Marriages:  1875 1974 (alphabetized by groom)

East Norway Lake Lutheran Church

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These entries were recorded in "To God Be The Glory 1875 - 1975".  In order to honor the general rule of thumb concerning the living, I have only listed the records for those who would be at least 70 years old. 

Listed: groom surname, groom given name, and bride surname, bride given name, year married.

Aaness Otto and Benson Mathilde 1905

Aasen Bjorn and Brubakke Karen 1880

Aasen Harlan and Jacobson JoAnn 1953

Aasen John and Aaserud Gladys 1954

Aasen Sigurd and Ellefsen Ingeborg 1883

Akimoto John and Larson Marilyn 1960

Alvik Nils and Reierson Bella 1896

Amundson Albert and Johnson Josepfine 1897

Andersen Simen and Mathiasen Oliane 1879

Anderson Andrew and Visdahl Anna 1891

Anderson Elmer and Netland Gina 1925

Anderson Robert and Nordstrom Carol 1960

Beck William and Foshager Gladys 1937

Behm Darold and Nordstrom Maxine 1959

Bengtson Harold and Kvamso Hattie 1946

Berg A.T. and Olsen Maria 1881

Bergin John and Wigleiksen Guro 1875

Bergum Iver and Njos Ragnild 1876

Blom Anders and Hartvedt Bertha 1877

Braaten Ole and Halvorsdatter Gunhild 1875

Braaten Ole and Pedersen Jorand 1883

Bratlien Hans and Amundsen Kari 1885

Carlson Donald and Henjum Mildred 1941

Christian Thomas and Jorgenson Josephine 1894

Danielsen Ole and Ingeborgtsen Joraand 1879

Dengerud Larry and Skaar Roberta 1960

Dengerud Walter and Nyseth Gladys 1935

DeVries Larry and Templer Doris 1960

Dokken Clayton and Hegreberg Ruth 1968

Edman A. Barney and Foshager E. Irene 1926

Edman Joel and Hough Agnes 1933

Edman Roy and Swenson Miranda 1926

Eidal Colbein and Nelson Ida 1942

Ekren Edward and Lien Esther 1928

Ekren Harold and Erickson Arlene 1965

Ellingson Peder and Stanghelle Marie 1891

Elliott Michael and Peterson Judy 1972

Elvehjem Johnnie and Fossum Velma 1938

Erikson Elmer and Aasen Ida 1911

Erlandson Haaken and Monsdatter Synneva 1875

Evensen Haaver and Evensdatter Ingerid 1876

Evenson Carroll and Syverson Mildred 1953

Finstad Ole and Skorta Margit 1876

Fjelstad Carl and Franklin Carrie 1892

Fjelstad Peter and Wollem Dora 1898

Flolo Ole and Espeseth Gunhild 1879

Foshager Jacob and Hauge Anna 1900

Freese Joseph and Skindelien Dorothy 1954

Freitag Orville and Strand Jacqueline 1962

Gaardhamer Johannes and Gottenborg Sigrid 1880

Gaardhamer Martin and Andersen Anna 1883

Gerde Ingvald and Johnson Carrie 1911

Gjerde Anton and Lien Mary 1908

Gjerde Clarence and Mithaugen Nora 1942

Gjerde Norman and Tjernagel Pamela 1973

Gronseth Iver and Andreasdatter Sigrid 1876

Hagen Cornel and Roisum Mabel 1915

Hagen Lauris and Negaard Thea 1895

Halvorson Elmo and Hjelle Edna 1948

Hamann Maynard and Nyseth Jean 1926

Hamborg Hans and Brubak Julia 1891

Hanson Magnus and Johnson Luella 1905

Harris Allen and Lien Eldora 1944

Hatlestad C.M. and Rood Geoline 1925

Hauge Eldon and Carlson Marlene 1964

Hauge Elverd and Hande Fern 1948

Hauge Roger and Hjelle Susan 1972

Haugen Martin and Smehaugen Susanna 1877

Haugen Tosten and Olsdatter Ingeborg 1876

Hedberg David and Hande Joan 1953

Heieie Hans and Bjorkeveg Kari 1876

Helgesen Fingal and Larsdatter Helga 1876

Hellerud Ole and Ellensdatter Gunhild 1877

Hemauer John and Larson Delores 1957

