Trinity Lone Oak Cemetery

city of Eagan, Dakota County, Minnesota: T27N - R23W, section 2

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Central and Northern Dakota County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This cemetery is in good shape. The cornerstone of the church is dated 1902. Above the doorway is written Ev. Luth. Dreieinigkeits Kirche. The church at this site has an active congregation. There is a plaque near the edge of this cemetery that mar the spot where the ‘Lone Oak’ tree stood up until a few years ago. The lone oak tree was a local landmark at one time.

The flag at the site is in memory of Marvin C. Ratzlaff - 1989 -. Trinity Lone Oak Cemetery - Established in 1880.

The Dakota county cemetery compilation lists this cemetery as: Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran Cemetery, established 1880. 2 acres. Located SE 1/4 of Section 2. Dodd Raod and Highway 55.

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during June of 2001.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 2001


Everyone is listed in alphabetical order.

Barbara R. Anderson

Charles W. Anderson

Friedrich Bartz

Hanna Bartz

Karl Wilhelm Hugo Bartz

Ludwig M. Bartz

Hulda L. Bathker

Julius E. Bathker

Lillie E. Bathker

Alwin Becker

baby Becker

Erwin H. Becker

‘Father’ Becker (?)

‘Father’ Becker

Henry Becker (?)

Herbert Becker

‘Mother’ Becker

‘Mother’ Becker (?)

Anna Benke

Carl Benke

Herman Fridrick Karl Benke

Johanna Carolina Friederike Benke

Frank W. Berfelz

Gertrude Berfelz

Minnie C. Berfelz

Minnie J. Berfelz

Willard A. Berfelz

Frederick Bester (?)

Hattie Bester (?)

August W., son of Julius & Hulda Bethke

Edward (?) A., sone of Julius & Hulda Bethke

Friedrich Wilhelm, son of Julius & Hulda Bethke

Hermann A., son of Julius & Hulda Bethke

Holda M., daughter of Julius & Hulda Bethke

Louise W. C. (?), daughter of Julius & Hulda Bethke

August H.W. Blassey

Hermann H.R. Blassey

Lorna C. Boeck

Anna A. Boesel

Christian C. Boesel

Frank C. Boesel

Fred A. Boesel

Henriette Boesel, nee Ewald

Johanna M. Boesel

Margaret Bra?

William Bra?

Alvin Brau?

August Braun

Anna Braun

Bertha M., daughter of August & Anna Braun

Christina Braun, nee Englert

Emma Braun

Friedrich, son of Friedrich & Christine Braun

Mary Braun

Mildred L. Braun

Victor J. Braun

Wilhelm F. Braun

Wilhelm F.A., son of August & Anna Braun

Bertha Bruder

Bertha Bruder

Bertha Bruder

Carl Bruder

Elsa L.W. Bruder

Karl H. Bruder

Karl H. Bruder

Hilda Stock Buelke, wife of Martin

Anna M. Bunde

August F. Bunde

?, ? of F. & Burow (?)

Anna M. Burow

Fred Burow

Ida W. Burow

Marie Burow

William F. Burow

Florence Cliff

Herman Cliff

Albert W. Darsow

Anna C. Darsow

Berthold J. Darsow

Delmar J. Darsow

Elmer W. Darsow

Fredericka Darsow

Harry A. Darsow

Heinrich J.W. Darsow

Herman F. Darsow (?)

Ida M. Darsow (?)

Laura E. Darsow

Myrtle C. Darsow

Wilhelm F. Darsow

Betty L. Davis

Marshall S. Davis

Marshall S. Davis

Ada J. Dehrer

Casper J. Dehrer

Edward W. Dehrer

Elroy D. Dehrer

Ethel Dehrer

Hermine A. Dehrer

Irene D. Dehrer

Louis F. Dehrer

Louisa J. Dehrer

Marie J. Dehrer

Martha Dehrer

Martin J. Dehrer

Minette C. Dehrer (?)

