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Jonathan Carver

April 10, 1710 Weymouth, Massachusetts - January 31, 1780 London, England

    Know in his later years as Captain Jonathan Carver, world traveler and explorer Jonathan Carver was born at Weymouth, Massachusetts April 10, 1710, the son of Ensign David and Hannah (Dyer) Carver.  

    Jonathan Carver was married twice and likely married to both of the women at the same time.  His first wife was (1) Abigail Robbins, daughter of ?.  Abigail Robbins is listed in the Canterbury, Connecticut, Congregational Church Records as baptized April 17, 1726.  Jonathan Carver married Abigail Robbins at Canterbury, Connecticut October 20, 1746.  Jonathan and Abigail (Robbins) Carver had seven children.  All seven of their children were born at Montague, Massachusetts.

         (1A) Mary Carver, born April/May 8, 1747 - married Simeon King in July 1765 Montague, Massachusetts - Simeon King was baptized October 8, 1738, the son of Simeon and Mindwell (Parsons) King.  

         They had a son Jonathan Parsons King and daughter Eunice King {born November 16, 1786 and died February 9, 1831; buried Congregational Church at Brandon, Vermont}.  They may have also had daughters Lucy (King) Ambler- married to William Ambler, born ? and died before 1826; and Abigail (King) ?.

         -- Lucy King married William Ambler April 1797.  Lucy (King) Ambler died before 1826, probably at Lyons, New York.  The children of William and Lucy (King) Ambler were:

             --- William Ambler, born July 4, 1798 at Brandon, Vermont and died ? at Northville, Michigan;

             --- Moses Ambler, born ? {married (1) Maria Rogers in 1824 and (2) Fanny Wood in February 1827 at Tinmouth, Vermont};

             --- Lucy (Ambler) Diamond, born ? {married John Diamond between August 1822 and September 1825};

             --- Henry/Harry Ambler, born ? - {married Mindwell Carver in November 1826 at Brandon, VermontMindwell Carver was a 1st cousin to Henry Ambler's mother, Lucy (King) Ambler}.

         -- Eunice King married the widower Charles Johnson of Chesterfield, Vermont.  The children of Charles and Eunice (King) Johnson were: 

             --- Mary L. (Johnson) Lincoln, born July 11, 1814 - died 1853 {married Daniel Scoville Lincoln at Brandon, Vermont September 1841, children may have been:

                 ---- Sarah Emma (Lincoln) Dikeman

                 ---- Jane Ellen Lincoln; 

                 ---- Mary Alice Lincoln;  

                 ---- Charles Arthur Lincoln;  

                 ---- Grace Gertrude (Lincoln) Carpenter, and 

                 ---- Ella Amanda (Lincoln) Thomas}, 

             --- Abigail (Johnson) Townsend {married John Townsend at Brandon, Vermont?, children may have been 

                 ---- Mary (Townsend) Phillips;  

                 ---- Eunice (Townsend) Smith; 

                 ---- Abbie (Townsend) Willis; and 

                 ---- Annette (Townsend) Shippy}, 

             --- Parsons King Johnson, born May 8, 1816 - died November 23, 1907.  Parsons King Johnson married Laura Bivins in May 1850 at St. Paul, Minnesota.  The children of Parsons King and Laura (Bivins) Johnson were: 

                 ---- Julia King (Johnson) McFadden;  

                 ---- Charles Douglas Johnson; 

                 ---- Frank Bivins Johnson, was born September 1, 1862 at Mankato, Minnesota {married Leonora Eliza Hamlin in June 1886, at Brainerd, Minnesota, their children were: 

                     ----- Etta May Johnson, born May 3, 1888 at Brainerd, Minnesota and died May 6, 1888 at Brainerd, Minnesota; 

                     ----- Erma (Johnson) Kyle, married Claud C. Kyle March 31, 1928, she was born January 15, 1892 at Brainerd, Minnesota; 

                     ----- Frank Bivins Johnson, Jr., born November 13, 1894 at Brainerd, Minnesota - married Laura Dorothy Anderson August 3, 1921; 

                     ----- William Henry Johnson; and 

                     ----- Clarence ? Johnson}.

         (1B) Abigail Carver, born May 29, 1748 - married Joshua Goss in September 1774 Montague, Massachusetts. 

         (1C) Sarah Carver, born June 8, 1750 - married Samuel Church in June 1775 Montague, Massachusetts.

         (1D) Rufus Carver, born December 14, 1754 - married Priscilla Cummings in November 1780 Montague, Massachusetts.  Their children were: 

         -- Fanny (Carver) Keeler, born December 16, 1781 {married Seth Keeler in August 1795 at Brandon, Vermont?};

         -- Levens Carver; 

         -- Jonathan Carver;  

         -- Sally (Carver) Warner, born in 1788 {married Ebeneezer Warner in July 1815 at Brandon, Vermont};  

         -- Abigail (Carver) Beal, born ? {married David R. Beal in September 1811}; 

         -- Olive (Carver) Cooley, born ? {married Walter Cooley in July 1813 at Brandon, Vermont};  

         -- Mindwell (Carver) Ambler, born ? {married Henry/Harry Ambler in November 1826 at Brandon, Vermont.  Mindwell Carver was a 1st cousin to Henry Ambler's mother, Lucy (King) Ambler}; 

         -- Polly Carver, died at the age of 31 in May 1827; and

         -- Lucy Carver, died at the age of 14 months in February 1803.  

         (1E) Olive Carver, born July 1757 - married Moses Gunn in July 1781 Montague, Massachusetts.

         (1F) Jonathan Carver, born January 1759.

         (1G) Mindwell Carver, born May 1762.

    Abigail (Robbins) Carver died in 1802 and is buried at Brandon, Vermont.  

    In February, 1769 Jonathan Carver sailed to England, where he remained the rest of his life.

    While in London , England, in 1774, Jonathan Carver was married a second time to the widowed (2) Mrs. Mary Harris.  Jonathan and second wife Mary Carver had two children.  Second wife Mary Carver died before 1804.

         (2A) Martha Carver, born ? - married ? Pope

         (2B) ?

    Jonathan Carver died in England January 31, 1780 and was buried at Hollywood Mount.


    This genealogy web site was compiled from information found in three sources.  1) 'Jonathan Carver's Travels Through America 1766 - 1768 - An Eighteenth-Century Explorer's Account of Uncharted America,' edited by Norman Gelb, 1993.  2) 'The Journals of Jonathan Carver and Related Documents, 1766-1770,' edited by John Parker, Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1976.  3) Erma Johnson Kyle's Scrapbook 1826-1968, Minnesota Historical Society Manuscript Collection, 1968.

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