Henjum Elvin and Hande Norma 1946

Henjum Gordon and Vegdahl Agnes 1941

Henjum Henry and Hauge Clara 1915

Henjum John and Haugh Algine 1905

Henry Horace and Strand Norma 1947

Hillers Stanley and Erickson Karen 1965

Hinrichs Wallace and Lien Muriel 1953

Hjelle Ole and Olsen Martha 1885

Hoff Kristian and Nilsen Emma 1884

Hoglund Walter and Gordhamer Anne 1911

Hovelsen Hans and Thorsen Margit 1881

Hovelsen Johan and Sollelien Ingeborg 1882

Hovelson Johannes and Hoff Kristinse 1878

Huseby Earl and Hauge Sylvia 1951

Huseby Julius and Rindahl Bessie 1972

Iverson Iver and Rosland Sina 1885

Jacobson Amos and Nelsen Emilie 1879

Jacobson Howard and Rood Genevieve 1961

Jacobson Marlyn and Edman Marlys 1962

Johansen Carl and Pikhaugen Olava 1881

Johnsen Ole and Amundsen Marit 1881

Johnson Alfred and Hauge Mamie 1939

Johnson Osten and Syverson Regine 1910

Jorgensen John and Haramoen Ragnild 1885

Kaiser Reinhold and Bengston Marlys 1961

Kallevik Ole and Kallevik Anne 1894

Kambestad Lars and Ruud Gunhild 1876

Kendell Norman and Hartley Rosemary 1960

King Robert and Rood Donna 1960

Kleiv Nils and Ellefsdatter Ragna 1875

Kleven Ole and Smaaland Ingeborg 1880

Kleven Virgil and Foshager Evelyn 1938

Knoblauch Walter and Aasen Karol Ann 1964

Knott Donald and Korsmo LuAnn 1951

Knudsen Harlan and Sims Norma 1940

Knutson Christian and Christensen Hedvig 1931

Koob Robert and Hauge Nancy 1972

Korsmo Christian and Swenson Lena 1928

Krobel Christian and Gulbrandsen Georgine 1877

Kvennerud Even and Olsen Inger 1885

Larsen John and Markvardsen Oliana 1879

Larsen Paul and Knutson Lois 1967

Larson Henfred and Foshager Alice 1933

Larson Leonard and Foshager Helen 1931

Larson Marvin and Smith Karen 1965

Larson Olai and Jorgenson Julia 1890

Larson Tollef and Medhus Birghild 1876

Legaarden Elmer and Netland Caroline 1926

Lesteberg Narve and Espelien Netta 1897

Lesteberg Truls and Redalen Maria 1884

Lien Godfred and Ellingson Minnie 1915

Lien Peder and Rood Elizabeth 1875

Lindahl Wallace and Swenson Helga 1939

Lindgren C.J. and Rustad Amanda 1926

Loberg Lars and Olsen Oline 1881

Loven Charles and Rood Alma 1929

Lungstrom and Lien Thilda 1897

Mathisen Anders and Odden Synnev 1882

McLouth Ronald and Beck Carolyn 1958

Melin Elwood and Hauge Stella 1951

Millard Jacob and Haugh Marie 1899

Molenaar Ronald and Skindelien Patricia 1971

Mrzena Edsel and Hjelle Arlene 1951

Negaard Ole and Rosby Anne 1883

Nelson Elmer and Rood Emma 1928

Nelson Nils and Thorsness Sina 1905

Nelson Norman and Haramoen Ida 1910

Nelson Oscar and Foshager June 1941

Nelson Waldon and Skindelien Mercedes 1961

Netland Bruce and Forsell Merry 1966

Netland Casper and Mithaugen Helga 1934

Netland James and Korsmo Florence 1952

Netland Joseph and Anderson Minnie 1926

Netland Lars and Kasperson Marie 1892

Netland Lloyd and Magnuson Vernita 1946

Nilsen Henry and Anderson Alice 1879

Nilson Luis and Reiersen Caroline 1891

Nilson Theodor and Engen Elize 1899

Nordin John and Espelien Marthe 1893

Nordstrom Gust and Sjoquist Ruth 1926

Nordstrom Vernon and Syverson Rosemond 1930

Nybakke Ole and Ulen Olea 1876

Nybakken Otto and Otterson Mary 1893

Nyseth Maynard and Mielke Verna 1941

Olsen Kristofer and Kristiansen Birgitte 1882

Olsen Stefen and Hovde Elisabeth 1882

Olson David and Thompson Joanne 1972