Raymond, son of C. & M. Dehrer

Robert J. Dehrer

Robert J. ‘Sam” Dehrer

Verna (Karol) Dehrer

Theodore H. Dehrer

Wilfred W. Dehrer

Wilhelmina Dehrer

Marion Dittman

Carl F.H. Dittmann

‘Father’ Dittmann (?)

** Hermann Dittmann (?) 7 December 1866 - 1 February 1936**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

** Marie Dittmann (?) 21 March 1874 - 21 September 1922**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

‘Mother’ Dittmann (?)

Bertha Doehline

Evelyn A. Doehling

Helena B. Doehling

Helena B. Doehling

Herman Doehling

Ludwig J. Doehling

Otto W. Doehling

Walter F. Doehling

Edward B. Doehrer

Johann Casper Doehrer

Katharina M. Doehrer

Lizette K.M., daughter of E. & K. Doehrer

Margaretha Scheidler, wife of Johann Casper Doehrer

Mathilde L., daughter of E. & K. Doehrer

Wilhelmine F., daughter of E. & K. Doehrer

Cora Reinke Engelman

Anna Englert

Dorothy E. Englert

Edwin J. Englert

Elizabeth Englert

Elsie L. Englert

Esther E. Englert

Fred L. Englert

Helena B. Englert

Henry C. Englert

Henry F. Englert

Johanna Englert (?)

Karl Englert

Louis C. Englert

Lulu M. Englert

Margaretha B. Englert

Margretha Englert

Michael Englert

Michael Englert

Otto B. Englert

Walter A. Englert

Walter Ferc (?)

Carl A. Franz

Minnie C. Franz

Violet Franz

Adela Franzmeier

Elmer Franzmeier

John Franzmeier

Ottilie Franzmeier

Wilhelm Franzmeier

Wilhelmine Franzmeier

Freiderich Frentz

Augusta Genz

Elsie B. Genz

Francis Genz

Freidrich Genz

Henry H. Genz

Wilhelm ? O. L. Genz

Bertha Genz Gessner

Carlina Gilcher

Edward F. Gilcher

Augusta Glewwe

Carl Glewwe

W.F. Glewwe

Albert Goers

Bertha Goers

Hugo Goers

Julie Goers

Raymond Goers

Ruth Goers

William Goers

Aug. F. Goetzke

Cora H. Goetzke

Eugene, son of L. & M. Goetzke

Jane D. Goetzke

Julius A. Goetzke

Marie B. Goetzke

Olga M. Goetzke

Ulrika Goetzke

Wilhelm H.W. Goetzke

Charles A. Grewe

Margaret Grewe, nee Post

Albert E. Groth

August Groth

Augusta A. Groth

Cora M. Groth

Eugene Groth

Ferdinend Groth

Reinhold Groth

Anna Hawemann

Herman Hawemann

Rudolf F. Hawemann

Anna J. Heuer, nee Buhr (?)

Anna S. Heuer

August Heuer

August F. Heuer

baby boy Heuer

Bertha A. Heuer

Clara A. Heuer

Eduard J. Heuer

Elsa M. Heuer

Elsa W. Heuer (?)

Elsie M. Heuer

Emilie Heuer

Ernestine (?) Heuer

Frank A. Heuer

Fred W. Heuer

Fredericka A. Heuer

Fredrick Heuer

Fredrick G. Heuer (?)

Friedrich Heuer

Henry Heuer

Herbert W. Heuer

Ida Heuer

Jimmy, son of Warren & Delores Heuer

Julius A.W. Heuer

Louis Heuer (?)

Ludwig K. Heuer (?)

Luella Heuer

Mary E. Schwanz Heuer

Minna B. Heuer (?)

Minnie Heuer (?)

Walter Heuer

Walter A. Heuer

William F. Heuer

Anton (?) Hoeppner

Bertha Hoeppner

Rick (?) Hoeppner

Anna B. Holz

August W., son of W.O. (?) & E.M. Holz

Augusta Holz (?)

