear

Thomas, Bessie R. Gerard

Thomas, Judd M.

Thomas, Magdalena

Thomasberg, John A.

Thompson (?), Augustus

Thompson (?), Ella G.

Thompson (?), Fred E.

Thompson (?), Sarah

Thompson, Archibald A.

Thompson, Daniel S.

Thompson, Edmund Eugene

Thompson, Edward W. “Tom”

Thompson, Elizabeth A.

Thompson, Margaret M.

Thomson, Goldie M.

Thomson, William S.

Thorne, Hannah P.

Thorson, Roy T.

Thorsteinson, Claire

Thorsteinson, John

Thran, Lloyd H.

Thurairajalingam, Mathanaraj

Tirrell, Lola Jean

Tirrell, Pax

Tischleder, Mark E.

Todenhagen, Mathilda J.

Tolefson, May McDonell

Toms, Roy

Topham, Ann Davis

Torkelson, Gordon V.

Torkelson, Myrtle “Ginger”

Torkelson, Myrtle A.

Torrini, David James

Totenhagen, Edward C.

Townsend, Betty L.

Townsend, Genevieve L.

Townsend, Grant

Townsend, Milo G.

Townsend, Sena A.

Tranby, Kristine J.

Trank, Charles A.

Trank, Pearl V.

Trank, Walter

Traver, Lucy J.

Travis, Russell

Tretyakov, Yuriy

Trost, Grayce M.

Trygg, Gregory E.

Trygg, Helmer G.

Trygg, Vivian M.

Urbach, Joyce A.

VanAusdle, Eugene H.

VanDoornik, Antonette

VanDyke, Malcolm W.

VanHandel, Doris M.

VanHandel, Gerald E.

VanKempen, Myrtie I.

VanNess, Charles

VanNess, Dorothy

VanNess, Edward C.

VanNess, Frank

VanNess, Fred

VanNess, George

VanNess, Hayes

VanNess, Lucinda J.

VanNess, Mildred

Varecka, Charles P.

Vavricka, Cecile A.

Vavricka, Wayburn J.

Veness (?), Helen M.

Veness (?), William M.

Veness, Brian K. “Buddy”

Veness, Chris B. “Smokey”

Veness, Herbert A.

Veness, Jody Scott

Veness, Marguerite M.

Veness, Robert M.

Veness, William K.

Vessey, Gertrude

Vessey, Hazel M.

Vessey, Margaret

Vessey, Mary

Vessey, Minnie M.

Vessey, Myrtle G.

Vessey, Robert A.

Vessey, Thomas

Vessey, Wing A.

Vessey, Wm. H.

Vestal, Ethel

Vestal, Virgil

Vinge, Daniel Ray

Vinge, Douglas A.

Vinge, John H.

Vinge, John P.

Vinge, Lola

Vinge, Nina L.

Vinge, Nina M.

Vinge, Ralph E.

Vinge, Ray

Vittera, Steven F.

Voelker, Burney A.

Vollender, C.M.

Wackerbarth, Eldon E.

Wagner, Arlington R.

Wagner, Jane E.

Waldron, Heber G.

Waldron, Marian L.

Waletzki, Alice R.

Waletzki, Ernest F.

Walgren, Ethel A.

Walker, Lisa Beth

Wallin, Kathye Jo

Wallon, Hulda F.

Walseth, George V.

Walseth, Minnie A.

Walsh, Lawrence J.

Walsh, Mona M.

Ware, George A.

Ware, L. Belle

Warriner, A.L.

Washburn, Lillian L.

Wassing, Scott M.

Watkins, Adelaide V.

Watling, Albert V.

Watling, Elsie O.

Watson, Elizabeth M.

Watson, Florence M.

Watson, Mark W.

Watson, Oather E.

Watson, William P.

Weber, Arthur A.

Webster, Robert J.

Weisert, Adolph

Weisert, Caroline

Welch, Anna

Welch, Emily

Welch, Susan

Wells, Belle

Wentz, Scott

Werth, Elizabeth M.

Wertish, Raymond J.

Wescott, Anna K.

Wescott, George T.

Wesley, Myrtle S.

West, Francis R.

West, Francis R.

West, Susanah

Westberg, Theo. H.

Westrum, Daisy D.

Westrum, Merriam O.

Westrum, Selma

Wetzel, Arnold W.

Wetzel, Dorothy M.

Wetzel, Randy A.

Whallon, Martin S.

Whipps, Donald M.

Whipps, Mildred Leone

Whitaker, Lucy J.

Whitaker, Vernon K.

White, Cora Mattice

White, David R.

White, Leona V.

White, Ralph E.

Whited, Bernard M.

Whited, Evelyn G.

Whitmarsh, Harvey D.

Whitney, Blanche V.

Whittemore, Hazel Lee

Wick, Evelyn C.

Wick, Lloyd D.

Wick, Steven L.

Wideman, Louis A.

Wigginton, Marie W.

Wiley, Roy J.

Williams, David J.

Williams, Lila H.

Williams, Robert A.

Williamson, Alleen Y.

Williamson, Ann Evon

Williamson, George Pond

Williamson, Lois I.

Williamson, Thomas A.

Williamson, William W.

Wilson, Charles E.

Wilson, Earl T.

Wilson, Ella Marie

Wilson, Mildred K.

Winkelman, Steven Enoch

Wipf, Rhonda L.

Wise, James A.

Wise, Jeffery Dean

Wittl, Anna

Wittl, Frank X.

Woehrle, Harold Milborn

Woehrle, Ruth Richey

Wohlford, Frances A.

Wohlford, Seth C.

Wojciechowski, John

Wolber, Raymond M.

Wolf, Paul A.

Wolf, Phyllis Mae

Wolfe, Doyle Ferris

Wolfe, Edward Allen

Wolfe, Georgena Kathleen

Wolfe, Troy

Woodfill, Caroline

Woodfill, William H.

Wren (?), Edna B.

Wright, Francis

Wright, Harold E.

Wright, Howard H.

Wright, Vauneta

Wright, Vivian B.

Yaw, Mary Ann

Young, Elaine M.

Zalusky, Mary L.

Zank, E. Ruth

Zank, Owen J.

Ziemer, William G.

Zinnie ?, Dale B.

Zinniel, Lavern F.

Zissler, Darwin

Zitterow, Norman O.

Zochert, Ewald O.

Zube, Edward E.

Zube, Olga O.


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