Olson Hans and Foshager Lucinda 1898

Olson Kermit and Netland Vernita 1963

Olson Ole and Husa Ingeborg 1895

Olson Ole and Vig Anna 1890

Olson Rasmus and Einertsdatter Kari 1877

Orson Walter and Hjelle Sadie 1938

Paaverud Even and Viskop Ragnild 1876

Paaverud Peder and Petersen Petrina 1879

Pedersen Gjermund and Olsen Anne 1883

Peters Harlan and Rood Linda 1967

Peterson Alfred and Gordhamer Carrie 1905

Peterson Alfred and Rood Gina 1937

Peterson Henry and Engen Miriam 1954

Peterson Howard and Henjum Harriet 1966

Peterson Johannes and Sagedalen Mari 1879

Quam John and Christianson Thilda 1897

Quamme Simon and Hande Ingeborg 1906

Reed Robert and Larson Betty 1959

Reese Ole and Pikhaugen Hannah 1877

Reierson Martin and Alvik Anne 1894

Reigstad Anders and Henjum, Johanna 1885

Reigvam Kristofer and Danielsen Anne 1881

Rice Darrell and Hauge Betty 1963

Rierson Manford and Roisum Beatrice 1939

Rigstad Syvert and Nygaard Clara 1896

Rindahl James and Henjum Shirley 1972

Roisum Henry and Foshager May 1941

Roisum Johanes and Nygaard Gemine 1894

Rood Anders and Husa Gunild 1895

Rood Edward and Thorsrud Thara 1897

Rood Erik and Husa Gunhild 1880

Rosby Norvald and Syversen Inger 1882

Rose Robert and Aasen Corlene 1947

Rud Thomas and Satru Chersti 1891

Sakariason Eddie and Lien Bernice 1940

Sampson Sam and Vestgaard Anna 1896

Sanders Chester and Hauge Eunice 1946

Schueler Larry and Henjum Barbara 1968

Schultz Leon and Olson Carole 1964

Skallerud Jens and Hande Barbo 1886

Skare Johan and Knudsen Nilje 1885

Skindelien Oscar and Netland Iola 1951

Skindelien Oscar and Rood Emelia 1926

Skindelien Sam and Foshager Myrtle 1926

Skindelien Wendell and Leaf Marcia 1954

Skinnes Ole and Rood Gunhild 1882

Skollerud Hans and Bjerkevig Karine 1878

Stai Haakson and Njos Anna 1881

Stai Martinus and Soli Anna 1883

Stai Ole and Rud Anne 1892

Stai Perry and Lien Alice 1946

Stavn Ole and Glesne Kristine 1880

Stene Elmer and Syverson Adella 1927

Strand Edward and Solberg Rollie 1972

Strand Henrik and Railsen Caroline 1880

Stranden Thor and Hellerud Ingeborg 1875

Stubkjar N.A. and Berg Lottie 1892

Stulen Jacob and Larson Clara 1925

Suckstorff Alfred and Huse Eleanor 1941

Suckstorff Arthur and Huse Claret 1944

Svenson Sven and Hande Guri 1897

Swenson Harold and Larson Evelyn 1930

Swenson Roy and Rath Naomi 1939

Swenson Wallace and Larson Edna 1933

Syversen Karl and Jensen Marie 1884

Syverson James and Olson Linda 1971

Teigland Johan and Hansen Anna 1884

Thjosvold Severin and Gaardhamer Dina 1899

Thompson Hubert and Skindelien Verona 1949

Thonvold Bruce and Rood Hazel 1965

Thorsen Theodor and Thorsen Anna 1886

Thorson Otis and Hjelle Amy 1924

Thorson Russel and Larson Pearl 1930

Tjernagel Bendick and Aasen Ruby 1949

Tollefsen Thor and Amundsen Gunvor 1881

Tullis Gary and Templer Lucille 1960

Ulferts Paul and Rindahl Mary Jane 1964

Vesledahl Kenneth and Olson Joyce 1960

Vestgaard Johanes and Stordalen Marit 1882

Vik John and Espeseth Anne 1882

Weflen Dennis and Hauge Beverly 1974

Welch Clarence and Behm Maxine 1963

Westerdal Algot and Johnson Pauline 1892

Whiting Norman and Gillespie Mary 1968

Wilke LaVerne and Templer Janice 1960

Ylvisaker Johan and Fryslie Josephine 1885

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