Clara M. Holz (?)

Edward W. Holz (?)

Elisa Holz, nee Dehrer

Ella A. Holz

Esther J. Holz

Florence E. Holz

Herman J. Holz

Hugo W. Holz

Julius Holz (?)

Louisa Holz

Otto Holz

Otto J. Holz

Raymond H. Holz

Wilhelm Holz

William F. Holz

Elmer L. Jack

Carl Janke

Louise Janke

**Caroline Jensen, wife of John Peter Jensen,  8 June 1888 - 6 March 1930**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

John P. Jensen (?)

**John Peter Jensen, husband of Caroline, 14 July 1881 - 13 April 1971 **  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Hugo C. Chr. Kaiser

Albert W. Kirchner

Alwin Kirchner

Arthur Kirchner

baby Kirchner

baby Kirchner (?)

baby girls Kirchner (?)

Clarence Kirchner (?)

Dorothea B. Kirchner

Edward Kirchner (?)

Edward Kirchner (?)

Emilie Kirchner (?)

Esther B. Kirchner

George T. Kirchner

Harold J. Kirchner

Harry W. Kirchner

Helen W. Kirchner

Ida Kirchner

Julia Kirchner

Larry A. Kirchner

Lloyd E. Kirchner

Luella L. Kirchner (?)

Lydia W. Kirchner

Rose Kirchner

Walter Kirchner

Franz H.H. Klande

August H. Knick

Holdina Groth Knick

Eleanora Kowalke

Otto B. Kowalke

Elsie Kraft

August W. Lau

Erna L. Lau

Herbert R. Lau

Wilhelmine Lau

Julia A. Lee

Emily Schwanz Moore

Hilve Motz Moss

Alice A. Motz

Charles Motz

Clara Motz

Cora Motz

Erwin F. Motz

Fred Motz

James Gary Motz

Lillian Motz

Louis Motz

Louis T. Motz

Louise Motz

Mary Motz

Otto A. Motz

William Motz

Minnie H. Nachtigal (?)

August J.F. Nachtigall

David J. Nachtigall

Emma A. Nachtigall

Martha B. Nachtigall

Sarah Nachtigall, nee Pfeiffer

Beatrice Neckita

Michael Neckita

Dorothea A.W. Nivala

Herbert N. Nivala

Adolf Ohmann (?)

Dorothea M. Ohmann

Gerhardt F.W. Ohmann

Herman Henry Ohmann (?)

Louisa Emma Emilie Ohmann

Maria Ohmann (?), nee Linert

William H. Ohmann

??inrich (?) A. Otto (?)

Caroline Otto

Herman E. Otto

Amanda M. Pagel

Augusta Pagel

Elmer Pagel

Elsie E. Pagel

Martha I. Pagel

Paul W. Pagel

Walter H. Pagel

‘Wife’ Pagel (?)

Wm. Pagel

John V. Pfieffer

Marie Pfieffer, nee Maurer

Anton F. Pieper

Elizabeth H. Pieper

Hermine Pieper

Otto Pieper

Fred J. Pietsch

Helen Braun Pietsch

Alma C. Post

Emelie W.H. Post

Frederich W. Post

Frederick Post

Gertrude Post, nee Burow

Heinrich A. Post

Hermann (?) Post

Minnie Post

Rudolph W. Post

Wilhelm A.G. Post

Wilhelm G.L. Post


Emilie Raddatz (?)

Herman Raddatz (?)

Adela M.F. Rahn

Alfred Rahn

Anna Rahn

August F. Rahn

August L. Rahn

Augusta B. Rahn

Augusta L. Rahn

baby daughter of Gary & Pamela Rahn

Bertha Rahn

Carl F. Rahn

Carl J. Rahn

Clara E. Rahn

Edith Rahn

Edwin J. Rahn

Edythe M. Rahn

Emil F.W., son of J. & A. Rahn

Emma Rahn

Emma Rahn

Ferdinand Rahn

H.C.A. (Heinrich ?) Rahn

Henriette Rahn, nee Braun

Herbert W.L., son of A.F. & L. Rahn

Hermina Rahn

Hildegard Rahn

Hulda Rahn

Johann Rahn

Julius H. Rahn

Louise E. Rahn

Louis M. Rahn

Margaret Rahn

Minnie B. Rahn

‘Mother’ Rahn (?)

Otto W. Rahn

Reinhold Rahn

Stella A. Rahn

W.F. Rahn

Walte (?) H. Rahn

Willard W. Rahn

August William Ratzlaff

Louise Ratzlaff

Marvin C. Ratzlaff

Verna Ratzlaff

Alvin Rechenberg

Anna Maria Rechenberg, nee Holz

Eduard Rechenberg

Anton Rechtzigel (?)

Emelie Rechtzigel (?)

George Rechtzigel

Walter J.H. Rechtzigel

‘Father’ Reinke (?)

Herman “Sam” Reinke

Herman F.W. Reinke

Lillian Reinke (?)

‘Mother’ Reinke (?)

Olga J.W. Reinke

Taehlein, son of F. & B. Reinke

Theodore Reinke (?)

Wilhelmine Reinke, nee Dorow

Ludwig L. Rueger

Richard L. Rueger

Stella C. Rueger

Thelma F. Rueger

Albert H. Sachs

Donna Mae Eloise Sachs

Dorothy J.M. Sachs

Emma F.A. Sachs

Emma L. Sachs

Esther M. Sachs

Frank Sachs

George J. Sachs

Helen L. Sachs

LaDonna M. Sachs

Lloyd W. Sachs

Louis H. Sachs

August Sass (?)

Ferdinand J.H. Sass

Louisa Sass (?)

Philippine G.W. Sass

Donald B. Schaaf

Douglas M. Schaaf

Gladys M. Schaaf

Sharon A. Schaaf

Virgil D. Schaaf

Christian G. Schindeldecker

Earl J. Schindeldecker

Marlene L. Schindeldecker

Olga R. Schindeldecker

Albert Schmidt

Albert C. Schmidt

Bertha Schmidt

Christian Schmidt

Clara S. Schmidt

Donald H. Schmidt

Donald H. Schmidt

Gustav Schmidt

Gustav H. Schmidt

Henriette Schmidt, nee Blossey

Henry Schmidt (?)

Herman O. Schmidt

Margaret Schmidt (?)

Margaret Schmidt

Margaretha Schmidt, nee Englert

Matie T. Schmidt

Minna Schmidt

Paul F. Schmidt

WIlhelm H.C., son of G. & M. Schmidt

Gail Schnoor

Ray C. Schnoor

Johanna Schobe

? Schwanz (?)

Albert H. Schwanz

Alma A. Schwanz

August F.H. Schwanz

baby son of Mr. & Mrs. H.L. Schwanz

Bernahard H. Schwanz

Charles Schwanz (?)

Clarence L. Schwanz

Edmund Schwanz

Eduard W.M., son of ? & M. Schwanz

Elsa A.H., daughter of Wilhelm and Henriette Schwanz

Gayhard Schwanz

Harold B. Schwanz

Henriette Maria Schwanz

Herman Schwanz (?)

Hertha M. Schwanz

Ida H.E. Schwanz

J. Friedrich Schwanz

Julius Schwanz

Julius Schwanz

Laverna E. Schwanz

Linda Schwanz

Louise Schwanz (?)

Ludwig F.J. Schwanz

Margaretha Schwanz

Martin Schwanz

Reinhold F. Schwanz

Rudolph F.C., son of W. & M. Schwanz

Sophie Schwanz

Steven N. Schwanz (?)

Wilhelm J. Schwanz

Wilhelmina Schwanz

William J. Schwanz

Charles Schwolow

Ernst F. Schwolow

George W.F. Schwolow

Johanna B.E. Schwolow

Marie D. Schwolow

Marie J. Schwolow

Minna J.L. Schwolow

Reinhard A. Schwolow

Selma Schwolow

Wilhelmine Schwolow, nee Burow

Jeffery Lee Scott

Susan Cynthia Scott

Augusta, wife of Hermen Segler

Alma M. Sell (?)

Bertha Sell (?)

Charles A. Sell

Clara A. Sell

Elsie A. Sell

Erna A. Sell

Erwin Sell

Frank W. Sell (?)

Fred A. Sell

Henry A. Sell

Lois J. Sell

Lucille Sell

Louise Sell

Lydia J. Sell

Walter C. Sell

William H. Sell (?)

William R. Sell

Willie, son of William and Lynne Sirvas

Phillis L. Stake

baby girl Stefonek (?)

Martin Gerred Stock

Albertine W. Stoyke

Christian H. Stoyke

Anna Maria Timm, born in Zu Kaltenhof Insel Poel Mecklenburg Schwerin

Fred Timm

Fritz Timm,born in Zu Wismar (?) Mecklenburg Schwerin

Pauline Timm

Albert F. Trapp

Albert G. Trapp

Alma C. Trapp

Amanda Trapp

Augusta Trapp

Bertha Trapp, nee Frank

Charles F. Trapp

Charles F. Trapp

Clara M. Trapp

Dorothy Louise Trapp

Emma F.C. Trapp

Esther M. Trapp (?)

‘Father’ (Wm ?) Trapp (?)

Franz H., son of W. & W. Trapp

Fredericka W.M. Trapp, nee Gerber

Herbert F. Trapp

Louis B. Trapp (?)

Louis F. Trapp

Louisa Trapp

Ludwig G.C. Trapp

Mary Trapp

Minna M. Trapp

‘Mother’ Trapp (?)

Otto Trapp

Wilhelm (?) Trapp

Wilhelmine G. Erdmann, wife of Wilhelm Trapp

baby boy, son of Francis and Dorothy Trost

Helen C. Tykeson

Erwin W. Ulrich

Irma E. Ulrich

‘Father’ Unruh (?)

‘Mother’ Unruh (?)

Andrew James Vik

Henry E. Vogt

Henry M. Vogt

Joan B. Vogt

Lena M. Vogt

Arthur J. Volkert

Ethel F. Volkert


Albert H.K., son of F. & K. Wagenknecht

Albertina Wagenknecht

Augusta Wagenknecht

Carl Wagenknecht

Catherine Wagenknecht

Charles W. Wagenknecht

Clara A.J. Wagenknecht

Emma C. daughter of F. & K. Wagenknecht

Edward Wagenknecht

Friedrich Wagenknecht

Friedrich G. Wagenknecht

Johann Wagenknecht

Karl J.E. Wagenknecht

Lisette Wagenknecht

Louis F. Wagenknecht

Mabel Wagenknecht

Violet Wagenknecht

C. (?) Ferdinand Walther (?)

Johannes Walther

Theodora P. Walther (?)

Lucille E. Weckop

Melvin H. Weckop

Emelie J. Weierke (?)

Joan A. Weierke

Minnie Weierke

Otto Weierke

Reinhold H. Weierke (?)

Reinhold R. Weierke

Roger F. Weierke

Verna F. Weierke

Elaine Weigert

Adolph J. Wilde

Emelie Aug. Wilde

Frederick C. Wilde

Olga P. Wilde

J.F. Wittenberg

baby Wunder

Lena Wunder

Max C. Wunder

William Wunder

Not able to determine surnames for the following:

Lena - no dates - near Boesel

Anna G. - rest buried - with stone with A.C.R.

Wilhelm  - near Englert

Elizabeth  - near Englert

Maria  - near Englert

August  - near Englert

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